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How Long Do Box Mattresses Last

You Should Unpack Your Mattress As Soon As It Comes

How Long Will My Mattress Last?

Its just a mattress, wheres the harm of leaving it unpacked for days. If this is something that you wonder about, perhaps you should think about it again, from a more educated perspective.

When people buy a mattress, there are a few situations where theyre not ready to use it yet. Those situations can vary from moving into a new place, or buying a new bed frame that will sit nicely with the new mattress.

In other situations, you may just not be ready to give up on your old mattress just yet, for different reasons. However, you should see to unseal the box and release your memory foam mattress to expand as soon as possible.

Leaving the mattress in a box for an extended amount of time can lead to the mattress being damaged and the warranty voided. That means that the manufacturers and the company that sold your mattress wont be held accountable for your mistake of not unpacking it earlier.

Moreover, the product label usually holds information about how soon you should open the mattress and let it expand.

Although different mattress manufacturers estimate different timelines during which you can open the mattress, and those timelines vary, its best not to gamble with the quality of a mattress that you may have paid well over $1,000 just for it to be damaged.

Some general estimations suggest that its best the unpack the memory foam mattress from a box anywhere between 24 hours and 3 days.

You Cant Always Try Before You Buy

While its true that not investing in showrooms reduces the cost of bed-in-a-box mattresses, it does eliminate the option to try the mattress before you buy it. Even with a sleep trial, you still have to pay for the mattress and then request a refund if it doesnt work out for you. Most experts recommend lying on a mattress for at least 10 to 15 minutes before making a purchase decision, but in the case of a bed in a box, you have to rely on product descriptions and reviews unless you happen to be looking at a model thats available in a showroom . It can be frustrating to have your new mattress delivered, only to discover that you dont like it and have to start the process all over again.

But How Do You Get A Mattress In A Box

That’s the beauty of foam. It can be compressed and rolled, so it fits into a nice and easy-to-ship box. When it comes to your door, you just take it out of the box, unroll it, and let it decompress. It wont be long until your mattress is back to mattress shape, and ready to be made and slept in.

High density memory foam is made of a material called polyurethane. This type of foam has open-air cells, which can be compressed for shipping, and offer you the memory foam comfort that’s so good for your body. It will conform to your body when youre sleeping, and by perfectly contouring to your body, it provides great neck and spine support.

It also takes the pressure off sometimes painful joint areas like your shoulders, ribs, elbows, hips and knees. And when you get up, memory foam springs back into shape. The very nature of memory foam allows us to roll it up and ship it to your door in a box.

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How Long Does A Futon Last

A futon is a mattress type that originated in Japan. It can be placed directly on the floor, or on a wood or metal frame.

A futon can last ten years or more. But the cotton material within will compress over time, making the futon harder.

If youre looking for a very plush sleeping situation you probably arent going for a futon anyway, as a typical futon feels like a firm mattress. You may find over time that the futon becomes overly firm. Thats when its time to buy a new mattress.

How Long Does A Purple Mattress Last

How Long Does a Mattress Last

The materials in the Purple mattress are based on more than 20 years of research and development. Our patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is top-notch, made from food- and food-contact-grade ingredients and CertiPUR-US® Certified.

We proudly offer a 10-year full-replacement-cost warranty on our mattress. You can rest easy knowing that if your mattress should slump or break, well repair it or replace it free of charge.

You may be able to get 0% APR financing for your mattress. And, because we want to make sure you love your mattress, we make shipping free and offer a no-risk, 100-day trial.

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Setting Up Your Mattress In A Box

If you order a bed-in-a-box mattress, then it will be your responsibility to set up your new mattress once its arrived at your home. The exception is if you pay for white glove delivery and have the delivery team set up your new mattress and haul your old mattress away.

Instructions for unboxing a mattress can vary slightly by brand, but most of them read something like this:

  • Take the box to your bedroom before opening it. Do not unpack the mattress outside of your bedroom, as the mattress is easiest to carry while its still boxed up.
  • Once the box is opened, take the mattress out and unroll it on your bed frame or foundation to make sure it fits. Do not remove the plastic cover around the mattress just yet.
  • Once youre certain your mattress fits on its frame or foundation, carefully remove the plastic mattress bag with a cutting tool.
  • Remove the plastic mattress bag to let the bed expand. Your mattress needs 8 to 72 hours to finish expanding, although you should be able to sleep on it the first night.
  • If your mattress does not fully expand within a week, reach out to customer service. The mattress is most likely defective and you will need to return or exchange it.

