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Do Adjustable Beds Need A Special Mattress

Types Of Adjustable Beds

Do You Need SPECIAL MATTRESS For An Adjustable Bed? // A No Bull Guide

There are many types of beds that incline available on the market. Although they may appear similar, they offer slightly different features which makes them better suited to particular needs and circumstances.

In this section, we break down the most common types of adjustable beds to help you decide which is best for you.

What The Experts Say

For people that have chronic fluid accumulation in the legs, a bed that allows elevation of the legs can be useful in reducing swelling by allowing gravity to move fluid from the legs back to the body. Dr. Siddharth Tambar, a board-certified rheumatologist with Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses

As long as youre using a mattress thats compatible, theres little risk of ruining it. However, you should be aware that it might wear out faster. The pressure and weight exerted on specific parts of it can cause quicker degradation.

Avoiding extreme angles and putting the mattress flat when not in use can prolong its life.

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The Qualities An Adjustable Bed Mattress Should Have

You need to know how to choose a mattress that will go well with your brand-new adjustable bed base. Basically, it should check two boxes flexibility, and its size and weight.

Simply put, the perfect mattress for an adjustable base should be as flexible as possible. Since the base is constructed of several moving parts, the mattress should contour to the base as much as possible, so as to fit as snuggly to the base as possible. If you want to buy a rigid mattress, our advice is to not buy an adjustable base.

Mattresses that are a bit, or more than a bit, on the rigid side, tend to wear out a lot more quickly when coupled with an adjustable base. They simply cant withstand the constant changes in shape, and they dont fit properly to the base. All of this increases stress on the mattress, making it less durable, and decreases its lifespan.

The second aspect is the size and weight of the mattress. As said already, adjustable bases are complicated. They have movable parts, electric motors, joints A good adjustable base mattress is not a heavy mattress.

The heavier it is, the more strain it will put on the base, potentially damaging it in the long run. Not only should you think about your mattress, but you should also take good care of the base as well.

As for the size, just pick the size that suits the base perfectly, a tight fit. Any smaller or larger, and you risk damaging the mattress while operating the base. Be like Goldilocks, find the one that is just right.

The Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds

Do You Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed? A No ...

Chances are youve seen an infomercial about adjustable beds before. They arent just for hospital stays! An adjustable bed is exactly what it sounds like, its a bed that allows you to adjust to different positions to make it easier to lounge in bed, sleep with your feet elevated, or snooze at a slight incline.

If you already have one of these types of beds, you already know how comfortable they can be when paired with the right mattress. It may be time for you to replace your mattress, or youre considering an adjustable bed and you arent sure what type of mattress you should get. Generally, any flexible mattress will work with an adjustable bed, but some are better than others.

  • 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty Plus 25 Years Limited Warranty
  • 79.5 x 60 x 10
  • 150 pounds
  • Removable cover thats washable
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Great support for heavy people
  • Very little offgassing

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Why Choose An Adjustable Bed

If you’re considering an adjustable bed, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of reasons why the investment is worth it. For starters, adjustable beds provide better pain relief and comfort. Regular beds, unfortunately, do not provide the back and spine support that is needed for pain relief. However, adjustable beds can actually help with spinal alignment, contributing to a .

If you invest in a modern adjustable bed, you will be able to sleep independently of your partner. For instance, you might be ready to go to sleep while your partner wants to stay up and do a little reading. You both can engage in your activity of choice without disturbing one another.

Another benefit of adjustable beds is that it can alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and arthritis. These kinds of conditions can be impacted by the way you sleep. Having an adjustable bed allows you to adjust it to the appropriate and most comfortable sleeping position in order to improve symptoms.

Those who invest in an adjustable bed will also improve their posture. Posture is extremely important to overall spine health. With that said, an adjustable bed helps reinforce good posture and can instill good posture habits in the long-run. This is because these types of beds support the natural curvature of the spine.

Now that you know the benefits of an adjustable bed, let’s discuss mattresses.

Where In San Diego Can I Buy A Quality Hybrid Mattress For My Adjustable Base

Theres only one true manufacturer of quality hybrid mattresses that would be a good fit for your split king size adjustable base, and thats Mattress Makers! Making mattresses is more than a business to us its our passion! We give it our all to provide our customers with the mattress of their dreams, for good dreams. If you sometimes feel too tired when looking at the history of the Victorian society at Heritage Park, stop by our store and let us help you improve your sleep!

