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What Is An Xl Twin Mattress

Pros Of This Extra Long Type

How To Keep XL Twin Mattresses From Separating (Split King Adjustable Bed)

Twin XL beds provide a variety of benefits, including room to grow for children and teens, helping ensure they do not outgrow their mattress before it wears out.

For customers looking for sleeping arrangements for guest rooms, a Twin XL is a great way to maximize a smaller space, helping guests of all heights sleep comfortably. Additionally, two Twin XLs can be put together on a king-sized bed frame to accommodate couples or larger sleepers.

Best Twin Xl Mattress For Adjustable Base

Tuft & Needle T& N Original Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 10 inches

Buying two separate twin XL models and putting them together creates a split king mattress, which is an awesome option for couples looking for a more customized sleeping situation.

Tuft & Needles Original Mattress is a medium-firm model with adaptive foam for a supportive feel. The combo graphite and cooling gel top layer helps wick moisture away from the body and regulate body temps.

Its compatible with multiple bases, including adjustable frames. The mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified and contains CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Whats A Twin Xl Size Mattress

A twin XL mattress is 38 inches by 80 inchesabout the same size as a twin bed, but 6 inches longer. The extra length makes it a great choice both for children and adults who are taller, giving them more legroom.

Twin XL beds are also good options for guest rooms and studio apartments, and commonly found in college dorm rooms.

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Potential Disadvantages Of This Type

Twin XLs are convenient and useful, however, they are not always the easiest to find bed frames, box springs, or sheets for. While college dorm rooms usually provide extra long frames, they are not the most common size. Fortunately, many of the companies we reviewed offer bed frames and sheets that should fit the mattress exactly.

Twin Xl Mattress Size

Dream Serenity® 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

The twin XL mattress size is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, 5 inches longer than the regular twin mattress size. The twin XL is perfect for taller sleepers who need a high-quality mattress in a small space. It is also the most commonly used mattress in university dorms for college students.

The twin XL mattress has an additional, and helpful, function. When you combine two of them, they form a split king mattress. Remember, a king mattress size is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. That makes the twin XL mattress size perfect to use as a split king mattress on an adjustable bed frame. When you use two twin XL mattresses versus a single king size mattress on a king size adjustable base, then each sleep partner can have his or her own adjustable settings while technically sleeping in the same bed.

At BedInABox®, we also offers five different mattresses that are all available in the twin XL mattress size. We offer a mattress design suitable for everyone, as well as bed frames and adjustable bases perfectly suited for your twin xl mattress. Best of all, if you buy an Azul or Tranquillium mattress in twin XL and a MotionInABox adjustable base at the same time, you qualify for our custom comfort bundle for a savings of 30 percent!

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What Is The Size Difference Between Full And Queen

Full vs. queen size beds are some of the most common choices for adult bedrooms. While a full measures 53 inches by 75 inches, a queen measures 60 inches by 80 inches. Full beds are good for young adults, couples who cuddle in their sleep, and guest rooms, while queen beds are an ideal bed for people who like to sprawl out at night.

Who Is A Twin Size Mattress Best For

Good candidates for a twin size mattress include:

  • Single Adults: Due to their narrow dimensions, twin size mattresses are best suited to solo sleepers. You could technically fit on one of these beds with a sleep partner, but the sleep surface will be fairly cramped.
  • Children and Teenagers: Most kid’s rooms are considerably smaller than master bedrooms, and a twin mattress can conserve floor space. Twins are also fairly inexpensive, so you’ll save some money if your growing child needs to upgrade to a larger bed down the road. Twin size mattresses can be ideal for bunk beds, as well. Most bunks sold today are designed for twins.
  • Anyone Who is 6 Feet 2 Inches or Shorter: A twin size mattress normally measures 75 inches long, which is equivalent to 6 feet 3 inches in length. If you are 6 feet 2 inches, then you’ll be able to lie down on the mattress with an extra inch to spare. Shorter people will have even more room to stretch out. If you are 6 feet 3 inches or taller, your feet will dangle off the mattress and you may develop aches and pains as a result.
  • College Students: If you’ve ever stayed in a college dorm, then you understand the importance of saving space in these close quarters. Among the six standard mattress sizes, a twin will take up the least amount of room. Many dorm-friendly bunk beds are compatible with twin size mattresses, too.

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What Else Should I Consider When Choosing A Mattress Size

Lastly, let’s discuss a few additional factors to take into account if you’re choosing between a twin bed vs. a twin XL mattress.

