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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers

What Is The Best Mattress Firmness For Side Sleepers

What’s the best type of mattress for a side sleeper?

In terms of firmness, side sleepers will want to look for something soft to moderate on the firmness scale. While many folks assume firmer mattresses are the most supportive , a special exception needs to be made for those who spend most of their slumber time on their sides. Per Poorbaugh:

A firm mattress gives better support for pushing yourself up to a seated position. However, if you need pressure relief , a plush mattress will have more cushion for those sensitive areas.

So what exactly constitutes a plush mattress? In my opinion, a plush mattress:

  • Comes in at a 4.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale .
  • Provides ample pressure relief and support to the neck, hips, and shoulders.
  • Allows for deep sinkage to buffer against the formation of pressure points along the spine.

Firmness is perhaps the most important attribute for side sleepers due to the very nature of the position. In order to provide proper support, the mattress must be able to contour to the curves of the body so the sleepers not digging into the structure.

Consider Buying A Mattress Online

People who are looking for a mattress online are often surprised by how many affordable options are available. While buying a mattress online might have seemed strange even just 10 years ago, it has become commonplace today and is consistently growing in popularity.

Part of the reason for this popularity is competitive pricing. Most online companies sell directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman and eliminating the overhead of costly retail stores. These savings get passed on to shoppers, reducing sticker prices for most beds sold online. In addition, competition between sellers means that promotions and discounts are available to offer deals below the retail pricing.

Another benefit to shopping online is that you can take your time and fully research your options. In your living room, theres no pushy salesperson looking over your shoulder, so it can be a much more pleasant and low-pressure shopping experience. In this context, its much easier to compare different options and seek out the best mattress for the money.

A common concern when buying online is that you cant lie down on the bed before making a purchase. While its true that you cant feel out a mattress through your computer, detailed descriptions and reviews online give a solid idea of what to expect for any given model.

Shipping the mattress in this way has no effect on its quality or durability, and it eliminates the cost and hassle associated with traditional mattress delivery and installation.

Other Good Mattresses For Side

For a number of reasons, we thought the mattresses below would be unlikely to appeal to a wide variety of side-sleepers. But the ideal bed is subjective, and its possible that you might find the feel of these options appealing enough to outweigh any drawbacks.

The Tempur-Adapt appeals to side-sleepers who prefer a firmer feel along with an assertive memory-foam sink. Coils make it slightly easier to move around on, but the overall sensation is one that contours to your every curve. Tempur-Pedics special foam is 4½ pounds per cubic foot, which suggests that for most peopleincluding those who weigh more than 200 poundsthe mattress should resist sagging and body impressions . Tempur-Pedics higher-end lines offer softer options, but theyre also considerably more expensive. You can return the mattress within 90 days if you dont like it , but the shipping cost may exceed $100, depending on where you live. If you tend to shift positions a lot, youre likely better off with the Leesa Hybrid or an innerspring.

Kelli Pate contributed to this guide.

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The Best Mattresses For Back Pain In Side Sleepers

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

The right mattress for a side sleeper with back pain may depend on the type and location of the pain.

Generally, mattresses that support spinal alignment relieve pressure on the back and joints, which may alleviate back pain for some people.

In this article, we investigate how a mattress may ease this pain for people who sleep on their sides and look at six options.

Please note, however, that the statements below are based only on research. No one at Medical News Today, including the writer, has tried these products.

During sleep, the primary force affecting the back is gravity. As such, sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or hard or does not support the alignment of the spine may put pressure on the joints. For some, this can cause or worsen back pain and impact overall sleep quality.

According to the International Chiropractors Association, a good mattress will:

  • keep the spine in a straight position
  • contour pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders
  • be consistently comfortable in every position, especially the persons most common one

People often believe that firm mattresses are good for back pain, but an

The right mattress should distribute pressure evenly throughout the body and keep the back in a neutral position.

Best Mattress Overall For Side Sleepers

Top 20 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Review of 2020

We consider the Saatva Classic the best overall for side sleepers because its so many things to so many people. The plush soft firmness is a favorite for side sleepers, and our score for spinal alignment is a whopping 9.5 out of 10, something that is critical to the side sleeper. And with different firmness options, all weights and all sleeping positions can be accommodated.

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Tips And Reminders For Finding The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

  • Ensure the mattress has been designed with side sleepers in mind, such as AirFoam.
  • Shop online with a reputable retailer.
  • Enjoy a free trial to make sure the mattress is best for you.
  • Stay within budget and never feel pressured to overspend.
  • Ask your online retailer if they offer financing to spread the cost if thats the best option for you.
  • Take note that your online retailer offers free delivery and free return with an added lengthy warranty.
  • The 10 Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers need a mattress that combines back and neck support with pressure relieving comfort. Find the best mattress for the side sleepers with our extensive guide outlining the 10 top reviewed mattresses .

