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How To Know If I Need A New Mattress

You Fall Into The Mattress

5 Ways to Know it’s Time for a New Mattress!

Your mattress doesnt appear to have any bumps or unevenness, but when you lay down, you just feel like youre falling into a hole or as if youre sleeping in a hammock. As your mattress starts to fail, body impressions can occur, and the core in your foam will soften. When it reaches a certain level of wear, it can impact on your sleep and how you feel the next day. A new memory foam mattress will solve the problem built-in layers will mould to shape of your body.

You Get Better Sleep On A Different Mattress

If you notice that your sleep is better on a different mattress, you might want to replace yours. For instance, if you wake up with joint pains and a stuffed-up nose and then when you sleep in a hotel, you get up with none of those issues, it could mean that your mattress is the cause. You could see look at sleeping on different mattresses for a trial period. You should get the best quality sleep on your own mattress and in your home since that is where you spend the larger part of your sleeping hours.

Watch Out For Gimmicks

While sellers will label mattresses as “orthopedic” or “medically-approved,” there is no medical organization that officially certifies mattresses to carry these labels. Mattresses may have orthopedic-friendly features, but no medical group verifies these claims.

See Considerations When Buying a New Mattress

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Your Bed Is Visibly Lumpy

You keep trying to get your bed to look presentable, but those lumps and bumps under your sheets just won’t let that happenand in that case, it’s time for a new mattress.

“Mattresses that are lumpy and uneven provide uneven pressure on the body that will cause you to wake up with aches and pains in the morning,” says naturopath Dr. Kasey Nichols of Online Mattress Review. “The sticking-out-of-mattress springs can potentially cause injury when sleeping at night and are a sign of excessive wear of the top padding of the mattress.”

It Takes You Forever To Fall Asleep

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

It should only take 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep. If you find yourself lying awake at night, it may be time for a new mattress. Of course, you should first rule out conditions such as insomnia and anxiety, and you should also make certain that you aren’t just battling your own internal clock.

If you determine that you’re healthy and on a regular sleep cycle, yet you still can’t doze off for hours, it’s time to consider getting a new mattress.

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You Have A Persistent Stuffy Nose

Those cold-like symptoms that last all year could be more than just your allergies acting up. “If you are experiencing new allergy signs and symptoms, a change of your mattress may be the answer to your problems,” says Nichols. “If you’re not using a mattress cover, dust and other allergens can accumulate in your mattress, leading to you waking up feeling like you have a cold.”

Determine Your Ideal Sleeping Position And Firmness

Most of us have a unique way of sleeping every night. No matter if you sleep on your side, stomach or back, or even if you switch throughout the night you will have to consider and choose the ideal type of bed based on your preference. So, take a moment and think, whats your favorite sleeping position because that determines the ideal firmness of your new bed.

Need help? Visit our complete mattress firmness guide.

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Visible And Noticeable Sag

Once you feel aches in joint, back as well as muscle, check the mattress to know if there are indications of sagging as well as body impressions. Drooping and sagging can happen as springs stop working and lose the resiliency as well as impression happens as the polyester fiber, foam as well as felt compressor over a short span of time. Impressions and dropping as little as 1.5 inches in depth are associated with increased pain, and this is according to experts. Once your pillow-top bed or mattress is showing a droop at this extent or greater, make sure to buy a new mattress to avoid worst thing from happening.

Your Bed Has A Dip In The Middle

10 Signs You Need a New Mattress AND How to Make It Last Longer!

Find yourself falling asleep on one side of your bed, but waking up in the middle, a few inches lower? If so, it’s time to replace that mattress.

“If you think your mattress is losing support and there could be a ‘dip’ in the middle, it is highly recommended to take a yard stick and place it across the mattress,” says Bill Fish, a certified sleep science coach and founder of sleep health and news site Tuck. “If you see an indentation, it is time to begin your research as you aren’t getting the support necessary to get a great night of sleep.”

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And When It Comes To Maintaining A Good Mattress

When you make the decision invest in a new mattress, youll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Give it the protection it needs with a good-quality mattress protector, which will keep your mattress clean and help to protect against allergens.

Flipping and rotating your mattress is another smart idea, and you should aim to do so every two months or so, especially during the first six months of ownership. If youre not used to doing this, it may seem like a hassle to begin with, but its well worth it in the long run. It can even prolong the life of your mattress, and ensure you get a good nights sleep, every night!

