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Do You Have To Break In A Mattress

How To Speed Up The Break

Pros and Cons of a Tempur Pedic Mattress

We know that above all else, you bought your new Puffy to experience the amazing Comfort Cloud and a perfect night of sleep right away. It may take some time to reach that blissful level of sleep, but there are some steps you can take to help speed up the break-in process. Before you try these tips, be sure to have opened up your new mattress and allowed it to expand and breathe for a few hours before you put any bedding on it.

Let It Warm Up

Memory foam mattresses can be softer or firmer depending on the temperature. If you just brought in your Puffy from your front door on a cold day, try to adjust the temperature in your room slightly. Adjusting the room temperature even a little warmer will help your new Puffy break in and soften a little faster as it fully expands over time.

Put Some Weight On it

Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses can be walked on with your feet without the risk of damaging springs. Gently walk or crawl around on your new Puffy for a few minutes each day to help stretch out the new foam materials on your new bed more quickly. Another option is to place heavy items on your bed and shift their weight around through the day to even compress/decompress the mattress.

Spend Time On It

Why Mattress Firmness Level Is Crucial For Sleep

Getting the best mattress for yourself is all about finding the right firmness level suitable for your sleeping position and body type. Side sleepers need a medium, medium-soft, or soft mattress to cushion their shoulders and hips. In the side sleeping position, these regions bear the weight of your body, so adequate cushioning will eliminate pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

Back sleepers need a medium or medium-firm mattress to keep their spine in a neutral position. A firmer surface prevents mattress sinkage beneath your back, eliminating chances of spinal misalignment. Spinal misalignment triggers back pain, neck ache, and muscle stiffness.

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for enhanced support beneath their abdomen. This reduces the chances of straining your spine and waking up sore.

Combination sleepers feel good on a medium mattress because it suits their changing sleep positions through the night.

Softer mattresses are more pressure-sensitive than firmer beds, so petite sleepers need soft beds to conform to them. These soft beds compress under weight, making them feel softer for those who weigh more than 130 pounds. Average and plus size sleepers tend to feel the mattress sink beneath them, triggering spinal misalignment. To counter this sinking feeling, plus-size sleepers need firmer beds, while average sleepers need a medium.

Body Type
  • Firm

Will My Memory Foam Mattress Get Softer

One of the most common reasons why people are choosing memory foam mattresses is because of their ability to adjust to the sleepers weight and position. Once you lie on it, the foam automatically molds itself according to your weight and body shape.

Also, the support system that memory foam provides is much better than other types of mattresses out there. So dont be a surprise when you buy a new mattress and then feel much firmer bed than the one youve tried in their showroom. Normally, it will take a while before your memory foam become softer and comfortable to sleep on.

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Let Your Mattress Breathe

If you bought your bed online, chances are it came compressed or rolled in a box. At the very least, its been wrapped tightly in plastic.

The materials may give off an off-gassing odor for a day or two. Further, if your mattress was compressed for shipping, it can take some time to expand to its full size.

Depending on the exact model you bought, it can take four to ten hours to expand to its full size. Sleeping on it too soon not only can cause you discomfort, but it can also affect the ability of the mattress to expand correctly. What may help is allowing your mattress to breathe without any sheets or bodyweight for the first 24 hours.

Is It Possible To Break In A Mattress

How to Break Down a Mattress and Box Spring

Of course! Breaking in a mattress can be a lot like breaking in new shoes the more they adjust to your body, the more comfortable they feel.

The best tip when it comes to knowing how to break in a mattress is simple: continue to sleep on it! The more you sleep on the mattress, the more the materials will begin to loosen up and conform to your body, getting rid of that firmness youre experiencing. The experts at Texas Mattress Makers say that when you receive your mattress it will be about 20% firmer than what you felt at the showroom but this will change once it is broken in. To speed up this process, you can use your hands and feet to apply pressure around the mattress to soften it further. This last tip is especially useful if youre experiencing new mattress back pain and want to make your mattresses more comfortable quickly.

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How And When To Break In A New Mattress

A new mattress is rigid and will be uncomfortable to sleep in. The key answer to this issue is to break-in the bedding after a period of time. Breaking your mattress to conform to your body will take time. Sometimes, it takes three weeks or over a month according to most bed owners!

What To Expect From Your New Puffy Mattress

Both your sleep comfort and your sleep quality is important to your health and your quality of life day-to-day. It is very important that you find the right mattress to sleep on, but be sure that you’ve given the new mattress enough time to be properly broken in, as well as allowing enough time for your body to adjust to sleeping on a new mattress.

