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How To Dispose Of Old Mattress For Free

Mattress Removal Services Near You

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

The good news is, theres an easy way to get rid of your old mattress. If you need a hand with mattress removal, give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call. Well get that old mattress out of your way in no time and you wont have to lift a finger. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is point! Were in your neighborhoodfind a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? location near you.

A Donate How Can I Donate My Mattress

Charities, shelters and churches might take your mattress off your hands as long as its still in good condition, or you can pay a professional to clean it if youd really like it to go to a new home. A few larger charities that take mattresses are the British Heart Foundation, Emmaus, Furniture Donation Network, British Red Cross,Stellas Voice UK and the Furniture Re-use network. Others that may be interested are local womens refuges and homeless shelters

Youll need to make sure the fire safety label is still intact when youre donating or selling your mattress. It wont be accepted without it. The label will be sewn onto the underneath of the mattress and looks like this:

Where To Recycle An Old Mattress

You can recycle your old mattress with Bye Bye Mattress, a state-supported and nonprofit-run program.As I’ve mentioned before, mattress recycling is a tricky business, but they can make it a little easier for you.

Managed by the Mattress Recycling Council, the program charges a small tax with each new mattress purchase, enabling the non-profit to assist with retailer buyback and mattress recycling.

Unfortunately, the program is only available in California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.But dont worry if youre not in one of those states, you can just use our Green Directory to look for recycling centers near you.Simply type mattress into the directorys search bar, add in your address or zip code, then browse through your local recycling facilities to see who would take a used mattress.

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How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

Memory foam mattresses tend to perform well in our durability tests. Of the 52 memory foam, foam and latex mattresses weve reviewed, over 90% of them earned four or five stars in our lifespan test. The remaining mattresses got three stars, which is average or acceptable.

However, in the past we have uncovered memory foam mattresses that failed our durability test completely.

And just because you buy a memory foam mattress, it doesnt mean you dont still need to rotate it regularly, so there’s no less maintenance than with a pocket sprung option.

All in all, we wouldnt recommend buying a memory foam mattress solely for the durability, unless it provides the support and comfort youre looking for as well.

Find out more about how to buy thebest memory foam mattress.

Sell Or Give Away The Mattress

How To Dispose Of A Mattress

If youre looking to get rid of a gently used mattress, but are not replacing it with a new one, consider selling it for a reasonable price, or offering it for free on Craigslist or OfferUp. As long as the mattress doesnt harbor bed bugs or have obvious signs of wear, passing it along to someone who will use it can be a viable, environmentally friendly option.

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Bed Bugs And Other Pests

If your mattress has been infested by bed bugs or other pests, then you absolutely should not risk spreading the pests to others. Even recycling the mattress can potentially spread the pests, so proper disposal is vital here.

When disposing of infested items, its important to contain the infestation before attempting to move them. For smaller items like pillows, placing them in a plastic bag will work. Larger items like mattresses should be shrink-wrapped or tightly covered in tarp or painters plastic to contain the pests and prevent further spread.

Once moved outside, clearly label that the mattress is infested to deter anyone who may be tempted to rehome your item before waste disposal picks it up.

Bonus: Drop Off Your Mattress At A Junk Drop

Cities may hold free junk drop-off events throughout the year to encourage recycling of larger, harder-to-recycle items.

For example, the City of Surreys annual Pop-Up Junk Drop-Off days occur in the summer. These events attract hundreds of residents who have an old bed or two that need disposing of. Simply make sure you qualify to attend events like these, bring necessary ID, and come prepared with your junk.

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Return The Mattress To The Manufacturer

If youre purchasing a new mattress to replace the one you want to get rid of, ask the retailer if you can take your old one and return it to the manufacturer. With an estimated 50,000 mattresses being disposed of each day in the United States, many manufacturers are taking on the task of mattress recycling themselves.

Option : Resell It Or Give It Away

How To Dispose Of A Mattress For Free

If your mattress is in good shape and recycling or donating arent options for you, try reselling it. You may not make a ton of money, but you never know someone in your network might need a used mattress and be interested in purchasing it from you. Take advantage of your social media channels by posting that you have a used mattress up for grabs. You can also utilize online marketplaces like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, or Craigslist. Just post a picture of your mattress on one of these sites and offer up a price. When all else fails, you can list it as free on Craigslist.

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Will Costco Take My Old Mattress

Yes, Costco will take your old mattress. If you live in California, Rhode Island, or Connecticut they are required to do that when they deliver a new mattress to you. If you live elsewhere, you may be able to avail of their removal service as an additional option when you buy a new mattress from them, but there will normally be an additional fee.