Are You Getting Older

When you age, you might develop new needs from your mattress. Maybe you want a more firm mattress, or a softer mattress to ease your aches and pains. Maybe you want a latex mattress of a spring mattress that is easier to get out of than a traditional memory foam type mattress.

Some say that the older you get, the more firm of a mattress you need to combat back pain, but I think this is more due to preference.

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You Often Wake Up Throughout The Night

Do you feel like you wake up every couple of hours, or even more frequently, throughout the night? Persistent awakenings can seriously ruin a good night’s sleep, but the remedy could be as simple as getting a new mattress.

Again, you’ll want to rule out medical conditions that cause sleeplessness before blaming your mattress. Make sure it’s not sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, indigestion or another condition that can cause nighttime wakefulness.

The Valley In The Middle

How can I know if I need a new mattress? Mattresses are ...

Sometimes called the dip, sagging, a mattress hammock, or the dent, almost everyone has experienced at least one mattress in their life that has simply given in to gravity and constant use and formed a permanent human-body sized valley in the center. For those who sleep alone, this is usually exactly in your favorite sleeping spot. For couples, the valley is usually where you snuggle together and your combined weight has worn down space in the mattress. One thing is always true when the valley forms, you will find yourself rolling into it no matter how hard you try not to and the edges of the valley mark where the bed makes its own shape instead of conforming to yours, which means more aches and pains. Also once the valley forms, theres no un-forming it.

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When To Replace Your Mattress: Here Are 9 Signs

Have you checked your mattress lately? If not, now may be a good time to do so.

Many people use the warranty of their mattress as a guide to determine when its time to replace it. However, what people should know is that the comfort ingredients, on top of your spring core, wear out much sooner than the springs and that sagging or softening of the top layers is considered normal wear by the mattress industry. It doesnt have to be that way.

Why Do You Need To Break In Your Mattress

Breaking in your mattress is often compared to breaking in a new pair of shoes: it takes time and patience and yes, even the occasional blister. But sometimes those shoes turn into your best, most comfortable pair and the break-in period was well worth the wait. The same thing is true for mattresses. As much as you want to love and embrace your new, well-earned mattress as soon as its set up in your bedroom, it might not feel like blissful slumber after the first night.

Thats because you and your new mattress are still getting used to each other. The materials in the mattress need time to fully take shape to soften and flex into their natural, intended firmness. Your mattress will start conforming to your body shape and adjusting to your movements and sleeping positions, but this wont happen immediately.

Your body is also getting used to this new sleeping surface. With any new mattress, its going to feel different than the mattress youve been sleeping on for years. If you bought a different type of mattress, your body will need to readjust to the new materials and new feel of your mattress. Its important not to confuse uncomfortable with unfamiliar when it comes to breaking in your mattress.

Dr. Scott Bautch, President of the American Chiropractic Associations Council on Occupational Health, put it best:

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Body Aches And Waking Up With A Sore Back Every Day

Aches and pains can be your first sign that your mattress may need to be replaced. Pay careful attention if you are waking up every morning with muscles in certain areas feeling sore. This is a big sign that the material of your bed isnt providing enough support, so now is not the time to put off that new mattress.

Here Are Some Guidelines For You:

How do I know if I bought a used mattress? Or refurbished? Law tag explained.
  • Don’t always go with the cheapest option you find This is a rule of thumb for most products you buy online. Spending less than $500 for a queen mattress simply because it means lower durability, more toxins and lower sleep quality in general.
  • Higher Price does not mean Higher Quality I bet you know this one, but its worth mentioning.
  • Go with $1000 range for Queen size This is usually where you will find the best bang for your buck.
  • King / Cal King will cost slightly more I would increase the budget for King and California King to $1400-1500 as you will have many more choices in that range.
  • Now that you have your new budget set, Im guessing you are asking yourself what type of mattress is best for me? Lets dig in.

Need more details? Check out our guide to top online mattresses.

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It Is Over 7 Years Old

Just like cars, all types of mattresses and memory foam mattresses are not designed to last a lifetime. As time passes, they tend to lose their original support level and shape. Even if you think that it is still serving you fine, there may be a possibility that you have slowly been used to a less-than-superb sleeping experience. If the mattress has been serving you for the last seven years or so, it may be time for an upgrade.

