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How To Keep Mattress Cool

A Smart Mattress That Lets You Set Your Ideal Temperature

Life Hacks: How To Keep Your Bed Cool In the Summer

Eight Sleep

  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Trial period: 100 nights

The Pod Pro Max Mattress is equipped with a smart cover that offers both cooling and heatingâranging from a crisp 55 degrees to a toasty 110 degreesâso itâs perfect for year-round use. Itâs also dual-sided, so couples who canât agree on the ideal sleeping temperature can customize their comfort. Overall, though, itâs the companyâs coolest mattress, thanks to its silver, graphite and copper-infused MaxChill layer that efficiently disperses heat. In addition to its temperature-setting abilities, this smart bed learns your preferred sleeping temperature, offers advanced sleep tracking and has built-in alarm capabilities for better rest, all-around.

Admittedly, itâs pricey, but the company offers a 100-night sleep trial to ensure itâs worth the cost. There are a couple of less expensive options, too: The Pod Pro, which features the techie mattress cover but is built without the specialty MaxChill layer, will save you a few hundred dollars. And if youâre satisfied with your current mattress, the Pod Pro Cover offers all the smart features to give your bed an instant upgrade.

Drinking Alcohol Before Bed

Everyone enjoys a good drink every once in a while, whether it’s a craft beer, an elaborate cocktail, or a glass of fine wine. Consuming alcohol before bed can decrease the likelihood of good sleep, but it may cause acute physiological changes.

This can include items such as raising your body temperature or causing skin flushing. Second, alcohol is dehydrating to the body, making you feel hot and can lead to night sweats. Read more about the effects of alcohol and sleep.

Resource:Reviewing Alcohols Effects on Normal Sleep

What About Moisture Wicking Sheets

Another great option for removing moisture comes from your sheets. If you decide to get, moisture-wicking sheets make sure you go for high quality 100% cotton because these will ensure you dont get too hot at night. These sheets get made mainly to prevent excess moisture buildup that causes you to get hot when you sleep.

Many people use a heavy comforter that acts as an insulator. You want to keep everything cool by using a cooling mattress cover with a gel foam mattress topper. Combining all these breathable materials will help turn a hot mattress into a cool oasis.

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Take A Warm Shower Or Bath

Taking a warm shower or bath before bed can lower your core body temperature. While your body temperature will initially rise in the shower, once you get out your body will begin to cool down. On top of that, taking a warm bath or shower can also help you fall asleep faster. However, make sure youre taking a lukewarm shower as opposed to a cold or very hot one. Hot showers can heat up your bathroom and already warm room, while cold showers can have a stimulating effect making it harder for you to fall asleep.

What To Look For In A Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress Reviews: Best Mattress to Keep you Cool!  Best ...

Finding a cooling mattress might be your top priority, but youll also want to consider other mattress features while shopping. A mattress that keeps you cool isnt worth much if it causes you discomfort, or isnt in your price range.

Mattress companies can make many claims and use overblown language when describing their mattresses. Instead of falling for marketing fluff, look past the fancy copywriting to determine what features the mattress has, and if it will meet your needs.

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Replace Your Bed Frame For Better Airflow

While you cant change much about the air flow in the areas where your body makes contact with your memory foam mattress, you can improve overall breathability of the memory foam with the right bed frame. According to, the best bed frames for ventilation are ones that have equally spaced slats. This type of frame allows plenty of room for the air to flow freely from the underside of the mattress.

Choose The Right Foundation

Memory foam mattresses are fairly forgiving when it comes to how theyre supported. You can put them on the floor, plywood, a very firm box spring, or a slatted bed frame. However, these options are not equal when it comes to breathability.

As your mattress absorbs your body heat throughout the night, it will either trap it or get rid of it. If your mattress is on a solid foundation, such as the floor or a sheet of wood, the heat will have nowhere to go but directly back to you.

Instead, opt for a slatted foundation. Either wood slats or metal slats will do. The space between the slats increases the ability for heat to escape, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

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What Is A Cooling Mattress

Many people tend to sleep hot, or notice themselves wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and sweaty. Some mattresses exacerbate this problem, while others ease it. Hot sleepers might want to seek out a cooling mattress to help them stay asleep throughout the night.

The term cooling mattress is used by many mattress manufacturers to indicate that there is something about the mattresss construction meant to keep sleepers cool during the night. There are many ways in which a mattress can help you sleep cool. The term cooling mattress doesnt refer to any single particular mattress part or system.

