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How Does A Memory Foam Mattress Work

What Other Things You Can Do When Your Mattress Wont Expand

What is memory foam? How does Memory Foam Work? John Ryan By Design

Memory foam mattress not expanding, even after all the attempts to fix it we mentioned earlier can, indeed, be frustrating. Still, there are some other things you can do, depending on how old your mattress is, how much money you spent on it, and what the company you bought the mattress from offers to its customers.

Stay with us for the remaining paragraphs to inform yourself about things you can do when your mattress wont expand.

Discover 8 Cooling Techniques Used In A Mattress

“Although I like the comfort of a foam bed mattress, I am of the age where I ‘sleep hot,'” one Amazon client composes. 5 Best Memory Foam Bed Mattress Pad TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Topper Made from three inches of Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam, this extra-comfy mattress pad is.

Plus, “this topper has actually assisted in reducing lower back discomfort.” 6 Best Organic Mattress Pad Saatva Bed mattress Topper Of course glamorous mattress-maker Saatva uses one of the finest cooling bed mattress pads on the market, too. This natural cotton topper has: heat-distributing graphite, encouraging memory foam, and motion-minimizing transitional foam – night sweats. Oh, and it’s hypoallergenic.

7 Best Bamboo Mattress Pad Exceptional, Sheets Bamboo Mattress Pad This luxurious bed mattress pad has a fitted skirt that extends throughout bed mattress up to 18 inches thick. The brand name likewise claims that this mattress pad is.

“The down bed mattress pad was the finest addition. 9 Best Ready-to-Use Bed Mattress Pad Molecule Air, TEC Topper Heaps of memory foam bed mattress pads require a couple of days to air out before you can utilize them, because they have a scent.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Take To Inflate

Generally, manufacturers say it takes 24-48 hours for a memory foam mattress to fully inflate. This time frame is not set in stone as each memory foam mattress is unique. Some new mattresses will take longer or even less time. You also do not have to wait a full 24 hours to put on your mattress protector or topper. Also, you can sleep on a mattress on the first night, just know the bed may feel different on night two or three.

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What Sorts Of Materials Are Viscoelastic

If all this makes you think viscoelasticity is some sort of weird scientific invention that doesn’t exist outside laboratories, you’d be wrong. All sorts of everyday materials are viscoelastic to a greater or lesser extent, from obvious things like leather to much more surprising examples such as concrete, wood, and stone. Body tissue is also viscoelastic. Poke a finger into your stomach, your thigh, or even the skinny cheek of your open mouth and you’ll see it takes time to return to its previous shape. Now obviously we can’t make things like bed mattresses from people’s stomachs, so we have to use synthetic materials instead, namely plastics. Viscoelastic foams are made from foam containing about 1575 percent polyether polyol and isocyanate compounds . Typical viscoelastic memory foams include Softcel VE-1100 from Covestro .

Memory Foam Cooling Mattress Mattress Firm Purple Colored Branding

How Much Does A Tempurpedic Mattress topper Weight ...

Its easy to select any mattress you like and call it a day. Sure, youll save some dollars and perhaps some time by doing your research, but youll spend enough time on a bed thats not yours, and youll start wondering the reason you wake up tired and exhausted than the night before.

Purple Mattress aims to solve this problem by analyzing the elements that make a comfortable sleep better, and combining it with proprietary technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which makes the mattress experience that is distinct from other mattresses in the market. This article will explore whether Purple Mattress is the right choice for your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, you will want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review.

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Does Your Mattress Have Sleep Trial

One important thing to consider is whether your mattress has a sleep trial. If the answer is yes, then you can contact the manufacturer and return the mattress as it is, saying that it didnt expand and that youre not satisfied with the service. The company will return your funds or offer to swap it with another mattress from the warehouse that will, hopefully, expand in its entirety.

Most professional mattress makers with good reputations offer sleep trials. These include Saatva, Nectar, and other reputable mattress makers. Cheaper mattresses usually dont have a sleep trial, but if you bought your memory foam mattress through Amazon, theres likely a 30-day return policy you could use.

Otherwise, see what you can do with your warranty if you have it. You can get your mattress replaced or fixed in a way that it can expand better.

