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What’s The Difference Between Innerspring And Hybrid Mattress

Understanding Coil Count And Coil Gauge

What’s the Difference Between Innerspring, Foam and Hybrid Mattresses?

Whether youre looking at a hybrid or innerspring mattress, youre likely to come across mentions of coil count and coil gauge. Both of these traits can affect how a mattress feels to you. They can also determine a spring mattresss durability.

Coil gauge expresses how thick a coils wire is. Generally, the higher a gauge number is, the thinner the coil. Pocketed coils tend to have a higher gauge between 14 to 18.

Many manufacturers dont just rely on one coil gauge and instead use a mixture of thick and thin coils to create target support. Thinner coils often contour better to the body and are placed in the shoulder and hips area. Thicker coils promote support and mattress longevity.

Coil count is fairly self-explanatory it refers to the number of coils inside a mattress. You obviously need enough coils to create a supportive surface, but some manufacturers may inflate a mattresss coil count by using thinner coils. This allows them to charge a higher price.

A queen size hybrid mattress should have between 800 to 1000 coils.

Can I Flip A Hybrid Mattress

No. The layers of a hybrid mattress only work one way. If you turn the mattress over, the comfort layer will be at the bottom and the support layer will sit on top, inverting the design. This wont just mess up your support while youre sleeping, but it could also damage the mattress, so you cant flip it the way you can with a lot of coil mattresses.

However, what you can do is rotate your hybrid mattress every few months to help prevent too much wear and tear on specific areas of the bed. Just turn it 180 degrees about once a quarter to ensure even compression and slow down aging.

Sleep Trials Return Policies Warranties

Sleep trials, return policies, and warranties reassure customers of a sound purchase. Mattresses that dont come with a sleep trial, return policy, or warranty should be avoidedthis is often the sign of a cheap bed.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial allows customers to try a new mattress within the comfort of their own home. Sleep trials usually last between 90 to 120 nights. Should the customer not like the mattress, most companies will pick up and donate the bed before issuing a full refund.

Return Policy

Return policies are an okay substitute if a mattress doesnt come with a sleep trial. Return policies last about 30 daysaround the same time it may take to adjust to a new sleep surface. If the customer doesnt like the mattress, they can return it for a refund.


A mattress warranty covers sagging greater than 1 inch and any manufacturing defect which could damage the bed. Most companies include a standard 10-year warranty.

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Key Differences Between Hybrid And Innerspring Mattresses

The critical differences between hybrid and innerspring mattresses lie in their design and price. Hybrid mattresses feature a thick comfort layer design to contour to and hug your body. In contrast, innerspring mattresses have a thin comfort layer that doesnt do a whole lot of holding or body cradling.

Hybrid beds contain a fabric pocketed coil system to aid in support and pressure point relief. The coils most commonly found in innerspring beds are open or continuous coils. For more information on these two coil setups, read our Open Coil Vs. Pocket Spring Mattresses Guide.

The added transition layer inside a hybrid mattress gives it a higher price tag than an innerspring mattress. Innerspring beds also require a boxspring, while hybrid beds do not need a boxspring.

The Pros And Cons Of Innerspring Vs Pocket

Firm Plush Mattress

So, you probably have a pretty clear idea of the inner-workings of an innerspring vs. a pocket-coil spring mattress. But what does it all mean for your body, your sleep time and your wallet?

Right off the bat, you can tell there are some pretty obvious structural differences between the two mattress types, and unsurprisingly, these variances have an impact on your overall wellbeing.

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Innerspring Mattresses Are Recommended For

Innerspring mattresses promote a firm, bouncy, and a cooling surface. Many sleepers will find an innerspring mattress perfectly suits their needs.

However, innerspring mattresses are usually more limited than hybrids when it comes to the range of sleepers they can support. For example, innerspring beds often arent recommended as a mattress for side sleeping because they dont fully conform to a side sleepers body.

How Long Will An Innerspring Mattress Last

While the average mattress model has a lifespan of six to eight years, your innerspring will more likely last between five and seven years. The major issue for most owners is deep sagging. Traditional innersprings often feature cheaper polyfoam comfort layers that deteriorate somewhat quickly, and the mattress may feel uneven as the material softens and loses shape.

Coil systems can play a role in innerspring mattress longevity. Coil gauge, or thickness, is often a factor. Most coils have a gauge that falls between 12 and 18 . Beds with low-gauge coils typically provide longer-lasting support, but they may be less comfortable for sleeping. Models with zoned coils low-gauge around the perimeter and high-gauge beneath your body tend to offer the best combination of comfort and durability.

Many mattress brands will also tout durable mattresses with high coil counts but this claim is somewhat dubious, as there does not appear to be a major connection between the total number of coils and the beds overall lifespan.

The average hybrid model will perform for six to seven years, which is slightly better than the average innerspring and on par with the average all-foam model. Latex and airbed mattresses, by comparison, typically last much longer. Hybrids with latex comfort layers will usually be much more durable than those with memory foam or polyfoam layers.