Stay Cool While You Slumber

How To Take Control & Keep Your Bed Cool
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One of the most important things about your sleeping environment is the temperature. Too hot and sweltering will keep you tossing and turning all night. Too cold makes it hard to really relax. Even if its not the right time to invest in a whole new mattress, you can still use a mattress pad to add some comfortespecially during the hot summer months.

Enter: cooling mattress pads. Made with breathable materials like bamboo and cotton, these mattress pads are specifically designed to maintain airflow while you’re sleeping. When considering your options, be sure to also keep the mattress pad’s density and features in mind. Some mattress pads are thicker than others, while others have reduced motion transfer or detailed temperature controls.

To help you select the best option for your needs, we conducted extensive research, keeping the above qualities in mind. Two of our top picks were sent to our team of product testers, who assessed each option on the basis of its set-up process, overall comfort, and airflow.

With these insights in mind, here are the best cooling mattress pads to stay cool while you sleep.

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Controlling Your Sleep Environment

There are other ways to help improve your sleep experience by controlling various elements of your bedroom environment.

AirflowMaintaining good airflow in your bedroom is important on warm nights. Consider keeping a window open, or investing in a small circulating fan. Airflow is important for your bed itself, as well. If your mattress sits on the floor, consider investing in a bed foundation to improve airflow. Depending on the type of mattress you have, you may also consider switching to a slatted bed frame design to further improve airflow.

SleepwearThe sleepwear you choose to use at night will have a significant impact on your body temperature. Its best to choose breathable, lightweight clothing made of cotton or thin wool. Alternatively, many people find it most comfortable to sleep in nothing but underwear.

LightsBedside lamps, overhead lights, and other electronics can all produce heat when they are turned on. If your room feels uncomfortably warm, turning off lights and electronics well before bedtime can help.

Air ConditioningIf your home does have air conditioning, it may be worthwhile to use it on very hot nights. While it can get expensive, its difficult to put a price on quality sleep. The ideal bedroom temperature is somewhere around 65 degrees.

Why Your Memory Foam Retains Heat And Cause Sleepless Nights

The designing of memory foam is, of course, the precise cause behind it, which limits the airflow between the layers of the mattress. Therefore, compressed heat inside the memory foam mattress layers lets you have an uncomfortable sleep in bed all night. If you have a densely manufactured memory foam mattress, overheating is normal.

Earlier memory foam mattresses were developed with low resilience to trap heat and moisture inside. However, today, memory foam is still made to have better breathability and absorption to moisture. If you are a hot sleeper, the obvious is to think twice about any dense memory foam.

This gives a comfortable level of high and enhanced airflow. Too soft and too hard firmness in mattresses cause heat-trapping issues, so medium-firm foam mattresses are always suggested for hot sleepers. If your memory foam is infused with copper, graphite or gel in between the layers, it improves sleep quality.

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Best Cooling Mattress Toppers For 2021

Heads up, hot sleepers! Cool off for the night when you throw on one of this year’s best cooling mattress toppers.

Once you’ve found the best mattress for how you sleep and you’ve picked out bedding that you love, there’s a third component that can help to make the setup just right. A mattress topper, protector or pad can add an extra shot of comfort to the mix while simultaneously adding years to an otherwise dreary bedroom set. And if you happen to be a hot sleeper, a topper with cooling properties can provide a lot of relief.

Whether you go for a mattress topper with a generous layer of memory foam or a mattress pad or protector with hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant properties is a matter of personal preference, as is the type of cooling you’re after.

Are you adding cushion to a too-hard mattress, and you just need a bit of subtle cooling for your best night’s sleep? Or are you less concerned with cushioning, but a super chilly cooling pad to calm a fever or nighttime hot flashes is more what you need? Give some thought to your goals, and shopping for your cooling topper will be a breeze.

Please note that for each product, I tried a twin size in order to fit my bed at home. However, the price shared at the end of each review is for the queen size without any sale discounts applied.

What To Look For In A Cooling Mattress Topper

So need this Cooling mattress pad!! Hot flashes and night sweats won

When shopping for these or other similar cooling bedding, you can try to look for clues as to the cooling components used, as well as language describing whether the item is a mattress topper, protector or pad. On the packaging, for example, you might find that the product design includes an aerated feature, which helps promote a cooling airflow throughout the product, or that the top layer is infused with a cooling gel. It may also say something about copper, graphite or charcoal being utilized, each of which act to absorb and draw heat away from the body, then dissipate it elsewhere.

