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What Is A Euro Box Top Mattress

Tight Top Pillow Top Euro Top: Which Mattress Is Right For You

What is a Eurotop Mattress?

There are three main types of mattresses you can choose from.

  • Tight Top
  • Pillow Top
  • Euro Top
  • Knowing which mattress to buy can be difficult if youve never slept on different types. But when youre deciding which mattress to buy, its important to understand the differences between tight top, pillow top & euro top mattresses. The hardness of a mattress is a measure of the foams ability to support a load. This is a measure of how well the foam will work in a given situation, as well as its initial feel not a measure of the quality. If foam is too soft, it will bottom out if it is too firm it will be uncomfortable.

    So how do you know which is right for you? The first step is understanding the difference.

    What Is The Difference Between A Tight Top And Euro Top Mattress

    A tight top mattress is a mattress without a pillow top or Euro top. Instead of the extra cushion, a tight top just has thick layer of upholstery under the mattress cover.

    Tight top mattresses aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, though. You still choose between firm and plush covers, giving your body the level of comfort it needs.

    Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress Are There Double Sided Pillow Top Beds

    Weve tested over 100 mattresses here at the Slumber Yard, and we have yet to see a double sided pillow top or euro top mattress. If you know of one, send it our way so that we can test it out. For now, you likely wont find a flippable mattress with pillow tops on both sides so instead youll have to check out IDLE, Layla or Zenhaven if you want that kind of flexibility.

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    What Mattresses Last The Longest

    Most mattresses last between 6 and 8 years. Memory foam and latex mattresses typically last the longest, with memory foam beds lasting up to 8 years and latex beds lasting up to 12 years. A hybrid mattress with a high-quality foam in the comfort layer will also last around 8 years.

    Innerspring beds, such as pillow-top, tight-top, and Euro-top mattresses, typically last around 6 years.

    What Is A Pillow Top

    Night Therapy Spring 13 Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Spring ...

    First, lets start with what a pillow top is. For simplicity sake, its an additional layer of padding on the top of your mattress. They can be found on all types of beds, like memory foam or latex mattresses, but are most commonly found on top of innerspring beds. They provide extra cushioning, contouring, and comfort. They also help to make extra firm mattresses more comfortable overall.

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    Choosing The Best Euro & Box Top Mattresses To Build Your Dream Home

    What is the difference between a Euro top and a plush mattress?

    Pillowtops feel consistently plush and conforming throughout the surface of the mattress. Eurotop: Eurotops are also made of foam or fiber. However, this style typically utilizes denser, somewhat firmer materials. Eurotops are sewn on flush with the edges of the mattress, rather than to the top of the mattress.

    Thereof, what is the difference between a pillowtop and Eurotop Mattress?

    See the Difference in Appearance The pillow top mattress has a small gap between the padding layer and mattress top. The euro top mattress is flush between the padding layer and mattress top.

    Beside this, what is Euro top on mattress?

    What Is a Euro Top Mattress? Euro top mattresses are technically a type of pillow top mattress because they have additional padding to enhance softness. However, they are different from standard pillow tops because the extra layer of padding is stitched beneath the mattress cover rather than sewn to the top of it.

    In respect to this, which is better pillow top or plush?

    Plush offers less give but has more layers of padding on top than a firm mattress. Apillow top is comprised of additional padding sewn into the top of a mattress.

    Herein, can you flip a euro top mattress?

    Aesthetics And Ease Of Use

    The gap between a pillow top and the mattress can cause sagging on the sides and is harder to use bed covers with. Best euro top mattress because of its design looks much sleeker and is easier to use than a pillow top mattress.

    Still confused? Check out this mattress buying guide that will tell you how to pick the right mattress.

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    How Much Does A Hybrid Mattress Cost

    Most Queen hybrid mattresses cost between $1,200 and $2,000. That said, there are hybrids available, including in our list of top picks, with a retail price below $1,200. In addition, promotions and discounts frequently make even more expensive hybrids accessible at a lower price point.

    Hybrids can have greater price variance than some other mattress types because of the different ways that the comfort system and support core can be constructed. Factors that can influence the price include:

    • The total thickness of the comfort system
    • The type and quality of materials in the comfort system
    • The thickness and type of coils in the support core
    • The use of specialty materials, including those that are organic or sustainably produced
    • Extra features meant to promote cooling or muscle recovery
    • If the mattress was made in the USA or internationally

    Are Memory Foam Or Pillow Top Mattresses Better

    What is the difference between a Pillow Top and Euro Top Mattress?

