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How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell On Mattress

How Long Does It Take For Pee To Dry On A Mattress

How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress

Pee on a mattress can dry in as quickly as two to four hours, so its important to treat it immediately. How long it takes for liquid to dry on a mattress will depend on the quantity of liquid present and how deeply the liquid soaks. A smaller spill or accident will dry more quickly, while a mattress will require 8-10 hours to dry fully after being treated thoroughly with a vinegar solution.

Removing Urine Odors Is Key

The thorough cleaning you gave your mattress is the next step in prevention, as any lingering urine smell may encourage your cat or dog to pee on the bed again. Michelle Burch, DVM from Safe Hounds Pet Insurance, notes, “Even if you cannot smell the urine, your pet’s nose is a much more sensitive organ and can smell .” Burch is another fan of enzyme-based cleaners for this reason. Bergeland adds to be sure any cleaning products used don’t contain ammonia, as ammonia in particular can make the smell of urine stronger, not better.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Vinegar, while a bit smelly itself, works to remove the lasting odor of sprayed cat urine because vinegar is an acid that neutralizes the alkaline salts that form in dried urine stains.

A solution of one part water and one part vinegar can be used to clean walls and floors. Proponents say that the vinegar smell subsides after a few days, taking the urine smell with it.

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Why Cats Urinate Outside Of The Litter Box

There are a number of reasons why a cat may start peeing outside the litter box. While some owners may think that their cat does it as a way of getting even for something, cats lack the sophisticated cognitive abilities needed to concoct that type of revenge strategy.

Despite popular belief, cats do not urinate outside the box to ‘get back’ at the owner for something, said Dr. Laura George, DVM at Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center in Shoreline, Washington.

If your cats not using the litter box, its likely that he or she is trying to tell you something important.

Try A Professional Detergent

How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Odor Under My House

Vinegar and baking soda are effective against fresh urine in small amounts, but if it has been a couple of days before you notice the urine patch or if there is a large amount of it and you are struggling to get every last bit out of the mattress, you may need to use a proper detergent. Detergents work in various ways. They will break down the urine, as well as other dirt and grime, and they can also help cover up the aroma. You should use them in much the same way as the vinegar solution.

Follow the mixing instructions on the bottle. Some detergents need diluting before being applied directly to mattresses and other fabrics, but others can be applied straight away.

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Soak Up As Much As Possible

Use paper towels or old rags to blot up as much urine as you can before applying any cleaning substances.

Dab and push directly down rather than wipe youll get more soaked up this way, without spreading it to a broader area.

Be patient:

This step can take a while, and you might be surprised how much youre able to soak up. Continue until your towels or rags arent wet when you press down on the spot.

How Do You Quickly Dry Urine Out Of A Mattress

While its recommended to allow urine to air dry with a solution of vinegar or baking soda, you can speed up the process by opening your windows or running a fan. You can also gently dab the spot with a dry towel, but be careful not to wipe with the towel or you may end up making the urine stain worse.

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Tough Pet Urine Odors Solution Enzymatic Cleaners

To permanently remove cat urine odor, you might have to use something that will break down the chemical structure of the uric acid. Neither commercial cleaners nor household substances can do this. If our cleaning procedure fails to get rid of an especially stubborn pet pee odor, try an enzymatic cleaner.

Specially designed pet urine cleaners are highly effective at removing pet urine odor, because its enzymes will eat and break down uric acid into ammonia and carbon dioxide, which then evaporates as the solution air dries.

Does Cat Pee Smell Go Away

How to REMOVE Cat Pet URINE Smell on Carpet & Mattress!! (EASY & FAST) | Andrea Jean Cleaning

The odor can linger if the urine was sitting there for a while before you got a chance toHere’s how to get pee out of a mattress in six easy steps:

  • Step 1: Remove Your Bedding. …
  • Step 2: Blot the Area. …
  • Step 3: Spray Vinegar Solution on the Stain. …
  • Step 4: Let Vinegar Solution Soak. …
  • Step 5: Cover Area with Baking Soda. …
  • Step 6: Vacuum Up the Dry Baking Soda.
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    Pet Stain Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need To Get Started

    The products you’ll need depends on your personal preferences, so let’s explore two of the best options for cleaning pet stains from a mattress.

    You could use a DIY 50/50 solution of water and vinegar on pet urine. However, many experts recommend enzyme-based cleaners instead. Caitlin Sole, Senior Associate Home Editor with BHG.com, shares her tips for cleaning up pet messes. Sole relies on enzyme-based cleaners for any stains her Great Pyrenees leaves. “he enzymes work to break down the urine to eliminate odors and stains, whereas vinegar might remove the stain but mask any odors,” Sole says.

