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What Is A Crib Mattress Size

When Can Baby Sleep With A Blanket

Crib-Sized My Green Mattress: First Impressions

babyblanketsblanketssleepblanketsMattress Dimensions: Which Bed Size Is Right For You?

  • Twin: 38â x 75â | 96.5 X 190.5cm.
  • Twin XL: 38â x 80â | 96.5 X 203cm.
  • Full: 53â x 75â | 134.5 X 190.5cm.
  • Queen: 60â x 80â | 152.5 X 203cm.
  • King: 76â x 80â | 193 X 203cm.
  • California King: 72â x 84â | 183 X 213cm.

Small Single Size Bed Dimensions

30 inches by 75 inches

Minimum recommended room size: 7 feet by 10 feet

Single mattresses and twin mattresses have the same dimensions, so these terms are often used interchangeably. However, the twin size is much more common nowadays, so if you have your eye on a single bed, a twin is just what you need.

How To Get The Right Crib Mattress Size

Parents have a huge amount to think about when preparing for a new baby, and crib safety is one of the most important things they should research. It’s vital that you know the correct crib mattress dimensions for your babys crib, so you can buy one that fits correctly.

An ill-fitting crib mattress is a safety hazard and can lead to infant death, so finding the correct fit is of utmost importance. Learn the proper dimensions for a crib mattress, plus more about crib safety, below.

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Mattress And Bed Size Dimensions

When infants are first born, many may spend the first few weeks in a bassinet or co-sleeper, but it isnt long before they have outgrown their cramped quarters and are ready for something larger. Some babies may start out in a crib from night one.

Every baby is different and all parents are different regarding what they feel comfortable with. Whatever you decide to do, the smallest bed dimensions begin with a mini-crib and go up from there, as the child grows.

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Size Of Standard Crib Mattress

Mini cribs are also a great addition for homes with multiple rooms, where your baby may need additional sleeping options.

A mini crib is large enough for babies under two years of age and less than 45 pounds. They feature high and smooth enclosure sides to make sure your baby does not climb over them. They also come with many features that you will find interesting.

Most mini cribs come with caster wheels that make it easier to move them around.

The sheets and mattresses for mini cribs are not standardized. That means you will need to find a brand of sheet that fits and stick with the same brand for sizing reasons. Since messy accidents are going to be pretty commonplace for a new baby, youre going to have to change a lot of baby bedding.

Having extra sheets is a good idea. So it will be important not to rush out and buy replacements that are the wrong size.

The average size and weight of a baby between the ages of 24 and 36 months is 31 to 39 inches from head to toes, and 22 to 40 pounds. Standard crib designs are stress tested using a 45-pound weight. So the important considerations here are checking the manufacturers recommendations for weight limits, which you can expect to be lower than that of a standard crib. If you have an especially active baby, you can lower the posted max weight capacity by five to ten pounds.

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Which Size Of Crib Mattress Do You Like

The type of crib mattress you choose to settle for depends on your preference and of course, your pocket, however, you should also consider the following before making a choice :

  • The firmness of the mattress- The mattress does not have to be hard, however, it should be firm enough to prevent your babys head from sinking into the mattress.
  • Presence of Waterproof covers.

Crib Mattress Size: Standard


As you might guess from the name, the standard crib mattress is the typical mattress size for baby cribs. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, a standard crib mattress should be no more than 6 inches thick and measure at least 27 1/4 inches wide and 51 1/4 inches long.

Tips For Selecting The Right Standard Crib Mattress

If you have a standard-sized crib for your little one to snooze in, youll need a standard-sized crib mattress. As we mentioned, the size of these mattresses is regulated. However, there is a bit of wiggle room within the regulated size of a crib. A standard crib can be of an inch larger or smaller than the regulated 28 by 52 rectangle. A standard mattress will typically fit a standard crib, but because of this small variation, you will still need to check to make sure your mattress fits properly not too big and not too small. Heres an example: if your crib is on the large side of the regulated measurements and your mattress is on the small side, you may end up with a gap in-between the mattress and the crib. Always check the fit before putting your baby in bed for the first time.

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How Big Is A Crib Mattress

There are so many styles of cribs on the market – modern, traditional, convertible, designer, bare-bones, take your pick! No matter the design, any crib manufactured and sold in North America, must be built to fit a full size crib mattress. So, what are the dimensions of a crib mattress and how long is a crib mattress? All North American crib mattresses must measure between 51 to 53 inches in length and 27 ¼ to 28 inches in width .

