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How To Break In A Mattress

Give Your New Mattress Some Breathing Time

How to Break In a New Mattress – Finding the Time to “Break-In” Your New Mattress | The Bedding Mart

It is instinctive to cover or wrap a mattress with clean bedding. However, for a new mattress, the best treatment is to let it breathe. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, there is sound reasoning behind letting a new mattress breathe.

The vast majority of mattresses come in a compressed state packed in a box or wrapped tightly in plastic film. That is why let your new mattress aerate for at least 24 hours without packaging. It will positively affect its longevity and makes it easier to break-in. This step allows the mattress to expand right. There is also an added benefit of reducing off-gassing odor, which is prominent in the first 24 hours.

Increase Your Bedroom Temperature

One key reason why memory foam conforms to your body is that the material is temperature-sensitive, and hence, it changes form in reaction to both your body heat and pressure.

You can take advantage of this temperature sensitivity to help break your memory foam bed faster.

Increasing the temperature in your bedroom by a few degrees will make your new memory foam mattress significantly more malleable and, consequently, more susceptible to the pressure from your frame.

However, take note of the tradeoff you will be making, as increasing your bedroom temperature can negatively impact your sleep.

Instead of increasing your room temperature during sleep, we recommend combining this hack with the first one. Here, you turn up the heat in your bedroom during the day, then apply pressure to the mattress by walking, crawling, or stacking a pile of books on it.

With this system, you can significantly hasten along the breaking in of your memory foam mattress during the day, without detracting from your comfort level and sleep quality at night.

Sleep On Your Mattress Consistently

Youll never break in your mattress if you never use it! When a new mattress feels uncomfortable at first, it can be tempting to sleep on the couch for a night or two. Sometimes you have to push through the discomfort and just start sleeping on it regularly.

With frequent usage, your mattress will become more flexible and your body will adapt to the feel of the bed.

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Tips For Breaking In A New Mattress

Like a good pair of shoes, your new mattress will break itself in over time, offering better comfort and familiarity.

1. Make sure you have a good foundationIf youre switching out your mattress because of age, it may be a good time to look at your foundation, too. Without a proper bedframe, your new mattress may not get enough support, which means that your body wont, either. Over time this could affect how you adjust to your new gear and may even speed up the wear and tear of your mattress and your body.

When the mattress starts losing support, it becomes harder to stay comfortable for long periods of time as the body is having to rely on muscles and joints to properly provide support, Tauberg says. When this starts to happen, waking up with pain or stiffness is common.

If youre upgrading to an adjustable base, know that it can take time to adjust, particularly if youve decided to try sleeping with your legs or torso slightly elevated.

2. Let it air outYour new mattress could perform best if you let it breathe. Hold off on putting sheets on it for a few hours so it can get some extra airflow. If its a bed-in-a-box, itll need some time to regain its original shape.

Pro-tip: If you have a memory foam or hybrid mattress, heat can help soften the material so it hugs your body the way you want it to. Be wary of turning the thermostat too high though that could make falling asleep harder.

Which Is The Best Mattress

How to Break in a New Mattress

The quick answer is that theres no any one type of mattress. Why? Because everyone is unique, so the right type for you depends on your body, your health and your sleep style. The reason for this is that the differences between the various types of mattress are becoming less noticeable. Mattresses have improved so significantly in the last five years alone that its hard to discern any significant difference when youre sleeping on the mattress.

Its a great thing: it means you should be able pick any of the choices from our top mattress guide and be happy with your choice whatever it is, regardless of whether the mattress was constructed of copper-infused memory foam coils, cooling latex or a cutting-edge combination of all-natural materials.

But, its beneficial to understand the specifics of each type of mattress prior to making your final choice. With this in mind, this article will walk you through the primary options, and highlight the major differences between eachSerta Mattress Break In

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Adjust The Temperature In Your Bedroom

Memory foam is temperature sensitive. Its temperature sensitivity is why it reacts to your body heat. When temperatures in the room are higher, it will react by becoming more viscous and thus more flexible. At cooler temperatures, it will be firmer and less flexible. As a result, a memory foam mattress in a cooler environment will feel harder until it can warm up. Raising the temperature in your bedroom can soften the foam to make it mold to your body more readily.If your new mattress is causing you discomfort, use the tips above before giving up on it. Many new owners of memory foam mattresses experience initial problems only to find that their issues go away after the mattress has been broken in and you will get the perfect restful nights sleep.