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The Cons Of An Innerspring Mattress

Theres no such thing as a perfect mattress, and innerspring beds are no exception. Because many innerspring mattresses rely on a connected coil system, theyre prone to motion transfer. One persons movements can easily ripple across the mattress and disturb their partners rest. Innerspring mattresses with pocketed coils.

Another disadvantage to an innerspring mattress is its inherently firm feel. Many innerspring mattresses have a thin comfort layer over the coil system, leaving the bed unable to fully contour to the body. Side sleepers, in particular, are likely to find a traditional innerspring mattress uncomfortable.

An innersprings airy interior can leave plenty of room for allergens to accumulate. Its also easy for allergens to penetrate a traditional innerspring mattress because of their thin comfort layers, where they can settle inside the airy interior. People with allergies may wake up feeling sick on an older innerspring mattress.

Lastly, an innerspring mattress carries the risk of sagging, thanks to its coil setup. Coils may also become noisier as they age, creaking and squeaking as you move.

Cons Of An Innerspring

Best Hybrid Mattress | Top 7 Innerspring Beds (#1 GUIDE)

The drawbacks of an innerspring mattress include a tendency to transfer motion and provide inadequate pressure relief. Innerspring mattresses are also likely to sag and collect allergens as they age.

Carries Movements

The average innerspring mattress lacks a coil system designed to prevent motion transfer. So when you shift or get out of bed, your partner will likely feel your movements across the mattress.

Insufficient Pressure Relief

The coils inside an innerspring mattress often create a firm surface that cant completely conform to the sleepers body. When paired with an innerspring mattresss thin comfort layers, many people find they wake up sore after lying on an innerspring mattress.

This limited amount of pressure relief is why we dont recommend innerspring mattresses for side and petite sleepers.

Prone to Sagging

Innerspring mattresses tend to sag faster than other types of mattresses. As we mentioned previously, a sagging mattress is one of the main reasons why you might wake up in pain.

Allergen Trap

The thin comfort layers dont do a good job of keeping out pollen, dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and other allergens. The coils inside the mattress also leave plenty of room for debris to settle and accumulate, so allergy-sensitive sleepers may notice an uptick in their morning symptoms if theyre sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

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Benefits And Considerations Of Hybrid Mattresses

So, are hybrid mattresses good? By combining the stability of an innerspring mattress and the pliability of a foam mattress, hybrid mattresses are more readily adaptable to many different kinds of lifestyles and comfort levels than the traditional mattress model. Theyre especially advantageous when it comes to:

  • Partner sleeping Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent option for partners or bedmates who favor different postures during sleep. Their enhanced weight distribution properties allow both partners to sleep comfortably in bed togetherwith no one hogging more comfy zones than the other.
  • Bed frame versatility Because the structure of a hybrid mattress is completely internal, theres no need for box spring support. Hybrid mattress owners can use metal or slatted bed frames, platform beds, or even just the floor to buttress their mattress. However, minimalists who opt for the final option may find their mattress airflow inhibited.

The versatility and structural nuance of hybrid mattresses may mean that they come with a higher price tag, but their durability and longer lifespan may save sleepers money in the long run.

Who Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For

Now that you know what a hybrid and innerspring mattress are, why would somebody purchase one? For starters, typically, theyre ideal for those who are looking for a little extra support i.e., heavy sleepers, folks with back pain, or back and stomach sleepers.

The pocket coils work together to provide localized support, and the bed as a whole can tend to hold up longer for heavier folks than an all-foam bed will. Its not always the case, but typically for a heavy person, a coil spring mattress is a better idea because of the bounce-back and bi-directional support.

Additionally, if youre a hot sleeper, hybrid mattresses can sometimes help you sleep more temperature neutral than some all-foam bedsespecially if youre sleeping on a traditional, viscous memory foam mattress.

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Hybrid Vs Innerspring Mattress

What is an innerspring mattress, and what is a hybrid mattress? The easiest explanation here is that a hybrid mattress almost always has an innerspring or pocketed coil base, but an innerspring mattress doesnt necessarily have to be a hybrid.

Just like how a Toyota Prius runs on both gas and electricity, a hybrid mattress is made out of two dissimilar materials to achieve a certain feel. Hybrid mattresses utilize two different materials usually, its innersprings and some type of foam, such as memory foam, latex foam, or polyurethane foam .

Innerspring mattresses are beds that have coils as a support base. Its likely that theres an innerspring mattress in your grandmas guest bedroom or somewhere in the back corner of your garage collecting dust. That isnt to say they arent good mattresses, theyre just very traditional.

Nowadays, you see a lot more hybrid mattresses with pocket springs online because they can tend to help isolate motion better. You still get a lot of support, but with reduced motion transfer, which is, objectively, a good thing.

