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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Hold Heat

Should You Buy A Mattress With Gel Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress Heat Complaints 2013 : Sleeping Hot Problem : Research Findings : Tempurpedic

Gel memory foam may help certain sleepers stay cool and comfortable during the night. However, individuals that tend to sleep warm or hot should focus less on gel memory foam layers and more on mattress type.

Overall, hybrid mattresses earned the most favorable customer ratings for heat retention, followed by innersprings. For more details, please check out the table below:

Mattress Type
Comfort system usually has foam layerSupport core features adjustable air chambers Fair to Good Some airbeds retain heat to an uncomfortable degree, and this quality is usually found in models with thicker-than-average comfort systemsAdditionally, airbeds sleep excessively cold for some

Customer experiences with gel memory foam will vary from brand to brand. We recommend testing out mattresses with both standard memory foam and gel-infused foam components before making a purchase most brick-and-mortar mattress stores will have a good selection of both.

Additionally, a large number of todays mattress brands offer mattress sleep trials that allow customers to return their mattress within a certain number of days following the original purchase. In most cases, customers that return their mattress within the trial period will receive a full or partial product refund some companies allow customers to exchange their mattress during the sleep trial, as well.

To compare mattress models with gel memory foam layers, please visit our complete list of mattress reviews.

Why Do People Sleep Hot

When we fall asleep, our body enters a state of rest. Our core body temperature lowers by a couple of degrees through thermoregulation, allowing our metabolism to slow down while we sleep. This occurs so we can conserve energy during our sleeping hours.

So, if our body temperature decreases, why do some of us get so hot? That is because our body heat has to go somewhere. It leaves our body, and, if the bedding, sheets, and material layers around us trap heat, it is going to hold on to the body heat we lost.

That is why it is so important to dress beds with materials that are designed to let heat escape, rather than trapping it. Breathable latex and other organic cooling materials are great choices for this reason.

The Cooling Ability Of Different Types Of Mattresses

There are multiple types of mattresses sold in the current mattress market. Different types of mattresses are able to keep sleepers cool throughout the night to varying degrees. Generally, mattresses that fall under each category are constructed similarly and share many of the same features.

Of course, there is still plenty of variation within each mattress type. Quality of materials, construction methods, and additional features of specific models will affect how good a particular mattress is for you.

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Use Natural Fiber Bedding

Sometimes the problem isnt your mattress its your bedding. Polyester sheets and pillows can stop airflow and make your bed feel stuffy. Non-synthetic bedding will encourage air to circulate around your body, decreasing the temperature.

Bed Sheets and Blankets

Bed sheets and covers can cause temperature issues. A heavy down comforter can act as an insulator for you and the entire mattress. Conversely, natural fabric sheets and blankets can improve air circulation and wick away moisture for a cool sleep experience.

During the summer months, linen and Egyptian or Peruvian Pima cotton sheets can improve your electric bill by providing breathability and reducing sweating.

Thread count will affect your bedding breathability largely. And, the count changes depending on the type of fabric you choose. For instance, Linen doesnt need a high thread count. Between 100 and 200 is all you need for cool and airy sheets. Meanwhile, Egyptian cotton needs a count between 200 and 350 to have great durability and cooling properties.


Mattresses play a large part in your comfort level, but pillows are just as important. When your head gets hot, your body will naturally raise its temperature to match. A heat-retaining pillow can raise your temperature by a whole degree. Natural fiber-filled pillows will keep your head cool and, therefore, lower your body temperature.

These pillow fillings sleep the coolest:

  • Bamboo

Keep Lamps And Electronics Off Or Away From Your Bed

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review 2020

Lamps and even overhead lights produce heat which can contribute to you overheating at night. Memory foam absorbs this heat and retains it for a short period of time so it is best to turn them off about 20-30 minutes prior to going to bed. Laptops and other electronics also produce heat and you should follow the same guidelines when using them in, or around your bed.

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Enable Maximum Airflow Underneath The Bed

Choosing a bed frame that promotes ample circulation can also help decrease the temperature of your mattress. As mentioned above, memory foam is rather dense and not the best with circulation. This makes the frame you put in on extra important.

A solid bed frame will prohibit any airflow through or underneath your mattress and should be avoided.

Instead. Choose a frame or platform that has evenly spaced metal or wooden slats. This will create more surface area exposed to natural airflow in your room and increase the breathability of the mattress overall. A platform bed is something you may consider.

Make sure the slats are not placed too far apart as this can cause unnecessary sagging and uneven wear. Memory foam needs the support of the bed frame to maintain durability and proper support, but a completely solid surface is too restrictive for the dense material.