    Memory foam mattresses are composed of more durable materials, lasting about 4 years longer than pillow top mattresses. Given their improved durability, memory foam mattresses are also much more expensive than pillow tops.

    While memory foam mattresses outlast pillow top beds, it is difficult to determine either as better because each has a unique feel designed to meet the needs of different sleepers. The mattress you select will come down to your particular circumstances and preference.

    For instance, most pillow top mattresses have an innerspring support core, much firmer and more responsive than memory foam, making them the bed best for heavy sleepers seeking a soft yet supportive mattress. On the contrary, memory foam conforms to sleepers bodies to a greater extent than pillow tops to optimize relief and provide a bed fit for sleepers with painful pressure points.

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    Top 12 Best Euro Top Mattresses Reviewed In 2021

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    Searching for the right mattress can be quite exhausting. But you have to do it considering how important getting a good nights sleep is. And it actually depends on the type of mattress you sleep on. So while searching for the perfect mattress, you might have run into Euro Top Mattresses. They are quite common in the U.S.

    One thing, however, you should keep in mind is that euro top mattresses, and pillow-top mattresses are entirely different. There are a lot of people who confuse both of them, and it is easy to understand why.

    Both the terms, pillow top, and euro top means additional layers of cushioning which are sewn into the top surface of the mattress. The material used in euro tops is actually of higher quality than the one used for the pillow tops.

    Even though to the naked eye, both the mattresses might seem similar in terms of size, but the reality is different. Euro tops are actually much thicker than pillow top because they use more material. Because there is a gap between the top layer and the comfort layer in the pillow top mattress, it is actually less durable than euro top.

    As time passes by, the gap in the pillow top eventually fades away, and the top layer starts sinking. It is also the cause of the fading of the comfortability factor of the mattress.


    • Great for back & Stomach sleepers
    • 100% Organic latex

    What Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

    In most cases, mattresses for back pain are medium-firm. These beds are soft enough to prevent pressure points near the hips and shoulders but supportive enough to prevent excess sinking and misalignment.

    If you experience chronic lower back pain, you may want to consider pairing your medium-firm mattress with an adjustable bed. Adjustable bed frames allow sleepers to lift the legs during sleep and alleviate tension in the lower back muscles. Sleep experts also agree that raising the head and legs at night can provide relief from other health conditions, such as poor circulation, snoring, and sleep apnea.

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    What Is A Hybrid Mattress

    A hybrid mattress has a 2 to 3-inch top layer, typically made of memory foam, gel foam, or latex foam. Beneath this foam comfort layer is a supportive foundation of pocketed spring coils. Most hybrids have better edge support and motion isolation than traditional innerspring beds, making them an excellent option for couples.

    Thanks to the spring coil base, hybrid beds also have a slight bounce, which keeps sleepers lifted and aligned during sleep.

    Which Is Better A Euro Top Or A Memory Foam Mattress

    Sleeplace 13

    Your choice of a Euro top or a memory foam mattress really depends on what your personal preferences are and whether you prioritize support and pressure relief or responsiveness and air circulation. Memory foam mattresses might be warmer and less responsive than an innerspring with a Euro top, but no pillow top will compare to a memory foam mattresss support. The contouring ability of a memory foam mattress cant be reproduced by just adding a Euro top made of memory foam.

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    Euro Top Mattresses Vs Plush Mattresses

    If you pay any attention to the bedding world, then you most likely have heard people talk about plush mattress options. Plush and Euro top mattresses are in no way, shape or form one and the same.

    A plush mattress may feature quilting thats right below the fabric thats on top. It is thought to be a remarkably soft mattress choice.

    Heres a short video explaining what Pillow Top, Plush Top, and Euro Top mattresses are:

    People often indicate that its a lot softer than its extra-firm and firm counterparts are. Who exactly purchases plush mattresses?

    Plush mattresses tend to be big favorites among individuals who cant decide between pillow top and firm mattress options. It isnt uncommon for these two options to make consumers feel rather indecisive.

    It also isnt atypical for manufacturers to utilize the term plush mattress for a couple of different applications. Manufacturers frequently utilize this term as a means of delving into degrees of softness that are part of mattress upper layers.

    The reality of the plush mattress world is slightly different, though. Surfaces that are plush tend to be especially soft. Although theyre notably soft, they are also very supportive.

    You may see the term ultra plush once in a while as well. Ultra plush mattresses can come in handy for people who want to be able to basically sink into surfaces. Ultra plush mattresses tend to be composed of first-rate memory foam materials.