Update Your Mattress And Experience The Difference Of A Good Night’s Sleep

All in all, always bear in mind that good sleep is critical for your ability to function and feel your best at all times and anything that interferes with your sleep should be dealt with accordingly. Ideally, the bed you have at home should allow you to relax fully and drift off into a restful rejuvenating slumber every single night. It is, therefore, recommended to regularly evaluate the sleep set in your home and replace anything that could be compromising the quality of your sleep including the mattress. By doing this, youll be ensuring that you and your family have access to quality sleep and optimal health.

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Getting The Most From Your Mattress

Even the best mattresses will need to be replaced eventually, but there are some things you can do to prolong the life of your mattress:

  • Always select the proper box spring or foundation and bed frame
  • Use a waterproof mattress protector to avoid spills, debris and dust
  • Rotate your mattress two to three times a year so it wears evenly
  • Flip your mattress twice a year if its two-sided
  • Dont throw yourself onto your mattress
  • Don’t jump on your bed
  • Remove the sheets and cover to let your mattress air out from time to time
  • Clean your mattress according to the manufacturers specifications

Signs Its Time For A New Mattress

Do I Need A New Mattress?

Because an old or worn-out mattress may not always be obvious at first glance, it can be helpful to know some of the sneaky signs that may signal the need for a new mattress. If you notice any of the following apply to your mattress, take a closer look. Replacing an old bed with a new mattress could help you sleep better and feel better.

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Other Mattresses In Hotels Are Better

Did you recently just travel and marvel how the cheap mattress at the Hotel was just much better than your own? This is one of the easiest ways to tell that you need an upgrade or just a new mattress. This actually happened to me recently when I was on vacation. I figured that I needed a more similar firm mattress and that the one at home I had was too soft.

What To Do When You Get A New Mattress

There are proven ways to make sure your new mattress will last longer than the previous one. Check out the following tips:

  • Clean the mattress as instructed by your manufacturer.
  • Get a mattress cover or protector to avoid dust and spills.
  • Use the right foundation or box spring.
  • Open your room to allow your new mattress to off-gas better.
  • For even wear, rotating your mattress every three months is important.
  • Remove mattress covers and sheets from time to time so the foam can air out.
  • Make sure pets dont sleep on the mattress to avoid damages from chewing and claw scratching.

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How Do I Know If I Need A New Mattress: Top 3 Signs

If you want to know how do I know if I need a new mattress, you can remember three signs. Well discuss what a bed looks and feels when its worn down, what damages to look out for, and signs that youre not having a good sleep. Well also talk about the expected lifespan of a bed to help you know what to expect.

Speaking of which, do you know how long does a foam mattress lasts? Its one of the most common beds, so it would be helpful to give that article a quick read.

Youve Experienced A Physicalchange

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Just as your mattress changes over time, so do you! As individuals, we can experience physical alterations and shifts in personal preferences as the years go by. For example, a significant change in body weight can influence what level of firmness your mattress should be. Heavier individuals tend to find firm mattresses more comfortable, and Airsprung mattresses are a great option. On the other hand, lighter individuals tend to find soft or medium mattresses more comfortable.

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The Mattress Has A Chemical Smell That Won’t Go Away

“In the beginning, many mattresses have chemical smells. The solution to that problem is to let them off gas for a day or two, preferably in the sun,” says Bart Wolbers, a researcher at Nature Builds Health, a company dedicated to investigating the scientific validity of natural health interventions.

“After that time, the mattress shouldn’t smell like chemicals. If it does, then toxic glues, volatile organic compounds , or polyurethane is off gassing. All these compounds add to the toxic load of your body. Toxin exposure is linked to increased cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, and brain illness risk. No mattress should strongly smell like chemicals after a week of use. Replaceand opt for organic materials!”

Top 10 Signs You Need A New Mattress

Your mattress is an essential part of your everyday life, and you put a lot of thought into selectingjust the right one for you. So it can be easyand temptingto believe that you and your mattress will be together forever. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your mattress may be, this is one relationship that must come to an end.

You can expect a good 7-10 years out of a premium mattress, before it eventually succumbs to the wear and tear of supporting your body every night. At that point, it stops providing you with proper support, leading to aches, pains, less-than-stellar sleepand the need to find a replacement.

But how do you know for sure when you need a new mattress? Here are 10 telltale signs:

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