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Can You Buy Casper Mattress In Store

A Supportive Alternative To The Box Spring With An Easy

Casper Select Mattress 2021 | Unboxing and review | Mattress In a Box

Our strong and level Foundation serves the same function as a box spring, but offers better support and height for your mattress. The durable and sturdy metal bed frame pairs with the Foundation and any Casper mattress to create a perfect sleep setup.

Why youâll love it:
  • The Foundation is engineered with solid wood and the Metal Bed Frame is made of 100% recycled steel for durable, sturdy support
  • Stands up to years of use
  • Easy to assemble
  • 30 night trial, free shipping and returns
  • 2 year limited furniture warranty

What Is Casper’s Return Policy

Casper offers customers a 100-night free trial on their mattresses, pillows, and bedding. They also offer a 30-night trial on all other Casper products. Be sure to check the warranty on your Casper product. The mattresses purchased from its website have a 10-year limited warranty. If you buy a Casper mattress from a retailer, the warranty might be different.

How Do I Choose The Right Casper Mattress For Me

There truly is a Casper mattress for anyone and everyone. Side sleepers who need a soft bed should look towards the Nova. If you need serious support, like for chronic back pain or to sleep on your stomach, start your search with the Wave. The Casper original is ideal for those who live the feeling of an all-foam mattress. What about if youre someone who gets really warm when you sleep? The Casper Original Mattress has a top layer that is temperature-regulating, meaning you will sleep cooler. If you want this temperature regulation, but love the strong support of innersprings, youre looking for the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress. Max cooling, max support, and max innovation- the Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress has it all!

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Casper Keeps Getting Into Bed With The Retailers It Was Supposed To Disrupt

The disruptor has made peace with the disrupted.

Earlier this week, direct-to-consumer bedding resource Casper announced that it will begin selling its internet-darling mattresses at big-box chain Mattress Warehouse, acknowledging once and for all that if you cant beat em, youd better join them.

The deal, which begins this month, puts Casper mattresses and bedding accessories into 60 of Mattress Warehouses 250 locations, as well as the retailers e-commerce site . Although Mattress Warehouse is one of the largest bedding chains in the country, its tiny compared to the largest, Mattress Firm, which boasts more than 2,500 stores. And while getting a high-profile brand like Casper could be considered a coup for Mattress Warehouse, the deal is in no way an exclusive oneCasper already sells its products with 27 different retailers, including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom and Sams Club.

Casper launched in 2014 as a direct-to-consumer brand, but the company quickly prioritized expanding into physical locations. In 2016, it began selling its products through West Elms stores and website. Just a year later, the company moved the program to Target, which offered the potential for significantly more business. By 2018, Casper opened its own store in New York, and has since opened more than 65 locations.



How Long Does A Casper Mattress Last

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Theoretically, you can expect any new mattress, including a Casper, to last about 10 yearsthe same length as Caspers limited warranty.

Here are a few things you can do to increase the odds that your mattress will last that longor potentially even longer:

  • Rotate the mattress at least every six months.
  • Use a mattress protector to keep bedbugs and dust mites at bay.
  • Make sure you have the right bed frame to support the mattresss weight and keep it from sagging.
  • Vary where you sleep on the bed.

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What Type Of Sleeper Is A Casper Mattress Best For

The Original mattress is for good for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers who want both support and cooling elements. The Original Hybrid offers more support, while the Nova Hybrid has a padded, plush top for a softer feel. The Wave Hybrid is said to be beneficial for people with aches and pains who are looking for more support.

Shopping For A New Mattress Usually Starts At 3 Am Sleepless And In The Dark

I complained about our old mattress for at least two years before I did anything about it. Waking up achy after a night of tossing and turning on a squeaky old bed, throwing another We really oughta onto a pile of empty threats before heading for the shower.

How many times did I hear Marc Maron or one of the countless other podcasters extol the virtues of a Casper mattress before I finally took a chance? How many mattress reviews beyond this did I read before pulling the trigger? Too many, in retrospect.

I bought a Casper mattress over three years ago, but it took about a year before I realized just how much I liked it. How did I finally know? Because I stopped thinking about mattresses altogethertruly the hallmark of a mattress doing its job.

Mattresses are unique among the things we own. We spend more time with them than any other consumer good , yet we really only consider them when theyre either brand-new or when theyre utterly failing.

There are undoubtedly better mattresses out there. Oprah sleeps on a $100,000 bed. I do not sleep on a $100,000 bed. I sleep on an $800 foam mattress and I’m very happy. Here’s why.

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What Kind Of Company Is Casper Sleep Pillow

Casper was founded in 2014 by Philip Kim, Neil Parikh, T. Luke Sherwin, Jeff Chapin, Gabe Flatman and John Anthony Gillis. They first secured funding for the company through Kickstarter and then attracted investors to continue their products, leading to the launch of their first mattress.

