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Where To Buy Mattress Bags For Moving

Cresnel Mattress Bag For Moving & Long

Sealable Mattress Bag – Plastic Mattress Cover for Moving and Storage


  • This is a budget-friendly mattress bag for moving. Its also available in a two-pack, which lets you save a little money on the cost of each bag.
  • The bag has a 3D design in the shape of a mattress, which makes it easier to insert the mattress into the bag.
  • The bag is made from thick, 5 Mil polyethylene to help protect against tears and punctures.
  • The bag is designed to be longer than standard mattress sizes so the overlapping end flap fully covers the end of the mattress.


  • The bag doesnt have a built-in seal, so youll need to use packing tape or another material to seal it off.
  • Even though the plastic is pretty thick, it might not hold up to lots of scraping or manhandling.

The budget-friendly CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage comes in a one- or two-pack, the latter of which offers an extra price cut. The bag is made from thick plastic and has a 3D design to make it easier to insert the mattress.

Storage Logic Mattress Vacuum Bag For Moving

Are you looking for a mattress vacuum bag to move or store your mattress conveniently? You can consider buying the storage logic mattress vacuum bag for the desired results. This vacuum bag can compress your mattress up to 80% so that you can store it in a compact place or move it in your car without any hassle. Apart from that, this mattress vacuum bag is durable because high-quality materials are used in the making of it. It has resistance to tear, rip, and punctures to offer a better experience. Since this mattress vacuum bag is waterproof and airtight, your mattress will be safe from dirt, dust, water, moisture, and air when stored in it. Further, it has a double zip seal to prevent air from entering it and keep your mattress safe. Also, it comes with stay-on clips to make sure that the clips donât fall from the zipper. Because this mattress vacuum bag is transparent, you can easily identify your mattress when it is inside the bag. Also, this vacuum bag is available for different sizes of mattresses for ease of use. Also, check storage logic mattress vacuum bag reviews before buying.


  • This mattress vacuum bag is made of premium quality PA+PE material to offer improved durability.
  • It comes with a double zip seal to compress the mattress effectively and improve its performance.
  • It allows you to roll up your mattress and move it in your car with convenience.
  • The waterproof design keeps the mattress safe from water, moisture, and other harmful items.


Movinghost Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bag


  • The plastic is thick to enhance durability and help protect against tears.
  • The bag is designed to be longer than standard mattress sizes so the end flap can double-overlap and fully cover the end of the mattress.
  • The manufacturer claims the bag is stain-proof and water-resistant.
  • This is a fairly budget-friendly mattress bag.


  • The bag doesnt seal on its own youll have to use packing tape or another material to create a seal.
  • Because the bag doesnt have its own water-tight seal, its not 100% waterproof.

Thick, water-resistant plastic increases the odds that the MovingHost Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bag will keep your mattress safe during transport. The bag features a double-overlapping end flap to fully encase your mattress.

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Professional Grade Protection For Mattresses Of All Sizes And Types

Mattresses are expensive items so before packing them into cartons ready for loading, we always recommend adding extra protection, ideally by way of a New Haven Pak ‘N’ Move® mattress bag.

Why is that? First, you will always be assured of a premium professional grade 2.0 mm polyethylene cover which will keep your mattresses safe from dust, dirt, water, scratches and moving damage even if the mattress carton is breached.

Second, each of our heavy duty mattress covers are easy to manipulate, saving busy movers considerable time during packing. These durable bags can be slipped over your mattresses in no time at all. Simply slide them into New Haven corrugated mattress cartons and you’re good to go.

In addition, our mattress bags are roomy enough to fit any size and style of mattress. We stock individual covers for single/twin, double/full, queen and king size mattresses. These will accommodate both mattresses with box springs and pillow top mattresses as required.

The actual dimensions of New Haven Pak ‘N’ Move® mattress bags are, as follows:

  • Single/Twin 40 x 14 x 98 inches
  • Double/Full 54 x 14 x 98 inches
  • Queen 60 x 14 x 103 inches
  • King 76 x 14 x 103 inches
  • If you need to stock up on your mattress cover supplies, we offer bulk order options too. King and queen size mattress covers are available in rolls of 15 covers while full size mattress covers are available in rolls of 25 covers.

    Place Your Mattress In A Heavy

    Reusable Mattress Bag for moving and storage  Levarark

    This will help protect your mattress during the move and if youre putting it in storage. Moving mattress bags are sold in standard mattress sizes, but youll need to know the depth of your mattress to make sure the bag is big enough. They usually come in packages of two, so you can use one for your box springs, too.

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    Faq For Mattress Vacuum Bag For Twin Queen Full

    Can I vacuum pack my mattress?

    How do you vacuum seal a mattress?

    Can you vacuum seal memory foam mattress?

