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How Much Does A Full Size Purple Mattress Cost

Bottom Line: Who Is The Best Match For An Original Purple Mattress

2020 Purple Mattress Review – How much do you weigh? It matters!

BEST if you:

  • Are primarily a back sleeper
  • Move around and reposition frequently
  • Enjoy a buoyant feeling of floating on top of the mattress
  • Dont like the slow-responding feel of memory foam mattresses
  • Like a mattress with some bounce

NOT IDEAL if you:

  • Prefer a slow, melting into the bed feeling
  • Enjoy being cradled by your mattress
  • Tend to sleep right on the edge of your mattress
  • Are easily disturbed by a partner repositioning
  • Are on the heavier side , particularly if you sleep on your stomach

Trials Warranty And Delivery

Free to Contiguous U.S.


DreamCloud offers free ground shipping within the contiguous U.S. Delivery is also available to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam for an added surcharge. The same is true for the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid, though Purple does not offer delivery to Guam. The mattress will be compressed and vacuum-sealed for shipping, then delivered in a box to your doorstep. You wont need to be at home to sign for the mattress when it arrives.

For the Purple Hybrid Premier, customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free White Glove delivery. This service includes scheduled delivery date and time, in-home assembly, and old mattress removal upon request. Mattresses are not compressed for White Glove delivery. You will need to be at home when the couriers arrive.


Since you wont be able to test out most mattresses from online brands, these companies often offer sleep trials, during which you can experience the bed and decide whether or not to keep it. In most cases, youll receive a full refund for returns within the trial window . Most sleep trials span at least 90 nights from the original purchase or delivery date.


A warranty is a written agreement that states a manufacturer bears responsibility for products that are faulty or defective. Nearly all mattresses sold today come with a warranty that lasts 10 years or longer.

Excellent Matches For Purple

  • Versatility Seekers Consumers are looking for great beds that match multiple sleep postures or body types, and thats the goal behind the hyper-elastic grid designed by Purple. It’s made to adapt to most body shapes and sizes in whatever sleeping position the individual prefers.
  • Pressure Relief Seekers If you suffer from aches and pains, the last thing you need is pressure building up while you sleep, but this system was designed to cradle your weight . It can relieve pressure where it builds up while reinforcing areas that need support.
  • Hot Sleepers Some old-fashioned foams hold in heat, but the Purple grid system is designed to be temperature neutral.

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Purple Mattress: Company Overview

Where to buy: Online

Founded in 2013 in the United States, Purple now sells their lineup of mattress and sleep accessories to both American and Canadian customers. Purple has made a name for themselves through viral videos, often featuring celebrities and extravagant characters to playfully identify the features of their products. Using an embodiment of Goldilocks as their spokeswoman, Purple boasts a sleep that is just right. More recently, Purple launched the All-New Purple Mattress, a hybrid follow-up to what is now referred to as theOriginal Purple Mattress. As of the publication date of this review, the All-New Purple Mattress is not yet available in Canada.

Purple Mattress Performance For Couples

How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q& A

If you sleep with a partner, theres a few extra features youll want to look for in a new mattress. Youll want to see if it absorbs your partners movements, if its responsive enough for sex, if it sleeps cool, and how strong its edges are.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. Its important for couples as it shows whether or not youre going to feel your partners every move.

To measure motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb steel ball from three different heights on one side of the bed and measured the results on the opposite side of the bed with a seismometer.Each drop is meant to symbolize a different movement youre likely to experience in bed, from tossing and turning to getting out of bed all the way to full on jumping .

These are pretty high motion transfer results, which shows me that youre likely to feel your partner tossing and turning. If youre a light sleeper, I might consider a mattress with better motion isolation.


The best mattress for sex is one that has a bouncy and responsive feel, which makes moving around easy. The Purple has just that you wont have any issue switching positions on this bed. Id say its a great bed for sex.


Since two people produce more body heat than one, its especially important for couples to look for a cooling mattress. I think the Purple sleeps really cool, thanks to its super breathable polymer grid.

Edge Support

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Compare Purple Mattress Models And Prices

Want to learn more about Purple brands? Check out our overview of Purple as a company and all their available mattress models.

Up to $350 off

Purple has one of the most unique bed-in-a-box mattress lines on the market thanks to their comfort grid technology. This grid is designed to target pressure points and support key areas of the body. Purple has 4 mattress models, and together we will explore each mattress in depth, looking at their materials and who they work best for.

Why trust us?

Here at Mattress Advisor, weve tested more than 120 mattresses, examining key features such as responsiveness, customer service, durability, motion transfer, and more. We spend around 10 hours per mattress going over these factors, recording, synthesizing, and publishing these in-depth reviews. The Purple mattresses are included in this process.

We know sleep is crucial in your life, and we spend the time to make sure you have the facts.

