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How To Clean Rv Mattress

Put It Back On Your Bed

How to keep mildew from forming under RV memory foam mattresses

Once you’ve cleaned, dried, and vacuumed up all the residue, put the mattress pad back on your bed, being extra vigilant about any remaining moisture. If the pad isn’t completely dry, it can develop mold, so make sure there are no moist areas anywhere on the pad.

All Done!

Now that you know how to get your mattress pad good as new let us know how it worked in the comments section below!

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How To Air Out A Mattress

Getting your mattress aired out is vital, yet we often skip that part to save us some time. Regular mattress airing out will help you against allergens and germs.

It is quite easy to perform, actually. You can do it both indoors and outdoors, even during cold months.

Heres how you should air your mattress:

  • Start by pulling off all bed linen, including pillows, sheets, toppers, etc. If there are windows present, open them to let fresh air in and allow the sun rays to light the mattress. The sun will naturally kill many germs and bacteria without giving you a bill at the end.
  • Proceed with vacuuming the mattress. This step is in case you are just airing your mattress and not deep cleaning it. Take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress to collect any dust and debris which may have accumulated or landed on it. When a mattress is vacuumed, air will more easily flow through it, and it will need less time to air out completely.
  • Stand and move the mattress. Its perfectly ok to ask someone to help you with it if you are unable to do it yourself. Air out the mattress outside. Perform this as frequently as possible, aim for at least one or two times a year. You need a sunny day to air your mattress, regardless of the season.
  • Let the mattress stay outside for 3-4 hours. The more time you leave it under the sun, the better. However, avoid leaving it during evening time as the humidity level is high and your mattress will become damp.
  • Air Out The Rv Mattress

    Perhaps the most simple way to keep moisture from building up under your RV mattress is to air it out by lifting it up and placing something under it.

    You can use cans, step stools, basically whatever you can find that will support the weight of the RV mattress.

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    If you have a fan or dehumidifier you can place it near the mattress to suck out moisture or get air flowing. If you are camping or living in a climate with very high humidity and rain you may want to do this every day.

    Be sure to keep a close eye on it, if a day of being aired out isnt enough to get the bottom of the mattress and the wood underneath completely dry you may have to incorporate some of these other methods as well.

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    Dont Want To Clean Your Mattress More Than Twice A Year Get A Mattress Protector

    While cleaning your mattress is actually pretty easy, you dont want to have to do it more than a couple times a year.

    The best way to make sure your mattress stays clean is to use a mattress protector, which will act as a safeguard against everything from spills and liquid damage to dust mites and dead skin cells. The key is to get one thats waterproof, like the Bear Protector .

    If you get yourself a mattress protector AND clean your mattress a couple times a year well, theres a much greater chance youll be sleeping on your mattress for many years to come.

    How To Clean Pee Out Of A Mattress

    How To Prevent Mattress Mold
  • Use a paper towel or clean white cloth to absorb the liquid work in a tapping motion to blot the area . Repeat with fresh towels or cloths until youve removed as much urine as possible.
  • Sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over the stain.
  • Grab your vinegar-water spray bottle and spray the solution on top of the baking soda until the stain is covered, but not soaked. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Soak up any excess vinegar with fresh paper towels or another clean white cloth.
  • Sprinkle another light layer of baking soda on top and let it sit on the area for as long as possible leave it for at least 5 hours .
  • Vacuum your mattress to remove the baking soda use a small attachment and go over the area multiple times until all residue is gone.
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    Cleaning Your Foam Rv Cushions

    Its safe to say that most RVs have a foam cushion or two whether it be on the sofa or the booth dinette. Unfortunately it has always been a mystery to me how to properly and effectively clean these cushions.. until now. This is especially helpful if you have recently purchased a pre-owned RV or are looking to put your RV up for sale. All you need to clean them and get them smelling fresh is baking soda, vinegar, a spray bottle, and some sunshine.

    Simply take the cushion covers off the of the foam and wash those according to the directions. Lay the foam cushions on the driveway or yard on top of an old sheet or blanket. Sprinkle the baking soda liberally onto one side of the cushions and allow to sit for a few hours in the sun before flipping over and repeating. After a few more hours in the sun you will want to get as much of the baking soda off as possible. The best way Ive found is simply by shaking and beating the powder off. A vacuum is of little use to foam. Next you will want to fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water and mist both sides of the cushions. Once again let sit in the sun until completely dry.

    You will smell a bit of vinegar smell for the first day or so but all odors should neutralize within a week or so. I try to do this every year before we put our RV away for the winter to keep everything fresh and clean and ready for spring! Feel free to share any cleaning tips that you may have!

