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Where Are Helix Mattresses Made

Sleep Specialist Helix Launches Its First Flippable Mattress For Kids

Helix Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Reviewing Every Helix Model!

ByDavina Franks10 November 2021

The Helix Kids mattress is made for children aged three to 12, and offers two levels of firmness

Helix Sleep has launched a new mattress for children and its completely flippable. The Helix Kids mattress is designed to ‘grow’ with your child to continuously support their needs the older they get. To do this, it uses a firm side and a soft side, with specific age recommendations for each.

The firmer side is suggested for younger children when they need more support to ‘aid proper development of their growing bodies’, while older kids will no doubt love the softer side designed to dish out maximum coziness while still feeling supportive.

Helix is one of the worlds best mattress brands, so we aren’t surprised to see such a high build quality and the use of premium, non-toxic materials here. For example, the mattress features innersprings and durable custom foam layers that are CertiPUR-US certified to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. The cover is also microbial and water-repellent, helping to keep the surface clean and fresh after any spills.

The Helix Kids costs $649 for a twin size and $899 for a full size, and to celebrate the launch you can currently get $100 off plus two free pillows at Helix Sleep. This is a great Black Friday mattress deal if you’re in the market for a children’s bed. Read on now to learn more about the new Helix Kids…

More About The Helix Mattress

As weve been mentioning, Helix offers an array of different mattresses to choose from: their six core models, a luxe version to each of their core models, Helix Plus for folks with heavier body types, and the natural/organic Birch Mattress. We went over their major differences above, so here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the Helix mattress models.

Helix Midnight Vs Helix Sunset

While the Helix Midnight is amedium-firm mattress, the Helix Sunset mattress is decidedly on the softer side of the mattress firmness scale. Our team rates it around a three or four on our mattress scale of one to 10. That firmness level is great for side sleepers and those who have sensitive joints.

The Helix Sunset uses two layers of foam to conform around the sleepers body and add extra comfort. For side sleepers, those soft layers are great news because they allow the hips to sink into the mattress and keep the spine in proper alignment.

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Does It Sleep Hot

The Helix Midnight possesses two qualities to help keep youcool at night. First, it features a soft, breathable cover that enhances airflow and temperature regulation. Next, its a hybrid bed. This means that the individual coils at the base promote airflow and breathability throughout the mattress. However, the Memory Plus Foam on top of the mattress is not gel infused, which means it may not sleep as cool as hot sleepers would like. So, to max out cooling qualities in a hybrid bed, look for one with both gel-infused foam and individually wrapped coils. To see our suggestions for cooling mattresses, check out the best mattress for hot sleepers.

Discover Your Return Policy

The Helix Plus Mattress is Made for Heavy People

In the rare case that you decide your new Helix bed isnt the right fit, you can return it for a full refund during their 100-night trial period. All you need to do is head to their website and request a return. Your mattress will be picked up by a local charity, after which youll receive a refund on your original form of payment.

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How Long Does A Helix Bed Last

Helix mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, while Helix Plus and Helix Luxe have a longer 15-year warranty. These warranties give you an idea of the Helix beds expected lifespan of up to 10 years or longer. However, you dont need to wait for your mattress to reach its anticipated lifespan before considering getting a new one.

For example, understand that the average mattress lifespan is between 5 to 10 years. Still, you can buy a new one after year 7 or 8, especially when its deformed. Your usage will also play a role in your beds longevity, so maintain and care for your Helix mattress.

Warranty & Return Policy

Depending on the model chosen, the warranty period for your Helix mattress will also differ. Mattresses from the regular line come with a 10-year warranty each, but if you opt for the upgraded model, which is any mattress in the LUXE line, you will have a 15 years warranty coverage.

Similar to other big brands, Helix also offers 100 night of free sleep trial. This means that every new customer has 100 nights to sleep on the Helix and decide if they feel comfortable, well-rested, and would like to stick with the mattress on the long run.

Buyers that dont feel like they are getting the best out of their mattresses can return them, provided they have tested the mattress for at least 30 days prior to returning it. In other words, you cannot return the mattress sooner than 30 days, or longer than 100.

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Learn More About Your Sleep Trial

The Moonlight mattress comes with Helixs risk-free, 100-night trial period. Once youve had your mattress for 30 days, you can return it for a full refund before 100 days if you decide its not the right mattress for you. Helixs 100-night sleep trial is the most common trial period amongst online mattress companies.

How Long Will The Helix Mattress Last

Helix Nightfall Mattress Review – Extra Comfort?

We werent able to find any information relating to the actual expected lifespan of the mattress.

Based on experience, we would think that a mattress of this quality and construction should last 8 years, possible 10 with proper care.

The bed is not designed to be flipped over The gray material with Helix logo should always be at the bottom.

Helix does offer a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty.

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Is This Mattress For Me

We feel confident that there is definitely a perfect Helix mattress out there for you! No matter how you like to sleep, or what your budget is, Helix has you covered. Whats so cool about their company is that they really seem to do it all. Check out their new line of customizable furniture here.