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    How Long Does A Mattress Last Hybrid Mattresses

    A hybrid mattress is a combination of individually wrapped pocket coils as well as foam comfort layers which many customers find to be conducive for a good nights sleep. Many hybrids make use of standard memory foam. Some beds come with cooling gel for a more comfortable sleep. Hybrid mattresses are believed to have a lifespan of 10 years but can last longer when properly cared for.

    Layla Memory Foam Mattress

    How Long Should a Mattress Last?
    • Mattress type: Memory foam
    • Trial Period: 120 nights

    Side sleepers need a softer-than-average mattress so their hips can sink in more and allow the spine to straighten, without being so soft that the rest of the body sinks as well. The Layla is optimal for side sleepers both for its comfortable memory foam construction and because its two-sided, offering two firmness levels in one.

    If you find that the soft side is too soft, or the firm side doesnt allow your hips to get in the right position, simply flip the mattress over. The price is in line with the market and the trial period for Layla is longer-than-average, giving you two sides and 120 nights to find the right fit.

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    Why A Good Foundation Matters

    A supportive bed base is just as important as the mattress itself. Like weve mentioned, an appropriate base can make the difference in keeping a mattress warranty valid. Foundations ensure that mattresses are properly supported and increase their longevity. They also allow for the customization the height of the mattress and provide air circulation benefits for cooler sleep. Lastly, they act as a protectant by raising mattresses away from dust, dirt, and mold.

    How Often Should A Mattress Be Replaced

    Again, there are many factors that must be considered. Aside from the quality of materials that comprise your mattress, you also must consider things such as your weight, specific stress your mattress undergoes , and how it was cared for. While theres no way to provide you with a direct answer as there is no set formula to do so, I can give you an idea if the time has come for you to think about replacing yours. Just a few signs that its time include:

    • You have noticed feeling noticeably achy and irritated when you wake up
    • Its more comfortable when you sleep somewhere else such as a hotel room or a friends house
    • You notice your mattress is developing sags and indentations
    • Youre over age 40 and have had the same product for six to eight years since, as we age, we are less able to tolerate the pressure increase that typically occurs around this time.

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    What Is A Mattress In A Box And How Is It Different

    The mattresses most people are used to shouldnt come in a box. It doesnt make sense. Mattresses are huge, cumbersome, and awkward to move. Theyre loaded with springs that making folding impossible. And yet, bed in a box companies have managed to squeeze their products into cardboard boxes no bigger than a coffee table. Theyve made this possible by challenging the way mattresses have traditionally been constructed.

    Most bed in a box companies have done away with springs and coils, opting for specialized foams and gels. More porous materials make it easier to compress mattresses down to a portable size. Multiple densities of memory foam, along with latex, are stacked to create an ideal sleep experience for all kinds of sleepers.

    How Long Does A Mattress Last Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

    How Long Does A Mattress Last

    How long does a gel memory foam mattress last? If you are wondering how gel memory foam stacks up with the rest, you should know that this type of mattress is merely a variation of memory foam with cooling swirl or gel beads incorporated into the materials used in the foam mattress. The materials allow your mattress to redistribute heat while you sleep so you can stay cool throughout the night. Like memory foam, gel memory foam mattresses have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years

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    How Long Does A Mattresses Last: By Brand

    How long should a mattress last depends on many things, including how well you look after it from Day One. Most brands are unable to provide you with a definitive number of years, so were mostly dealing with average lifespans here.

    Remember: the better the quality, the longer the mattress will last. If, for instance, you were wondering How long does a Tempur-Pedic mattress last?, you can expect to sleep soundly on one of these luxury beds for around ten years, while the brands more affordable mattresses might last around eight years. If you snag one using a great Tempur-Pedic mattress sale offer, theyre even better value for money in the long-term.

    Different brands offer different guarantees when asked how long does a mattress last, so below weve included rough lifespans based on general guidelines stated on each brands website. Heres how long, on average, you can expect mattresses from the following brands to last:

    Tempur-Pedic mattress
    Dormeo mattress 10 years

    These are not definite lifespans and how well you care for your mattress, and the type of bed or base you use it on, will impact how long it lasts. Wed recommend using these as rough approximations, rather than taking them as gospel. But it should be clear from a quick glance that all of the brands listed above make mattresses that should last you at least seven years, if not much longer. That, coupled with long warranties, is the hallmark of a quality bed.

    When Should You Replace Your Mattress

    If youve been sleeping on your mattress for a while, you might not notice that its causing you to sleep poorly. In fact, most people are so used to the way their mattress feels, they get accustomed to an unhealthy sleep posture without realizing it. Thats why when you buy a new bed, it feels a little awkward and maybe even a little bit uncomfortable in the first few weeks you use it .