Memory foam, while usually known for trapping heat, might be described as infused with a certain cooling element to create a new heat-wicking innovation. Phase-change material, which liquifies and turns cool when placed against something hot, then once comfortably cool, returns to a solid state, may also be used. While each of these has a certain cooling proficiency, a topper integrated with a combination of them would actually be ideal.

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The Best Cooling Mattress In 202: Cool Beds For Hot Sleepers

Cooling mattresses are designed to help you stay comfortably cool during sleep so that you dont wake up kicking off the covers because youre too warm. So if you want the best mattress for hot sleepers, a cooling bed is an excellent choice. They do cost more than standard mattresses, but thats because they use a wider range of breathable materials and cooling technologies. Here weve rounded-up this years top-rated cooling mattresses, with options from brands including Cocoon by Sealy, GhostBed, Serta, Nectar and Tempur-Pedic.

Some use innovative materials to create a temperature-regulating surface, while many of the best cooling mattresses use materials such as graphite or gel-infused foam to boost breathability and to wick away moisture. Research shows that if you get too hot in bed it can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your sleep as youll keep waking up. So if youve had issues with broken sleep due to overheating in the past, a cooling mattress could be your best bet for more restful sleep.

In our best cooling mattress guide, we look at the top options for a range of budgets and sleep needs. And while you can expect to pay a little more for most of these, there are still a couple of affordable options below available that are very well-priced for the cooling power they provide.

Choose A Cooling Mattress Topper

Cooling toppers are a great way to cool your mattress down while also providing an extra touch of comfort. A topper is a layer that sits on top of your mattress to give it a new lease of life.

All you need to do is pick the cooling topper that suits you and enjoy an instantly cooler night’s sleep. They’re easy to remove, too, so you can take it off depending on the season and how warm or cold you feel in the night.

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Why Does A Memory Foam Mattress Get Hot

Many memory foam mattresses have an issue retaining body heat because memory foam is a rather dense mattress material. Plus, these beds lack interconnected air channels. Once the heat is absorbed by the mattress, its not easy for it to work its way out.

The structure of a memory foam bed is a common reason it retains too much heat, but some memory foam mattresses overheat because theyre paired with warm bedding or an incorrect mattress foundation. These two factors can make heat retention worse.

Use A Pillow That Doesnt Contribute To The Problem

Keep Your Bed Cool or Hot with the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

Something often overlooked by people when considering how to decrease the temperature is their pillow. Your head releases a lot of the bodys heat and if you use a pillow that traps this in, it will keep you unnecessarily warm.

Pillows made out of feathers, natural or synthetic down, cotton, buckwheat, and bamboo are known to sleep the coolest. A gel one can also sleep cooler than most but be careful when choosing this option. They may still retain small amounts of sweat. You can read our reviews on the different types of pillows to learn more.

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Use Mattress Topper Or Pad:

If you are looking for an affordable mattress cooling trick, buying a good quality mattress is also good. It will fix the heat issue of the memory foam mattress to some extent making it cool down and comfortable. Good is to choose a mattress topper made up of natural material, such as wool cotton. This helps in better air circulation in mattress layers and keep moisture away.

How Can I Cool Down Hot Feet At Night

There are a couple of ways that you can cool down hot feet at night. You can keep an ice bucket by your bed that you can place your feet in when they get hot or you can freeze socks and wear them on your feet when you sleep. You can also place a fan at the foot of your bed so the breeze hits your feet.

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Get A Cover Or Cooling Pad For Bed

While a cooling sleep pad wont solve the problem of trapped heat and humidity in your bed, putting a cover or light mattress topper – like a Sleep Number Cooling Pad or one from another brand – on top of your memory foam mattress may help to reduce sinkage or hug. Although a temperature control mattress topper like a dual temp mattress pad can be a big investment, the less youre sinking into your mattress, the less heat can be absorbed by the mattress. When used in conjunction with BedJets convective and evaporative methods of cooling, you may find your hot sleep problem is completely solved.

How To Stay Cool At Night: Essential Tips For Hot Sleepersmarch 2021


Few things are worse than lying on your back on a hot summer night, tossing and turning because youre having night sweats or feeling too hot to fall asleep. Sometimes even the help of a ceiling fan or air conditioning blasting dont quite do it. Figuring out how to stay cool at night is key to feeling well-rested in the morning.

In this article, we’ll look into why you might feel so hot at night and how to control your body heat and room temperature for better sleep quality. Did you know, our bodies actually fall asleep faster when theyre in a cool environment?

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