For back sleepers and stomach sleepers, there are firmer options that offer great support and make the most of the innerspring technology. For side sleepers, there are more giving, plush models that offer great contouring and joint support. And for all those somewhere in the middle, there are options that combine technologies suited for combination sleepers. Did we already mention that Helix has a fantastic Sleep Quiz to help you choose which one is right for you?

Out of all of their offerings, we love their best-selling Midnight LUXE model. It is both supportive and comfortable, with easy installation and a price point that seems too good to be true given the quality of the product. This is a great mattress for those who generally sleep on their side, or couples who are concerned about motion isolation.

Complete Helix Mattress Review

Helix Sleep first introduced their customizable hybrid mattress in 2014, which was the year of our first review.

They recently revamped completely their offering, after working thoroughly on their customers feedback of the past 4 years.

The company believes that mattresses should be customized to the individual, and asks customers to fill out an online questionnaire disclosing key details about their body form, sleeping position, firmness preference and more.

Based on the results of the Find Your Match profile, Helix will recommend the mattress most likely to provide the best overall experience.

The available options include regular mattresses with 6 different combinations of firmness and cushioning, and one variant built especially for heavier people. See below for the details.

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Motion Isolation & Edge Support

These are two mattress attributes that couples should keep an eye out for if they dont want their partner to disturb their sleep at night.

Helix is one the best mattress companies for couples because they give you so many options and offer hybrid beds that perform well in both of these categories. For most couples, the six core models should be more than enough to choose from, but if you and your partner sleep completely differently, you might want to consider the Helix Dusk or Helix Midnight, as these will have the most accommodating feel. The split firmness beds are no longer available.

Helix Mattresses Review: A Bed For Every Sleeping Position

Helix Mattress Review for 2018

There are comfortable hybrid mattresses in multiple firmness levels so you can find your perfect match.

Helix stands out from the rest of the bed in a box mattress pack because it has an extensive product catalog and offers a personalized sleep quiz that pairs you with the perfect Helix mattress. It essentially has a bed for every sleeping position and every body type. The brand is really versatile and inclusive in that sense. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there’s a serious chance you’ll find something to fit your body and sleeping preferences.

This Helix mattress review will give an overview of the different Helix mattresses offered and who each model is most accommodating for, including its core models, Luxe mattress models and Helix Plus.

  • All firmness levels from soft to firm to suit all sleeping positions
  • It has a sleep quiz to help you choose the right bed
  • Hybrid construction accommodates all body types
  • Helix Plus option for those with plus-size body types
  • Fair price for the base Helix models

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Helix Mattress: Company Overview

Where to buy: Online showroom

The Helix mattress was first introduced in 2015. Its primary selling feature is certainly its customization. Before purchasing you are asked to complete an online quiz that asks for your unique physical description and sleep tendencies. Based on this information, your ideal mattress is recommended. Helix expanded into the Canadian market in January 2016.

Helix Midnight Vs Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight mattress sits around an 8 or 9 on the mattress firmness scale, meaning it is well on the firmer side. This extra firmness is great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, both of whom need extra support to keep their bodies aligned on the bed. For extra edge support, the coils in this mattress are more supportive around the perimeter.

If youre an average-weight or heavier stomach sleeper, our team thinks the Helix Twilight will work just a bit better for you than the Helix Midnight. The Helix Midnight will serve side sleepers better than the Twilight because of its softer feel, but back sleepers should do just fine on either model. If youre a back sleeper, your personal firmness preferences will dictate which mattress feels best to you.

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Helix Mattresses: 2021 Review

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Since 2015, bed-in-a-box company Helix has worked to help sleepers find the right mattress for better rest. The founders say they created Helix after they struggled to get quality sleep on less-than-quality mattresses.

The name Helix appears to be linked to the concept of sleep DNA, which the company mentions on their site. Everyone has a different sleep DNA, or specific needs for comfort and support. It stands to reason, then, that many people wont find what they need when choosing between just one or two mattresses.

While Helix doesnt offer a different mattress for every person , they do offer a wide range of options. Read on to learn more about Helix and discover which of their mattresses might fulfill your unique sleep needs.

You Will Like The Helix Plus Mattress If You:


· 5 layers of support that will help with back pain and neck pain.

· Mattress design that is intended to be perfect for those who are plus size or very tall. This is one of the few mattresses that is made with these factors in mind and you will love that you are comfortable on this mattress no matter where you prefer to sleep or in what position.

· A firm sleep comfort that does not feel squishy or heavy.

· A soft memory foam feel that never feels rigid or hot.

· A perfect mattress for co-sleeping as motion transfer is very limited and the edge support is excellent.

· You want to buy an affordable mattress that offers many nice features.