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Know Your Sleep Position

Sleep positions play a huge role in picking out the ideal mattress for you, especially for adjustable mattress bases. Side sleepers may need a different mattress than someone who sleeps on their back. Also, you should consider how often you use the adjustable part of your adjustable bed so you know if the materials will take more wear and tear over time. Adjustable bases tend to lower the life span of lower quality mattresses. Adjustable bases will stretch and compress the mattresses unlike a normal bed frame.

Side sleepers generally like a softer mattress, whereas stomach and back sleepers tend to like one that’s a little more firm. Also note, if you have issues like acid reflux, adjustable beds bases can help prop you up to relief this, but only if you’re a back sleeper. Adjustable beds can be used to ease your body while you’re digesting and trying to get ready for bed if you rest on your back and use the bed to support your weight.

Overall, you’re looking for comfort and support, and your sleeping position determines if the best memory foam, hybrid, or latex mattress is the right choice.

What Mattresses Work Best For Adjustable Bases

How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

Because adjustable beds bend your mattress, youll need to be careful about the type of mattress you buy. Always avoid innerspring mattresses. Theyre not flexible, and being bent will either warp the coil support layer or cause the mattress to hover over the adjusted base rather than conforming to its shape. Therefore, it is important to select a mattress compatible with an adjustable bed.

Memory foam mattresses are usually the best choice for adjustable beds. Memory foam is heavy and flexible, meaning it will contour to the shape of the bed just like it contours to the shape of your body. Memory foam also wont be warped by being bent or folded. It will regain its original shape when you lay the bed flat.

Latex foam is another good option as an adjustable mattress. Like memory foam, latex mattresses are flexible and have no coils to get bent out of shape. However, since latex is slightly stiffer than memory foam, you may want to choose a thinner latex mattress to allow it to bend as it should.

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Adjustable Bed Mattress Questions

Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds?
All memory foam, latex and other non-innerspring mattresses can be used as adjustable bed mattresses. Innerspring mattresses with individually wrapped coils will also be compatible with an adjustable base as long as theyre not too firm, as a spring mattress that is too firm can cause too much strain on an adjustable beds motor.
Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?
No. If youre using a compatible mattress, an adjustable base will not ruin the mattress. However, using an adjustable base may shorten the lifespan of the mattress due to the extra pressure placed on certain parts of the mattress.
Which mattress is right for your adjustable bed?
Many mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base, but if you want to be certain that youre buying the right one, you should buy a mattress from a company that also sells adjustable bed bases. Pairing the right mattress with an adjustable base will help prolong the life of both pieces. Many brands, like Craftmatic and Easy Rest, include a mattress standard with their bed frames. The best mattress for an adjustable frame will depend on your unique needs. Many brands offer personal consultations to match you with the best model.

Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers: Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress is 11 inches thick and contains 2 inches of Triangulex, 2 inches of Reactiv, and 7 inches of Support+. The mattress cover is made of a polyester blend to wick away moisture.

Zomas Triangulex provides sleepers with a special 5 zone support, made of triangular segments. Firmer segments support lighter sections of the body, like the head, back, and legs, while softer segments support heavier sections of the body, like the shoulders and hips. Triangulex is also topped with cooling gel for additional cooling in drawing heat away and evenly dispersing it into the air.

Reactiv has a latex-like feel it conforms to the body to relieve pressure and has a responsive bounce, making it easier for sleepers to move at night. Reactiv aligns the spine and allows sleepers to feel like theyre sleeping on top of the mattress instead of inside it.

The Zoma Sports mattress is specifically designed for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle, and its one of the best mattresses for back pain. Each foam layer provides full-body support while pulling heat away from the body and preventing overheating.

The Zoma Sports mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes, and comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Last Things To Consider

There are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for an adjustable bed. These considerations are especially important when shopping for a mattress online, and some are specific to shopping for a mattress for an adjustable bed. Compare warranty coverage, return policies, and pricing to get the best value.

Cosy House Premium Bamboo Sheets

Do You Need A Special Mattress For Adjustable Bed

The Cosy House Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets are one of the bestsellers on the market right now.

It is manufactured from a premium blend of 40 percent rayon fabric from bamboo and 60 percent micro-polyester.

This gives you the perfect combination that exhibits the luscious feel of bamboo as well as the silkiness of microfiber.

As a result, you stay cooler in the summer and warmer during those chilly winter nights by sleeping on this adjustable bed sheet.

The fact that the sheet is naturally hypoallergenic means a non-toxic resistance to pollen, dust mites, and other allergy triggers. Hence, you and your partner can get the healthiest sleep possible.

