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How Does Mattress In A Box Work

What Is A Mattress Warranty

How to set up a Mattress in a Box

A mattress warranty is a brands guarantee that its product will be replaced, repaired or refunded if theres any issue with the manufacturing or workmanship. Most warranties are only applicable to the original buyer of the mattress and cannot be transferred to a new owner.

Each traditional and best mattress in a box maker has its own terms and conditions of what its warranty covers, and warranties differ in length too, ranging from 5 years to a lifetime warranty depending on the brand. Some are limited warranties, which means they only cover certain parts of the mattress, such as coils or foam. Most warranties cover sagging, but there are fairly precise terms about the amount of sagging that qualifies .

At the other end of the scale, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, which lasts the entirety of the ownership of the mattress by the original buyer. As we explain in our feature answering how long does a mattress last, the terms for a lifetime warranty also vary from brand to brand.

DreamCloud, for instance, will replace your mattress if manufacturing defects are detected in the first ten years of ownership, and then repair, re-cover or replace it after ten years if any issues are deemed to be manufacturing defects. Layla also offers a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship, and will cover sagging of more than an inch, loss of shape and foam-cracking/splitting.

How Much Do Window Treatments Cost

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right treatment for you. One of the biggest and most common is cost, which can range widely depending on a number of factors.

As all designers know, window treatments are one of the best ways to add color, texture and life to a room. From the elegant to the contemporary, the subtle to the loud, window treatments come in many different shapes, sizes and designs to suit the look, feel and function of just about any room. They wear many hats, too, protecting the inside of your home and its occupants from harmful UV light, saving you on cooling bills along the way. If theyre motorized, window treatments can also be an important part of a multi-faceted security system, as they can be scheduled to lower and raise even when youre gone.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right treatment for you. One of the biggest and most common is cost, which can range widely depending on a number of factors. Lets take a deep dive into each of these factors for a better sense of how to estimate how much those dream window treatments will cost you.

Square Foot

Material and Quality

Whether youre looking to add some serious designer cred to the look of your home, or youre dead set about stopping pesky sunlight from bothering you on a weekend morning, the kind of material you choose can significantly affect your price.



Additional Elements

How To Choose The Best Window Treatments

Want to give your windows a “wow” factor? Here’s how to choose the best treatments for your space.

After spending so much time choosing the perfect paint color, a cohesive array of furniture, and the perfect area rug, your window treatments can often feel like an after-thought. As long as they look good and can properly open and close, they’re good enough, right? Well, not exactly. Just because your window treatments serve a utilitarian purposeto keep harsh sunlight out and get some privacy from nosy neighborsdoesn’t mean they can’t look good, too. In fact, the right window treatment can tie the entire room together.

“Window treatments can transform a room in ways both subtle and dramatic, giving a space the finishing touch that I feel nothing else does,” explains Davina Ogilvie, founder of Wovn Home, a direct-to-consumer brand that makes custom window treatments. “The right drapery can add texture and softness, elevating an interior from simple to spectacular.”

Problem is, with so many styles to choose from, finding the right treatment for your home can be the design equivalent to a needle in a haystack. To help, Ogilvie is sharing her professional tips for finding the right option for your space. Thanks to her advice, throwing shade has never looked so good.

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The Woven Roman Shades

When it came to the living room window treatments, I knew I wanted woven shades. And Im so happy I finally came across these budget-friendly bamboo shades. Theyre a great color , cordless, and very budget-friendly. Theres also a gray driftwood color as well.

I ordered five 35 inch by 70 inch bamboo shades at $46.78 each for a total of $250.27 .

What Is A Mattress In A Box

I Bought a Mattress in a Box  How

A mattress in a box is just like a regular mattress. The only difference is that its compressed in an air-sealed bag and rolled tight before shipping. Its then placed into a box about the size of a mini-fridge for shipping. Upon arrival, this tidy box is much easier to maneuver than a traditional mattress. This sort of purchase allows you the flexibility of picking your mattress online and having it easily delivered to your door.

Clearly, an innerspring mattress is not able to be rolled into this compact form. The most common boxed mattress type is memory foam, but there are many latex foam and hybrid mattress options on the market as well.

Mattress in a box options are available for all standard bed sizes. In most cases, a boxed mattress can be used with the bed frame and box spring you already have.

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What Is A Bed In A Box Mattress Plus The Pros And Cons Of Buying One

ByMillie Fender11 November 2020

Here are the pros and cons of bed in a box mattresses, and how to figure out its the right choice for you.