What is pima cotton

Your Safety Comes First

Casper Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Is It Better Than Before?

As we begin to reopen our Casper Sleep Shops on a case-by-case basis, the health and safety of our customers and employees remains top priority. Based on requirements and guidance from government and health authorities, we are taking the following steps in accordance with company policy:

  • Employees are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment , including gloves and face coverings, while in a Casper Sleep Shop and when delivering products for pickup.
  • Customers are required to wear a face covering at all times while in a Casper Sleep Shop.
  • All Casper Sleep Shops will engage in enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices throughout the day, including in between customer visits.
  • Employees and customers are required to practice physical distancing while in a Casper Sleep Shop.
  • Employees are required to wash their hands throughout the day.Hand sanitizer is available for customers to use upon entering.

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How To Buy Casper Purple And Other Online Mattresses In Store

Want to try out an online mattress IRL before you buy? Here’s where you can test popular brands before you commit.

It’s the best of both worlds — you can shop for a mattress online, but also try it out before you buy.

Long gone are the days of the dreaded old-school mattress shopping experience. From the pushy salespeople to the hefty prices and stingy return policies — going into a brick-and-mortar store isn’t exactly a fun way to buy a mattress. Enter, online mattress shopping to save the day. But while the perks of buying a mattress online are great you may still prefer to actually feel a mattress before you commit to buying one online.

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Even though online mattress retailers have made the mattress shopping experience way less of a hassle, brands are starting to catch on to the fact that it’s a good idea to let people see and feel what they’re buying IRL, especially given how personal buying a mattress can be. No one likes having to deal with the return process, after all, and mattress returns are no different. It’s a hassle to have someone deliver a mattress, only to come back and pack it up again — even if the original purchase is “risk free.”

Below, you’ll find an overview of eight popular online mattress brands and where you can try them out.

What Kinds Of Mattresses Does Casper Sell

Casper is known for shipping memory foam mattresses in 3-foot boxes that you can unbox at home. Caspers lineup of mattresses now includes three main options the Casper Mattress , the Hybrid Wave and the Hybrid Nova. Theres also an affordable, basic option the Casper Element available on Caspers site the Casper Snug is a hybrid option sold through Target.

Well talk about the differences in greater detail below, but the Original is Caspers most popular option while the Hybrid Wave claims to offer the best support.

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Delivery Return And Warranty Policies

When it comes to customer service and ease of return, the reviews are generally quite positive for direct purchases from Casper. Mattresses ship for free via UPS within one to two business days of the companys receipt of your order. Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night return policy, which is pretty standard among bed-in-a-box companies, including Tuft & Needle, Purple, and Leesa. If you purchase a mattress from partner retailers, these third-party sellers policies typically prevail, so make sure to understand the terms before you buy.

Whats Most Important To Consider When Choosing A Casper Mattress

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

The most important factors to consider when choosing a Casper mattress are comfort and support. Although materials and construction can be a good indicator of a mattresss quality and durability, neither the number of layers in the all-foam Casper Wave nor the roughly 600 or more coils in the Casper Original Hybrid will matter as much as how those beds feel to you. Besides, specs will probably be the last thing on your mind if you wake up in the morning with aches and pains or spend most of the night tossing and turning.

Unfortunately, we cant say for certain what any particular Casper mattress will feel like to you. Our advice is to consider the features you like and dont like in your current bed to start narrowing down your choices. For instance, if your existing mattress makes you feel as though youre lying on your kitchen countertop, youll likely want to steer clear of the Casper Element . And if you think your soft bed might be making your back pain worse, the medium-firm, all-foam Casper Original may offer the extra support youre looking for. Given Caspers many showrooms and partner retailers, you may want to try the beds before you decide on a particular model.

Whichever Casper mattress you settle on, dont be shy about taking advantage of its 100-night trial period, during which you can return the mattress for a full refund .

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The Best Mattress In The World Probably Not But The Right One For Me

I can say with certainty that Pinocchios in Harvard Square and Otto’s are tied for the best pizza in Cambridge, MA because Ive had pizza from basically every joint in the city. Im an authority.

My dog also loves hanging out on the new mattress.

I cannot say that Casper is the best mattress in the world for precisely the same reason. I havent slept on every mattress in the world. This is also why Im not going to bore you with a bunch of facts about foam density or how it stacks up against Purple, Tuft & Needle, or other memory foam mattresses and new-school companies that have sprung up. I can read the spec chart as well as anyone, but I cant testify to their actual differences.

Im speaking purely from personal experience. But in my defense, I always do my homework and Im pretty damn opinionated about products. Also, my satisfaction with Casper seems to be in good company amongst the mattress nerds. It’s not a firm mattress. It’s not a soft mattress. It’s just the right mattress for meand very likely, for you as well.

