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How To Tell When Mattress Is Worn Out

You Were Sleeping Better A Year Ago

How to choose the RIGHT mattress for you? When to replace your mattress?

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You wake up and remain tired throughout the day
  • You don’t dream much at night
  • Your sleep feels more like dozing than deep sleep
  • You often wake up in different positions
  • Your partner complains that you toss and turn during the night
  • If you answered “yes” you may not be entering deep sleep for long enough to experience true rejuvenation during the night.

    You Wake Stiff And Sore

    Poor sleep can contribute to chronic back pain. If you wake up stiff and sore every day, your mattress could be part of the problem. If your back pain is worse when you wake but subsides when you stretch and move around, thats a sign that the mattress is causing or contributing to your pain.

    A firm mattress may not be the answer. A study from the Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca found that medium-firm mattresses provided better comfort for chronic low-back pain. Experts recommend sleep testing different types of mattresses before buying if you suffer pain while sleeping or when waking.

    Use A Mattress Topper

    Another way to fix your soft mattress is to use a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are a great way to improve the feel of a soft mattress. Mattress toppers come in a variety of densities to help you alleviate the feeling of bed thats too soft. In most cases, people end buying the firmest topper they can find, but end up with a bed that feels too firm for them.

    If you decide to use a mattress topper to fix your soft mattress, try using one that is custom made. Based on your needs, a custom mattress topper can make a soft mattress perfect. Similar to a mattress, a topper can be designed to help support your body properly, despite the fact your mattress below it is too soft.

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    Your Mattress Is Uncomfortable

    Knowing whether your mattress is comfortable sounds like common sense, but many people adjust to discomfort. If you get better sleep on a hotel mattress or a friends guest room, your home bed might not be comfortable enough. A bed may seem comfortable in a showroom but then doesnt perform well at home.

    The upper part of your mattress consists of comfort layers that should support your body and provide pressure relief. Comfort layers break down over time resulting in poor sleep and body aches but in some cases, your mattress choice might have been faulty from the start, and you need to replace it.

    You Wake Up Feeling Stiff

    Fix or replace worn

    Many of us dont enjoy waking up at the best of times, but if youre experiencing new pains in your neck, shoulders or back , you may not be getting the support you need from your mattress. Over time, they lose their ability to support your body as they should. Dont forget that you can change too, and your body may now need a different level of firmness than you currently have perhaps a specialist orthopaedic mattress will work best for you.

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    Can You Fix A Bad Mattress

    A new mattress is a major expense, but its hard to put a price on good sleep quality. If your budget allows for a new mattress, it may be worth the investment. A high-quality mattress is less likely to degrade quickly, which can save you money in the long term.

    However, buying a new mattress isnt always feasible. If youre unable to invest in a new mattress, there are steps you can take to improve the performance of your current one.

    When you sleep in the same spot every night, your body eventually leaves a lasting impression. Rotating the mattress head-to-foot may give you access to a more responsive sleep surface in a different area of the bed. Its good practice to rotate the mattress every 3 to 6 months to promote even wear, even before you start to notice sagging. Traditional innerspring mattresses can also be flipped, though most modern mattresses are designed to be used right-side up.

    A mattress that is not suited to your body type and sleeping style can be just as detrimental as a poor-quality mattress. If your mattress is too firm or too soft, you may be able to improve the feel by using a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are typically 1 to 3 inches thick, and they may be made with memory foam, polyfoam, latex, wool, or other cushioning materials. They are designed to adjust the firmness of the sleep surface, but they cannot fix a sagging mattress.

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    The Individual Has Aged

    Despite a mattress having a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years, it is possible for the lifespan to grow shorter simply because a person has aged.

    As a matter of fact, even mattress preferences change with age. The need for firm bed increases as people grow old. Simply put, growing older may necessitate a new mattress particularly when age-related conditions such as back pain are involved.

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    Become An Informed Consumer

    If you suspect you need a new mattress, do your homework, and educate yourself before you buy. Understand the lingo and gimmicks employed by mattress firms so that you get the product you need that fits your budget and gives you the best nights sleep. Theres no prescription for which mattress will best fit your unique needs.

    Look for a mattress that offers adequate support for spinal alignment. Comfort is subjective its how a bed feels to you. You might find a firmer mattress superior to a softer one or vice-versa. Mattress selection is highly personal and should be your preference at the cross-section of proper alignment, support, and comfort.