    Sometimes an easy way to tell if you need to replace your mattress is if you get much better sleep elsewhere in a hotel or maybe even on the couch. Other telltale signs include:

    • Significant sagging or dips in the surface
    • Squeaky coils
    • Coils that poke into your back or side
    • Feeling stuck or trapped in the mattress

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    How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last The Quick Answer

    The average life for a memory foam mattress is around ten years. There are a few factors which can determine if it lasts for longer, or if it needs replacing sooner, but theres a good reason why ten years is a good benchmark for how long a memory foam mattress lasts.

    Memory foam mattresses are typically insured for an average of ten years, which means that the manufacturer expects this to be the minimum lifespan of its product when used properly. Because theyre designed to bounce back when you wake up in the morning and adjust to your body again at night, these mattresses have a reasonable level of durability.

    Linenspa Firmness And Feel

    Mattress Foam, How long will it last?

    The 8 version to be medium-firm on our scale. The 12 sits right in the middle on the firmness scale and the 10 falls in between the two.

    Although the 8 version has both comfort foam and memory foam top layers, we feel the innerspring when we lay down on this mattress. We actually think this bed feels similar to our college dorm bed, only slightly more comfortable.

    The 10 and 12 models will offer more pressure relief and will have less of that innerspring feel to them because the foam layers are thicker.

    Because of the innerspring system, this bed is very responsive and bouncy. There is absolutely no stuck-in-the-mud feeling with this mattress. We think itd be great for pillow fights.

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    How Does A Bed In A Box Work

    Bed in a box mattresses are made out of top-of-the-line, advanced memory foam. Using state-of-the-art, automated compression technology, these mattresses are compressed for shipping into a size that is able to fit in a box small enough to be shipped via standard methods. Their unique foam structure then allows the compressed, rolled mattresses to bounce back and expand into their original shape once unboxed.

    How are Memory Foam Mattresses Packed? memory foam mattresses are wrapped in protective plastic and then machine-compressed to make them as compact as possible. Once theyre flattened, theyre rolled and packed into an easy-to-manage box. Watch the video below to see how an entire memory foam mattress is compressed, rolled and packed to fit into a small box.

    Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

    While the overall durability of your mattress depends largely on aspects such as material type and density, the way in which you maintain and care for the product can add or take away years from your mattress. This is good because, with just a little bit of effort every day, you can stretch every dollar you in invest in your product.

    While air beds have a few unique maintenance tips and tricks that we have already covered above due to the nature of these products, there are general care tips that are encouraged to employ no matter what product you decide to purchase. These would include:

    Use a quality mattress protector.These waterproof products can help protect you against those unexpected spills as well as bedwetting. The trouble with liquid infiltration of a mattress is that it saturates the product. You cant cry over spilt milk, and this is especially true when it comes to mattresses. Once the damage is done, there is little you can do. Just a few of the negative side effects of spills on your mattress include:

    • Quicker degradation of materials
    • Development of mold and mildew
    • Development of unpleasant odors

    Aside from spills, mattress protectors can also keep sweat, skin cells, and dust mites off the product and further lengthen its lifespan.

    Skip breakfast in bed. I know, it can be tempting to have a snack while you lay in bed and watch your favorite television show, but crumbs can make their way beneath the sheets, and nothing good comes from this.

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    Best Memory Foam Mattress In A Box: Zoma Mattress

    We created the Zoma Mattress to improve athletic performance, but the bed can help you achieve better sleep regardless of your lifestyle. The mattress is 11 inches thick with three layers of foam.

    The top layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam. The cooling gels absorb body heat and cool the mattress, while the memory foam contours to the body for pressure and pain relief. Our Triangulex technology contains triangle-shaped cutouts in the shoulder and leg areas for extra pressure relief.

    Next is a 2-inch layer of Reactiv foam. Reactiv is a latex-like material that adds some bounce to the bed.

    The mattresss support layer is 7 inches of our Support+ foam, which gives the bed its durability.

    Lastly, our mattress cover is made with polyester and a hint of elastane. The elastic cover creates air channels and allows the bed to breathe. It can be removed easily for washing or spot-cleaning. Zoma is also rated as the best memory foam mattress according to Sleep Junkie.

    A Zoma Mattress is $799 for a queen size with an attached 10-year warranty and a risk-free 100-night trial. If youre not satisfied with your mattress after a month, we will issue a full refund.


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