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Why Are Mattresses Not Flippable

How To Flip Your Mattress Like A Pro

Nest Alexander: Firm and Flippable Mattress Review. Why it’s a top Pick!

Wanna give it a whirl?

  • Check first. As in, peek under the bottom corner of your mattress and make sure it looks the same as the top side. Remember some mattresses arent made to be flipped.
  • Rotate. Slide the mattress 90 degrees so that the sides are parallel to the headboard and footboard.
  • Prop it. Tilt the mattress until its standing up. Lean it against a wall or something sturdy while you complete the next step.
  • Vacuum it. Now that both sides are visible, make sure your mattress is clean. This is also a good time for rando cleaning tasks like wiping off your boxspring.
  • Flip it. Turn that bad boy over and drop it onto the bed.
  • Rotate into place. After a few final shimmies to make sure your mattress fits snuggly into place, put your favorite sheets on the bed and slip right in.
  • Pro tip: To prevent more back pain, have someone help you rotate and flip your mattress and remember to bend lift with your legs, not your back!

    The bad news: Unless you have a dual-sided mattress, your rest nest probably cant be flipped.

    The good news: Pretty much *any* mattress can be rotated.

    Rotating your mattress just involves turning it 180 degrees so that the end thats been against your headboard is now against the footrest.

    Rotating is

    • faster than flipping
    • a solid option for just about every other mattress that cant be flipped

    Whats The History Behind The One

    For years, all you could buy was a flippable two-sided mattress. From the time the first innerspring mattress was made until about the 1970s, mattresses were made using springs and cotton.

    Then, gradually from the 1950s on, polyfoam started making its way into mattress construction. It started out by adding foam to the surface over the cotton, but by the 1970s, many major manufacturers went to all-foam builds.

    At that point, one-sided mattresses started becoming more and more common.

    Do I Need To Rotate My Mattress Or Flip It

    Regardless of the type of mattress you have, you should always rotate your mattress from end-to-end at least every three months.

    If your mattress is double-sided, you’ll need to flip it over when you rotate it too.

    Mattress type
    Double-sided Rotate from end-to-end and turn it over

    You shouldn’t turn over a single-sided mattress. This is because the other side is not designed to be slept on.

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    Body Impressions Affect The Life Of A Mattress

    Any mattress you buy will break down eventually. No mattress is going to last forever. However, flippable mattresses tend to last longer than one-sided mattresses because of the way they handle body impressions.

    • All mattresses get body impressions over time.
    • Body impressions occur when your mattress conforms to your body shape as you sleep. This happens to back, side, and stomach sleepers.
    • Your mattress is supposed to take body impressions, but allowing body impressions to recover will extend your mattresss life.

    Body impressions are not a bad thing. They do not indicate that your mattress is falling apart. In fact, your mattress should have body impressions within months of you sleeping on it. However, the longer you sleep on those body impressions without flipping your mattress to let it recover, the quicker it will break down.

    With single-sided mattresses, you cannot flip them once body impressions form. Therefore, your mattress does not truly get to recover from the moment you begin sleeping in it to the moment you replace it.

    You can rotate a one-sided mattress, and you should, but flipping a mattress is much more effective. That is why flippable mattresses typically last so much longer than one-sided mattresses.

    How Do I Flip A Heavy Mattress

    Mattress flipping: Why you shouldn

    Here are some tips on how to flip over a heavy mattress:

  • Don’t flip it over on your own! Always get someone to help you
  • Use the mattress turning handles
  • Remember that your mattress will need rotating from end-to-end too – not just flipping
  • You can always rotate your mattress on one day and then flip it over on a different day
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    Do You Need A Special Bed Frame

    The short answer is no. But you should always check the brands website for details on recommended bed frames and platforms. Typically, they just require that you have a solid frame with little or no flex. If youre using a slatted bed frame, they will have stipulations as to the spacing of those slats . Check with the brand before you select your bed frame and support system.

    Best Rated Flippable Innerspring Mattresses

    Often you will see two-sided foam mattresses, but less frequently youll get a bed that has innersprings. Still, so we have had a chance to test several flippable innerspring mattresses. Weve only selected one or two beds for this list, but we have a handful or so of favorites. As such, lets take a quick look at the best rated flippable innerspring mattresses:

    • IDLE Hybrid
    • Layla Hybrid
    • Nest Bedding Flip

    But its not all upside with a double-sided innerspring mattress. They can be responsive and support, but they are also typically heavier. As such, if you will move soon or frequently, you might want to purchase your new bed after you move o get something lighter. Even so, we do think the advantages of a flippable innerspring mattress outweigh the disadvantages.

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    Choosing Your Firmness Level

    Do you know how you prefer to sleep? Do you prefer to mix it up at night?

    Side sleepers often prefer softer beds as these are designed to relieve pressure build-up in the shoulders and hips as they burrow into the bed. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, usually require a firm mattress that prevents their hips from sinking below the rest of the body, which could cause improper spinal alignment. Back and combination sleepers may vary by preference.