Other Ways To Dispose Of A Mattress

We wouldnt recommend these ways, as not only are some of these damaging to the environment, some are antisocial and illegal.

Although a couple of Which? members said they disposed of their last mattress by burning it, we dont advise it. Not only is a mattress fire hard to control, but the fumes released by the fire could also be damaging to both you and the environment.

If you happen to be renting a skip and dont mind your mattress contributing to a worsening landfill problem, then you can get rid of your old mattress using a skip.

But you should never dispose of your mattress by putting it in someone elses skip or, worse yet, simply abandoning it at the side of the road. As well as being antisocial and environmentally harmful, fly tipping is illegal and can result in a large fine.

Now that you know how to dispose of your old mattress, find out how to buy the best new mattress to replace it with.

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Look Up Your States Policies

Some states like California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have mattress recycling laws in place. The law in these states requires the manufacturers to provide you with a reliable solution to discard your mattress.

If you live in Los Gatos or Bay Area, you can get fined for throwing out your mattress with other waste. So, it is better to check your states regulations before deciding what to do with your old mattress.

Why We Should Recycle Mattresses Mattress Disposal And Recycling

How to Dispose of a Mattress

If possible, we should recycle mattresses for the reasons below:

  • Mattresses take up a large amount of space.
  • Mattresses contain both organic and synthetic materials. The organic materials will break down in a few years, whereas the synthetic ones could take several decades to do it.
  • The chemicals in mattresses, such as bleaches and dyes, cause ground pollution. Theyre incredibly poisonous to plants and animals. They pollute and destroy ecosystems.
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    How To Recycle A Mattress

    • It might take a few phone calls, but you will likely find a recycling facility in your area that accepts whole mattresses. Some cities contract with haulers who will pick up your mattress and recycle it for you during certain times of the year for a service charge . Connecticut, Rhode Island and California have all enacted laws that allow residents to recycle their mattress for free or a small fee through Extended Producer Responsibility programs.

      If you are struggling to find a place to recycle your mattress, ask local universities for suggestions, since they frequently partner with recycling services that can handle large items like mattresses. The can point you in the right direction.

    • DIY mattress recycling: If you have the time and want to take a DIY approach, tear your mattress apart yourself and take the recyclable parts to your local recycling center. Heres what you can recycle:
    • Wood frame
    • Polyurethane foam
    • Outer foam
  • Repurpose it: If youre a DIYer, you might be happy to discover all the cool things you can make with materials from your old mattress. Use the springs to make fun outdoor art projects, wine racks or ornaments the padding for a dog bed the fabric for cushion covers and the thread for sewing projects.
  • Hire Someone To Pick Your Old Mattress

    If there are no recycling centers or charities near you that provide pick-up services, and you have no way to transport your old mattress, contact the sanitation department in your town or city and ask if they provide bulk collection services that include mattress pickup. Many of them do, though it may require a special work order and removal on a day other than your typical trash collection day.

    If your sanitation department is not an option, then you will need to hire someone to pick up your old mattress. There are local and national services available ranging in cost from $99 $300. Fees are either based on weight or volume, or are calculated as a flat per-item rate.

    • Most towns have local businesses that provide junk removal services, or you can reach out to one of the better known national companies to see if they service your zip code.
    • 1-800-GOT-JUNK will remove any household items including mattresses for one all-inclusive price. This includes any mattress infested with bed bugs if you alert the company in advance and if you have had a pest control service treat and wrap the mattress prior to the arrival of the truck.
    • offers single item or bulk junk pick-up services and will come to your home to provide a free estimate. They typically charge a flat rate depending on mattress size.

    Source: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

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    Can You Put Mattresses In A Skip

    No, generally you cant put mattresses into a skip bin. Skip bins arent the best option when it comes to getting rid of regular household items, as they can be costly and require you to do all the loading yourself. Mattresses can be tricky to dispose of on your own, so its worth considering hiring a professional rubbish removal company to handle it for you. At 1800-GOT-JUNK?, we can get that mattress out of your way in no time. You wont need to lift a finger! Well remove the items right from where they are, load them into our truck, and make sure everything is either donated, recycled, or properly disposed of.

    About Canadian Mattress Recycling


    Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc is Metro Vancouvers leading mattress recycling facility. We dispose of and recycle mattresses from residents in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Since we opened our doors eight years ago we have recycled over 25 million lbs. We make it easier for residents and commercial businesses alike to dispose of their old mattresses responsibly.