Other Things To Know About

How to Wrap a Nonstandard Size Crib Mattress

Aside from firmness, you should also check for the following when buying crib mattresses:

  • Breathability. The mattress should be made of breathable material. Usually, sheets arent placed over the foam for infants. Checking if the material is breathable can lessen the risk of suffocation.
  • Water-resistant. Mattresses will get friendly with a lot of stains and spills. The mattress should be water-proof and mold-resistant.
  • Fit. You should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the crib and the mattress. There shouldnt be any space between the mattress and the crib frame to minimize the risk of injury inside the crib.
  • Baby-safe Materials. Your mattress should also be free of harmful chemicals.

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Here Are Some Of The Important Features To Consider Regarding Cribs And Mattresses:

  • Slats of the crib should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. This is to keep your baby safe and prevent untoward injuries.
  • The mattress should be at least 6 inches thick and needs to be lowered as your child grows. This periodic lowering of the mattress will prevent your infant from climbing or falling out of the crib.
  • Crib mattresses should be a snug fit in the crib. Any space more than two fingers between the side of the mattress and the crib frame poses a suffocation and entrapment hazard.
  • With regards to the firmness of a crib mattress, the general rule of thumb applies firmer the better. As soft surfaces can pose a suffocation hazard and increases the chances of SIDS.
  • You should avoid using a foam topper or other non-standard crib mattress over it.
  • All screws, bolts, nuts, plastic parts, and other hardware should be present and original equipment. They must be fastened securely and tightly place to prevent the crib from coming apart a childs activity can cause the crib to collapse.
  • Weekly inspections for damage to hardware, loose joints, missing parts, or sharp edges are a good thing.

The Size Of A Standard Crib Mattress:

The US government passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 to federally regulate the manufacture of mattresses to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort.

To determine the best sleeping experience for your baby you should buy a mattress that strictly follows these guidelines. You will find these dimensions listed on both the retail carton and assembly instructions. A general rule of thumb is to place your mattress in the center of the crib and to ensure that not more than half-inch of a gap exists between the crib and the mattress at any point.

The second guideline is that if you push the mattress completely to one side, there cannot be a gap of more than an inch at any point. If youre considering an older, hand-me-down crib, we suggest strictly following these guidelines.

Crib Mattress Dimensions:

The crib mattress should always fit snugly inside a standard-sized crib. This helps to ensure that babies cannot climb out of their crib as they grow. Crib mattresses are designed to be slightly smaller than standard crib dimensions. You should ensure that there is no more than a 1-inch gap between the mattress and crib wall. This prevents your baby from any risk of entrapment or suffocation

If you are worried about getting confused with regards to the sizes of crib mattresses, the good news is that you dont get too many options in this matter.

Standard Crib Mattress Size:

Mini Crib Mattress Size:

Other Aspects to Consider:

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California King Bed Size

The California King bed dimensions measure 72″ × 84″. The average length of the California King bed is 84″. The average width of the California King bed is 72″, 4 inches less than a King bed.

If you are looking for a mattress that can truly accommodate taller people, those who like to stretch out in their sleep or share their sleeping spaces with pets or children, nothing will beat a California King mattress. Unless, of course, your name is Marc Gasol, then you might consider something custom.

A little bit narrower and a hand longer, California Kings are the kings of comfort. Tall people won’t have their feet hanging off the bed, sleepers who move a lot won’t be bothering their partners, dogs won’t get kicked off by accident, and there’s plenty of room for a kid to slip in unnoticed when they have a nightmare.

The California Kings luxurious size means you might not have space for end tables or dressers in some bedrooms. For those with space, the sprawling space may be worth it. We suggest some drawers under the bed for convenience, there’s room!

The Pros and Cons of the California King Mattress Size


  • The California King is longer lengthwise. This makes it comfortable for those who are taller or have pets who like to sleep at their feet.
  • The California King mattress dimensions allow for a closer sleeping arrangement than the King mattress size.


The Complete Guide To Buying A Crib Mattress

85 reference of crib mattress toddler size in 2020 ...

HomeNursery Quotient0

Given that infants sleep up to 18 hours a day, buying a crib mattress becomes a fairly important decision. There are many factors to weigh while buying a crib mattress. Read on to find out what parameters you need to consider before picking a crib mattress for your babys nursery

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The Size Of A Baby Crib Mattress

A baby sometimes cries because of hunger, but it could also be uncomfortable and a strange feeling for them.

As I have said, babies are way sensitive. You must be very careful about choosing your things to avoid sudden reactions.

Putting the baby beside you on your mattress is fine, although it would be better to have their bed made for babies.

Mattresses should be soft and mild for the baby so choose wisely.

Include the thickness and, of course, the size of the bed.

But then what size is a standard baby crib mattress? There are a lot of beds found in every part of the world. It mesmerizes me to know about all this.

There are so many types of mattresses produced. It could be traditional, modern, convertible, etc. It is all up to you to choose from your preference.