    Enzyme-based cleaners work on other pet stains and on a variety of surfaces as well. Just be sure to read the label’s instructions before use, Sole cautions.

    Sole recommends Puracy Pet Urine Eliminator for getting a deeper clean, and Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator for spot treatments.

    Aside from a cleaning solution, you’ll also need absorbent paper towels and a vacuum cleaner.

    Locked And Loaded The Spray Bottle

    Buy Here Now

    It contains natural enzymes so it is safe for your pet and mattress materials, including down, latex rubber, memory foam, wool, cotton and polyester.

    The first step is to blot the stain and then spray the product and let it rest for up to three minutes. The longer you let the spray soak, the better, so feel free to let it marinate!

    The Rocco & Roxie spray will help get rid of any yellow stains.

    This mixture will soak into the mattress.

    There is no rinse phase to this method because there is a minimal amount of detergent, all you have to do is blot the spot with a clean towel.

    Instead, youre using the power of an enzymatic cleaner.

    It will act as a cleaner and help neutralize the scent without needing to be rinsed out.

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    Clothes And Other Linen

    It can be super annoying if cat pee has gotten into your clothes. But the good news is, this is really easy to clean!

  • Put the garments in the washing machine.
  • Add your regular detergent and wash at the highest temperature possible.
  • During the rinse cycle, add one cup of distilled white vinegar. This will help to kill odors.
  • Put the clothes and linen in the dryer or hang them outside to dry.
  • If the odor remains, repeat this process.
  • How Do You Get Pee Out Of A Mattress Without Vinegar

    How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

    If you dont have vinegar available, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be a great swap for getting pee out of a mattress. Youll want to make a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid detergent:

    • 1 part baking soda
    • 5 parts hydrogen peroxide
    • A dash of liquid detergent

    Once youve created your baking soda solution, spray the stain with the solution and let it sit until the solution is dried. Then, vacuum up any remaining residue from the site.

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    How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

    When your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, it can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask. Cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated. Its also important to determine the cause of this behavior, which could be a sign of a health issue or stress. Here are some ways you can eliminate cat urine smells-whether its on carpet, furniture, bed linens, clothing or anywhere else!

    The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Cat Pee Smell

    When your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, the smell can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask.

    Whether your cat pees on the carpet, a piece of furniture, bed linens, or your clothes, its important to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender. Cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated.

    Its also important to determine the cause of this behavior, which could be a sign of a health issue or stress.

    Here is your ultimate guide to eliminating cat urine smells and determining why your cat is urinating outside the litter box to begin with.

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    Use A Waterproof Mattress Pad

    A surprising number of people whove experienced accidents already had a mattress pad, but it didnt perform to expectations. If youve had a leak, then its time to invest in a new one thats waterproof. And, it goes without saying that if you dont have a mattress pad, this should be your very next purchase. Even if youre not worried about accidents, the right protector will keep your bed feeling new and fresh longer.

    This concept is especially true if you ever need to file a warranty claim with your mattress manufacturer. Not many people know this, but having a stained mattress often voids any warranties.

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    What Not To Use When Trying To Remove Cat Urine Smell From A Mattress

    Remove Urine Odors From Your Mattress|Remove Cat Urine From Mattress

    Do not attempt to use chlorine-based products to remove cat urine smell from a mattress. The logic is clear, as they can remove even the most complex spots. But in the case of cat urine, bleach works exactly the opposite. It does not remove the smell, but only enhances it, stimulating your pet to new toilet accomplishments.

    For the same reasons, stains shouldnt be washed with ammonia. In addition, it can affect the sense of smell of the animal.

    To clean the mattress with deodorants, perfumes and aromatic oils will be a mistake. All these products do not clean, but simply mask the smell. Too harsh scents can cause an allergic reaction of both the cat and the owner.

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    Can Urine On A Mattress Cause Mold

    Urine may dry, but if not properly removed, it leaves behind the salt found in uric acid. If you experience night sweats or simply live in a humid or rainy climate, this salt will continually draw in moisture. When the affected area becomes filled with moisture, it reactivates, disturbing odors and creating a breeding ground for bacteria-causing mold.

    Use A Vinegar Solution

    Mix two parts water to one part white vinegar. Ideally, mix the solution in a spray bottle and add a little detergent. Once mixed, spray a generous amount of the liquid into and around the area. Dont be afraid to spray plenty of the liquid. You should usually avoid getting a mattress wet, but as it is already wet, it is unlikely that you will be able to do any further damage.

