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How To Soften A Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Speak To Customer Service

Making A Memory Foam Mattress Softer – By DOWNLITE

Every mattress brand integrates different components and industrial processes. This means speaking to the customer service department of your mattress brand can be helpful in many ways.

Firstly, they can offer custom tips to help you soften the mattress much quicker. Besides, many brands will be happy to ship free accessories that can help reduce the firmness of your mattress.

For instance, 30 days into your trial, Novosbed will happily ship a free Comfort Kit to soften your mattress. All you have to do is ask for it.

Find A Compatible Bed Base

Bed bases are crucial to your mattress. They provide support and can alter the feel of your bed. For example, memory foam mattresses feel firmer on a box spring and softer on a solid foundation, platform, or adjustable base. When you buy your bed, check with the manufacturer about a compatible bed base to go with the bed. Usually, innerspring mattresses are more compatible with a box spring, while memory foam, latex, and hybrids are compatible with a foundation or platform bed. Some manufacturers may void your warranty if the mattress is not placed on a compatible base.

Injuries Or Health Problems

Did you know that your health can play a part in how firm a mattress feels? Even a medium-firm model can feel uncomfortable for injury patients as well as those suffering from conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis.

Many health conditions can take a heavy toll on your joints and muscles. This can make the body so fragile that the slightest bit of pressure from your sleeping surface becomes unbearable.

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New Mattress Too Firm Learn How To Soften It

Life is too short to sleep on a firm mattress. So, you just bought a mattress, and the new mattress too firm? But you wanted to buy a mattress that is soft enough to provide a comfortable sleep!

Generally, a new mattress is firm and it is tough to sleep on a firm surface. And over time a new mattress becomes soft. But if you want to make your mattress soften quickly, then there are some ways to make it into a soft one. This guide will tell you how you can make your new mattress into a soft mattress.

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Will My Memory Foam Mattress Get Softer

How to Make a Mattress Softer

One of the most common reasons why people are choosing memory foam mattresses is because of their ability to adjust to the sleepers weight and position. Once you lie on it, the foam automatically molds itself according to your weight and body shape.

Also, the support system that memory foam provides is much better than other types of mattresses out there. So dont be a surprise when you buy a new mattress and then feel much firmer bed than the one youve tried in their showroom. Normally, it will take a while before your memory foam become softer and comfortable to sleep on.

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Quick And Cheap Ways To Make Your Firm Mattress Softer

Have you bought a new mattress and are discouraged by how firm it is? Or maybe youve had your mattress for a while, and it just hasnt given you the soft firmness you were looking for. It could be the style of mattress is not for you, but there are ways to work with the mattress you have before you run out to drop a thousand dollars right now on the right one. Whether youre looking to make a firm mattress softer or a soft mattress more firm, we have a few easy, quick fixes for you to try before replacing your entire mattress.

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Help My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Firm


If you have a memory foam mattress, you have made the best choice. A memory foam mattress is a great investment as it provides comfort, optimal support and gives you a better sleep.

However, some people find their memory foam mattress a little firmer than they anticipated. If this is you there are ways to ameliorate this, so dont worry.

Read on to learn what to do if you find your memory foam mattress too firm.

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Symptoms Of Having A Mattress Thats Too Firm

If your mattress is too firm, you might experience a few different symptoms. An overly-firm mattress can put excess strain on your pressure points or cause spinal misalignment. You might also find that your body stays tense as you sleep, resulting in muscle, neck, or back pain. When your mattress isnt soft enough, it means your spine and the rest of your body cant fully decompress.

A hard mattress can also mean poor quality sleep because you might toss and turn all night in an effort to find a comfortable position.

So, what can you do if youre waking up grumpy and sore? There are a few quick fixes you can try to get a better night of sleep.

Use A Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper

How can I make my firm mattress softer?

This is what my mother always called those foam pads that you can put on your mattress. In college, my roommate had never seen one of these until I threw one on her spartan bed to cushion her bony body. They are the cheapest way of softening up a bed. I recently bought one for around $20 at Wal-Mart. Of course, they vary in thickness, so the more you pay, the thicker of a foam pad you’ll get. Throw it down on the bed, top with sheets, and you’re done!

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Are You Waking Up With Aches And Pains Is Your Mattress Too Hard Cant Afford A New One This Is The Best Mattress Topper To Soften A Firm Mattress

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best mattress topper is to soften a hard mattress, I recommend the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper.

Its no surprise that your mattress greatly affects the quality of your sleep.

