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How Thick Is The Purple 2 Mattress

Do You Need To Buy Purples Sheets

Purple 2 Mattress Review Part 2

Purple makes it clear on their website that they think you should get their sheets. Something about how the mattress feels better with them because youre better able to experience the Grid. Of course, Purples sheets are costly. Luckily, you do not need them.

However, you will benefit from choosing the right kind of sheets to go with any of the Purple mattresses. In my experience, the mattress feels best with nothing on it at all, but of course, its a terrible idea to sleep on any mattress without protecting it.

So, Purple recommends jersey-knit sheets for those not looking to break the bank buying from their own brand. I was able to find a set of these for about $25 at Target and I did feel like they made a minor difference in the feel of the bed. You could still use microfiber sheets, but the bed wont feel quite as good as if youre using stretchier sheets like the Purple sheets or jersey-knit sheets. Similarly, youll want to choose a mattress protector that is stretchier and doesnt have a terribly thick cover.

Analysis Of Sleeping Positions And Body Types

The short story here is that you should be just fine in any sleeping position on Purple Hybrid Premier. Its an accommodating bed with a firmness profile that doesnt really alienate anyone:

  • Side sleepers. No problem on either Purple 3 or 4.
  • Back sleepers. Highly supportive bed that should work for you just fine, but you should know that its not firm. Its in the middle on firmness.
  • Stomach sleepers. Same comment as for back sleepers. You should feel plenty supported, but be aware that its not as firm as Awara or some of the models from Saatva.

Purple Hybrid Premier should work for people with lower, moderate, and higher body weights. Remember, it has pocketed coils for support.

My Opinions Of The Mattress

My husband and I have now slept on the mattress for about six months. We also ended up getting the matching Purple brand bed sheets. I found out that these sheets were critical to get when buying this bed as they are highly elastic and stay put extremely well which is important with the unusual material used in the construction of this bed. They are also definitely very soft on the skin and feel quite good to the touch. My husband is just over six feet tall and weighs 245 pounds while I am significantly smaller.

My husband is a stomach sleeper and prefers firmer while I prefer softer mattresses since I enjoy sleeping on my side.

The internals of the Purple mattress. Note the unique grid like structure of the Hyper Elastic Polymer on the top layer. The white powder is required to allow this grid to expand without sticking to itself, after shipping.

I will say that this mattress seems to fit the bill for both of us. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer is the top layer of the mattress and you can feel this layer while laying on it. It feels like a very soft grid of thin rubber up on end. The result is a soft plush feel where light pressure is applied to the mattress and a firmer support where a heavier pressure is applied.

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Firmness And Feel Differences

To really understand whether a mattress is a good fit for a particular sleeper, its critical to consider the beds firmness and feel. These factors will determine which types of sleepers are most likely to feel comfortable on a given bed. So lets take a look at the firmness and feel on both the original Purple and the Purple Hybrid Premier!

What Is Purple Mattress New Purple Mattress Thickness

New Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is an all-foam mattress, meaning it does not have springs, and uses Purples exclusive grid layer that uses a hyper-elastic polymer. This layer, referred to as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort layer and a support core made out of a polyfoam.

Purple Purple is available at one firmness levelmedium-firm and is sold in different sizes directly to your door. This follows the increasing tendency towards DTC mattress firms which use less overhead to improve the actual product it self.

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Purple Mattress Review: Purples Latest Lineup For 2021

For purposes of our 2021 Purple mattress review, Purples mattress lineup can be divided into two groups. The first is what well call their core mattresses. This includes the original Purple mattress, as well as the Purple Plus mattress thats brand new for Fall 2021. The other category of mattresses includes Purples hybrid models the Purple Hybrid, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3, and the Purple Hybrid Premier 4.

Keep in mind that how each mattress feels is highly subjective to the sleeper. Depending on factors like weight, body type, and preferred sleep position, a mattress that feels soft to one person may feel firm to another and vice versa. While its absolutely true that some mattresses are designed to be more plush or firm than others, in our reviews we try to stay away from firmness scales and number ratings because there is truly no substitute for trying a mattress yourself.

Purple Hybrid Premier With 4 Purple Grid

The Purple Hybrid Premier with 4 Purple GelFlex Grid is 13-inches thick. It is the deepest Purple mattress and also the softest. It differs from the other hybrid models by having a 4-inch thick Purple GelFlex Grid comfort layer.

The Purple Hybrid Premier with 4 Purple GelFlex Grid works well for all sleeping positions, including back and stomach sleepers, thanks to the responsive wrapped coil support. Thanks to the greater pliability and conforming properties of the 4 Purple GelFlex Grid, it is also suitable for sleepers over 250 lbs. as well as petite sleepers.