I purchased the full-size and only paid a little more than I did for my iPhone, and I don’t rely on that to keep my vertebrae in their right place, do I? Some things are worth investing in.

Bottom line: I bought a Casper and then I stopped thinking about mattresses. Dont you wish you could say the same?

How Thick Is A Casper Mattress

When you imagine climbing into a bed that feels like a true slumber oasis, youre picturing a thick mattress, not something that is thin and sparse. Casper knows this, and Casper delivered! The Casper Original mattress is a full 11 inches thick, rivaling traditional mattresses for supple comfort. The Nova and Wave Hybrids options are both 12 inches thick. The Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress is an incredible 13 inches thick! The Casper mattress collection blows the bed in a box competition away!

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Casper Mattresses

When I purchased my bed in a box three years ago, the company only offered one model, available in all the usual sizes. Since then, the line has expanded to include additional mattresses, as well as pillows, bedding, bed frames even a dog bed.

The Casper Original mattress, priced $1,095 for a queen, is, as you might have guessed, its original mattress. It’s the most popular model. You have the option for all-foam or a hybrid mattress , though it bumps the price up a couple hundred, to $1,295 for a queen.

The is Casper’s mid-tier model. It starts at $1,095 for a twin size, and $1,995 for a queen, and offers multiple layers for additional support, as well as cooling.

The Wave Hybrid is the upgrade model. Starting at $1,495 $2,595 for a queen, it costs significantly more but promises more layers, “advanced support,” and an even cooler night’s rest for hot sleepers.

The Essential is Casper’s starter model. Its slightly thinner than its other mattresses and has the fewest layers.

What Is The Best Mattress For You

Casper Mattress Review | 3 Things You Should Know (MUST WATCH)

Finding the right mattress will depend on a few key factors: proper support and personal preference. However, your budget, ideal mattress size, and even, your sleeping position may also dictate the type of mattress you will purchase. For a good nightâs sleep, Casper has the best mattresses. Whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress, foam or hybrid, thereâs a quality Casper mattress waiting for you.Need help finding your perfect mattress? Learn how to choose a mattress with our buying guide.

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Learn More About Casper Mattresses

What is unique about Casper mattresses?

There’s a lot to love about a Casper! These popular foam mattresses are made up of four layers of premium foam, offering zoned support and extra breathability. For those who like memory foam mattresses but find them too warm to be comfortable, gel foam regulates the temperature in the bed more capably and may be the perfect option.

What is the material of Casper original mattress?

The Casper Original Mattress is made from foam, but not just any foam. This premium foam gives you the support you need, plus the breathability you want in order to sleep cool. Underneath this top layer is zoned memory foam that is designed to alleviate pressure points while providing ergonomic support for all sleep positions.

What are the differences between Casper’s hybrid collections?

How should I choose the right Casper mattress for me?

Side sleepers who need a soft bed should look towards the Nova. if you need serious support, like for chronic back pain or to sleep on your stomach, start your search with the Wave. The Casper original is ideal for those who live the feeling of an all-foam mattress.

Which Casper mattress gives a cooling effect while sleeping?

The Casper Original Mattress has a top layers that is temperature-regulating, meaning you will sleep cooler. Both the Nova and Wave are ”temperature neutral” and will not heat you up or cool you down.

Does a Casper mattress need a box spring?

Where are Casper mattresses made?

What Are The Differences Between The Two Casper Hybrid Options

The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress while both the Wave and are hybrid mattresses. If you want a truly plush, soft bed and typically sleep on your side, you’re probably going to like the Nova. The Nova Hybrid is the softest, most plush mattress that Casper offers. It is intended to offer maximum pressure relief and is best for arthritis, joint pain, and other ailments that would necessitate sleeping on a soft mattress. The Wave features a layer with dense support foam and encased springs. The Wave’s Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support composed of little gel pods, a more advanced zoned support design, is the biggest difference between the two.

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Where Can I Try Out And Buy A Casper Mattress

Casper mattresses are available to try and buy at more than five dozen Casper Sleep Shops nationwide. You can also find Casper mattresses at one of the companys many retail partners, the list of which includes EQ3, Macys, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Nordstrom, Rooms to Go, Target, and Walmart, among others.

Note that many retailers, including Casper Sleep Shops, have enacted new safety protocols in response to the pandemic. These protocols may include reduced operating hours, shopper capacity limits, updated return policies, and more. If youre planning to try out a Casper mattress in-store, call before you go to make sure youre adhering to any safety guidelines it has in place.

You can find advice for what to do if you cant shop for a mattress in person, including questions to ask yourself when choosing a bed, in our guide to how to choose a mattress.


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