    Looking for the best mattress for side sleepers? Side sleeping is considered one of the healthiest sleep positions for your back and spine, but the wrong mattress can leave you waking up with aches and pains. Because the hips and shoulders press deeply into the mattress, hip and shoulder pain can arise on the wrong bed. The best way to avoid this is by choosing a mattress that excels in spine alignment and pressure relief so that your back is supported while the hips and shoulders are softly uplifted.

    But where should you begin on finding the perfect mattress for you? This guide compiles the best of the best from top online brands, so you can find exactly what you need to start sleeping even better.

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    Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Side Sleepers

    Mattress firmness is a subjective measure of comfort, so whether you choose a soft or firm mattress for sleeping on your side will depend on several factors. Mattresses are usually rated on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, or extremely soft to extremely firm. Medium soft to medium firm mattresses are most common.

    For side sleepers, mattress firmness determines how cushioned the pressure points are. It affects how much the shoulders and hips sink into the mattress, which helps keep the spine aligned. A comfortable mattress will alleviate aches and pains.

    There are a few factors to consider when deciding on mattress firmness, including personal preferences, body weight, and mattress type. Heavier people press deeper into the mattress, so the same mattress may feel different to people depending on their weight and body type. The comfort layers affect the firmness and feel of the mattress. Memory foam conforms closely to the shape of the body, while latex offers gentle contouring with more bounce. Innerspring coils can add firmness to a mattress. Of the several types of mattresses available, each has benefits and drawbacks for side sleepers.

    Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Side Sleepers

    What is the best type of mattress for a side sleeper?

    Memory foam mattresses can a good fit for side sleepers because it contours to the shape of your body and supports the natural curvature of your spine. Memory foam mattresses are also excellent at equally distributing your body weight when youre sleeping on your side. When choosing a memory foam mattress for side sleepers, you will want to choose one with a softer firmness level as this will help with pressure relief in your shoulders.

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    Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

    The Casper Wave Hybrid has zoned support, which means it’s softer at the shoulders and firmer at the midsection. This construction helps promote a neutral spine alignment, which helps prevent back pain.

    We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

    Hip Pain
    Back Pain
    Back Sleeping

    lightweightaverage weight

    Side Sleeping

    lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

    Stomach Sleeping

    lightweightaverage weight

    Financing Options

    Mattress Type And Materials

    What type of mattress is best for side sleepers? The best mattresses for side sleepers should have at least one layer of memory foam because the texture supports the natural curvature of the spine, minimizing the risk of waking up with aches and pains. These types of pressure-relieving mattresses also excel at distributing body weight evenly in the side sleeping position.

    Some of the mattresses we recommend for side sleepers, like the Saatva Classic, are made with layers of memory foam and pocketed spring coils, or innersprings. While traditional innerspring mattresses aren’t typically ideal for side sleepers, hybrid mattresses combine traditional innerspring coil systems with layers of foam to get the best of both worlds. These hybrid mattresses with memory foam tops produce the contouring support and pressure relief side sleepers need. The layers of coils help keep the spine aligned throughout the night.

    Latex mattresses are another good option for side sleepers. The pressure-relieving material has a supportive, buoyant feel and holds up well over time.

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    Benefits & Drawbacks Of Firm Mattresses

    Firm mattresses have many benefits and support is chief among them. Firm mattresses are more supportive than soft mattresses and hold up the body, rather than letting it sink in too far. Lying on a firm mattress, most people will feel like they are sleeping on top of the mattress, and they should have no real issues moving around on the mattress.

    This also makes firm mattresses cooler than soft mattresses. Lying more on top of the mattress, more of the body is exposed to the air that is moving around in the bedroom.

    However, while firm mattresses offer great support, they arent the best when it comes to pressure relief. Side sleepers might feel some serious pressure on their shoulders and hips when they lie on a firm mattress. Also, while comfort is subjective, many people dont find firm mattresses to be as comfortable.

    Why Should You Trust Our Reviews

    Best Sealy Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews 2020 in 2020 ...

    To put together this list of best mattresses for side sleepers, we spent time actually lying down on each mattress, performing hands-on testing, and evaluating the factors above to determine which would be the best fit for each ranking. For example, we test the motion isolation of each mattress by placing a glass of water on it and pressing on the layers around it. If the water moves a lot, we know that the mattress does not have great motion isolation. We also test the edge support to see how much the bed collapses and look at a pressure map of the mattress to understand where there is built up pressure while laying on it. Rather than simply saying this mattress is great or this mattress is terrible, we recognize that this is a fairly subjective process. As a result, we simply try to point people in the right direction by categorizing each mattress and differentiating its qualities from others.

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    The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers In Canada

    This article was created by Sustainable Planet and may contain affiliate links.