    Once the vinegar has soaked in for 15 minutes, use another dry and clean towel to blot the liquid away.

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    How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell From Clothes

    To remove the smell of cat urine from clothes, first remove any excess liquid by blotting it with a towel. Next, dissolve 10 cups of rock salt in two gallons of boiling water in a two-gallon bucket. Submerge the clothes for 15 minutes and then rinse out with cold water. Change the water until the stain is gone.

    How To Get Cat Urine Out Of A Mattress

    How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell From Mattress ...

    This article was co-authored by Amy Mikhaiel. Amy Mikhaiel is a cleaning guru and the CEO of Amy’s Angels Cleaning Inc., a residential and commercial cleaning company in Los Angeles, California. Amy’s Angels was voted Best Cleaning Service by Angies Lists in 2018 and was the most requested cleaning company by Yelp in 2019. Amy’s mission is to help women achieve their financial goals by establishing empowerment through cleaning.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 181,844 times.

    Cat urine smells bad and it can even cause respiratory problems, so its definitely not something you want nearby when you’re sleeping. If your cat had an accident on your mattress, don’t worry. There are some things you can do to get the urine out of your mattress so it doesn’t smell anymore.

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    Avoid Accidents With Pet Repellents

    Even after youve successfully cleaned your mattress, your pet may be able to smell traces of the urines chemical footprint that are imperceptible to you. Since many animals will return to places theyve peed before to pee again, its wise to use a pet-friendly repellent to prevent future accidents. You can make an inexpensive, all-natural pet deterrent by mixing 1.5 cups of cold water, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and about 20 drops of any citrus-scented essential oil. You should also consider purchasing a mattress protector, which will defend your bed against future accidents as well as dust, dander, and other contaminants.

    If you want to prevent future accidents on your bed, you might want to consider a pup-friendly dog bed for your furry friend. Dog beds with a removable cover make cleaning your pets sleep spot a breeze, so you can toss it in the washing machine and continue with your sleep, worry-free.

    How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress

    The best way to get cat urine smell out of a mattress is to use a product that can absorb the odor. If you dont have any carpet cleaners nearby, there are other household items you can use to clean your mattress and remove the smell. The first step in any cleaning process is diluting the stain with water and allowing it to soak for 30 minutes before blotting it up. This will loosen up the proteins and bacteria that produce the odor, which will make it easier to remove. You can then apply a mixture of baking soda and water onto the surface and let it sit for about 20 minutes before washing it off again with cold water. The baking soda will help deodorize and remove some of the proteins from the mattress while

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    Why Old Cat Pee Smells So Bad

    Fresh cat pee smells bad enough, but you might have noticed that cat pee seems to smell worse and worse as time goes on. This is because cat urine contains bacteria that break down the urea present in the urine, resulting in another offending odor: ammonia. The more time that passes, the more the bacteria consume the urea and the more ammonia odor you will smell. For this reason, the quicker you clean up cat urine, the better your chances of eliminating the odor.

    Sunlight can help eliminate odors, so bring couch or chair cushions outside to dry in the sun after cleaning and treating the affected area.

    How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From A Mattress

    How to Get Dog Pee or Cat Pee Out of a Mattress | SOS Odours

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    You can get rid of a cat urine stain easily enough, but its much more difficult to eradicate the smell. Unfortunately, water doesnt dissolve uric acid, so the odor is extremely hard to remove, especially if old or dried-in. Its for this reason that ordinary detergents arent enough Instead, heres how to remove cat urine smell from a mattress:


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    How To Get Pee Stains Out Of A Mattress

    Follow these steps for getting dried urine out of your mattress.

    What you need to get dried pee out of mattress:

    • 8oz Hydrogen Peroxide

    How to get fresh pee out of mattress:

  • Mix your ingredients in the empty spray bottle
  • Spray over the dried urine stain
  • Allow the solution to dry on the stain, a visible layer of baking will show on top of the stain
  • After some time, vacuum the stain, use this opportunity to vacuum the entire mattress and base, dont forget under the bed too
  • Repeat process if necessary
  • How Do You Prevent Urine Accidents From Reaching Your Mattress

    Waterproof mattress protectors are an effective way to avoid urine stains altogether. They are also extremely low-maintenance. After an accident occurs, simply toss your mattress protector into the washing machine with any other tainted bedding. A good mattress protector will also guard your bed against allergens like dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

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