    Did We Help Freshen Up Your Mattress

    Mattresses, even the best mattresses, can get quite stinky, thanks to all the sweat and debris they tend to collect. Freshening up and deodorizing your mattress isnt much of a chore. Often, its as simple as sprinkling baking soda over the mattress cover and leaving it alone for a few hours.

    Doing this just once a month can help your mattress provide years of comfortable rest and keep you from having to replace your mattress before youre ready to.

    This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

    Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

    Sarah Anderson is a sleep, health, and wellness writer and product reviewer. She has written articles on changing and improving your sleep schedule, choosing the right mattress for chronic pain conditions, and finding the best pillow for you. Sarah Anderson has her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in Journalism and Mass Communications. Prior to working for Zoma, she wrote for a variety of news publications. Sarah’s work has been featured on Bustle, PureWow, and other publications.

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    And If All Else Fails

    Of course, if youve tried all the above and still cant remove all the stains from your mattress, it might be time to call in the pros.

    A professional mattress cleaner or mattress cleaning company will have seen more stains than you could possibly imagine.

    The chances are, theyve shifted more stubborn stains than youve had hot dinners. And if you pick the right pro, theyll still cost less than a replacement mattress.

    How To Clean Dust Mites From A Mattress

    Part 3 Restoring musty, moldy foam camper cushions

    Dust mites are tiny creatures with eight legs that are impossible to see.

    Theyre prevalent wherever humans are because they feed off flakes of dead human skin. If the humidity in your bedroom is high , there is a very high likely hood that youre going to have dust mites on your mattress, bedding, sheets, and pillows.

    There are only 3 ways to kill a dust mite. You can:

    • Freeze them
    • Poison them

    Within the context of a bed, we clearly only have one option to heat them.

    Make sure that you change your bed sheets regular and wash them on a hot wash. The water temperature needs to be 130F or higher.

    Whilst the sheets are off, vacuum your mattress using the handheld brush attachment.

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    How Do You Clean Your Mattress If You Or Someone In Your Family Comes Down With Covid

    The effects of COVID-19 can vary greatly from person to person. Some people experience little to no symptoms, while fatigue, fever, respiration issues can cause others infected with the disease to spend a lengthy period in bed. After you or the person in your household recovers, it is important to go beyond just washing and changing your sheets to make sure your mattress is properly sanitized.

    First, it is important to increase air ventilation to decrease the spread of the disease. An easy and effective way to do this is to open the windows in the room. This is most effective when there are multiple doors or windows open to allow air to flow in from opening and out the other. You can also increase ventilation by placing a box fan in the window or using a portable air purifier with a HEPA filter. If you are using an air purifier, make sure it is an appropriate size to properly clean the space.

    Next, it is important to take the sheets and other bed covers off the mattress and thoroughly wash them in the highest water temperature possible to kill any lingering germs from spreading. Click here to learn more about how to clean bedding to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

    Now that the mattress is clean, make sure that the mattress is fully dry before making the bed. Make sure to protect it with a mattress cover before putting the sheets and other bedding back on the mattress.

    Why Should I Opt For Eco

    There are a number of reasons why you should opt for eco-friendly mattress cleaning:

    • Better for the earth. Green cleaning products are gentle on both you and the environment. Theyre made from plant-based ingredients so they wont irritate your skin, lungs and eyes. Theyre better for the earth too. Green cleaning products arent reliant on fossil fuels. Theyre made with biodegradable surfactants that wont pollute the earth.
    • Safer environment. When you use gentle, natural cleaning methods for your mattress, you no longer live with the threat of harsh chemicals within your environment. You breathe in and absorb chemical cleaning fluids from your mattress, throughout the night. Be safe. Go natural.
    • Air quality. No one enjoys sleeping on a mattress that emits a strong chemical smell. By practicing eco-friendly mattress cleaning, you enjoy improved air quality.
    • Pet and child safety. Pets and small children are typically more sensitive to chemicals found in common cleaning products. Use eco-friendly formulations to prevent any issues or allergies with your pet or your young ones.
    • Cleaning safety. Chemical-based cleaners are often harsh to the skin, lungs and eyes, whereas, eco-friendly cleaners are gentle.
    • Save money. You can save money by making your own, all-purpose, eco-friendly cleaning solution, for not only your mattress, but every room in your house.

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    Why Pro Mattress Cleaning Is The Best Solution

    Pet urine in your mattress isnt only unpleasant it can be detrimental to your health.

    If its not cleaned properly, the urine problem can quickly become a bacteria problem. That means mould and rot can infiltrate and ruin your mattress.

    Our professional cleaning team will:

  • Deodorize and pre-spray your mattress, to target problem areas and deal with odors, allergens, and bacteria.
  • Rinse using powerful hot water extraction, to flush out bacteria living within your mattress.
  • Finish the job with a protective coating, to keep your mattress fresher for longer.
  • Address Any Stains Or Spills

    A New RV Mattress Helps us Get Amazing Adventure Sleep ...