  • Room Size: The surface area difference between twin and twin XL sizes is minimal, but you should still measure the dimensions of your room before choosing one of these sizes. Pay attention to walls and floor space in the room, as well as the doorframe’s dimensions and other areas of the house where you’ll need to carry the mattress.
  • Bedding: Standard twin and twin XL bedding sets include one fitted sheet with elasticated corners, one flat sheet, and one pillowcase. When comparing twin vs. twin XL sheets from some brands, you may find both sets share the same dimensions, but some manufacturers offer different dimensions for both sizes.
  • Co-Sleepers: Some couples actually prefer sharing a smaller bed, so you and your co-sleeper might be perfectly comfortable on a twin or twin XL size mattress. However, there’s a good chance you’ll both feel a bit cramped. If you aren’t sure, visit a mattress store with your sleep partner and ask to lie down on twin and twin XL mattresses. If they feel too small, consider a full or queen size mattress instead.
  • Pets: Thanks to the extra 5 inches, a twin XL is more suitable for sleeping with a dog, cat, or other furry roommate than a twin. Of course, the animal’s size is an important factor. You could sleep comfortably with a Chihuahua at your feet, but probably less so if you own a Great Dane.

Best Twin Xl Mattress Under $100

Twin XL Mattress Topper for College Dorm Bedding

Linenspa 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress

  • Type: Innerspring
  • Height: 6 inches

Its a challenge to find a mattress, even a twin size one, under $100. We selected the Linenspa because it has a solid four-star rating on Amazon and over 20,000 positive reviews.

You can also purchase the mattress alone or with a bed frame, which helps if you want a one-stop-shop solution. Its not as thick as other mattresses on this list which explains the low cost so its best for children and teens.

This mattress doesnt have in-home trial period because of its low price, so keep that in mind when making your selection.

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Twin Vs Twin Xl Similarities

In general, twin and twin XL mattresses have a lot of similarities. At just 38 inches wide, both these beds are compact space-savers, making them popular options for smaller guest rooms and apartments.

These mattresses narrow builds also make them great options for kids. However, if your child tosses and turns often at night, you might want to opt for a wider bed to prevent them from falling off, or you might consider a twin-sized bed rail. If youre shopping for a child, you can check out our best mattress for kids review to find some great kid-friendly options!

Both twin and twin XL mattresses are quite affordable theyre two of the cheapest mattress options on the market. Budget-savvy shoppers might prefer to go with a twin or twin XL. If you sleep alone and dont move around much at night, either of these mattresses could be a great fit for you. If youre on a tight budget but want a little extra surface area, you can check out some value buys in our best cheap mattress roundup.

Most people will find either one of these mattresses too narrow to comfortably share with another person. If you share your mattress with another person, or large pet, you may want to consider a wider mattress. Take a look at a few of the best mattresses for couples to see if theres anything that better fits your needs!

Whats The Difference Between A Twin Vs Twin Xl Mattress

Twin and twin XL are the smallest of the six standard mattress sizes. Ideal for single adult sleepers and children, twin and twin XL models have lower price-points than larger sizes, and also take up less bedroom space. Most twin and twin XL mattresses measure 38 or 39 inches wide. Twins measure 75 inches long, while twin XL beds measure 80 inches long.

Although twin and twin XL sizes mattresses share many similarities, there are also some notable differences between these two sizes. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is An Xl Twin Bed

Twin XL bedsTwin XL bedsTwinmattress

Less space required: Although a Twin XL is five inches longer than a Full/Double, they take up less overall space. A Twin XL measures a total of 3,120 square inches, while a Full/Double measures 4,050 square inches. This makes the Twin XL more suitable for narrower bedrooms.

what is the difference between twin and twin XL? Both the standard twin and twin extra long size mattresses are 3.16 feet in width, but a twin XL is longer. A traditional twin size mattress is 75 in length whereas a twin XL is 80. That difference affords a sleeper an additional five inches in length, perfect for those who need more leg room.

Also question is, what is XL twin?

A twin XL is a mattress measuring 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. A twin XL is the same width as a twin mattress but offers added length in order to accommodate taller sleepers. The mattress type is commonly found in college dormitories or bedrooms of taller individuals who want to save space.

Can twin XL sheets fit on a twin bed?

The extra length of a twin XL mattress means that you should look for bedding with sufficient length to accommodate the larger size, especially for mattress pads and fitted bottom sheets.

What Is The Best Sized Mattress For A Bunk Bed

Sleep Options Advantage Twin XL

Most standard bunk beds are built to accommodate twin mattresses that are 7 feet or shorter. This is especially important for ensuring safe sleeping on a top bunk. Some bunk beds are built to accommodate full size mattresses so be sure to check the product specs section to ensure the right fit.

As always, at Weekends Only we stand behind the quality of our twin mattresses. In addition to a manufacturers warranty all of our mattresses come with a 60 night comfort guarantee. Shop with confidence and sleep in comfort no matter which mattress you choose from Weekends Only.

If you have additional questions about any of our products, we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us or live chat with a team member right now! When you visit your local store, we also have mattress sleep specialists to assist you.