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What Are The Different Types Of Memory Foam Mattresses

There are three types of foam mattresses: traditional memory foam, open-cell, and foam with gel pods. Each has unique features equipped for every sleeper. The Casper mattress unites high-density memory foam and breathable open-cell foam for that signature just right feel. Traditional Memory Foam MattressesThe earliest version of the trio, the traditional memory foam mattress, is what comes to mind when most people think of 1990s late night memory foam commercials. The polyurethane by-product provides the perfect sleeping experience, compressing around body curves during sleep. While its often compared to sleeping on a pillow, some users complain of the mattresses retaining high levels of heat. This is due to the closed-cell structures that trap heat. People that sleep hot or live in warmer climates and cant find comfort on traditional foam mattresses, often opt for the gel pod or open-cell models. Open-Cell Memory FoamOpen-cell memory foam mattresses are like a sponge, constructed from millions of small passages. These small tunnels allow air to circulate and heat to escape when weight is applied. Foam Mattresses with Gel PodsFoam mattresses with gel pods are regarded as more advanced mattresses when compared to traditional memory foam and open-cell foam. Gel pods are incorporated into the top layer for progressive comfort and full body support.

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How Memory Foam Mattress Works: Everything To Know

If youre curious about how memory foam mattress works, you only need to remember one word. That word is viscoelasticity, and youll find out more about it below. Furthermore, youll finally understand why its called memory foam in the first place.

Do you think a memory foam bed is for you? Check out how long a memory foam mattress lasts, and you might consider it your top pick in terms of durability.

Make Sure The Room Is Warm

How Does a Topper Work?

Keeping the mattress in a warm room is the key step to reducing its expansion time. If your room is not very warm you can make it warmer by switching on a room heater. Warmer temperatures increase the fluidity of the viscoelastic material that the memory foam is made of and allows it to expand faster.

Warm temperature also helps keep the mattress soft even after expansion.

Warm temperature makes the mattress softer and also help it expand faster. Image from India Mart

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Sleepwell Is The Key To A Good Nights Rest

With over 85 years in business, Sleepwell has been supplying consumers and retailers with the highest quality mattresses and bedding products in the industry. Sleepwell is a family-owned company that knows the true value of a good nights rest and what it takes to achieve it. Our experts know how to match every customer with the right products. We service Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. You can reach us at 3013221000. Also, be sure to follow Sleepwell on , , and !

Viscoelasticity In Everyday Life

Beds aren’t the only things that need to be comfortable, so mattresses and pillows are far from the only uses for memory foam. I recently invested in a new set of noise-isolating headphones and found that they shipped with a whole set of earplugs, some of them made from memory foam. You squash them tightly into your ear canals and, over time, they gradually relax again, sealing themselves into your ears and blocking out unwanted ambient sounds.

Better quality foam earplugs are also made from memory foamand it’s important to remember that when you’re pressing them into your ears. Wait a little while with your finger pressed loosely on the end and you’ll find they slowly expand, stay in your ears, and make a much better seal than if you push them in and release your finger straight away. Why? Because they’re viscoelasticand we need to make their hysteresis work to our advantage.

Viscoelasticity crops up a great deal in the world of medicine. As you might expect, you can find memory foam in simple things like pressure-relieving cushions, but viscoelasticity is also a feature of such things as hydrocolloidal wound-care dressings . You need to know about viscoelasticity if you’re an eye surgeon , if you’re a prosthetist , or if you’re developing artificial skin that behaves as closely as possible like the real thingto give just three examples.

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Gel Memory Foam: A Cooler Option

Gel memory foam is a combination of traditional memory foam and gel, which can be in a layer of the mattress or combined with the memory foam throughout the mattress mold.

Many claim that gel memory foam is a cooler option than traditional foam. However, fewer studies have been done about gel memory foam, so durability and breathability have not been proven.

What Are Some Pros Of Memory Foam Mattresses

How Does Memory Foam Work: What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses are popular for many reasons. People buy them because:

  • Theyre likely to reduce tossing and turning at night, which is the leading cause of poor sleep.
  • They distribute body weight evenly, which supports your body properly and doesnt cause painful pressure.
  • Memory foam mattresses can help injuries heal faster, since the foam doesnt put pressure on painful points in the body.
  • These mattresses are made with substances that are resistant to allergens, in contrast to other mattresses that can contain up to 10 million dust mites inside after a few years of use.

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What Are Some Benefits Of Having A Car Seat

One benefit of having this type of bedding is that parents dont have to worry about falling asleep with their babies on couches, chairs, recliners and other surfaces where they could easily roll over onto them while in deep sleep mode.

It also keeps the little ones safe from pets who may wander into rooms during nighttime hours when everyones home but soundly fast asleep! With these options, there isnt any reason not to have a bassinet or co-sleeper.

Another benefit for this type of bedding is that its easier to keep the baby close by during nighttime hours so parents can respond quickly if they need to feed them or care for them without having to walk far, especially in cases where the little one isnt sleeping through the night yet.

This way you can just reach over and grab them instead of waking up fully when you hear their cries which could potentially disturb your partner as well!