But then, this also depends on how you sleep, or should I say your sleeping style?

I can confirm the misery that comes from sleeping on your side on a hard mattress.

Im positive thats the reason why experts advise against it.

And against sleeping on a soft mattress if you sleep on your stomach or back.

Now, it is unfortunate that while we can decide how we start our trip to shuteye, we dont always have control over what happens for the rest of the night.

I prefer to sleep on my side or back but there are times I have found myself in the weirdest sleeping positionsquite often, these positions are unforgiving on my body.

At such times, I wish I could just sleep anyhow and get away with it

I mean, doesnt everyone yearn for the assurance of a good nights sleep regardless of their sleeping style?

If it all comes down to the firmness or softness of my mattress, I think we can always find some middle ground.

And as usual, I went shopping and landed on the compromise

What if I get to keep my firm mattress but also enjoy the support and comfort of a soft mattress?

Im talking about a mattress topper that is soft, snuggly, and therapeutic to put over a firm mattress

And voila! Here you go

Cons Of A Soft Mattress

In some cases, soft mattresses may be less durable due to sagging. They can make aches and pains worse for stomach and back sleepers, and heavyweight individuals may find that theyre not supportive enough. Extremely soft mattresses can also cause trouble for couples. If one partner is heavier and sinks further into the mattress, the other partner can experience an uncomfortable, uneven sleeping surface.

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Try Out A Memory Foam Topper

Buying a mattress topper is a quick way to achieve your desired firmness in the adjustment period of your new mattress.

Memory foam mattress toppers offer a layer of supportive comfort to your existing mattress, and because of the slight difference in structure and density than a proper mattress, theyre far more forgiving and shouldnt need their own breaking in period.

Tip 1 Buy A Mattress Topper

Membound Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Weve already discussed this in the rest of the article. Our favorite method to improve the comfort and softness of the bed, and achieve better sleep, is to add a mattress topper on top of the mattress. This will make a quick and noticeable difference in the mattress pliancy. A mattress topper is a convenient way to alter the feel of a mattress, and it will feel like the surface is moulding to the shape of the body. Read our article about how to use a mattress topper, clean it, and replace it properly titled for more information about getting the most out of a mattress topper.

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Best Firm Memory Foam Mattresses

If youre looking for a firmer and more supportive mattress, youre in the right place. Just look out for the firm symbol on our website.Here are some firm mattresses to look out for

Coolmax Classic Memory Foam Mattress

The Coolmax Classic Memory Foam Mattress comes with a cooling, removable cover and a firm feel. An affordable option that doesnt compromise on support. Ideal for:

  • Those on a budget

Coolmax Deluxe Memory Foam MattressThe Coolmax Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress features a deeper layer of memory foam atop a supportive reflex base. The washable cover is made from breathable Coolmax fabric to keep you cool throughout the night.Ideal for:

  • First time homeowners

Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress

In addition to understanding how to make a mattress more comfortable, you can also benefit from understanding how to keep a mattress comfortable. After all, your mattress is an investment and should last for years of dozing, dreaming, and even the occasional drooling.

Ever wondered, how to fix a sagging mattress or prevent indents from forming that can ultimately lead to sagging? Rotating or flipping your mattress is one way! But, how often should you rotate your mattress? To make the most out of your new mattress, and keep it soft for years to come, rotate or flip it every 3 to 6 months.1

  • Rotating a mattress To rotate a mattress, spin the bed 180 degrees. The sleep surface that once supported your feet should now be supporting your head, while the area once supporting your head will now be supporting your feet.
  • Flipping a mattress To flip a mattress, turn the entire mattress upside-down so that the top side now faces the floor. However, before flipping a mattress, be mindful of the fact that some mattresses shouldnt be flipped. If you flip a pillow top mattress, for instance, you lose its top layer of added plushiness.

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Support Your Mattress With A Bed Base

When determininghow to make your sleep surface softer, mattress material isnt the only factor to consider. Overall mattress support also plays a significant role in achieving softness. And just as your mattress supports your body, a bed base can likewise support your mattress.

The most common bed bases are:

  • Box springs A box spring, which is often hollow and made of wood or metal, are designed to lift and support an innerspring mattress, allowing for added bounce and comfort.
  • Bed slats Bed slats can be made of wooden or metal planks. They typically come in two formsstandard and sprung. While standard planks are flat and sturdy, sprung planks are curved and flexible. For a softer mattress feel, choose sprung planks spaced no more than three inches apart.2

With perfectly spaced slats, our strong and sturdy Mattress Foundationis the perfect box spring alternative for mattress support. Its the perfect base for your mattress and ensures that your mattress stays comfortable.