    There are so many different ways to sleep, but side sleeping is the most common position by a significant margin. Unfortunately, even lifelong side sleepers may not know what type of mattress they need and often struggle with pain, stiffness, restlessness, and poor-quality sleep due to the incompatibility of their mattress for their sleep position. To combat this trend of lack of knowledge, weve put together a top-rated list of the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada.

    How Firm Should A Mattress Be If You Sleep On Your Side

    Side sleepers should be looking for a mattress that is softer-than-average on a scale of 1-10, a good side sleeping mattress should be between a 5 and 6.5.A mattress with this firmness should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips so that one can sleep through the night without any pain in those areas. A medium firmness may even be too much.

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    Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

    If youre a back sleeper looking for a bed that will support you in your preferred sleeping position, then youve landed on the right page! In this guide, Im going to introduce you to the absolute best mattresses for back sleepers, including picks for back pain, those who sleep hot, budget shoppers, and more.

    Benefits Of Sleeping Sideways

    What is the best type of Mattress for a Side Sleeper?

    If you feel naturally tempted towards sleeping on your left side, there is a valid, scientific reason for that. A lot of reports show that there are actual benefits of sleeping on your left in spite of on your right side. Some of them include:

    • Reduced heartburn
    • It boosts your digestion properties
    • Helps to clear your lymph
    • Improves your overall brain health

    The reasons for that are numerous. In a nutshell, it comes down to better alignment of your entire body, including your internal organs and not just your spine.

    Sleep Apnea, particularly Obstructive Sleep Apnea, is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders. This condition is when the airways collapse, causing the sleeper to start and stop breathing during the night. Snoring is one of the symptoms of Sleep Apnea. Healthcare specialists with Johns Hopkins Medicine say that side sleeping can mitigate mild Sleep Apnea and snoring by helping to open up the airways.

    Of course, as weve mentioned above, there are also challenges associated with sleeping on your side. When youre considering the benefits, make sure not to forget to weigh in the side effects and potential risks as well.

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    Best For Side And Back Sleepers: Saatva Classic In Luxury Firm

    Youre a side sleeper but your partner is a back sleeper, or maybe youre just a restless sleeper who switches between your back and side during the night. Either way, you need a mattress that can support the pressure points for both kinds of sleepersand thats actually kind of a tall order, because back and side sleepers typically need different kinds of support.

    With the Saatva Classic, however, varying sleep styles arent a problem. The mattress features a set of individually-wrapped coils, which not only promotes airflow but lets the coils on your side of the bed adapt to your body . The mattress also has an organic pillow top for extra cushioning and perimeter edge support to deter sagging.

    For side and back sleepers, we suggest the luxury firm option, which falls in between soft and firm, can wrap around your body and provide support, and is best for couples who may have different sleep styles. You also get free white glove delivery and 180 days to try out your new mattress.

    If you think youll sleep best on a mattress made totally of memory foam but dont want to take a rather *ahem* expensive gamble on that belief, the Nectar mattress is a perfectly affordable way to try out the memory foam trend for yourself.

    Pros And Cons Of Sleeping On Your Side

    While we’ve already outlined a few benefits to sleeping on your side, like improved digestion and a clearer mind, resting on your side is also better for spine alignment. The nature of this position keeps your spine in line with your neck, which improves your posture and helps you rest in healthy, neutral alignment.

    But sleeping on your side can also cause aches and pains if you’re resting on a bed that doesn’t properly cushion pressure points like the hips and shoulders. Since these areas dig into the mattress more when lying on your side, you risk waking with shoulder or neck pain if your bed has a too-hard surface. Below we describe how to avoid this issue by ensuring your mattress fits the ideal firmness level for side sleeping.

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    Birch Mattress Review Breakdown

    The Birch Mattress is considered a hybrid model. Hybrids are designed with thick comfort layers and pocketed coil support cores that promote a balance of cushioning, contouring, support, and responsiveness. This general design sets them apart from traditional innersprings, most of which conform to a minimal extent and feel exceptionally bouncy.

    The mattress begins with a layer of organic and natural wool batting. Batting does not contour to the body like foam or latex, so youll notice some plushness without the body-cradling. Wool is also a very breathable material with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool during the night.

    Beneath the top batting layer rests a layer of natural Talalay latex. This component provides some noticeable contouring as your body sinks into the batting layer. The latex is also ventilated with small holes to promote airflow near the surface of the mattress for added cooling. The latex has earned certifications from numerous institutions. These include OEKO-TEX, which certifies the mattress does not contain any hazardous chemicals or toxins the Eco-Institut, which certifies the mattress does not contain any volatile organic compounds and the Rainforest Alliance, which certifies the materials in the mattress have been sustainably harvested.


    Natural and organic wool batting


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