Who Is This Best For

Latex vs Innerspring Mattresses

Mattress experts usually recommend a specific type of cushioning for various types of sleepers. If you dont know what kind of sleeper you might be, you can simply look at the posture you generally get into during the evening. You can generally be characterized as one of three types: Side, Back, as well as Stomach Sleepers. What is the best mattress in each of these kinds?

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Whats The Difference Between A Hybrid And Memory Foam Mattress

Latex and memory foam mattresses dont have a coil support layer like a hybrid. Rather, these mattresses supports are made of sturdy foam topped with a transition layer of supportive foam and a comfort layer of cushioning foam.

Memory foam and latex mattresses have their advantages: theyre more durable because they dont have coils that break down, theyre resistant to dust mites and allergens, and theyre cheaper than hybrids but more supportive and comfortable than innersprings. On the flip side, latex and memory foam beds are still heavy, and they also have less airflow and bounce because they have no coil support.

The Difference Between Hybrid And Innerspring Mattresses

The main difference between innerspring vs. hybrid mattresses is the comfort layers: Hybrid mattresses will have thicker upper layers of foam for added pressure relief than a traditional innerspring.

The bottom line: While many of us likely grew up with innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses are generally a step above your childhood mattress when it comes to comfort and personalized features. With the technology in mattresses today, a hybrid mattress may offer a superior experience, but an innerspring mattress does have more bounce”a feature which many people still love, says Fish.

Still not sure which mattress type is right for you? We’ve rounded up our guides on the differences between popular types of mattresses to help make your decision easier:

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What Bed Base Is Best For A Hybrid

Hybrids are heavy, meaning traditional box springs wont be strong enough to support them. A mattress foundation or platform bed will be a better option. A mattress foundation is a wooden or metal frame with metal or wood slats stretched across it, and a platform bed is similar to this design except its intended to stand on its own. Foundations traditionally go on top of a bed frame, but some come with legs so they can double as a platform bed. These bed bases offer more rigid support than box springs, helping to keep your hybrid mattress from sagging and extending its life expectancy.

What Mattress Is Simiar To Purple Hybrid 3

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Best?

Its easy to select any mattress you like and then call it a night. Yes, youll save dollars and perhaps youll save some time researching, but spend enough nights on a random mattress, and youll start wondering the reason you wake up exhausted and exhausted than the previous night.

Purple Mattress aims to solve this problem by analyzing the factors that make a great sleep even better with some unique technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which provides the mattress with a distinct feeling that is different than other mattresses on the market. This article will look over whether Purple Mattress is the right choice to make your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick overview. Afterward, youll want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review.

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Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For Side Sleepers

Yes, hybrid mattresses are good for side sleepers interested in a bouncy mattress. We usually recommend side sleepers stay away from traditional innerspring mattresses. The coils inside an innerspring tend to create a firm surface that doesnt adequately cushion their shoulders and hips.

However, hybrid mattresses have thicker comfort layers than a typical innerspring bed. They provide the pressure relief side sleepers need for a good nights rest.

Take Saatva’s Online Mattress Quiz

Whether you’ve decided on an innerspring mattress or a memory foam mattress, finding a high-quality bed that meets your sleep standards is of the utmost importance.

Saatva carries a wide variety of memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses in different sizes and firmness levels.

To find the best mattress for your sleeping habits, take our online mattress quiz. Then take advantage of our 180-night home trial and industry-leading warranty for your best sleep yet.

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How Do You Break In A Hybrid Mattress

The process of breaking in a hybrid mattress is similar to that of any mattress. New mattresses need time to soften and become comfortable, like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Most mattress retailers recommend a 30-day break-in period for a new mattress.

The more you sleep on your mattress during this period, the better and faster it will break in. You can also pair your hybrid mattress with a platform bed or foundation. Different foundations alter the feel and support you get from a mattress. Is your mattress still uncomfortable after 30 days? You can try adding a memory foam mattress topper to adjust the firmness level.

Traditional Memory Foam Mattresses

Latex vs Innerspring Mattresses

Traditional memory foam is made from polyurethane, a petroleum derivative, and is also known as viscoelastic foam. Because of this, it can sometimes give off a chemical smell, known as off-gassing.

Traditional memory foam mattresses are soft, plush, and pliable. Unlike innerspring mattresses, these don’t have much spring to them.

Traditional memory foam mattresses are usually available in a soft to medium firmness level, making them ideal for side and back sleepers who need extra cushioning. Traditional memory foam tends to get hot easily, so it’s best for people who sleep cool.

While traditional memory foam mattresses are more expensive than innerspring mattresses, they’re still less costly than other types of memory foam.

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Is A Hybrid Mattress Good For Back Pain

Hybrid mattresses can be good for those who suffer from back pain. Typically, those with back or spine pain experience the most relief from a medium to a medium-firm mattress. The size of the sleeper and their preferred sleep position are important when choosing a mattress.

Those who sleep on their back or are heavier require a firmer mattress to soothe their back pain. In contrast, smaller side and stomach sleepers may need a soft mattress to sleep comfortably.


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