    How do you compress a mattress for moving?

    Final Verdict

    This certainly was an honest effort to put things together to make you aware of the various vacuum bags. These bags really do come in handy and can be of great help. It is not just the mattresses you can also use it for storing all the clothes starting a small one to big ones. I hope this has helped you understand the buying process for them. Happy shopping!

    Best For Carrying: Nordic Elk Mattress Bag With 8 Handles

    Moving a mattress, especially a larger size, is a challenge. Even with a couple of people, trying to get one out of your home and into a moving truck isnt easy. Not many mattress bags come with grab handles. Nordic Elks comes with eight to ensure you have a good grip when moving your mattress.

    Nordic Elks mattress bag is constructed of heavy-duty tarp material for a waterproof and tear-resistant design. A heavy-duty zipper ensures you can reuse the mattress bag on other occasions. Its the only mattress bag in our roundup that comes with a warranty the manufacturer guarantees the bag for five years.

    Nordic Elk mattress bag sizes offered

    • Twin

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    Where To Buy Moving Boxes

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    Wipe Down The Mattress And Place Inside The Mattress Bag

    Ultrablock Mattress Bags for Moving or Storage 6 Mil Plastic Cover – Review

    Before placing your mattress inside the bag, be sure that it is clean and dry. Otherwise, you could end up with a mildew problem. After wiping down the mattress, slip it inside the mattress bag. Seal the bag completely. You may even want to tape over the openings to ensure that the bag stays on the mattress.

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    Best For Privacy: Bysure 2

    There are times when you may want your mattress to keep a low profile. You may want to conceal the pricey brand of your mattress from the movers, or perhaps the stains on the mattress are best hidden during a move.

    An opaque mattress bag, such as BYSUREs, is a good choice on either occasion. The 3 to 6 mil material is thick enough to stand up to handling during a move. As with all the mattress bags in this roundup, there are no vent holes, so you can seal the mattress and keep moisture, dirt and bugs out.

    • Twin/Full

    Pros and cons of BYSURE mattress bag


    Comforthome 2 Pack Mattress Bag For Moving And Storage Twin/full Size

    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • by entering your model number.
    • ãTwin/Full ãSize: Fits Twin and Full Size Mattress with height up to 14 inches, not including Twin XL or Full XL mattress. Please see the attached size guide picture to select a suitable plastic bag.
    • ãEconomical & Light Weight Version ã: Includes 2 bags made of 1.5 Mil thick polyethylene . The item weight is about 1.3 pounds. It is better for disposal and storage as it is a little bit thin, it may tear during transportation or operation, if you need a sturdier one, you could consider 4 Mil or 6 Mil thick bag .
    • ãNO Zipper/Closure/Handleã: Please NOTE that there is NO Zipper or Closure or adhesive strip on the end, you need to buy some packing tape to seal the mattress bag. Place mattress or box spring inside, then overlap the extra plastic and seal tight with packing tape.
    • No vent-hole design. Perfect for disposal and long term storage. Water and dust resistant material protects mattress from moisture, dust, mice, and other pests.
    • Perfect for storing and disposal mattresses, also useful for protecting other bulky furniture like Patio, Chair, Sofa, Loveseat, even Christmas trees

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    Best For Infant Mattresses: Colgate Mattress Zippered Crib Mattress Storage Bag

    Keeping your babys mattress clean and hygienic is likely a high priority. The issue is, most mattress bags end up being too large to properly wrap an infant crib mattress. Colgate created a mattress bag for cribs thats just right for the smaller size.

    The zippered bag is easy to manage and can be reused in the future. Save it for each time you need to move the mattress, or upcycle the bag to store blankets and other items once your baby outgrows his or her crib.

    Colgate mattress bag sizes offered

    • Crib size

    Pros and cons of Colgate mattress bag


    Simple Houseware Mattress Vacuum Suction Bag With Valves

    Kangyuanshuai Reusable Mattress Bag Movable Waterproof ...

    This is another space-saving product from Simple Houseware. This is designed to store things like bedding, pillows, clothes, towel, and blankets. You can store any type of garments that you intend to store away for a longer duration. This product comes with a replacement guarantee. They have been solving one of the consumerâs problems with regards to the vacuum mattress storage bag. They claim that if their bags do not hold the vacuum then just a simple call to them and they will replace it for you for free. These bags come in different sizes for different requirements. It has 15 bags with a combination of different sizes. There are totally 4 sizes that you will find in this package. 2 Jumbo size for bigger clothes or bedding sheets. 5 XL for a bit smaller ones. 4 large ones for a set of multiple clothes and 4 mediums 3) for smaller clothes. Good things about these bags are they are reusable.