How Firm Is The Purple Mattress

Now that you have a pretty good idea of whether or not youd like this mattress, lets get into the good stuff: firmness. Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress. Keep in mind that firmness is subjective, and depends on factors like your body type and how you sleep. To give you the most objective idea of firmness possible, I averaged my firmness score with a few of my colleagues.

After spending some time rolling around on the Purple, we decided to give it a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Since 6.5 is actually the industry standard for medium-firmness, this is a true medium-firm bed.

In addition to its firmness level, Id say this bed has a . Youre not going to feel yourself sinking deep into this mattress . Instead youre going to feel lifted up and out of the structure. This is a nice feature for anyone who worries about feeling stuck in their mattress.

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Purple Mattress Discount & Sale Overview

In this post, well review everything you need to know about Purple company policies, warranty, pricing, and how to save money buying this online mattress.

Purple ships all of their mattresses to your home for free. Depending on which model you buy, it will arrive in a bag or via white glove delivery. This means that someone will do the hard work and set up the mattress for you. The company offers free delivery for residents in the United States and Canada. White glove delivery is available in all 48 contiguous states. If youre looking for a more in depth review, check out our full review of the purple mattress.

Purple Launches New Purple Plus Mattress And It’s A Big Win For Comfier Sleep

Purple Mattress Review | Affordable, Cooling, and Supportive

ByAlison Barretta19 August 2021

The new Purple Plus mattress has a few tricks up its sleeve to help you sleep cooler and comfier

Purple has launched its brand new mattress the Purple Plus, a foam-based model designed to provide a cooler nights sleep, with prices starting from $1,099 at Purple. The new Purple Plus is a comfort upgrade compared to the brands original model, thanks to an additional 2-inch layer of premium foam dishing out deluxe cushioning for your entire body.

Release date: 19 August 2021Prices: From $1,099 to $2,598Sizes: Twin to split kingBenefits: Deluxe cushioning breathable for cooler sleep reacts quickly when you change positionTrial period: 100 nightsLimited warranty: 10 years

The Purple Plus is available to buy online from the brands website today, with a queen size costing $1,699 . Considering how Purple’s original offering is still one of the best mattresses you can buy, we’re very excited by the arrival of this new Purple mattress.

Foam models are supportive and contouring but they can sleep warm. The new premium foam used in the Purple Plus is designed to be more breathable than the brands standard foam. The purpose? To help you sleep cooler and not be woken up because youre too warm.

Head below for more details on the Purple Plus mattress, including the full pricing, available sizes, design and features.

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Purple Plus Mattress: Prices And Sizes

The Purple Plus is now the fourth mattress in the brands range for teens and adults, but its fifth overall if you count the Kids Mattress too. The Plus sits between the entry level Purple and the Purple Hybrid . The Purple Hybrid Premier remains the most expensive.

How much does the Purple Plus mattress cost? Unbelievably, it’s already included among the latest Purple mattress deals with up to $100 off. Without an offer, the full pricing and list of sizes available to buy is as follows:

  • Purple Plus twin: $1,099
  • Purple Plus Cal king: $2,099
  • Purple Plus split king: $2,598

Hybrid models can skimp a little on motion isolation compared to the best memory foam mattresses, so the Purple Plus should appeal to those who want a greater choice between the brands foam models.

Like all of Purples mattresses, the Plus comes on a 100-night risk-free trial but you have to test it for a minimum of 21 days before qualifying for a complete refund if you’re not happy with it. A 10-year limited warranty also applies.

Purple Mattress: Delivery Sleep Trial Returns

Delivery, Trial, Returns
Additional fees: No

Thanks to modern compression methods and the rising popularity of the bed-in-a-box, mattresses can now be shipped far more efficiently and conveniently than ever before. Customers no longer need to take a day off work to accept a delivery. Boxed beds are now delivered with the same convenience as most Amazon orders. Some bed-in-a-box companies even offer same-day delivery to certain areas.

Purple uses specialist logistics companies like FedEx to deliver the Purple mattress directly to customers doors throughout most parts of Canada. In some cases, the delivery can even be left on a porch or deck while the customer is away from home. Shipping is free for Canadians, and Purple customers can expect their new mattress to be delivered within 2 to 7 business days.

Like many bed-in-a-box companies, Purple heavily promotes their mattress sleep trial. At 100 nights, this sleep trial is average in length. The company also offers free mattress pick-up and a full refund for returns.

It is worth noting that did not complete the return process, but received this information via the Live Chat function on Purples website.

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Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

The Purple should be a great match for many heavyweight back sleepers, although folks who weigh 300 pounds or more might need to look for a more supportive mattress with coils. Heavyweight side sleepers should enjoy plenty of pressure relief on the Purple because theyll activate the gel grid enough to collapse it and experience cradling relief. As with back sleepers, many heavyweight stomach sleepers could feel well-supported. But folks who weigh 300 pounds or more will probably want to look for a more supportive mattress overall.