Takes Time To Adjust To Different Positions

If you are someone who rolls around often in the night and likes to try out different positions, this may be a bit of an issue with memory foam mattresses. The memory foam will take some time to adjust from one position to the next. It will cradle your body again, but not right away. Some mattresses are able to conform within a shorter amount of time than others. There is a definite lack of springiness with memory foam, which elastic foam is more known for.

This isnt necessarily true for all types of memory foam, but it would be considered a general rule. Certain materials added to foams can adjust the response time.

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Warm The Room Up To At Least 20c

You can do this at the same time as step 1.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive.

Cold inhibits expansion whilst warmth encourages it.

So if your room is cold, then you should heat it up until youve hit the average room temperature of 20°C or slightly more.

If the mattress still hasnt expanded fully after 72 hours using the temperature and floor technique then move on to step 3.

Protect Yourself With A Sleep Trial

How Does a Memory Foam Mattress Work? #NSAmbassador

If youve yet to buy a memory foam mattress then I would suggest looking for one with a sleep trial of up to 100 nights and a good warranty that covers inflation issues even after youve opened and slept on the mattress.

This way, you can be sure that you can sleep on the mattress without running into problems when you need to return the mattress such as hygiene reasons.

But if youve already bought the mattress and youre having inflation issues, then the application of time, heat, and movement as described in the 5 steps above are your best solutions.

If that doesnt work you should try to return the mattress and get a refund or a replacement through the manufacturer or the retailer.

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Does A Foam Mattress Work Well On A Platform Bed

The way that memory foam is made — with several layers of different types of foam — it does not require the type of foundation needed for innerspring mattresses. Foam mattresses work equally as well on the floor, a platform bed or a slatted frame as long as the slats sit 3 inches to no more than 8 inches apart.

Does Heat Help Memory Foam Expand

Memory foam is sensitive to varying temperatures. In cooler rooms, memory foam can seem more firm. If this is the case, you may want to raise the room temperature a few notches. Once memory foam becomes warmer, it tends to be more flexible and thus expand faster. Body heat can also aid in the expansion process.

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Great For Those With Allergies

Another benefit is that memory foam can be hypoallergenic. It has a very dense structure, which is good for reducing the number of allergens that can build up. Dust, mold and other allergens will not be able to find a way into your mattress. This is very helpful for people who have allergies, as they are very often prevented from getting a good nights sleep.

Casper Original Memory Foam Mattress

How Memory Foam Works [Infographic]


  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Trial Period: 100 nights

Casper was one of the first companies to offer a bed-in-a-box, and today, its Original Memory Foam Mattress is still a popular choice among those with back or joint pain. Whats unique about this mattress is its Zoned Support, which has three ergonomic zones to keep your spine in proper alignmentthe mattress is softer under your shoulder, but firmer around the hips, waist and lower back. Dont believe it will make a difference? Just read some of the 20,000+ reviews from users, many of whom have experienced a notable reduction in back pain.

What the Reviews Say: Many who switched to Casper cant believe how much better they feel. Honestly get this if you want the best sleep or your life. I have so many back problems and this really helped me get a better quality sleep and reduce my back pain at night! A game changer, I just want to lay in it all day, gushes one happy sleeper.

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How Is It Different From The Usual Mattress

Purple is available in a variety of sizes, from twin to California king, and provides the famous cushioning their unique fabric technologies give. This Purple grid is a fundamental element of the features that make Purple an exceptional mattress since it behaves like memory foam but gives a more responsive bounce. The mattress is constructed in a grid system that allows airflow to pass through the spaces between the foam, regulating temperature without sacrificing its overall comfort.

Construction-wise, each mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple exclusive grid that is over a 3.5-inch Polyfoam layers. It is further supported by 4 inches of high-density polyfoam. a standard in most foam mattresses, to create the full cushions form and structure.

The construction is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and provides a great cool touch. You can expect each mattress to be around 9.25 inches high, thick enough for most body shapes, and applicable for all standard sheets.

To put it into simple terms, you can you can expect a mattress that is semi-firm for an affordable price, while also providing high-end materials and superior quality. Furthermore, Purple comes with several distinct variants, such as Hybrid, Hybrid as well as the Hybrid Premier. People who are used to coil-support mattresses are able to choose hybrids and enjoy the same experience, but with the added benefit of Purples exclusive technology.

Are Cheaper Memory Foam Mattresses More Likely To Not Inflate

I cant say for sure that buying a more expensive or high end memory foam mattress is a suitable way to avoid running into expansion issues.

However, cheaper memory foams may be lower in quality and potentially more easily damaged when held in a state of compression inside the vacuum-sealed packaging for too long.

Memory foam mattresses that include very low-density foams of 3 pounds per cubic foot or lower may be more likely to encounter expansion issues when left compressed for too long but this is not an absolute rule by any means.

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