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A Bedder World Mattress Recycling

Why Is It Important To Recycle Your Mattress

A pioneering efficient polyurethane mattress recycling process | Evonik

Mattresses can destroy trash compactor machines due to their metals and bulky materials, which makes it harder to shred them. A queen-size mattress typically weighs around 50 to 100 pounds , so thats dozens of pounds of materials you could be sending to a better place.

An estimated 22 million mattresses end up in landfills each year. This can be dangerous as mattresses decompose slowly . They have a tendency to absorb hazardous chemicals and become fire hazards while they break down. The chemicals inside them can leak into the ground and then transfer to water sources creating an even larger environmental issue. For these reasons, its best to recycle your mattress if you can.

So lets go through the steps of where to begin.

Give Away Online Or In

So you have a usable mattress, but it doesnt quite pass donation quality standards. Dont give up just yetcut out the middle man, and consider giving away your unwanted mattress by yourself.

There are countless ways to self-advertise your old mattress. But to avoid scams and shifty deals, its best to use verified online marketplaces or community connections. Some reputable ways to post your mattress for the taking:

  • Facebook Marketplace With trackable profiles and direct messaging, Facebook makes selling your old household items simple. Make sure you post clear photos, an honest description, and a reasonable price for your mattress.
  • FreeCycle This handy website connects you with nearby community members seeking free or used items. Try FreeCycle for mattresses with too much wear and tear to properly sell.
  • Mercari Along with your mattress, you may be wondering what to do with old pillows or bedding. For a quick or small cash boost, consider posting your mattress, paired with old pillows or bedding on Mercari. This resale site is an easy source for used household goods, bedding, and more.
  • Family or friends Lend a hand to loved ones by asking friends or family if they need a mattress. Odds are, someone could reuse or repurpose your old model.

Keep in mind that if you decide to sell your mattress, certain states have laws around selling a used mattress. Be sure to check if your state prohibits the sale of used mattresses first.

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Ways To Donate Your Mattress

Whether upgrading your bed size or mattress type, we all eventually need a new mattress. But pause before tossing your current one into the landfilleven with a little damage, your mattress can find a new home or be repurposed.

For eco-friendly, financial, and practical reasons, donating is an excellent solution for old mattresses. And with a little research and creativity, its easy to give your old bed a second life.

Lets dive into the many places and ways to donate your mattress, so you can rest easy, knowing your old mattress is being put to good use.

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to a new mattress and better sleep. Caspers luxurious mattresses are designed for ultimate comfort and durability through the years.

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My Best mattress

Best bed I have ever slept on, and Michael is absolutely wonderful! We had bought a very high-end mattress from another major bed company, and it was so hot and not nearly as supportive as expected. For the first time, my neck is properly supported and so is my back and the rest of my spine. I have significant spinal issues in both my neck and lower back, and I wake up not in pain. I don’t toss and turn all night long anymore! I don’t have awful temperature fluxuations!Michael took a tremendous amount of time educating us to make sure that the bed would be the right fit for us. He went to great lengths to get the bed to us on time when there was a shipping delay coming from Europe. I cannot possibly say enough nice things about him or how happy we are that we made this purchase! The beds are indeed expensive, but our money has been very well spent. Irving B. Atherton, CA

Happy about this investment

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Where To Donate A Mattress

Whether living in a city, suburb, or rural area, you can almost always find a charity that accepts mattresses. Unsure where to start? Begin by checking for national organizations in your area, and then researching local options. Some charities that accept mattresses:

  • Salvation Army A popular source for clothing and household goods, the Salvation Army provides donated goods to domestic abuse victims, disaster victims, and other populations in need. Better yet, they even offer pickup services in certain locationsno need to pile your mattress on top of the car.
  • Goodwill An international and multi-faceted charity organization, Goodwill brings clothing, home goods, and employment opportunities to lower-income or maligned communities. Certain locations accept mattresses in relatively good condition.
  • Furniture Banks Network Search this database for a nationally recognized furniture bank near you. Most banks have quality standards for donated mattresses , so make sure to check each locations requirements.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America With operations in 34 states, the Vietnam Veterans of America accepts all types of items for donation, including mattresses. Depending on your location, you might be able to access mattress pickup services, too.

A Bedder World Mattress Removal + Disposal

Buying a mattress is a difficult process. One issue that always factors in is how to dispose of the mattress youre replacing. I hate to have to consider replacement based on whether the company removes the old mattress. I found A Bedder World when I was looking for removal services last year. I left the mattress in our gated courtyard with a description of the location in my purchase notes, and it was gone by the afternoon. Ive since used the service two more times – seamless each time. Highly recommend A Bedder World!

Super convenient, fast and reliable service!!!My partner and I were unaware of how to properly dispose of our box spring after it broke unexpectedly over the weekend. Lo and behold, I found A Bedder World and am so happy to know that our broken box spring will be put to good use.I much rather pay for a service that will recycle parts/materials than to waste an item at the local landfill, and I feel great knowing that A Bedder World sees the benefit in recycling items that are traditionally difficult to do so.

The price I was charged for pick up and disposal was the same price I was going to be charged to drop off at other places. It was easy to set up and I just had to put mattress at curb. They took care of the rest. Would use again and recommend highly.

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How To Prepare Old Mattresses For Donation

Donation doesnt mean tossing it to the side. In fact, donating a mattress requires a certain level of careafter all, someone else will have to sleep on it. Before you think to donate, old mattress owners must consider all requirements.