    Determine which sort of firmness level fits your needs before making your purchase.

    Need help? Check out our ultimate mattress firmness guide here.

    Why Is My New Mattress Sinking In The Middle

    Layla Hybrid Mattress Review | Flippable Memory Foam Bed (NEW)

    A new mattress may be sinking in the middle due to a manufacturers defect where they accidentally installed lesser quality springs in the middle of the mattress. This can actually happen quite easily by:

    • the ten-year-old apprentice grabbing some wrong springs from inventory.
    • the twelve-year-old inventory Manager storing springs in the wrong location.

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    Cons Of Flippable Mattresses

    Flippable mattresses wont necessarily work for everyone. As you decide, keep in mind the following:

    • Availability. Though double-sided mattresses are increasing in popularity, you wont find them everywhere. Opting for a one-sided mattress means you have a much larger pool to choose from.
    • Accessories. Some double-sided mattresses, particularly those with symmetrical design, are taller, so you might need deep-pocket sheets. If your mattress feels too firm, you might also need to add a mattress pad or removable pillow top for additional comfort.
    • Ease of flipping. If youve ever moved house with a mattress, youll know they arent easy to shift. If you live alone, you may not feel up to turning the mattress on a regular basis.

    Theres no hard and fast rule for flipping, but its a good idea to flip your mattress when it begins to lose shape, sag, or offer less support.

    Generally speaking, youll probably want to flip it every few months.

    Turning over a mattress gives you a fresh sleeping surface, helping you get more restful sleep. This also allows the previously slept-on side to bounce back from body indentations and reclaim its shape.

    Mattresses with dual firmness options may not need regular flipping, since theyre not designed in quite the same way as traditional flippable mattresses. You can flip these whenever you want to change the firmness of your bed.

    What Mattresses Should I Flip

    Flippable mattresses are going to have the additional maintenance of flipping once a month or every few months to real the full benefits of the construction design. These are often innerspring, or innerspring hybrid designs and often only have a few comfort designs available. What is popular about them is their longevity and longer lasting comfort. This also often comes with a higher price tag as well.

    Flipping your mattress comes with many perks however. To start, you are more eveningly distributing weight over the entirely of the mattress, and allowing the materials to settle, and decompress, after nights of supporting your sleeping weight. This helps to avoid a center of the bed sink, one sided sink, and body impressions and keeps you sleeping more comfortably for longer.

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    Nm Orthopedic Supreme Flippable Tight Top Mattress

    Double Tempered Bonnel Coil with Edge Guard Center & Lumbar Support High Desity Foam Supports In Coils Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

    View our EXCLUSIVE COUPONS and SAVE even more on this mattress purchase!

    Orthopedic Supreme Flippable Tight Top

    The NM Orthopedic Supreme Flippable Tight Top is a firm mattress and features double tempered Bonnel coil. This mattress is ideal for anyone looking for maximum support and longevity with its dual-sided flippable design and extra firm supports in the coils.

    The NM Orthopedic Supreme Flippable Tight Top Mattress combines the ultimate in mattress comfort with a therapeutic solution for back pain. For that added oomph and support, the Tempered Bonnel Coil provides high-density foam supports in coils to promote longevity, stability, and durability. The center and lumbar support zones also provide spinal alignment and cradling of weight distribution for an evenly balanced experience. Plus, the NM boasts soft cotton feel fiber cover made from 100% natural cotton yarns which insulate heat while still allowing airflow to circulate perfect for sweaty sleepers!

    Double Tempered Bonnel Coil with Edge Guard Center & Lumbar Support High-Density Foam Supports In Coils Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

    Please see the Specifications and More Info tabs above for technical specifications and additional product information.

    This mattress is available in the following sizes:

    Single/Twin 39 x 75 99cm x 190.5cm

    Who Should Consider A Flippable Mattress

    Why you want to do mattress flipping

    This is all about value and longevity. If youre especially concerned with the durability of your bed, you might consider a flippable one. Also, some people think that youre getting more bang for your buck, so to speak, when you have two sides on the bed. We dont think theyre an absolute necessity, but they are certainly an interesting concept.

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    Reversible Mattresses Can Be More Expensive

    Higher quality materials generally mean a higher price tag. Its as simple as that. Flippable mattresses have comfortable materials on both sides. These materials, such as pillowtop, memory foam, latex comfort foam, and others, are much more expensive than simple base foams or coils within the mattress. Flippable mattresses require more of these higher quality materials.

    When it comes to flippable mattresses with different comfort or firmness levels on each side, you technically get two beds in one. So, a flippable mattress can justify a higher price tag.

    There Are Fewer Designs On The Market

    It is not as easy to find a flippable mattress at a good price point as it is to find a one-sided mattress. Most manufacturers today only make one-sided mattresses. Two-sided mattresses are far less common. So, if you are in the market for a dual firmness mattress, you have fewer to choose from.