    Locally-Owned and Operated

    We are a 100% locally-owned and operated company based in Delta, BC. Our team of employees are dedicated to environmental preservation through recycling.

    Award-Winning Service

    Were consistently rated 4.8 stars on Google, and receive rave reviews from our past clients. We were also the recipients of the Green Business of the Year Award by the Delta Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

    Hassle-Free Online Booking

    Booking a pickup with us is hassle-free. Simply fill out our online form, and well contact you during our office hours to confirm your pickup. We serve Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

    We Recycle Everything We Receive

    We put old mattresses, box springs, and furniture back to work. We dismantle them at our recycling facility, recycling close to 100% of everything we receive. Salvaged steel, foam, plastic, cotton, polyester, coir, wood, leather, and cardboard become new products instead of landfill waste.

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    Option : Break It Down And Reuse It

    Did you know that 90% of traditional innerspring mattresses can be reused? Mattresses that are disassembled and broken down provide parts that can be recycled, sold for scrap, or used around your home for handyman projects.

    Just some of the parts of an innerspring mattress that can be reused include:

    Steel springs can be bundled and sold as scrap to be reincarnated as new steel components, such as wind turbines.

    Foam material can be reused as carpet padding or moving blankets, and when recycled, it can be used as a biomass fuel source.

    Wood parts can be broken down and reused as landscaping mulch, stuffing for pet beds, or scrap material for a variety of projects in both the house and the garage.

    If you decide to repurpose some of the parts of your old mattress, you can learn how to disassemble it step-by-step by watching this how-to video on breaking down a mattress for parts.

    Note: Disassembled innerspring mattresses contain sharp components. Be sure to use caution!

    Have a memory foam mattress? They can be shredded and reused in couch cushions, carpet padding, or even building insulation. And you can even make a little extra cash by selling that shredded foam!

    Can I Dump My Old Mattress In The Trash

    Yes, you can dump your old mattress in the trash but take note that there are serious environmental consequences to doing so.

    Roughly 20 million old mattresses and box springs end up as trash every single year in the U.S. The problem with this is that trash in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes heavily to climate change.

    What’s worse is if the mattresses end up in open landfills instead of closed ones, they will contribute to 91% of all landfill methane emissions.

    If, however, you insist on dumping your mattress in the garbage, I recommend that you still do it responsibly by following these steps:

  • Check to see if your town offers bulk trash pick-up.
  • Wrap your mattress in a plastic bag, preferably a recycled one.
  • Bring your mattress to the curb.
  • Getting rid of mattresses in a responsible way isnt easy. A growing number of landfills dont want them, since they are bulky, hard to crush and can jam machinery.

    Ryan Trainer, President of International Sleep Products Association

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    Can Old Mattresses Be Recycled

    Yes, mattresses can be recycled and the practice is fairly common. Through mattress recycling, approximately 80-90% of the mattress can be reused. Thats quite a lot of material that can be reused and turned into new products!

    What parts of a mattress can be recycled?

    Steel springs, wood frames, stuffing, and fabric are all contained in a mattress and can be recycled and reused in different ways. However, mattresses cant simply be left out for pickup with your regular recycling. Youll often need to find a facility that specializes in mattress recycling, and youll need to transport it there on your own.

    Why is recycling a mattress is good for the environment?

    When you decide to recycle your old mattress, you help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in your local landfill. Many parts of the mattress need to be recycled, as they take decades to decompose if they end up in a landfill.

    Why You Shouldnt Take Your Old Mattress To The Landfill

    City Recycles Old Mattresses, Box Springs, for Free ...

    Mattresses are big bulky items, and they take up a lot of space. This is true for your home, and its also true for your area landfill. In fact, even among all the other trash and solid waste there, mattresses also take up a huge amount of landfill space.

    Americans dump about 20 million mattresses a year, and this can add up to 800 million cubic feet of refuse to landfills already packed to the brim with other garbage. Because of the padding, fabric, and springs, discarded mattresses are difficult to compact and can even break the landfill machinery!

    Consider all other options before considering the landfill. Your local charities, thrift stores or recycling centers and the Earth will thank you!

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    How Do I Know When To Get A New Mattress

    There are several signs that it’s time to get a new mattress. These include:

  • The mattress is over 8 years old.
  • It creaks or squeaks when you move on it.
  • It rolls you toward the centre when you lie down.
  • Your back hurts when you get up in the morning.
  • You dont feel like you get a restful sleep each night.
  • The mattress noticeably sags in the middle.
  • You often wake up feeling congested due to dust allergies.
  • Sleeping on an old mattress could have long term effects on your health, so its important to address the issue as soon as possible.


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