To start, lets review your mattresss condition. One or two sagging spots? Your mattress is probably good to give away. A few tears, some liquid stains, and a lingering smell? Most likely, a charity will consider this a bad bed and wont accept it. Here are some typical conditions necessary for mattress donation:

  • Working springs
  • No tears or rips
  • No infestations, mold, or bed bugs present

If your mattress meets these conditions, then its time to move onto preparation for furniture donation. Most charitable organizations also require some form of planning and cleaning before your mattress finds a new owner. Below, we have a typical timeline for mattress donation:

  • Scheduling Since mattresses are quite large to store, many donation banks require a scheduled pickup or dropoff date. Mark a calendar date that works for both you and your chosen organization.
  • Stripping Remove all sheets, coverings, toppers, and casings. You should only hand over a bare mattress to donation organizations.
  • Storage & Packaging Store your old mattress in a dry, clean area until donation time. If necessary, package it for pickup or drop off.
  • The Best Side Of A Bedder World

    Can a mattress be recycled? | Covestro

    The best Side of A Bedder World

    Companies, ecologists’ along with the manufacturers are hectic promoting the idea of Mattress recycling and appropriately, so because of the health threats associated with them. Not to discuss that they have been a huge environmental factor and they consume a lot of space at landfill websites if disposed without being processed. Still, a number of people wish to avoid away this concept because they do not wish to miss the convenience that their old mattress offers to them. For such individuals, it is necessary not just to comprehend the benefits of recycling them, but also the downsides of utilizing old mattresses.They can become a Tomb issueAccording to those using Mattress recycling services, old bed mattress can become a health hazard in a number of ways and it us the body that Go to this site would get affected the most.The very first thing is the discomfort that grows as the mattress ages and this pain can keep you awake for hours in the night.Even if you get asleep,

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    Mattress Recycling: Where To Responsibly Rest Your Old Bed

    Remember the story of The Princess and the Pea?

    Pretty amazing that she was sensitive enough to feel a pea underneath 20 mattresses.

    Twenty sounds like a lot for us non-royals, but thats nothing compared to how many mattresses are in existence. As in 18.2 million more .

    While they may help us with a comfortable night , they contribute to the massive waste crisis we have on our hands.

    Between10-15 years, that trusty mattress will go from brand new to must be replaced. Every single one will take up around 40 cubic feet of dwindling landfill space.

    Some sustainable mattress materials will biodegrade over time, but unfortunately, this is the exception, not the rule. Most mattresses are made with petroleum-based products and toxic chemicals.

    Night after lonely-landfill night, these seep into the ground, leading to water and soil pollution.

    Fortunately, many of the materials can be recycled and reusedits just a matter of finding the company to do it for you. If only mattress recycling was as simple as recycling other types of plastics and paper.

    If you want to earn a gold star in reducing your carbon footprint, taking the time to properly recycle old mattresses is one sure way to fast track that achievement.

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    Responsible Mattress Disposal In Colorado For Over 8 Years

    At A Bedder World We Take Colorados mattress disposal seriously. We make sure that every mattress and box spring we pick up gets disposed of responsibly, by recycling them. Mattress removal and recycling throughout the Colorado front range is our bread and butter. So look no further for your mattress disposal and recycling needs. We remove and recycle beds of all types and sizes. From dirty to clean. From foam to air mattresses, we are your go to mattress disposal specialists. Help save our landfills. Schedule a mattress removal from your home today!

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    A Bedder World Mattress Recycling Contact Info:

    Store: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling

    Online mattress related to THORNTON

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    Mattress Recycling Partners In Colorado

    We work with businesses of all kinds throughout Colorado to help responsibly dispose of their mattresses. From Eco-cycle to Verlo mattress, if you are a business and need to get rid of a mattress, we can help. Book a commercial mattress pick up here. Our commercial services include pick up and removal of mattresses and box springs from your facility as well as proper disposal at our mattress recycling facility. We are proudly recommended by Colorados largest disposal centers. Eco-Cycle recommends us to all of their customers as a safe and eco-friendly option for mattress and box spring removal.

    These local Colorado companies understand the benefits of recycling their mattresses and choose to be a part of making the community a greener and more eco-friendly home for its residents.

    Hiring Local

    Our mattress disposal team includes drivers, mattress tear down operators, secretaries and managers. Our team members love their community and all it has to offer. We hire local residents and each one of our employees is proud to be a part of making Colorado a cleaner place to live.

    Colorado Mattress Recycling Team


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    Mattress Recycling In America

    Founder Tim Sumerfield has been in the mattress industry his entire life. Growing up working in his families mattress factory, he became very familiar with the Texas mattress industry. Working in every department from manufacturing, to sales, delivery, and ultimately the disposal of old mattresses. As time went on it was clear to Tim and anyone familiar with the mattress industry that mattress disposal was a major problem. With minimal options for businesses and residence to dispose of their old mattresses properly there was a lot of mattresses unnecessarily ending up in the hands of illegal rebuilders or on the side of the road. At this point we have properly disposed of over 500,000 mattresses and box springs and have expanded into Colorado, San Diego, Austin, and Salt Lake City. A Bedder World plans to become the #1 mattress removal service throughout the entire United States. As you may have noticed Austin has some of the highest trash disposal rates in the country. Especially when you are trying to get rid of a bulky hazardous item such as a mattress and box springs. This is opening the door for these items to be disposed of responsibly. For 5 years we have been the towns go-to mattress disposal option.

    Pickup Location Only

    Austin, TX

    Overview Of Mattress Recycling

    Mattress foam waste shredding with WEIMA WLK 1000 and ZM 40

    To recycle a mattress you must start by physically cutting open the mattress and taking apart each layer. The materials inside are then separated. 90% of those materials will be recycled and utilized again in products such as carpet underlay and dog beds. In this article we will show you how to recycle a mattress and what

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