    Additionally, you will more than likely have more luck shopping online for two-sided mattresses than you will when shopping in a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Whether this is a pro or a con is up to you.

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    Are Both Sides Of A Mattress The Same

    That all depends on the type of mattress you have.

    For decades, the main mattress style was an innerspring mattress system that was designed from the core out. Since the mattress consisted mostly of an innerspring system surrounded by padding, both sides of the mattress were the same.

    This meant that you could flip the mattress every three months to improve support and extend the lifespan of the mattress.

    However, newer mattress types have sought to provide more comfort and support than these traditional styles by adding specific layers from the ground up, making each side different. As a result, some such mattresses are more comfortable but should not be flipped due to the precise layering involved.

    Should You Rotate Your Mattress

    Haven is a non-flip style mattress. Why?

    Most mattresses can be rotated. In many cases, this will help to protect the mattress from premature damage. Rotating helps to spread out the wear-and-tear that comes with sleeping in the same position on your mattress every night.

    Areas of a mattress that are exposed to heavy pressure tend to sag prematurely. If the mattress is rotated regularly, it is better able to withstand this pressure over time. Often this means that a regularly rotated mattress will outlast a non-rotated mattress somewhat, potentially by a year or more.

    To find out how often you should rotate your mattress, check your owners manual. If you cant find recommendations directly from the manufacturer, here are some general guidelines:

    However often you choose to rotate your mattress, try to keep it consistent. The idea behind rotating mattresses regularly is to switch around the areas where your body lays on the mattress, thereby spreading out the pressure points that may be subject to sagging. By rotating on a consistent schedule, you can minimize the risk of premature sagging in specific areas.

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    To Flip Or Not To Flip

    This is a one-sided battle. Flippable mattresses offer more variability for people who are serious about their shut-eye. With a double-sided mattress, you have a lot of benefits without any real tangible disadvantage since the increase in higher quality materials also makes the mattress as a whole more comfortable.

    You may be able to get two mattresses in one with a flippable latex mattress, with both sides offering different levels of support and firmness. Is this compromise worth it in the long run? We think so because people change their preferences and it can be expensive to look for a new mattress.

    A one-sided mattress can also cost a lot by way of reduced sleep quality. They dont allow a degree of customization that other beds do, which can cause a headache . However, there has been a reduction in the quality of materials used by many mattress manufacturers. This means there arent many brands to choose from these days, which provide flippable mattresses.

    What Mattress Types Should Not Be Flipped

    You shouldnt flip any mattress unless its specifically marketed as a double-sided mattress. Most memory foam, latex, hybrid, and pillow-top mattresses are one-sided. Flipping one-sided mattresses leads to excess pressure on the comfort layer, causing irreversible damage to the mattress.

    Flipping memory foam beds that arent meant to be flipped can cause discomfort. Memory foam mattresses contain memory foam in the top comfort layer and poly-foam in the support layers. If you flip them, youll sleep on the poly-foam core layer. The core layers purpose is to support the memory foam layer, and so its quite firm. The softer layers becoming the core will lead to fast deterioration and pain.

    Some memory foam beds also include sleep technologies in the comfort layer, such as gel, copper, or graphite infusions. These sleep technologies have a cooling effect. If the comfort layer isnt facing up, you cant reap the benefits of these sleep technologies.

    Hybrid mattresses contain at least 2 inches of comfort layer and a coil layer at the base. These beds combine features of innerspring and memory foam or latex beds. Hybrids are heavy mattresses because they include more materials. Flipping them will create excess pressure on the comfort layer and damage it.

    If you flip a pillow-top mattress you cant take advantage of the extra layer of padding on the comfort layer. Most innerspring mattresses have a pillow-top layer for extra cushioning.

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    So Should You Flip Your Mattress

    It all depends on if your mattress is designed for flipping.

    Many of todays designs only have comfortable and supportive layers on one side, with a firm layer of foam or metal springs on the other. Flipping this type of mattress would result in an ultra-firm surface and a pretty uncomfortable nights sleep.

    Reversible designs, however, can be flipped. In some cases, each side will have a different firmness level, so this may impact your decision. But, if both sides are equally firm, then flipping will only be a benefit.

    If youre not sure whether your mattress can be turned over, check out the label or manufacturers site.

    They Can Meet Stringent Fire Code Regulations

    Haven is a non

    When it comes to anything in your house, safety is important. With two-side mattresses, the fire code regulations are often more strict than with single-sided mattresses. And, this means manufacturers that make flippable mattresses must ensure they are meeting these stringent guidelines to assure their consumers are sleeping on a safer mattress.

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    What Is A No

    Also known as “one-sided mattresses,” no-flip mattresses are built from the ground up and aren’t reversible. Flippable mattresses have a supportive core with comfort materials on both sides. But no-flip mattresses start with the supportive layer on the bottom and stack the comfort layers on top. These mattresses don’t need to be flipped and only have one sleeping surface.


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