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Who Is Best Suited To A Twin Xl Mattress

Specific measurements vary by model, but a typical twin XL mattress measures about 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. These dimensions make the bed a bit too narrow for most couples, but single sleepers should have plenty of room as long as they arent taller than 6 feet 7 inches. Anyone can use a twin XL mattress if they choose, but we recommend this size for the following groups:

Casper For A Twin Mattress Made For You

Typically, twin and twin XL mattresses arent built to last. Theyre often treated as an in-between bed meant for a child, a teenager, or a college student. Additionally, when it comes to bunk bed mattress size, twin and twin XLs are the most common. As a result, many twins are cheaply made and uncomfortable.

But they dont have to be.

This is where Casper makes all the difference. Casper twin and twin XLs can deliver unbelievably nourishing sleep. The contouring memory foam gives you the perfect blend of comfort and support, ensuring a deep nights rest. Whether you want the Wave Hybrid or the Original Hybrid twin, Casper twins are perfect for a kids room, a daybed, a college dorm, or a studio.

Want to see for yourself? We offer an unbeatable 100-night free trial. If you dont love your new twin size mattress, just let us know within 100 days, and youll receive a full refund. Were that confident youll love it.

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Is A Twin Xl The Same Size As A Full

No, twin XL and full size mattresses have different dimensions. A twin XL is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it the perfect choice for single sleepers who are tall. A full size bed, also known as a double bed, is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. A full size mattress is significantly wider than a twin XL and might be the more comfortable choice for combination sleepers who like to sprawl out.

Which Size Is Best For You

Top 5 Best Twin XL Mattress Review In 2021 | For All Budgets

Before choosing between twin vs twin XL, here are some important factors to consider:

Cost & Availability Twin mattresses are typically cheaper than twin XL, generally by $50-$150 or so. While there is not a huge difference in price, its also important to remember that accessories for twin XL may also be more expensive. If youre on a tight budget, you can save some money by going with a twin. Also, keep in mind that not all mattress manufacturers offer twin XL as an option and the same is true for manufacturers of mattress accessories, bed frames, and the like.

Height & Sleep Position The biggest consideration between twin XL and twin is the height of the sleeper. Twin XL offers an additional 5 inches of legroom, which can make a huge difference for those over 6 feet tall or so. A twin is 75 inches in length , which may seem sufficient for your height but keep in mind that your pillow takes up a decent amount of space.

Growing Children Twin mattresses are a popular choice for parents buying beds for their children and teens. Parents should consider the longevity of a mattress, which is typically 7-10+ years, along with the potential for their children to outgrow the bed. If your child is tall for their age, consider going with a twin XL to ensure that the mattress will be useful for many years to come.

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How To Choose The Best Mattress Size For You

Along with height, the number of sleepers, and bedroom size, The Sleep Foundation recommends also considering:

Sleep Position: People who sleep on their back or stomach need maximum space to lay flat while side sleepers may be curled up and require less room.

Additional Costs: A new mattress is only one part of a total bedding purchase. The bed itself can cost as little as $400 or more than $3,000. If you plan on buying furniture and linens to go with your new bed, make sure you dont blow your entire budget on the mattress alone.

Versatility: Its not always easy to anticipate how and when things will change but, if possible, think about what your mattress needs will be in the future. For example, if you and your partner are planning on growing your family, consider going up a size to leave room for the anticipated additional sleepers.

Its important to remember that a smaller bed does not mean poor quality. Its possible to buy something conservatively sized like a twin bed and still have the option for luxury materials like memory foam, gel, or any other type of material you prefer. Just keep in mind choosing the right mattress size is just as important as choosing the right material. Splurging on something high in quality is only a worthwhile purchase if youre able to sleep comfortably and soundly on it. When it comes to mattresses, size does matter.

BoxDrop Blog

What Size Mattress Do I Need

When choosing a mattress based on size, here are few important factors to take into account:

  • Do you sleep alone or with a partner?
  • What is your body type?
  • Do children and/or pets frequently share your bed?
  • How do you position your body when you sleep?
  • How much bedroom space do you have?
  • What is your mattress shopping budget?
  • If shopping for a child’s mattress, how old is your child?

Generally speaking, Twin, Twin XL, and Full mattresses are most suitable for single sleepers, while Queen, King, and California King mattresses are designed for two sleepers.

Its important to remember that Queen sizes will provide less space between the two sleepers than a King or California King will. If you and your sleep partner prefer sleeping close to one another, then a Queen will most likely work. Otherwise, a King or California King will be a better option.

Most single sleepers will find all mattress sizes provide adequate space for them, regardless of their height or weight. However, those with larger bodies should consider mattress width. A typical Twin/Twin XL mattress measures 38 to 39 inches wide, while a Full usually measures 53 to 54 inches wide. If these dimensions are too narrow, then consider a Queen or larger.

If you share your bed with a larger dog, then a Queen or larger may be needed even if you dont have an adult sleep partner. However, Twin, Twin XL, and Full mattresses may be large enough to accommodate you and a smaller dog, cat, and other smaller pets.

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