    How To Tell If Your Mattress Is Giving You Back Pain

    How to Tell When it’s Time to Buy a New Mattress

    There are so many causes of back pain, so it can be hard to pinpoint where your aches are coming from. However, there are some clues to look out for to see if your mattress is to blame. The first clue is when your back pain occurs. If your back pain is there when you first wake up, but you can stretch to get rid of it within 15-30 minutes, then that is a major sign that your mattress is doing more harm than good. Also, if you find yourself waking up more frequently or are tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, then that should also be a sign. Even if you are not prone to back pain, you should ideally replace your mattress every eight years.

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    Top 5 Warning Signs Its Time To Change Your Mattress

    You knew it was going to happen eventually. All those long nights together had to come to an end at some point. But the trouble with endings is always telling when the time is right.

    When has the spring finally gone out? When are you sick of all the lumps and sagging? Have things just gone too soft?

    Is it time to replace your mattress? Weve talked before about how to know when its time to break up with your mattress, but its such an important topic, it bears repeating.

    Even with the best mattresses, there comes a time to replace it. While common wisdom says you need to replace your mattress every 10 years or so due to wear and tear, there may be signs your mattress and you need to part ways even earlier.

  • Waking up isnt just tough, its downright painful.If youre waking up to new pains in your neck, shoulders, back and lower back, your mattress may not be supporting you right through the night. Mattresses are one of the most used items in your home. Over time and use, mattresses lose their ability to support your body properly. Body pain may also be a sign that your sleeping on the wrong firmness level for your body.
  • More sneezes than snoozes.Over time beds attract household allergens, and unless youve upgraded to a bed with comfort response latex or youve purchased a great mattress protector, your bed may be clinging on to more and more of them.
  • Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

    You might be ready to replace your mattress if you notice or experience the following issues:

    • There are deep body impressions on the surface that make the bed feel less supportive. Keep in mind impressions may be covered under warranty if they reach a certain depth .
    • You notice new aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and other sensitive areas of the body. These can arise from insufficient mattress support.
    • You have started to sleep hot, whereas temperature regulation wasn’t an issue before. As comfort layer materials soften with age, you may find yourself sinking more deeply into the mattress. This can restrict airflow across the surface and cause you to feel uncomfortably warm.
    • When getting in and out of bed, you notice significant sinkage along the edges. The perimeter of your mattress is especially vulnerable to wear and tear.
    • The coils have become louder in your innerspring or hybrid mattress. You’ll probably hear more squeaks and creaks from the springs as the bed nears the end of its lifespan.
    • You and your partner feel less comfortable during sex. Loss of support and surface-level body impressions can make certain movements more awkward for couples.
    • Your mattress is seven years old. Even if you don’t notice any sagging or other structural issues, you should consider replacing your mattress after reaching the eight-year benchmark. Some latex and airbed models may last longer.

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    You Gained Or Lost Weight

    For those that experience a significant gain or loss in weight over the life cycle of your mattress, the change might alter the effectiveness of your mattress. A Canadian study linked both inadequate and excessive sleep to weight gain so how you sleep and what you weigh are intermingled.

    Heavier body types trigger more wear and tear on springs, foam, cushioning and mattress components. Also, if you were a solo sleeper but now have a partner in your bed, your mattress might not offer adequate sleep surface or support for the extra weight. That means its time for a new mattress.

    How Do I Know If My Memory Foam Mattress Is Worn Out

    Fix or replace worn

    You always prefer to buy a good quality mattress because no one wants any compromise on sleep quality. No matter how costly and perfect a mattress you have chosen for you, it lasts over time.

    After some years of use, you need replacement. But a question arises in mind how one can know that a memory foam mattress is worn out and need replacement.

    Signs to know memory foam mattress is worn out

    Here are some major signs if you see such signs, then it means your mattress is worn out and needs replacement.

    Mattress is old

    No matter how the quality brand you choose, but after completing its lifespan, the mattress does not perform well as before. The normal life of a memory foam mattress is 8 to 10 years, and you should replace it after passing this time. Your mattress is worn out after completing its life span otherwise, you will have problems.

    Deep Sagging

    Obvious sagging in your memory foam mattress is also a sign that your mattress is worn out and needs replacement. Due to sagging, you cannot sleep comfortably on your mattress and causes different problems such as keep you restless and your feel pain in your body.

    Memory foam mattress starts noise.

    Memory foam mattress in good condition never produces sounds, but when they wore out, you will listen to different sounds and noise when you sleep and especially make some movements.

    You remain restless

    Back Pain

    You frequent face allergy and smell

    Change in softness

    Final Thoughts

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    You Often Wake Up Throughout The Night

    Do you feel like you wake up every couple of hours, or even more frequently, throughout the night? Persistent awakenings can seriously ruin a good night’s sleep, but the remedy could be as simple as getting a new mattress.