These sheets are ideal for deeper mattresses and fit models of up to 16 inches deep snugly.

This natural bamboo sheet set looks and feels new after every wash. This is thanks to the world-class built-in stain and wrinkle resistance.

Buy the Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets right now if you dream of a spa-like softness and luxury every time you hop onto your favorite adjustable bed.

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Best Memory Foam Mattress: Amerisleep As3

The Amerisleep AS3is an excellent choice, and one of the best mattresses for adjustable beds on the market. Its 12 inches tall and contains 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of Affinity, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®. The soft, breathable cover encourages airflow throughout the mattress and helps you sleep cooler.

This memory foam mattress has three unique layers for the perfect adjustable bed. Bio-Pur® is plant-based memory foamcastor oil partially replaces petroleum during the manufacturing process. As a result, Bio-Pur® is more breathable than traditional memory foam. Bio-Pur® conforms to the body, but allows the sleeper to feel like theyre sleeping on the mattress instead of inside it.

The Affinity layer uses HIVE® technology for 5-zone support. Hexagonal-shaped segments make up the surface structure, with firmer segments for lighter sections of the body, like the head, back, and legs, and softer segments for heavier areas, like the hips and shoulders. The Affinity layer creates a cloud-like sensation when resting on the mattress.

Like Bio-Pur®, Bio-Core® is created through eco-friendly methods. Bio-Core® is the support foam that reinforces Bio-Pur® and Affinity with no risk of sagging for consistent support.

With a medium feel, the Amerisleep AS3 is an ideal option for side and combination sleepers. Its available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes, and comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

Amerisleep Percale Cotton Sheet Sets

Our Amerisleep Percale Cotton Sheet Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow covers. The fitted sheets have 18 inch deep pockets making them compatible with adjustable beds and tall mattresses.

With a 300 thread count, these cotton sheets are soft-to-the-touch and breathable. The long-staple cotton woven in the tight percale style makes these sheets strong and durable. Long cotton fibers are less prone to breaking and resistant to pilling.

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Do I Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Ideally, yes, you will need a special adjustable mattress for an adjustable bed base, so it is best to source one that comes as a complete set. Your existing mattress may not have the flexibility needed to suit your base. That being said, some pocket spring or memory foam mattresses are flexible enough to be used, but you should check the manufacturers details to see if they are compatible or not.

Top Adjustable Bed Brands

Do I Need an Adjustable Base?

SERTA: Get the customized comfort of your dreams with a Serta adjustable base. Sertas Motion Perfect adjustable bases offer over 18 different features.

TEMPUR-PEDIC: Tempur-Pedics adjustable bases provide a wide range of ergonomic positions for sleeping, working, reading or watching TV. Tempur-Pedic offers different levels and prices, providing a base for every customer.

SEALY: The Sealy Ease bases are designed to help you sleep better. With the Ease adjustable base, you can turn your bed into a relaxing retreat with virtually unlimited combinations of ergonomic positions for your head and feet.

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Will A Regular Mattress Work On An Adjustable Bed

It all depends on what a regular mattress is for you. For some, a regular mattress is a latex mattress, for others, its a memory foam mattress. But, the most common mattresses in San Diego are still innerspring mattresses, so were going to use them as our starting point.

Although some innerspring mattresses can work fairly well with adjustable bases, the majority of them simply cant, and this is for several reasons.

  • Coil type The coils in your mattress determine whether it can work with an adjustable base. For example, interlocking coils can get tangled when you change the shape of your bed while some mattresses have border wires that simply dont allow for the mattress to change its shape.
  • Thickness If your innerspring mattress is overly thick, it probably does provide more sleeping comfort, but its not suitable as a companion to an adjustable base.
  • Firmness The firmer the mattress, the less likely it will be able to bend to different positions your adjustable base offers.
  • So, inspect your mattress thoroughly and see if it could work with an adjustable base. But, as a rule of thumb, innerspring mattresses are rarely the right choice for adjustable bases.

    Compatible Adjustable Base Mattresses

    The most important thing to consider when choosing an adjustable mattress is its flexibility and durability. Adjustable beds will bend and flex, memory foam and latex mattresses are usually the best choice to use with an adjustable bed because theyre flexible. Companies that use high-quality foam and materials will maintain its support and durability.

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    Type Of Adjustable Bed Frames

    Adjustable bed frames come in a variety of constructions with various options. Its possible to get adjustable bed frames which allow each sleeping partner to choose their own position. With dual controls and the ability to choose a position thats best suited to each partners unique sleep needs, you can both get a better nights sleep.

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