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Helix Mattress Firmness And Feel

Helix Sunset4/10mattress enthusiasts, sleepers with petite bodies,strict back sleepersHelix Sunset Luxe4.2/10Helix Moonlight5/10“Helix Dyanmic Foam”soft mattress enthusiasts, back sleepers,petite sleepersHelix Moonlight Luxe5.2/10Helix Midnightmedium-firm feel6.5/10balancedHelix Midnight Luxe6.8/10Helix Dusk7/10medium-firmHelix Dusk Luxe7.2/10Helix Twilight Mattress7.5/10firm mattressHelix Twilight Luxe7.7/10Helix Dawn8/10,firm mattress enthusiastslarger bodiesHelix Dawn Luxe8.2/10

Making Sense Of Helixs Mattress Lines

Helixs catalog of 14 mattresses might look overwhelming. But the list can be broken down fairly easily into groupings based on how you sleep:

Three softer, side-sleeper Standard mattresses, with the option to upgrade to Luxe versions:

Helixs large menu is built on the idea that sleep position alone doesnt dictate your firmness choicespersonal preference counts, too. So if youre a side-sleeper, Helix offers three options: the typical soft mattress , as well as a medium and firm one . All three beds have a comfort layer thats made with Memory Foam Plus, a polyurethane foam thats not actually memory foam but promises a similar feel. Helix representatives told us that the Memory Foam Plus is designed with microscopic air capsules to provide curve-conforming pressure relief with more resilience and breathability than real memory foam. Given that its a proprietary material and we havent long-term tested it, its hard to comment on how it compares from a durability standpoint to actual memory foam or other polyfoams. We sampled it in the Midnight and indeed found the bed to feel less sticky and huggy than the true memory-foam mattresses in our 2018 blind test. The Midnight did not sleep hot for me, but inherently hot sleepers may have a different experience.

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Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230lbs

Heavyweight back sleepers should find adequate support on the Helix Dusk, which offers some pressure relief while sustaining spinal alignment. Heavyweight side sleepers should enjoy plenty of pressure relief on the softest models in the Helix linenamely, the Helix Moonlight or Helix Sunset. Meanwhile, heavyweight stomach sleepers will most likely gravitate toward the Helix Dawn in order to obtain adequate spinal support.

Where To Buy Helix Mattresses

The 12 Best American Made Mattresses

You can purchase Helix mattresses from their website, using the shopping links above. Youll find the Luxe versions in a separate tab on the product page for each mattress.

Helix discounts the prices of their mattresses a few times throughout the year. The company also offers a regular 15 percent discount to:

  • veterans, service members, and military family members
  • teachers

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The Helix Sleep Showroom Experience

Where am I able to try the Helix mattresses in Austin?

The Helix original hybrid mattress, Helix Luxe mattress and Birch by Helix are featured on the showroom at Our Sleep Guide Online Mattress Store in Austin, TX.

Where can I test Helix Sleep products outside of Austin?

If you happen to live in NYC, youre in luck. The Helix Sleep Showroom is in downtown NYC. This is there only showroom in the country. However, they also have a few partner showrooms you can visit too.

Where is Helix Sleeps headquarters? And can I try out their mattresses there?

Helix Sleep is headquartered in New York City. This location also doubles as their showroom too.

Do you recommend trying the Helix mattresses before purchasing?

Absolutely. Though online mattresses are set up to give you in home trials that take away the risk of buying site unseen, it is always nice to try it for yourself. When you test the Helix and Helix Luxe mattress in-person you get to see not only what the differences are between them, but also between several of the comfort options available. Giving you much better insight to which Helix Sleep mattress will be best for you.

Does the Helix Showroom offer a private area to test the mattresses? Can the showroom provide me a private space to test the mattress?
How do I really know if the Helix Sleep mattress is the best option for me?

Lightweight Sleepers Under 130lbs

Lightweight back sleepers should have several models to choose from: The Helix Moonlight, Midnight, and Dusk all offer plenty of spinal support and varying levels of pressure relief to suit different preferences. Similarly, lightweight side sleepers can take their pick of the Helix Midnight, Moonlight, or Sunseteach of these models should offer enough pressure relief, while folks can tailor the level of firmness to their personal preferences. Finally, lightweight stomach sleepers are likely to feel best supported on the Helix Twilight or Dawn.

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Helix Midnight Mattress: What We Didn’t Like

  • Some irregular stitching on one side
  • Edge support could be sturdier

We couldnt find much to err over with this comfortable mattress, although its worth being aware that Helix mattress dimensions can vary by up to one-inch on either side because all the company’s mattresses are handmade.

This didnt cause any performance issues with our Helix Midnight review mattress, but as a minor cosmetic complaint, we did notice an area of irregular stitching on one of the sides. There were 12 inches of bunched-up fabric that werent as smooth as the three other sides.

We also felt that edge support – while adequate – could be marginally better for sitting on the side of the bed for longer periods of time. For sleeping, though, edge support was fine. We dont have any complaints about sagging edges or rolling off while we slept.


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