So, what is the size of a baby crib mattress?

A crib mattress would usually be fiftyone and five eights up to 53 inches in length.

Including the width is about twenty-seven and onefourth up to 28 inches. And its thickness would be around 4 6 inches thick.

Familiarizing yourself with this is the right decision, especially when you are having a baby in no time.

A crib is one tool that could help you have some time for other things when your baby is asleep. You can just put them down there and let them rest for a while.

As a mom of an infant, you have no enough time for other things, and you focus on your baby. Babies are very dependent.

And that would mean having them by your side always.

Delta Children Crib Mattress Size

Delta Children is an established furniture brand for kids that carries two main models: Natural Slumber Two-Stage Crib Mattress and Cool Lux Two-Stage Crib Mattress. These mattresses are 52in x 27.5in x 5in, perfect for full-size cribs.

Delta Children produces mattresses using natural materials like waterproof woven fabric, fireproof natural cotton, and cotton foams. Their Cool Lux mattress contains a cooling gel memory foam for maximum comfort.

In addition, they have a limited edition Twinkle Stars mattress that you can purchase from Amazon.

They have co-created mattresses with other brands like Serta and Beautyrest that are full size and vary only in thickness and materials.

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What Is The Difference Between A Crib And Toddler Bed

A toddler bed is what you can use for your little one to transition from a crib to a regular bed. Its the safe option for kids before using a bed because it is close to the ground but still encourages them to climb in and out themselves. Think of the toddler bed as an upgraded version of a crib, where you can also use a crib mattress.

What To Look For

Best Mattress For First Time Moms: Newton Crib Mattress Review

Since the federal regulations dictate an acceptable range in mattress dimensions, there can be a slight variation in the width, length, and depth. Before heading to the store or ordering a mattress online, check the label on your crib to make certain you purchase a mattress with the exact measurements needed.

Other things to consider:

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What Size Is A Crib Mattress Best Overall Guide

If youre curious about what size is a crib mattress, it will depend on whether its standard or mini. This guide will explain the difference between these sizes to help you select the best one for your child. Much like other mattress types, even crib mattresses are offered in different dimensions.

Its useful to familiarize yourself with mattress sizing because it will benefit you when shopping or making a new one. Perhaps youre cutting foam, or youre looking for the crib itself. Nonetheless, its a simple topic to tackle, and you should know everything by the end of this article.

External And Internal Dimensions Of Standard Cribs

Full-size cribs external measurements are important if you are on tight with space! Carefully check what the cribs measures are before you make a purchase!

Internal measurements of standard size cribsare important while picking the right mattress for your selected crib. Luckily inner measurements for standard size cribs are standardized, so any standard size crib mattress should fit into any full-size crib.

Looking for mini crib measurements? You can find them here: Best mini cribs for small spaces.

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Safety Is Priority #1

Colgate Mattress® not only meets, but exceeds all government safety standards and we were instrumental in establishing additional, voluntary industry standards to keep babies safe. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and exacting manufacturing standards that have produced the worlds best crib mattresses since 1955.

Crib Mattress Size For Travel Crib And Pack N Play:

Mini Crib Mattress Size

Pack N Plays and travel cribs come with a travel mattress. You can not use a regular crib mattress in them! It is too thick and not safe for the baby!

You should use only the included traveling mattress or contact the manufacturer about the replacement!

Be extra careful when buying a portable crib mattress for a travel crib or Pack N Play! It is hard to find a snuggle-fitting model, and most of them are also too thick.

These cribs have mesh sides that do not offer enough resistance. They bend easily, causing the risk of falling from a thicker mattress. So, even if the mattress fits perfectly, it is not a suitable choice if it is too thick!

The baby can become stuck between the crib side and the mattress edge. That may induce injuries or even cause suffocation.

Most travel cribs and Pack N Plays take the portable crib mattress, which is up to 3 inches thick, but as I said, check by the manufacturer first!

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Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Size is one of the three main factors you want to think about when mattress shoppingthe other two considerations are mattress type and firmness. With so many options and sub-categories to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to determine what the best mattress for you is.

Consider your bedrooms size and your budget, as well as how youll use the mattress. A mattress youll share with your partner requires a different size than a mattress for a small guest bedroom.

Standard Crib Mattress Size

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, full-size crib mattresses follow a standard dimension of at least 51 ¼ x 27 ¼ x 5 inches.

This snuggly fits the interior measurement of a full-size crib which is around 28 in width x 52 in length.

The narrow gap between the crib and the mattress lessens the likelihood of head entrapment and suffocation should the baby roll over to the side. A standard crib mattress can last you for at least 18 to 24 months.

Non-full size baby cribs do not follow a standard measurement as they vary in shapes and proportions.

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