Were not shy about the fact that we love bed in a box mattresses. In fact, we have a detailed guide to the best mattress online for every type of sleeper, at just about every budget. However, that doesnt mean that a bed in a box is the right choice for everyone. With that in mind, here we run through the pros and cons of buying a bed in a box mattress, what to look for, and an explanation of how the process works.

Weve also produced a guide stacked with tips to help you learn how to buy a mattress online, in addition to how to buy a mattress on finance if you dont have the funds to purchase a new bed outright, particularly if youre opting for a luxury option.

Other Living Room Shade Ideas

Top treatments, such as cornices, are hard-working decorative elements. Wooden or fabric covered, they can add a finished accent to your living room shades or blinds while concealing window treatment hardware. They also help block unwanted light around the top of your window treatment and draw the eye upward, making your room seem more spacious.

You might also consider solid or patterned cloth tapes for window blinds, which highlight window treatments while disguising cords and route holes.

Both cornices and cloth tapes are additional options for making your window treatments pop or blend in, depending on the look youre trying to achieve.

From selecting materials and colors to expert measurement and installation, our window treatment specialists can help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. Find a specialist near you to get started today.

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What Are Window Treatments

Window treatments are any type of material used to cover a window completely or partially. Different types of window covering options can serve different purposes. Some like shutters add a lot of privacy while sheers let in more light. Valances are primarily decorative and can be used with or without other treatments. There are four main benefits to using window coverings.

  • Add style. Perk up spaces with bright colors or choose neutral finishes for a cozy look.
  • Regulate temperature. Window treatments insulate a room. They stop cold air in winter and outside heat in summer. They can make your furnace or air conditioner run more efficiently.
  • Control light. You can choose window coverings that allow you to block light completely. Or pick ones that let you regulate light throughout the day.
  • Provide privacy. Decide how much someone can see into your home by choosing sheers or blinds for different windows.

What Is A Mattress In A Box And How Does It Work

How To Set Up A Mattress In A Box – Top Rated Best Memory Foam Mattress

A bed-in-a-box mattress has been compressed into an easy-to-deliver package that is compact and light enough to fit through your front door, upstairs and into your bedroom. Once you receive your new mattress, you simply unroll the mattress onto your foundation after unboxing. Ordering and setting up a bed-in-a-box is simple and hassle-free.

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Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have the rich look of wood shutters without the cost or heavier weight. A timeless decor choice, wood blinds add a warm, welcoming feel to a room. They are made of eco-friendly hardwood and are built to last. Real wood blinds come in a variety of rich stains and finishes. They are available in different slat sizes and come in both readymade and custom options. Like all blinds, they work well for bedrooms, home offices, dens, theatres and more. Avoid installing wood blinds in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms.

Faux wood blinds have the benefit of wood blinds at a budget-friendly price. Faux blinds are scratch resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. Theyre ideal for rooms with high humidity. They dont crack, peel or warp even in bathrooms. Faux wood blinds come in everything from bright white to dark wood looks. More flexible than wood blinds, they can bend without breaking. However, their heavier weight can make them harder to hang than genuine wood blinds.

How Do Mattress Warranties Work And What Do They Cover

ByDavina Franks14 September 2021

Our complete guide to how mattress warranties work, what voids them, and which brands offer the best coverage

In general terms, a mattress warranty covers you against manufacturing defects, but some warranties are better than others. If you read our best mattress guide you will notice that we have listed the warranty period for each model, and here we go into more detail about what different mattress warranties entail and what voids them.

When choosing a mattress, its easy to focus on factors such as pressure relief, cooling and support, but its just as important to consider the warranty. They cover faulty components issues and certain amounts of sagging, but they dont cover normal wear and tear, accidental rips or spillages.

You can see immediately that its important to take care of your mattress to not void the warranty. Using a good mattress protector helps keep it safe from sweat, stains, bacteria and allergens. If you want to go the whole nine yards, add on the best mattress topper for your budget too. This adds further protection but mostly extra sleeping comfort.

Here we answer the big question of how do mattress warranties work, what they do and dont cover, and which brands offer the best coverage.

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Mattress In A Box: How Does It Work

  • Medical Disclaimer
  • If youve never bought a mattress online, chances are you may have never seen a mattress rolled tightly in a compact box, either. Mattresses in a box are becoming the popular bedding choice among many people, including Instagram influencers and celebritiesand for good reason.

    For one, most mattress-in-a-box companies are online-based, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Mattresses in a box also come with trial periods for customers who want to be absolutely certain they made the right purchase.

    Still confused about what a mattress in a box is and how it works? Weve outlined the step-by-step process of owning a mattress in a box, from the moment its delivered to your door to your first night sleeping on it.