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Purple Hybrids Pain Relief Performance

Pain relief is closely tied to pressure relief, which is a measure of how well a bed is able to alleviate tension at the shoulders, hips, and lower back. To test for this, I like to use a pressure map.

Though it sounds complicated, its actually quite simple: I roll this gizmo out, hop aboard, and let the map do the rest! As I move around the bed, the gadget records the force my bodys exerting on the map, and makes a colored map of the pressure. Blue indicates areas of low pressure and red indicates areas of high pressure.

Back Pain Based on these pressure map results, the original Purple Hybrid is the best fit for sleepers with back pain. The map is blue across the board, but doesnt gap around the lower back the way the Premier 3 and 4 maps do. This tells me the original Hybrid is keeping my weight evenly supported, which is a key to avoiding back pain.

Shoulder Pain Based on these results, all three of these beds are great fits for sleepers with shoulder pain! They should do a nice job cushioning the shoulder area to relieve pressure.

Hip Pain The Premier 4 is the clear winner for folks with hip pain. Its pressure map is almost completely blue, which tells me sensitive hip joints will be cradled throughout the night.

My Purple Mattress Complaints

Purple 2 Mattress: 1 year follow up Review Bonus Info

So this could either be a pro or a con, but the Purple has a super unique feel that might not appeal to everyone. If youre after a traditional feel, Id go with an innerspring mattress instead. Additionally, this bed has pretty high motion transfer, so if youre easily disturbed by a restless partner, Id check out one of our best mattresses for couples instead.

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Setting Up The Bed In The Bag

Purple mattresses are part of the bed in a box craze, which refers to beds that get compressed and stuffed into boxes they have no right fitting into in order to be shipped to customers. The Purple Hybrid came in a cylindrical purple bag, and it took about nine days to get to my house from the date of purchase.

If youve never unboxed a bed in a box , I have to say, its pretty cool. Purple provides a safety blade for you to use to open the bag without cutting any part of the mattress, which was really nice. All that was required was to lay the bag on the bed frame and cut it open. Inside, the bed was rolled up in quite a bit of plastic wrap. Since the bed was rolled up like a taquito, my mom and I had to slowly unroll it while removing the plastic wrap.

Finally, when all the plastic wrap was off, the bed laid flat and deflated inside one last layer of vacuum-sealed plastic. I cut it open and immediately the mattress sprung to life. It was pretty easy to set up, though its definitely good to have two people to unroll the mattress together. The internet advised me that it may take some hours for the bed to inflate to its full glory, but that I could certainly sleep on it the same night, and so I did.

New Purple Hybrid Bed Materials & Construction:

Each of these mattresses has the same basic construction. The variation comes into play with the amount of polymer. Ranging from 2 to 3 and even 4 offered from the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This makes the Purple hybrid even more appealing to various sleepers and their needs.

Each of these mattresses uses the same 7.5 inch coil system. Offering amazing support and durability using 13.75 gauge steel in the core of this mattress. This not only helps add with overall support, but also with longevity, airflow and proper ergonomics while sleeping. Below the coil system is a layer of dense base foam too. This helps keep the coil system stable and level to really maximize the wear of the bed too.

There also is a 1 transition layer of foam between the coil system and top Smart Comfort Grid. This allows for a slight separation between these layers as well as a more consistent feel for the sleeper. By making sure you dont ever feel the coils below and give the polymer grid a nice flat and level surface to really perform as intended.

When it comes to the Smart Polymer Grid, that is where the differences start to take place amongst these three beds. The new Purple 2 hybrid mattress uses 2 inches of the Smart Comfort polymer grid to create an 11 inch mattress. While the new Purple 3 mattress pairs a 3 inch layer of polymer to create a 12 inch mattress. And lastly, the new Purple 4 uses a 4 inch layer to build a 13 inch Purple hybrid bed.

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Original Purple Vs Purple 2 Purple 3 And Purple 4 Mattresses

Editors Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Purple just launched 3 new mattresses to their line which incorporate their famous purple grid system that gives it a unique feel. So how do these mattresses compare to the original Purple mattress,? Lets break them down so that you can make the right choice. In short, I recommend giving the original Purple a try first since its the most economical and has a great feel overall. The other mattresses offer a thicker grid system and springs which can make the mattress feel plusher.