It is okay to use the space under your bed for storage but try not to fill the space too tightly. If you do, it will defeat the purpose of the slatted bed frame by continuing to prevent air circulation underneath the bed.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam bed is exactly thatits made of memory foam or has layers made up of memory foam. Did you know that memory foam was originally invented by NASA for space travel?! They were concerned about comfort for their astronauts, who were traveling under intense amounts of pressure at high speeds. When memory foam started being used in mattresses, comfort was also top of mind.

Memory foam mattresses are great for relieving major pressure points while you sleep, specifically in your shoulders and hips. A memory foam mattress, like the Leesa mattress, responds to your body type and sleeping position, contouring your body while you sleep. It will keep your spine straight while you sleep, which can help relieve back, hip and shoulder pain. Memory foam also has very little motion transfer, meaning when youre in bed, you wont feel your partner, kids, or pets getting in and out of bed next to you.

What is a gel mattress?

A gel mattress is a mixture of gel and foam in a mattress. The gel used in a gel mattress is the same material used in cow padsyep, the gel mats that cows sometimes stand on. However, since cows are significantly heavier than humans and humans dont need quite as much push back as cows do, the gel is modified for mattresses: in a gel mattress, foam is infused with gel. The combination of memory foam and gel creates a balance that provides comfort and support. For this reason, the gel material is popular in mattress toppers and mattress pads, too.

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Cooling Pads & Toppers

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make your bed feel cooler. There are specially designed toppers and cooling pads meant to keep your body cool. The Slumber Cloud nacreous mattress pad is an ideal solution. Its affordable and lightweight. It slides right over your mattress like a sheet. It uses special Outlast viscose fabric. It manages the microclimate under your covers, keeping you cool all night long.

If you would rather have something that adds more padding to your bed, opt for something like the extra plush bamboo topper. Bamboo is also a natural moisture wicking material meant to regulate body temperature. You can also find other bedding options such as sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and more for cooling you down while you sleep.

Mattress Pads And Mattress Toppers

Will my memory foam mattress sag and make me hot at night?

Many mattress pads and memory foam toppers contain cooling gels or are made with cooling fibers to better absorb body heat.

If you want to get techy, you can try an electric mattress pad with cooling options. Many of them let you control the temperature with a dial or a phone app. The downside to electric pads is the expense many cost a few hundred dollars.

You can also go low-tech and get a cotton non-quilted pad to keep cool.

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Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot 11 Solutions & Alternatives

Memory foam mattresses have been a staple in the industry for many years and come in many variations. Although many people enjoy their memory foam mattress, a typical complaint is that they sleep hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals they contain.

If your memory foam mattress sleeps hot and youre struggling as a hot sleeper,there is hope in finding cooling relief with these simple tips and tricks.

The viscoelastic chemicals are also the reason why memory foam sleeps hot because your body heat is unable to escape the mattress

How Does Memory Foam Mattress Hold Up To Heat 2021 Online

Looking for How Does Memory Foam Mattress Hold Up To Heat

The Puffy mattress is among three all-foam beds used by the Puffy business. It ranks medium, or 5 out of 10, on the firmness scale, making it a great choice for lighter sleepers. The Puffy is their most affordable model, cost price-points that are about half of the cost of the Puffy Lux, and less than half of the Puffy Royal.

All of the Puffy mattresses are produced in the United States and come with a life time warranty. The major distinguishing feature among them is the difference in mattress height, which is due to distinctions in comfort foam layers. The Puffy procedures 10 inches thick, whereas the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal determine 12 and 14 inches respectively.

As an all-foam mattress, the Puffy supplies sleepers with a soft, cushiony feel. Because of its memory foam convenience layer, the Puffy offers sleepers the experience of being hugged by their mattress.

The leading convenience layer of the Puffy is gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam. This layer supplies cushion and cradles the body. The gel infusion is planned to help in reducing the amount of heat trapped by the mattress. Memory foam typically traps heat, which can become a problem for sleepers who tend to sleep hot. This foam is engineered to provide extra support along the edges, though some people may still observe a bit sinkage while sitting or sleeping near the border.

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Does Memory Foam Make You Too Warm

There is a common misconception that memory foam makes people who sleep on it too hot. Memory foam mattresses are able to retain body heat to a higher degree of efficiency than regular mattresses. However, our memory foam mattresses possess an open cell structure, which ensures that air can circulate freely between the mattress and your body. Other popular features of the most recent generation of these mattresses are the Outlast and Coolmax covers. They can control the humidity of the body and prevent it from overheating.