Will It Sag Along The Edges

Purple The Purple Bed Mattress


Although it improves significantly on common all-foam drawbacks, the Purple is still limited by foams poor edge support. While it has an average amount of support around its perimeter, sitting on the edge of the bed will cause it to sink beneath the weight and slightly distort the sleep surface. Sleeping close to the edge offers less support, but there is little feeling of roll-off except for sleepers above 230 pounds.

This is due to the high-density polyfoam core and transitional layer, which do the heavy lifting of stabilizing the entire bed. While they offer good support overall, the lack of reinforcement around the edges means that they may flex or bend in these areas more than in the center.

Despite these drawbacks, most people will find that the Purple offers enough edge support for their needs. However, people with mobility problems may struggle with the dip caused by sitting on the edge, particularly when combined with the Purples below-average profile.

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Shipping Trial And Warranty

The Purple Mattress comes rolled up in a shipping bag.

Even if you’re an avid online shopper, it’s difficult to purchase over the internet when you’re unconfident about a brand’s policies. Especially when it comes to returns.

The Purple ships for free in a cardboard box directly to your front door. All you have to do is open it up, remove the plastic wrap, unroll, and voila — you have yourself a new bed. There will be an off-gassing smell right when you take it out of the box, but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker since it disappears after a few days.

They offer a 100-night trial, giving you more than three months to figure out if you like the bed or not. You should give yourself at least 30 days, though, to give your body a chance to get used to the feel.

Purple offers a 10-year warranty for its original Purple mattress, which is pretty much the standard for online beds.

Purple Mattress Review: An Overview

The key to the Purples success is its proprietary Purple Grid. This is made of a hyper-elastic gel polymer and it really is unlike any other mattress material. It is firm and pressure-relieving at the same time and, honestly, it is hard to describe! The Purple Grid is very durable, making this a great long-lasting mattress . A Queen size Purple mattress comes in at $1299.00, making it an excellent mattress for the money.

Because this is such a unique mattress, its more likely to appeal to certain types of sleepers. Heres a quick look at who might like the Purple and who might not.

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What Type Of Cover Does It Have

The Purple Hybrid mattress comes with the Premier StretchMax Cover, a stretchy, comfortable fabric cover that doesnt impede on the support of the Purple Grid while allowing air to continue flowing through.

As briefly mentioned, the cover is unfortunately not machine washable.

It is a good idea to shield the mattress with a proper cover, like the Purple Mattress Protector.

Differences In The Purple Models

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

The biggest difference between Purple Hybrid and the OG Purple mattress is in the construction of the bed. The Original Purple had polyurethane foam and then a 2-inch slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer as the top layer.

The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier beds swap out the foam for 7.5-inch pocketed coils . The new Purple beds end up being a few inches thicker than the OG Purple mattress as a result.

Also, as you might have guessed by now, the only differences between Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier are the thickness of the top layer, weight of the bed, and the price.

There will be a difference in feel, but that all depends on your weight. The Purple Hybrid has 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, while Purple Hybrid Premier has 3 or 4 inches depending on the model you choose.

You can learn more about the beds in our individual reviews, but for the most part, the difference in firmness, feel, and comfort only arise from the differences in thickness of the top layer.

In general, folks over 240 pounds or so should consider the thicker version if you really want a good amount of cushioning from the Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

People who weigh less than 240 pounds will be just fine on the Purple Hybrid or the Original Purple. Having said that, Purple Hybrid will be the firmest of the three since theres less material between you and the coils. The more Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the softer the feel.

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What’s Purple’s Return Policy

You can try out the Purple mattress for 100 nights. The company asks customers to spend up to 21 nights on the Purple mattress before starting a return or exchange to allow their bodies to adjust to this unique grid-support system.

Purple offers a free shipping and returns program to all 48 contiguous states. Each mattress has a 10-year limited warranty.

Support & Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

Those who sleep exclusively on their backs should find adequate support on the Purple. The beds medium-firm feel gently contours to the bodys curves, which encourages healthy spinal alignment. Sleepers of average-weight and lightweight sizes should feel supported, but heavier folks may sink in a bit too far into the transitional layer, particularly those who weigh more than 300 pounds.

To find a mattress better-suited for plus-size back sleepers, check out the beds that made our best mattresses for back sleepers countdown.

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattresss gel grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering the pressure reduction that side sleepers need for comfortable sleep. While the Purple is a good mattress for pain relief and spinal alignment for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers, some people may still prefer a softer feel.

Heavyweight side sleepers would do better with a thicker comfort system than that found in the original Purple. These folks may want to consider the Purple Hybrid Premier or one of the beds that won a spot in our best mattresses for side sleepers list.

Stomach Sleepers

Combination Sleepers

Still, heavyweight combination sleepers might not achieve the support they need on the Purple. If youre in that category, head over to our best mattresses for combination sleepers page to find a better fit.

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you?

Body Type:

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