The reasoning behind the numbers is that they correspond with the depth of the comfort grid system on the mattress. The Purple 2 has 2 inches, the Purple 3 has 3 inches and the Purple 4 has 4 inches of the polymer grid as illustrated below. All of the new Purple mattresses incorporate a spring system as the base layer.

How Thick Is The Purple Layer On The Original Purple Mattress

LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper ...

Its simple to choose any random mattress and then call it a night. Sure, youll save some cash and possibly some time from researching but if you spend too many nights on a random mattress before you start to wonder what youre doing that makes you feel more tired and exhausted than the previous night.

Purple Mattress aims to solve the problem by studying the elements that make a comfortable sleep more enjoyable with exclusive technologies, like the Purple Grid Layer, which gives the mattress a certain feel different from other mattresses in the market. This article will look over whether Purple Mattress is the right choice for your next mattress investment.

Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. Afterward, youll want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review of Purple Mattress.

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Who I Dont Recommend The Purple Mattress For

  • I wouldnt recommend this bed to heavy people. I dont think the Purple has enough support for anyone over about 250 lb. If thats you, Id recommend checking out our best mattress for heavy people roundup, which has tons of super supportive beds.
  • This mattress isnt firm enough for strict stomach sleepers. These sleepers need a firm mattress to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.
  • Anyone after a traditional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed.

What Is So Unique About Purple & The Gelflex Grid

This is an important question to answer because the GelFlex Grid is the most important feature in every single Purple mattress they make. In a market largely split between traditional innerspring and memory foam mattress designs, Purple offers sleepers something truly unique.

Purple Mattress Pros

First, due to the patented open-grid design, the Purple Grid itself is 80% air. This means that every Purple mattress is naturally temperature neutral, as the Grid allows air circulation and adapts to the air temperature surrounding it. Unlike some memory foams which can trap body heat and leave you sweaty and gross, GelFlex material doesnt retain heat. Plus, unlike other cooling mattresses or toppers, all this is done naturally without any additional layers, chemicals or coatings. This makes Purple a perfect fit for hot sleepers.

Next, because GelFlex adapts as you move, the Purple Grid top layer cradles you perfectly regardless of your sleep position. You dont have to compromise between adequate cushioning and adequate support because it does both! This means that its both firm and soft, in all the right places. Say hello to better circulation, and goodbye to all those aches at your pressure points. This makes Purple a great fit for different sleep positions, as well as great for couples with differing sleep needs.

Purple Mattress Cons

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How Is It Different From What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple is available in a variety of sizes from twin to California king, and provides the famous cushioning that their unique technology for fabric provides. The Purple grid is a foundational aspect of what makes Purple an exceptional mattress since it acts as a memory foam, but provides an even more responsive bounce. The foam is made using a grid that allows airflow to pass through the gaps between the foams, which regulates temperature without sacrificing its overall comfort.

In terms of construction, every mattress comes with 2-inches of Purple proprietary grid on top of an additional 3.5-inch Polyfoam layers. It is further supported by four inches of high-density polyfoam. the standard for all foam mattresses, to create the full cushions form and structure.

The design is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and offers a superb cool feel. Expect each mattress to come in at roughly 9.25 inches in height and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and suitable for most standard sheet sets.

To put it into simple terms, you can expect a semi-firm mattress for a reasonable price while delivering top-quality and modern materials. Moreover, Purple comes with several different variants known as the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier. Hybrid Premier. Users accustomed to coil-support mattresses are able to choose hybrids to get a similar experience, but with the added benefit of Purples exclusive technologies.

Differences In The Purple Models

Purple Mattress Review – Reviewing the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier

The biggest difference between Purple Hybrid and the OG Purple mattress is in the construction of the bed. The Original Purple had polyurethane foam and then a 2-inch slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer as the top layer.

The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier beds swap out the foam for 7.5-inch pocketed coils . The new Purple beds end up being a few inches thicker than the OG Purple mattress as a result.

Also, as you might have guessed by now, the only differences between Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier are the thickness of the top layer, weight of the bed, and the price.

There will be a difference in feel, but that all depends on your weight. The Purple Hybrid has 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, while Purple Hybrid Premier has 3 or 4 inches depending on the model you choose.

You can learn more about the beds in our individual reviews, but for the most part, the difference in firmness, feel, and comfort only arise from the differences in thickness of the top layer.

In general, folks over 240 pounds or so should consider the thicker version if you really want a good amount of cushioning from the Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

People who weigh less than 240 pounds will be just fine on the Purple Hybrid or the Original Purple. Having said that, Purple Hybrid will be the firmest of the three since theres less material between you and the coils. The more Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the softer the feel.

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