Mattress Materials: Natural Latex Vs Memory Foam

10 Memory Foam Mattresses That Keep You Comfy Without ...

Memory foam mattresses are known for sleeping hot because they are less breathable than other organic materials. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, allow you to sleep cooler. Many people tend to get these two types of mattresses confused. Upon further research, you will find latex mattresses are better than memory foam mattresses, if you are looking to sleep cooler.

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How To Cool Down A Hot Memory Foam Mattress

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

There are many benefits to memory foam mattresses. Pressure and pain relief, motion isolation, not to mention theyre one of the best types of mattresses for side sleepers.

However, theres one well-known drawback memory foams tendency to hold onto body heat. If youve woken up sweaty and hot in the middle of the night, it might be from your memory foam mattress.

Its not good to lose sleep from overheating, but there are steps you can take to cool down your mattress. Your bed frame, bedding, and bedtime routine can all help you achieve a cooler night of sleep.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Get Hard When Cold

One of the things that make memory foam mattresses so warm, is the fact that the materials adapt according to your blood circulation and body heat. In cooler environments, memory foam will be more rigid and inflexible, allowing you to stay at the top of the bed for longer. The unique reaction to heat is one of the ways that your mattress will maintain its shape.

However, the hotter it gets at night, the more your memory foam mattress will adapt to your body heat, allowing you to sink into the foam, which only increases your temperature more, to the point where youre uncomfortably hot. Fortunately, we have found 5 simple ways to cool a memory foam mattress down.

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What To Do If Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

No one likes waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, clammy and sweaty. However, this is often the case for many hot sleepers. Does this sound all too familiar? If it does, did you know that sleeping on a memory foam or gel mattress could be making things worse?

The material in a memory foam mattress can actually make you heat up, leaving you feeling sweaty and increasingly uncomfortable. If you own a memory foam mattress and are concerned about what to do, then weve got some tips to help you keep cool at night.

Stay Cool As Snow With Casper

Memory Foam Too Hot – What Can I Do?

If the question youre still asking is, are foam mattresses hot, then the answer is still yes. But the real question to ask is, do they have to be? Because the answer to that one is a resounding no.

Our Casper Cooling Collection allows you to benefit from a mattress thats as comfortable as a memory foam but is as cool as snow. Made with our Snow technology, you can have a bed setup thats cool to touch, has innovative features that prevent overheating, and has breathable layers that allow air to move through.

With Casper, you can sleep cool without compromising on comfort.

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Enjoy A Chill Sleeping Experience

A memory foam mattress combined with the right bed frame can deliver a wonderful nights sleep. However, its important to think about the heat implications of foam before you jump into buying this kind of bedding. While gel memory foam and memory foam mattresses with unique circulation materials can reduce the heat you feel, these beds are still often warmer than their spring counterparts.

Now that you know how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress, you no longer have to worry about heat disrupting your sleep. However, if the weathers particularly hot and humid, you can also consider some of these tips:

  • Change the thermostat before you go to sleep, aiming for the 65 degrees Fahrenheit range.
  • Avoid sleepwear that makes you feel warm or uncomfortable.
  • Turn off electronics or anything else that might heat up your room.
  • Take a glass of water with you to bed so you can stay hydrated.
  • Dont work out or have hot baths before sleep.
  • Try to meditate and relax before bed.

If youre concerned that you wont be able to enjoy a good nights sleep even with these tips, maybe you could consider a gel foam memory foam mattress topper instead of a full mattress?

We hope this guide has brought you one step closer to knowing how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress, but if you have any other tips or tricks then let us know in the comments.

Memory Foam Vs Gel Foam: What Is Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam refers to foam that has been infused with gel microbeads. Gel-infused memory foam is included in mattresses and other materials to help regulate your body temperature and avoid trapping heat like traditional memory foam is known to do.

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses are a great option for people who want the pressure-relieving comfort of a soft foam mattress without some of the drawbacks like heat trapping.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Me

There are so many types of memory foam beds, hybrid beds and traditional ones. Do you want a mattress with springs? When youre choosing a mattress, there are so many choices, so its important you do your research, so you get the mattress for your lifestyle. When youre looking for a new mattress, consider size, comfort and support. When youre mattress shopping, start here. Leesa is here to help weigh the pros and cons of your options so you can make the right decision.

A memory foam mattress will give your body the support it needs while you sleep, without the creaks, squeaks and sagging a traditional spring mattress can have. While you sleep, a memory foam mattress reduces stress on your pressure points, including your shoulder and hip, cradling your body so that you get the rest you need.

Our hybrid mattress combines memory foam with individually-wrapped pocket springs for a luxury feel and superior support. The memory foam provides body contouring and bounce while the pocket springs adjust to your body type and sleeping style for a better nights rest.


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