How Long Does It Take Before My Mattress Softens

My mattress is too firm, how can I make it softer?

Most memory foam mattresses will sufficiently soften to the level of firmness thats most comfortable to you within 2 to 4 weeks. However, depending on other fast-compressing options you use, it could achieve its optimal comfort level in less time than that. The speed of breaking in the foam varies depending on the brand. Most will soften in less than a month.

The critical element that determines the speed of this process is the density of the mattress. Foam density refers to how much material is in each cubic foot of the bed.

A higher foam density means the tighter structure will unwind slower and take a longer time to reach its full stretchability. On the other hand, the lower the density level, the less time it will break-in.

The break-in period makes a trial period crucial, which is why you want to take full advantage of the trial period.

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Amerisleep Lift Mattress Toppers

Our Lift® mattress toppers are available in two firmness optionsComfort or Support. Our Comfort Lift® makes your bed feel plusher, while our Support Lift® enhances firmness for better support. These toppers are designed with our MicroGrip® technology, which uses gentle friction to keep the topper in place, without damaging the mattress.

Prices of our Amerisleep Mattress Toppers


Choosing The Right Firmness Level

A firm bed isnt inherently better or worse than a soft mattress, as both firmnesses can suit different kinds of sleepers. To solve the mystery of your best firmness, you should consider your preferred sleeping position and body type.

People usually sleep on their sides, back, or stomach:

  • A great mattress for side sleepers should offer a soft to medium feel. Cushioning materials conform to the body for pressure relief, particularly in the shoulders and hips.
  • Good mattresses for back sleepers have a medium-firm to firm feel, bolstering back support. Back sleepers who want a softer mattress should look for a medium feel bed with extra lumbar support.
  • Mattresses for stomach sleepers feature a firm feel with minimal sinkage. Stomach sleepers are more likely to misalign their spines on a softer mattress because of the way gravity pushes down on their bellies, shifting the spine out of its neutral alignment.

If you frequently wake up in a different position than the one you fell asleep in, youre probably a combination sleeper. A mattress for combination sleeping should offer a medium feel suitable for all positions. It should also have a responsive surface that keeps a person from feeling stuck in bed.

Weight is a significant factor to consider if you weigh under 130 pounds or over 230 pounds.

Conversely, plus-size people should look for a mattress firmer than whats recommended to ensure they dont sink too far into the mattress and misalign their spine.

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How To Use A Mattress Topper To Soften A Bed With Tips And Tricks

The importance of good quality sleep cannot be overstated. Highly stressful jobs demand the best performance from individuals, which means rejuvenating sleep is essential for everyone. Healthy sleep encourages good overall health, as is explained in this article from American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine titled The Importance of Healthy Sleep. Recommendations and Future Priorities. An especially important factor to consider is the softness or firmness that a person requires from their mattress to get optimum comfort and restful sleep. This article will cover how to use a mattress topper to soften a bed.

To use a mattress topper to soften a bed, choose a plush topper that is 4 inches thick or more and a density of at least 2-4 pounds per square foot, place the mattress topper directly on top of the mattress, and utilize a non-slip mat to prevent the mattress topper from sliding.

When it comes to density, for slight adjustments to the surface support, 2 pounds of density will be enough, but for significant improvement in comfort and more noticeable difference in support, a density of 4 pounds is recommended. Generally a higher density mattress will provide a sturdier sleeping surface. This high density mattress topper from Amazon is ventilated, and is a good option for people who require more support while sleeping.

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What Can You Do To Make A Hard Bed Softer & More Comfortable

Mecor 3 Inch 3â? Mattress Topper Full Size

There are several ways to make a hard bed softer and more comfortable. This may depend on whether the mattress is hard because it is new or it is just made firm.

A new mattress almost always feels harder. In this case, the best way to soften it is to sleep on it night after night till it softens!

Other tricks that work with a new mattress include warming it up , stepping on it , and rotating it for even wear.

On the other hand, if your mattress is too hard regardless of whether its new or not, the quickest and most effective way to soften it and make the bed more comfortable is to use a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers come in varieties of materials such as memory foam, down, wool, down alternative, latex, and cotton, to add softness and relieve pressure points.

Some are even specially designed to provide a cool environment- check out my review ofthe best cooling memory foam mattress topper for hot sleepers.

On an impressive note, keep in mind that buying mattress toppers costs way less than replacing beds and mattresses!

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