    Again, you’ll want to rule out medical conditions that cause sleeplessness before blaming your mattress. Make sure it’s not sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, indigestion or another condition that can cause nighttime wakefulness.

    Can A Bad Mattress Cause Health Problems

    A bad mattress can cause discomfort, making it more difficult to fall asleep and potentially leading to multiple nighttime awakenings. In turn, poor sleep quality has effects on your physical and mental health.

    The restorative benefits of quality sleep are unparalleled. During sleep, your body is hard at work repairing tissue damage, removing toxins, and building new mental pathways. Restorative sleep promotes healthy emotional regulation and helps your brain efficiently process information. Going short on sleep not only leads to next-day fatigue and grumpiness, but may eventually contribute to a wide range of health problems.

    Studies have connected poor sleep to memory and concentration problems, weakened immune system functioning, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. A mattress that fails to provide adequate support or pressure relief may also contribute to aches and pains the next day. This may be especially important for individuals who live with chronic pain.

    Investing in a quality mattress is one of the most straightforward ways to promote restful sleep and improve your overall health.

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    Factors That Impact How Long Your Mattress Will Last

    We spend a significant amount of time in bed. Rest is a vital part of our health it can determine how much energy we have for the day and contribute to our mental state. This is why choosing the mattress best suited for your lifestyle and needs is important. When deciding upon a mattress that contours your health and needs, there are several factors involved with the degradation of your mattress. Below is a list of variables to help determine the longevity of your TempurPedic Mattress.

    Weight Support

    Queen and king mattresses require a particular frame with an added bar for support. Larger bed frames without a sufficient frame may insufficiently distribute weight and offer increased strain to springs, as well as other internal materials. When a couple sleeps on a bed, or even if an individual that is heavier occupies a mattress, the added weight will degrade the mattress at a faster rate.


    When purchasing a bed, there are a variety of materials that can compose your mattress. Certain materials, like memory foam and latex, can offer long-term longevity due to their exceptional density. Less dense beds, like those that use continuous springs or independent springs, can offer firmer support but may degrade significantly over time. The components that make a mattress are selected for different reasons, so be sure to choose the mattress most suitable for your health and wallet.

    Mattress Health And Care

    Wear And Tear

    You Cant Get Comfortable

    How To Dispose Of Your Worn Out Mattress Properly.wmv

    Having trouble getting comfortable or staying comfortable while you sleep can be another sign that you need a new mattress is finished.

    If youre tossing and turning, that may mean your mattress has lost its comfort and support. If you find yourself waking up often throughout the night, it is possible your old mattress is to blame.

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    You Dont Feel Restored When You Wake Up

    You know youve slept well when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. But if you wake up feeling really groggy and continue to feel drowsy during the day then it could be a sign that youve not been able to get comfortable in bed. And your mattress could be the reason. If youre finding this to be the case on a regular basis, then theres a good chance that your mattress needs replacing.

    How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

    As we mentioned above, a quality mattress should last roughly 8-10 years. This rule of thumb generally applies to hybrid mattresses, which can last for ten years . But for a standard memory foam mattress, you should expect it to last about 5-8 years. The coils in hybrid mattresses help provide a bit more durability, which is how you get those extra few more years from your bed. As such, the construction of your bed will help you determine how often you should replace a TempurPedic mattress.

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    How To Determine If Your Mattress Is Too Old

    When you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new mattress, its reasonable to expect that it will last for many years. However, even the most expensive, high-quality mattresses dont last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced.

    The question is, how do you determine when a mattress is too old? The answer can depend on the type of mattress you have. For instance, traditional innerspring mattresses typically need to be replaced every eight to 10 years, while latex mattresses can potentially last closer to two decades. Sometimes, its obvious that its time for a new sleeping surface, such as when a spring pops through the fabric.

    You dont need to wait until your mattress causes you bodily harm to head to the mattress store, though. There are usually other clear signs that your mattress is too old if you ignore them, you could be putting your sleep and your health at risk.

    Important Signs You Need A New Mattress

    Fix or replace worn

    Humans are adaptable creatures. Often sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and thinking nothing of it. An uncomfortable mattress can have serious consequences for physical health. Insomnia, backache, neck strain, and the irritability from lack of sleep can impact personal relationships too.

    Taking note of the signs you need a new mattress could help determine if you need an upgrade.

    Listen to your body, it knows the signs of a bad mattress

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