    If you have any fresh spills or stains on your mattress, deal with those first. Theyll be the easiest to remove, and the sooner you get to them, the greater the chance youll get rid of them entirely.

    The nature of the stain will determine the method you use to clean it. For example, if youre trying to figure out how to get urine out of a mattress, an enzymatic cleaner will probably be the best option. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, will probably be more effective on food or drink stains but well get to some specific stain-removal tips in the next section of this guide.

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    How To Clean And Disinfect Your Mattress

    Life can be messy, and keeping your mattress clean is no exception. Besides the time you spend sleeping, you may also spend some extra hours in bed watching Netflix, munching on some snacks, or snuggling with pets. All of this activity contributes to a mattress full of dust, germs, dead skin cells, dust mites, and sweat residue.But don’t worryour comprehensive mattress cleaning guide will teach you how to combat common stains and what to use to make your mattress look, smell, and feel brand new.

    Method : Steam Cleaning

    Dust Mites are little critters not seen by the naked eye but certainly can be felt in itchy eyes and runny noses. To combat this nasty allergen as well as other mattress enemies you will want to attack with heat. You may need someone to help with lifting and moving the mattress as you clean.

    • Remove as much topical dust and dander as possible by vacuuming well using the crevice tools to get into every nook and cranny of the mattress top and sides.
    • Use a garment or hand-held steamer, or rent a commercial steamer, and run the steam cleaner across the mattress surfaces making sure to get every inch or surface evenly using short bursts of steam. You do not want to use constant bursts of steam as this will result in soaking the mattress.
    • It is a must to allow the mattress to dry completely before making it up and sleeping on it. Ventilate the room and turn on a fan to speed up the drying process

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    Cleaning Dry Urine Out Of A Mattress

    If the urine has already dried by the time you discover the accident, youll have to follow some extra steps to remove it properly. First, you need to rehydrate the stain. This can make it smell worse initially, but is the only way to remove the pee.

    Use the same solution of vinegar, detergent, and water to soak the stained area, and then cover with plastic such as Saran Wrap or a clean garbage bag, and leave the stain for 24 hours. This ensures that the urine is rehydrated and the solution can work on cleaning it without drying out.

    After soaking the stain, remove the plastic covering and allow the mattress to air dry. This may take up to 12 hours. Once dry, check the area for stains or odor. You may need to repeat the cleaning process several times to completely remove all traces of the urine.

    Leave Your Mattress In The Sun

    Truck Camper Mattress Mold Solution! (Under $10)

    The UV rays that make up sunlight are a natural disinfectant, preventing bacteria from replicating by damaging their cells and killing dust mites.

    Once youve cleaned your mattress by vacuuming it and freshened it up, haul it outside to a clean and dry spot in the sun. Leave the mattress alone for about six hours, then bring it back inside. Just make sure you choose a day thats not only sunny, but offers low humidity and no chance of precipitation. Remember, a damp mattress can encourage mold growth and ruin your bed!

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    Next Break Out The Vacuum

    After youve stripped the bed, use a handheld vacuum or vacuum cleaner attachment to remove all of the dirt, debris, and bacteria that has accumulated on the surface of your mattress. Flip it over to get all the crevices, then flip it back and sprinkle baking soda on the top. Let the baking soda sit for 10-15 minutes to absorb odor, then use the vacuum to remove.

    How To Clean A Latex Mattress

    If you have a latex mattress, you can use all of the above-mentioned eco-friendly cleaning steps or another method for cleaning a latex mattress is as follows:

  • Remove the cover. If your mattress has a cover, take it off.
  • Add organic or natural liquid soap to water. Add a few drops of organic or natural liquid soap to warm water. Agitate the mixture with your hand until bubbles form.
  • Use a white cotton cloth. Dip a plain white cotton cloth into the soapy water. Squeeze it out gently to remove any excess water. Spot clean the mattress.
  • Dampen a second white cotton cloth. Dampen another cloth under warm, running water. Gently squeeze the excess water out. Wipe away the soapy solution from the mattress.
  • Let the mattress dry. Allow the mattress to completely air dry before you replace the cover.
  • Keep in mind that you should never expose your latex mattress to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can break down the cellular structure of a latex mattress. Always be sure to let your latex mattress air dry inside and in the shade. Also, keep in mind that your latex mattress remains fresher when you keep it covered with a waterproof mattress protector. This is an inexpensive way to ensure that your mattress stays in a like-new condition, while protecting it from spills, stains, dirt, etc. The protector is undetectable under your sheets and it is breathable.

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