    Hence these are made of good materials that can also hold your clothes for a longer duration. The material is also puncture resistant. That means it does not easily form holes which inturn let air in. These bags protect your clothes from the smell and also dampness. The package also comes with instructions manual to make sure the vacuum is protected completely. For easy storing and quick-moving use the best foldable mattress.


    • It comes with instructions to hold the vacuum, there is a trick to that.
    • It comes in multiple sizes.


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    Top 14 Mattress Vacuum Bag With Seal Pack Valves

    In all these cases and many similar ones, these mattress bags come to the rescue. These are the bags where you put in all the clothes and then vacuum out the air from it and store it. It will take lesser space and also protects your clothes from dust, insects, and dampness. In the section below we will be talking on some of the mattress vacuum bags for moving & Storing purposes.

    Enlist A Helping Hand

    Mattresses are heavy, awkward, and love to flop around. If youre trying to figure out how to move your mattress by yourself dont. Even professional movers use more than one person when moving a mattress. Instead, try to enlist the help of a friend, neighbor, or family member. You can also hire help through a freelance labor service like TaskRabbit or Handy, or get hourly professional moving help if you want specialists to take care of more heavy lifting.

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    Suoco Mattress Vacuum Storage Bags With Valves

    If you want more bags out of the box at the same price as the previous pack of this list, so, here we want to introduce the SUOCO mattress Vacuum Storage Bags on our list. The SUOCO manufacturing company is offering eight bags out of the box with this package. But there is something that you need to know about these bags, and that is the size of each storage bag. Here you will get four large sizes of storage bags, plus there are four jumbo sizes of storage vacuum bags that also come with the pack. If we explain this pack in one line, then we will present it like this It is a perfect package for solving storage issues. The material of these bags is highly durable for vacuuming cloth kinds of stuff. Not only this, but the company also has provided a handpump out of the box for vacuuming purposes.


    • The manufacturing company claims that you can save up to 80% of the space by using these vacuum storage bags.
    • If you were looking for the reusable type of vacuum bags, then make sure to try this pack of eight reusable storage bags.
    • The valve mechanism is pretty advanced here to prevent any leakage issues.



    • The most likely point about this pack is that you can buy it at a very competitive price point.
    • All these eight bags are sufficient to keep your clothes or other stuff moisture-proof.
    • You can save up to 80% of your roomâs space by using these bags.








    • None so far

    What Is A Mattress Bag

    Mattress Packaging Solution for Moving Home and Storage

    A mattress bag is one that stands true to its name. It is a large plastic bag to put your mattress in. If this is your first time encountering the term mattress moving bag, then you should know that mattress bags come in heavy-duty, plastic and are designed to accommodate all sizes of mattresses from twin, full, queen, to a king-size mattress. Regardless of the size of the mattress that you have, you will find a mattress storage bag that will fit your needs.

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    Lifesmart Vacuum Storage Bag For Twin Mattress

    From storing twin size mattresses to shipping them to a new destination, LifeSmart Vacuum Storage Bag definitely got your back. There is nothing better than choosing a renowned brand, and LifeSmart is in this industry for a very long time, which ensures that you can get a better deal from them. It is slightly expensive but surely a better deal to secure. In case you want to lower down the size of a twin size mattress or queen size memory foam mattress, then this one seems reliable. The use of heavy-duty plastic makes it one of the sturdy choice, and it is not going to break easily. The only issue is, a slightly sharp object can pierce through the material, so you have to be selective.


    • It has a sturdy build, and you can find it reliable for shipping purposes.
    • It can easily provide you a reliable use for twin size or smaller mattress.
    • The vacuum bag is lightweight, and it is easy to fold so that you can store it.


    • It does not fit the queen size mattress, so dont get tricked with the product name.

    Protection Against Bed Bugs And Allergens

    Dust, bed bugs, grime, dirt you name it, your moving truck or storage unit might have it. Bed bugs, pests, and other allergens can pose a significant threat when youre traveling, especially if your mattress is left uncovered. The good news is a mattress bag can protect your bed against all these offenders.

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    Nordic Elk Mattsafe Mattress Bag


    • The bag is made from a tarp-like material that is thick and heavy-duty.
    • It has eight handles and reinforced stitching, so you should be able to carry your mattress with ease .
    • The bag zippers on multiple sides to make it easy to insert the mattress and create a full seal.
    • The bag is designed to last and be reused, as opposed to being disposed after one use.


    • This is a pricey mattress bag.
    • The bag isnt waterproof around the zipper or stitching, so it wont be ideal for transporting a mattress in rainy conditions.

    Eight handles and reinforced stitching make it easy to carry the Nordic Elk Mattsafe Mattress Bag. The bag features a zippered seal and is made from a tarp-like material that is heavy-duty and reusable.


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