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Change Your Sleeping Style

This tip is not necessarily geared towards how to break-in a new mattress. It is more of a means of helping you cope with the discomfort typical of a new mattress. Some sleeping styles, especially sleeping on your sides, create pressure points around the shoulder and hips areas. Sleeping using a new position will alleviate some of the pressure, thereby making the break-in process more pleasurable. You could opt to sleep in a partial side and back position or a partial stomach and side position.

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How Long The Break

The break-in period for a new mattress can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, assuming the mattress is slept on nearly every night. This may seem like a while, but a high-quality mattress can last you seven to eight years in total.

You should also remember that your body also requires this time to adjust to your new mattress. Particularly if you are used to sleeping on an uncomfortable bed, your body was used to compensating for discomfort. It will take you a little bit of time to learn to relax when sleeping on your new mattress.

Why Do You Need To Break In A New Mattress

Mattress Buying Guide: Foam and Coil Spring Break in

Honestly, mattresses can be usable the moment you get them out of their box, but were rarely accustomed to the firmness of a new mattress.

When were used to sleeping in our beds for quite a long time, shifting to a new bed would need a little getting used to.

No two mattresses are alike, theyre never the same level of plush, and the sleeping surface never feels the same.

In some cases, you might even be missing the sagging of your old bed, and a firm mattress would feel unusual to you.

More than wearing in the mattress material, the break-in process concerns more of finding your comfort and sleeping positions that give you the best comfort levels as you sleep.

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The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Just because they dont feature coils, that doesnt mean memory foam mattresses dont have a lot to offer. There are some clear benefits to choosing a memory foam mattress:

  • Memory foam features great pressure relief and contouring- Memory foam offers great pressure relief, making it one of the best mattress types for side sleepers. It cushions the joints and relieves pressure on the heavier areas of the body. It also takes the shape of your body and fills in any gaps. This helps keep your spine in neutral alignment.
  • Memory foam is quiet- While hybrid mattresses arent necessarily going to be loud, springs can start to squeak over time. You wont have this issue with memory foam. It does not creak or make audible noises when you move around on the mattress.
  • Memory foam cuts down on motion transfer- Memory foam is known to absorb movement in a mattress. If you move around on a memory foam mattress, your motion should be more isolated to that specific area. This can be especially valuable if you sleep with a partner and dont want to disturb each other in the night.

Get Rolling Or Walking

While we dont recommend jumping on the bed, rolling around on the bed like a rolling pin or gently walking on it for a few minutes each day is helpful. This encourages the flexibility of the beds materials to occur more quickly. You can also place heavy boxes or books in various spots, or use your hands to put pressure on it.

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New Mattress Too Firm Heres How To Break In A New Mattress

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If yournew mattress appeared to be too firm, dont fall into despair:

You can break it in and make it comfortable for sleeping just in a couple of days.

The first thing to do would be to air the mattress out thoroughly, especially if you bought a bed in a box. Also, you can try other tricks, such as warming up your bedroom, applying weight on your mattress, or even changing the bed frame to a more suitable one.

Have no idea how exactly you should perform these steps? Then here are the detailed tips on how to break in a new mattress.

Put Your Weight Into It

5 Signs That it

You can try breaking into a bed by adding weights like books and objects to increase the flexibility of your mattress. Try to change their positions regularly to distribute the weight equivalently.

If youve purchased a memory foam mattress, you can gently walk on the bed for a couple of minutes every day. However, if you bought innerspring coils its best to pat the mattress with your hands than your feet to avoid damaging the springs.

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How Long Do You Need To Break In Your New Mattress

Mattress materials are made to be rigid and robust, yet flexible and soft enough to not only conform to your body but also support it as you lie down.

Typically, it takes a couple of weeks to get accustomed to your new bed and for the material to soften and conform to your sleeping positions.

For some people, it can happen instantly theres no objective way of evaluating if your mattress is broken in it all boils down to your preference.

If you think that your mattress feels comfortable already, then thats probably broken in, and you could start moving on from your old one.

Latex Mattresses Or Hybrid Mattresses

Latex mattresses are different from the others in the sense that they feel more elastic than foamy they can also be paired with springs, which can make them considered hybrids.

The unique thing about latex is its composition unlike standard foam mattresses, latex doesnt change much from the day its new and when its broken in.