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Roll Around Or Walk On It

While you sleep, your body weight puts pressure on the mattress, which helps break it in. If you want to speed up the process, roll back and forth on your mattress like a rolling pin or walk or crawl around on it for several minutes during the day, every day. This can loosen up the materials faster.

You can also make it a point to spend more time in bed during the break-in period. Instead of watching TV or reading on the couch, take it to your new mattress.

Why Is My New Mattress Too Firm

How to Bed Brakes

Is your new mattress too firm? Do mattresses get softer with time? Essentially, yes. When a mattress is bought straight from the showroom, it can often feel a bit firmer than it did in the store because it hasnt been broken in yet. The components in the mattress are all new and have to adjust to your body. As you continue to sleep on your mattress, the components will contour and mold to your body creating what we call a mattress body impression. This impression is natural and healthy and helps the mattress properly align your spine as you sleep.

In fact, some of our mattresses in the Texas Mattress Makers showroom include these body impressions. This helps our customers get the most realistic idea of what their mattress will feel like once its been broken in.

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Spend Time In The New Bed

Even if it may not be the most comfortable place, spend every night sleeping in the new mattress. Also, for the time being, transfer some of what youd normally be doing on a couch or at a desk into the bed.

Watch movies and TV, read, make calls, or even do some work on your laptop while in bed.

All this time adds up and speeds up the break-in period. The new sleeping surface will soon become more comfortable.

What Other Activities Can Help Me Break In A New Mattress

If you tend to watch television on your couch or read and work in other places, consider moving all these activities to your new bed. Beyond lying on the mattress every night to break it in, sitting on it as much as possible also contributes to the process of getting your body well acquainted with the bed.

Additionally, if you usually spend all day outside, try stacking heavy books across the mattress to add the proper pressure to break it in!

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Break In Period Ghostbed

This is what makes them an exceptional choice for individuals with allergies and other issues. Innerspring mattress types include coil, taken coil and filched coil, and they can range from firm to medium-firm.

An innerspring mattress is made from coils that consist of a series of little metal wires twisted around a cylinder. The result is to supply assistance and convenience.

The inner coils are springy, so they line up to your body shape and help you feel like your spine is being supported.

The very first kind of springs you will experience is the Bonnell coil mattress. It is the most basic and most common kind of innerspring mattress. This type of coil system has one center spring with 2, three or four coils that rest on either side of it.

Because it is so simple, this system costs less than other more complicated innerspring mattresses.

When buying an innerspring mattress, there are a couple of elements to consider. These include the type of sleeper , how typically you sleep on your side or stomach, and your budget plan. In this post, we will cover what these elements imply for you and offer some recommendations for innerspring mattresses that will work well with all types of sleepers!

If you are a Back sleeper then you require a mattress with medium-firmness, and you may prefer one that is a little thinner since the bed does not sag or bend.

Tips To Break In Your Memory Foam Mattress

I Sometimes Hate Myself After My Kids Go To Bed

By James Nguyen, Sleep Expert

A new memory foam mattress may initially feel stiff, flat, and uncomfortable. Not only is this understandably disappointing, but some of us may assume the mattress is just bad and that we need to return it. But dont be so quick to judge.

Even if your new memory foam bed is better for you than your old mattress, your body has grown accustomed to its old sleeping surface and needs to adjust.

Not everyone goes through a break-in period with their mattress, but for others, it can take 30 to 60 days to get accustomed to a new bed. Also, memory foam mattresses take at least 24 hours to expand after being vacuum-packed for shipping.

Still, you dont need to suffer while you wait for your body to adjust to your bed. Weve laid out some simple steps to break in your memory foam mattress, making your bed easier to sleep on and boosting your comfort.

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Give Your Mattress Time

Some mattress companies will not even accept returns until after youve slept on the mattress for a full 30 nights. And theres a good reason for that. While it may seem like a long, tedious process, its better to wait and see if the mattress adjusts to your body and becomes more comfortable before you initiate the return process and start looking for a new one. In some cases, the break-in period can last even longer than 30 days, so its a good idea to check with your mattress company on the recommended time frame.

How Long Does A New Mattress Take To Break

It can take 30 days or more for most mattresses to break in all the way, and become as soft as youd expect them to be. Its worth the wait though, so allow the time for your body to adjust to your new bed and for your bed to settle into its intended comfort.

Something to note is that beds of higher quality will naturally break down slower. That means it can also take longer for them to adjust to your body when you first get them.