    Pros And Cons Of A Euro Top Mattress

    Euro top and pillow-top mattresses seem rather similar, but are Euro top mattresses better than pillow-tops? Both offer an extra layer of comfort, but the Euro top has some added benefits like:

    • A Cleaner LookWith the extra layer of comfort sewn into the mattress, there isn’t the unsightly gap pillow-top mattress create.
  • Less ShiftingPillow-top mattresses often have problems with shifting because the layer is on top of the mattress. This makes the mattress uncomfortable at times. The Euro top mattress doesn’t have this issue, providing longer-lasting comfort.
  • More Durable MaterialsEuro tops are usually constructed of denser foam or fiberfill than standard pillow-top mattresses. Pillow-top mattresses often look fluffier than they are only because they sit on top of the mattress.
  • More SupportEuro top mattresses typically provide more support rather than just “fluffiness.” They cradle pressure points and give comfort to the areas you need most.
    • Many firmness levels suit all sleep positions, whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper.
    • Ability to transform any mattress type to a plush mattress. People who want a hybrid option but can’t afford a true hybrid mattress benefit from a Euro top.

    The added cushion is nice, but you should also look out for potential issues with Euro tops:

    • Shorter LifespanEuro tops are more durable than pillow tops. But they don’t last as long compared to mattresses without extra padding.

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    Euro Top Mattresses Vs Pillow Top Mattresses

    People frequently confuse Euro top mattresses and pillow top mattresses. Despite that, theyre their own things. What sets these two kinds of mattresses apart?

    Euro top mattresses in most cases are markedly smoother. Theyre generally attached directly to the upper layers that are part of mattresses, too. That explains why they blend in easily with mattress edges.

    Euro top mattresses for the most part have a lot in common with their pillow top counterparts. Theyre in most situations composed of materials that are a lot stronger in caliber, though.

    Their designs arent the same, either. Euro top mattresses often have arrangements that are a lot more intricate and detail-oriented.

    Heres a short video comparing the Pillow Top and Euro Top Mattress:

    People who are shopping for Euro top mattresses often compare them to pillow top choices that are in front of them. Euro top mattresses frequently stand the test of time and last longer.

    If you properly take care of a Euro top mattress in the appropriate way, then it should be able to remain intact and strong for many years. The additional surface layers can contribute to a mattress that is a lot sturdier and more resilient than traditional beds.

    If you want to get your hands on a mattress thats known for world-class cushioning, Euro top choices may be ideal for you. These mattresses arent just about cozy cushioning, either.

    Benefits Of A Pillow Top Mattress

    Eurotop vs Pillowtop Mattress (what’s the difference?)
    • Pillow tops can drastically improve the softness and contouring abilities of an innerspring mattress.
    • The extra layer creates a barrier between the coil support core and sleepers, adequately reducing motion transfer.
    • Pillow top mattresses cushion and relieve pressure points without sacrificing the support of an innerspring bed. This maximizes spinal alignment while distributing body weight to prevent and decrease back pain.

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    What Is The Best Mattress Type To Relieve Pressure Points

    Memory foam mattresses and hybrid beds tend to offer the most pressure point relief. These beds have a 2 to 3-inch foam comfort layer that contours to your bodys individual shape to cushion and prevent tension build-up.

    In particular, beds with memory foam offer a customized cradling feel that hugs the bodys curves with the perfect level of comfort and support. The resiliency of memory foam also allows it to retain its original shape and resist sagging. Therefore, these beds are popular among those with chronic muscle and joint pain.

    When shopping for a memory foam mattress, be sure to select one with a CertiPUR-US® certification since these mattresses are resistant to dust, dirt, and other allergens and have minimal VOC emissions.

    How Thick Are Pillow Top Mattresses

    Mattress brand and type can affect the height of your bed. Most mattresses range from 8 to 14 inches thick, but a pillow top can add 2 to 4 more inches.

    If you are interested in measuring the thickness of your mattress, simply place the beginning of a tape measure at the lowest seam of your mattress and extend it to the highest point, or where you lie. The number of inches represents how thick your mattress is.

    If you have a pillow top mattress, completing this measurement is important to do before buying bedding because the added thickness may call for larger sheets.

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    Birlea Sleepsoul Air Coil Spring & Foam Mattress


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    What Is A Euro

    Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Euro Box Top Spring Mattress ...

    Bed mattresses come in many styles, shapes and sizes, which can make choosing one a challenging task when you do not understand the differences. Besides firm or soft in any given size, other designations include tight top, Euro top, pillow top and box top. Euro top refers to a specific type of mattress that has an extra layer of padding stitched onto the top, compared to a standard, basic mattress. While it is similar to a pillow-top or box-top mattress, it’s not quite the same.

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