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How To Choose An Rv Mattress

When youre deciding on the bed you want to sleep on as you adventure, you should keep in mind qualities like comfort, durability, weight and affordability. Because youll often need to repurpose space in your RV, you want to make sure that the mattress you choose can stand up to use, not only as your sleep haven, but also as a sofa, workspace, kids play area or even dining table. Your mattress needs to have staying power too. It has to be tough enough for all your RV adventures, no matter what kinds of extreme heat, cold or fluctuations in temperature and humidity it experiences. Your new camper mattress also needs to be resistant to mold and mildew.

Keep Weight in Mind you dont want a mattress so heavy that it weighs down your RV as you drive around the world. Youll want to make sure to check on how much your bed weighs before settling on your final choice. An innerspring mattress will be a lot lighter than a latex mattress, and the lighter the mattress, the easier your driving experience will be . Thats one advantage that RV mattresses usually have over their standard counterpartssince theyre designed specifically to be part of an RV setup, they are designed to be super light. What you trade for that lightness, though, is often comfort, so thats why you have to decide what the sweet spot is for you when it comes to balancing weight and comfort.

Apply Pressure Or Weight

Beducational Video on Breaking in Your New Mattress Properly.

Another universal method for breaking in your mattress more quickly is applying the pressure on it. You can do this in several ways:

  • rolling across the mattress surface like a rolling pin
  • walking on it from side to side
  • squishing the mattress with your hands
  • stacking a few piles of books or barbells on the mattress surface.

Warning:If you own a mattress with coils, its more advisable to crawl on your hands and knees rather than walk, as too much weight concentrated in one area is more likely to damage the coils. Also, dont let your children jump on a new bed. Jumping creates the shockwave of pressure in the mattress layers, which can damage the materials instead of softening them.

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When To Stop Waiting For The Mattress To Break In And Just Give Up

First of all, be sure to check the length of the trial period listed by the manufacturer. Most mattress companies offer around 90 days for their free trial after which you can return a mattress for a full refund.

This makes it a bit easier. If you have a 90-night trial, and your bed is not comfortable by this time, just return it.

However, some sleepers dont complain about slight issues with comfort. They complain about severe back pain and numbness. Firm mattresses create painful pressure points, especially on hips and shoulders, and soft mattresses can throw your body out of alignment which can cause strong back pain. This can be so bad that people cant sleep at all for days it even makes their work and daily activities impossible.

If the problems are this severe, then, by all means, dont deprive yourself of sleep for longer than a week. You can try handing the mattress over to a heavy family member and take it back after a week or so. But if you dont have this option and the issues keep aggravating, stop using it after a week.

Most manufacturers require a minimum of how much you have to use a mattress before youre eligible to return it. For example, lets say you have a 100-night sleep trial period. You may be required to sleep on the mattress for at least two weeks because of the adjustment period.

Use A Foundation Underneath Your Mattress

Many people who purchase new memory foam or coil mattresses will oftentimes put it right on top of their old bed frame or box spring. Having the right level of support for your mattress can have a big impact on how comfortable the mattress feels, especially during the period it will take to break in your new mattress. If the old supporting box spring or foundation is worn down, then you won’t get the comfort level that your mattress is designed to provide you.

If you find that your foundation is caving in or broken in any way, then we recommendpurchasing a new box spring. This can not only help the break-in period and help maintain its proper form but will help cover your warranty in the future if anything were to happen down the road.

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Why Do I Need To Break My Mattress In

You hear it all the time that some people become sore and have new aches and pains after sleeping on their new mattress. This isnt happening because of a poorly made or defunct mattress. Odds are, you had your previous mattress for many years.

After sleeping on it for so long, your body becomes fixated with the mattress, and the mattress becomes fixated with you.

This all has to do with muscle memory. Your body adjusts itself to the environment its around, and when there is a sudden change, it takes a little bit for your body to fully adjust. This is why most mattress companies recommend around 30 days for a break-in period.

However, even that long might not be enough for some people. Amore beds offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you can become fully acclimated with your new mattress. If youre still not satisfied after 100 nights, you can return your mattress free of charge, and receive your money back.

Another contributor to an uncomfortable sleep experience could be your foundation. If youre mattress box spring, foundation, or bed frame is old and worn out, it can cause your new mattress to feel just like your old one. Much like building a house, if the foundation is poor then everything on top will suffer the consequences. Make sure to check your foundation to see if itll fully support your new mattress.


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