Its definitely worth giving your bed a good chance before deciding its not what you want. It can feel very different after sleeping on the mattress for a month or so. Use the full amount of time offered before returning or exchanging. Once you get used to it, youll get that comfort for the rest of the life of the mattress, which can be many years!

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How Can I Speed Up The Process Of Breaking In A New Mattress

After purchasing a mattress, you want to experience comfort and all the other benefits of a great night of sleep right away. Although breaking in a mattress can take time, there are a few ways to accelerate the process. To break in your new mattress more quickly, you can try some of the following tips.

Find A Compatible Bed Base

Does My Purple Mattress Sag After 2 Years?

Bed bases are crucial to your mattress. They provide support and can alter the feel of your bed. For example, memory foam mattresses feel firmer on a box spring and softer on a solid foundation, platform, or adjustable base. When you buy your bed, check with the manufacturer about a compatible bed base to go with the bed. Usually, innerspring mattresses are more compatible with a box spring, while memory foam, latex, and hybrids are compatible with a foundation or platform bed. Some manufacturers may void your warranty if the mattress is not placed on a compatible base.

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Do Mattress Toppers Help In Firming Up Or Softening Your Bed

Yes, mattress toppers can alter the feel of your mattress. If you want your mattress to have a plusher feel, use a thick memory foam mattress topper. Memory foam toppers can be between 2 to 4 inches thick. To firm up your bed, use firmer memory foam, compact wool, or latex mattress toppers. They enhance support, providing you with the right level of firmness.

Use A Supportive Foundation Underneath

Often times when people purchase a new mattress, they put it right on top of their old bed frame or foundation. Having the right level of support for your mattress can have a big impact on how comfortable that mattress feels, especially during the initial break-in period. If your old foundation is worn and unstable, youre probably not experiencing the mattress the way it was intended. Pay attention to the type of bed frame or foundation thats recommended by the company you bought your mattress from. You can also find some of our favorite foundations and bed frames in this article if youre in the market for a new one.

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Allow The Mattress To Breathe

If you bought the mattress online and had to be shipped for long hours, the chances are high that it was wrapped in a paper/bag.

When packing, the mattress was compressed to fit well, and this can affect its usability. So if you just received your mattress, you can allow it to breathe and relax. You should unwrap it, place it in the foundation/bed and then leave it uncovered for at least 24 hours.

Ensure that no one sleeps on the bed or places hard projects during that time for it to breathe well.

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How To Make A Tempurpedic Pillow Or Mattress Softer

Amorebeds Mattress Review: To Love or Make Love?

Tempurpedic is the first mattress brand to use viscoelastic polyurethane foam in their products. This type of foam is a pressure-absorbing material that was initially created by the NASA space program, and its now found in pillows and mattresses. It works by responding to body pressure and body temperature, producing a memory in the foam for personalized comfort and support.

To make your tempurpedic pillow or mattress softer, follow these steps: Intensify the pressure, warm it up with household accessories, or expose it to the sun.

When body pressure is applied, the foam gradually molds to the shape of your body, and then slowly returns to its original shape after the weight is removed. Furthermore, the foam adjusts to body temperature the warmer it gets, the less stiff it becomes. So at first, you will feel that your mattress or pillow is hard because it is cold. However, after frequent use and when your body heats, the product will eventually become softer. If it still feels stiff even after trying it for about two weeks, there are some methods, outlined below, that you can try.

You can compare different models of Tempurpedic pillows and mattresses on their official website.

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How To Choose An Rv Mattress

When youre deciding on the bed you want to sleep on as you adventure, you should keep in mind qualities like comfort, durability, weight and affordability. Because youll often need to repurpose space in your RV, you want to make sure that the mattress you choose can stand up to use, not only as your sleep haven, but also as a sofa, workspace, kids play area or even dining table. Your mattress needs to have staying power too. It has to be tough enough for all your RV adventures, no matter what kinds of extreme heat, cold or fluctuations in temperature and humidity it experiences. Your new camper mattress also needs to be resistant to mold and mildew.

Keep Weight in Mind you dont want a mattress so heavy that it weighs down your RV as you drive around the world. Youll want to make sure to check on how much your bed weighs before settling on your final choice. An innerspring mattress will be a lot lighter than a latex mattress, and the lighter the mattress, the easier your driving experience will be . Thats one advantage that RV mattresses usually have over their standard counterpartssince theyre designed specifically to be part of an RV setup, they are designed to be super light. What you trade for that lightness, though, is often comfort, so thats why you have to decide what the sweet spot is for you when it comes to balancing weight and comfort.


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