    Spring And Hybrid Mattresses

    Can you put a memory foam mattress back in the box?

    A spring mattress is made from innerspring coils that add more bounce to the bed while a hybrid mattress is a combination of spring and foam. With the emergence of online mattresses in a box, there are pocketed coils and micro coil mattresses being manufactured.

    Discover: What is a hybrid mattress? Find out everything you need to know about hybrid mattresses and how they compare to foam mattresses.

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    Double Check Warranty Policies

    There are a few reasons to double and triple check the warranty policy before you make a purchase. Brands with strong quality products tend to offer long warranty periods. Youll see a range of warranties ranging from about ten years to a lifetime!

    But the length of the warranty isnt the only thing to consider. You should also check to see what constitutes a warranty claim.

    Take a look at how much sag your mattress has to have before you file a claim. The technical word for this is an indentation, and it is usually anywhere from .75 inches to 1.5 inches.

    The lower the number, the better the policy it tends to be. By the time your bed is sagging an inch a half, you could be miserable. To put this into perspective, a 1.5-inch sag can make it seem like the middle of your body is sinking into a pit and throw your bodys alignment totally off.

    Basic Types Of Bedroom Windows Treatments

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    Window treatments are essential in a bedroom since they add privacy, make it easy to adjust the lighting, and help maintain a steady temperature. There are many different types of window treatments, however, so it can be confusing to choose the right one.

    Here is a list of basic window treatments to help you decide which type is best for your room.

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    A Hybrid Mattress That Provides The Perfect Mix Of Comfort And Support

    DreamCloud Sleep

    • Trial period: 365 nights
    • Firmness level: Medium-firm

    Yes, yes, we know. The DreamCloud is technically a hybrid mattress, which means its not 100% memory foam but has a layer of coils, as well. However, that isnt keeping us from naming it the best memory foam bed in a box, as its application of foam truly helps to maximize the benefits of the material.

    The DreamCloud mattress features four different foam layers surrounding its targeted-support coil layer, thus providing a perfect mix of comfort and support. Side sleepers may find the hybrid design to be too firm, but back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the comfortable support. The coil section will also reward couples with consistent support through the surface area so no one feels like theyre going to fall off in the middle of the night.

    Keep It Less Stressful And More Enjoyable Work With Our On Staff Interior Designers

    Unboxing The Boxed Rolled Up Pocket Coil Mattress From Sleep King

    Work with our on staff Interior Designers to help you choose the perfect window coverings for your home. Our experts will assess your rooms lighting to make sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home. With a large variety of styles and materials available, you can customize blinds, shades, shutters and sheers that are beautiful to live with, provide variable light control and insulate rooms against heat and cold.

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    Pattern Color And Fabric:

    Every roman shade style comes with unique patterns, colors, and fabric. Once you find the general look you want, you can start determining the specifics. Start with your fabric choices to narrow down your options.Depending on the specific style, you can generally choose between linen, cotton, silk, or polyester. This helps you find the perfect fabric for your decorating needs, like cotton or polyester for an alternative to silk fabric romans.Next, pinpoint your favorite colors and patterns available in your fabric of choice. There are countless options for solid colors or you can add a bit more flair by choosing a pattern. Whether you want a floral pattern, stripes, or something a bit more abstract, we offer a wide variety of roman blinds. There is something for every style, including yours.Before you go any further in the process, take a moment to request free samples. This can help you make your final decision, confirm your color or pattern choice, and see how it all works with the natural light you get in the space. Ordering free samples helps you get your customized order right the first time, saving you time and even a few headaches along the way.

    What’s The Look You’re Trying To Achieve

    Contrary to popular belief, window treatments can make or break the overall look of your space. So before you decide on a style, it’s a good idea to consider the look and feel you’re aiming for in the room.

    “Roman shadesthe more minimalist approachare the favored choice for rooms that can’t support the formality of drapes such as kitchens, nurseries, and powder rooms,” Ogilvie says.

    Since drapes occupy less space beyond the window, Roman shades are also a great option for bay windows, areas with built-in cabinetry, and setups with heating or cooling systems below.

    “Rooms with high ceilings or ample space benefit from drapery versus other window treatments,” Ogilvie explains. “Spaces that have taller or larger windows tend to better support drapes, as small or narrow windows can be easily overwhelmed by the fabric.”

    Speaking of the atmosphere, it’s also important to think critically about the aesthetic you are aiming for before choosing fabric colors and patterns. While vibrant hues and patterns are great for a maximalist space, neutrals are better suited for pared-back rooms.

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