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Do Hotels Use Memory Foam Mattresses

What About Hotels That Arent Major Chains

Best Memory Foam Mattress (TOP 6 BEDS)

There are thousands of fine hotels with great mattresses and not all of them are Hiltons or Drurys and not all mattress brands are Sertas or Sealys. Any well-run hotel that cares about their guests will have a clean room with a quality mattress that isnt worn and has been replaced regularly. All mattress brands want those hotel guests to go home and buy and sleep on their bed. Mattress builders design them to be supportive and comfy. So What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use? The hotel industry bed wars are not just being fought by the big and small name hotels theyre also being fought in retail mattress stores across the country. Hotel mattress makers use steel coils, foam, and padding, and sometimes lots of it, but just because it says made exclusively for the X Hotel doesnt mean you cant find it or an equivalent in your local mattress retailer.

Contract Beds: What Firmness Can I Get

If you own a hotel or B& B, you’ll understand how important it is that your guests enjoy a great night’s sleep. Our hotel beds are available in a range of firmness options for you to choose from:

Hotel beds need to be built to last, and the same can be said about hotel mattresses. Firmer mattresses offer durability and support for longer, so they’re ideal for your hotel, B& B or educational establishment.

Which One Is Best

For Joe and I, we had been talking about getting a memory foam mattress for years. Once we slept on one of Marriotts mattresses, we knew thats the kind wed get, rather than a traditional spring mattress. As it turned out, we didnt go with Marriott brand we went with a Tempurpedic mattress instead. But that Marriott bed had a definite influence on our decision.

Obviously, and as you can see, any time you start talking about best, individual preferences come into play. In other words, best is very subjective and its the ultimate example of Your Mileage May Vary.

Which hotel chains beds are your favorites?

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Who Makes The Marriott Mattress

The Marriott Hotel is a luxury hotel founded in 1927 in Washington DC. The mattress is named after the hotel and was specifically made for the hotel by Jamison. After over fifty years of crafting, designing, and perfecting the mattress, it found its way into the market where people could purchase them.

Hilton Canopy Bed By Serta

Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

What bed does the Hilton Canopy hotel use? This new hotel brand from Hilton uses a custom-made Serta Perfect Sleeper Plus mattress. If youve ever stayed at a Canopy brand hotel, it is definitely a unique experience. Throbbing music in the lobby, modern stylings like concrete floors, and modern art mixed with a hip bar and good eats. This aint your typical Hampton Inn.

That applies to the bedding situation too where Hiltons Canopy brand has partnered with Serta to deliver a custom version of Sertas popular PerfectSleeper brand.

We recently stayed in a Canopy and loved the mattress so much we ripped the bedding off to the frame to find out the brand. Heres the evidence :

While consumers cannot purchase this exact model you can purchase a Plush Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress from a variety of locations including:

Cambria Hotels, of the Choice Hotels Family features a Simmons Beauty Rest mattress known as the St. Pierre Recharge. American Hotel sells it for under $600.00!

This isnt the best hotel bed you can buy, but its a nice second place and these hotel mattresses are still fairly comfortable.

If you are on a budget this may be the best hotel mattress option to go with.

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The Idle Latex Best Free Trial

If youre looking for a memory foam free mattress that has a long sleep trial then the best one that I could find was the 18 month trial that comes with The Idle Latex mattress from Idle Sleep.

This is an all-natural hybrid spring-latex mattress thats made without visco elastic chemicals glues or toxins, and has hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties to help inhibit mold growth and dust mite penetration to guard against allergies.

You can opt for the Dunlop latex option if you need more support and less pressure relief or the Talalay latex option if you need more pressure relief .

Both options sleep cooler than memory foam but the Talalay selection has the best airflow if youre a warmer sleeper looking to stay cool.

The latex foams are GOLS certified to ensure that they meet organic standards and the CertiPUR-US® certification ensures that the foams are free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and have VOCs limited to less than 0.5 parts per million.

Available in medium, luxury firm, or medium on one side and firm on the other , this mattress is well suited to front and back sleepers, whilst side sleepers may need the Talalay option in medium to get the right amount of pressure relief.

Recommended For

  • Front and back sleepers the medium firmness should be fine up to 230 lbs, whilst the luxury firm may be better if youre a heavier weighted front sleeper over 230 lbs.


Additional Benefits

  • 18 month trial the longest sleep trial in the industry.

Choose Flat White Sheets

Putting crisp flat white sheets over your mattress provides a hotel-like look and feel.

Choose flat sheets instead of fitted sheets to avoid loose overstretched elastic corners and to create a smooth and wrinkle-free fit.

Go for cotton percale sheets because they have around 200+ thread count, whilst promoting more softness and breathability in comparison to other fabrics plus they last longer.

Choose white sheets to bring freshness and a sense of tranquility to the room, as this is the color scheme that is used in hotel rooms.

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Are Hotel Mattresses Better Than Regular Mattresses

So lets dispense with these three hotel sleep myths: Because hotel beds are super-premium products, youll always sleep better in them. They are not all super-premium, and people do not necessarily sleep better in them. Hotel mattresses are so amazing, guests should buy them for their own bedrooms.

Your Room Is Too Humid

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review 2020

Although memory foam mattresses are very porous, they wont absorb too much humidity. Still, if youre living in a house or environment that is too humid, you should consider lowering the humidity to allow your mattress to expand properly. One of those ways to lower the humidity is to ventilate regularly, or use an air conditioner with a dry mode. Air purifiers can also come in handy.

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Editors notes:

  • Make sure that your memory foam mattress doesnt absorb too much foam by keeping it in a well-ventilated room.
  • Cover your mattress with a breathable material that will soak in the humidity instead.
  • Try laying on your mattress for a bit to speed up how fast its inflating.

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Upgrade Your Mattress With A Topper

If your budget cant stretch to a new mattress, a topper can make a world of difference to your comfort levels. To really get that hotel standard, choose one of our premium designs such as the 4G Aircool Memory Foam Mattress Topper which features temperature regulation technology and pressure-relieving foam.

Shopping Online Vs In

Of course, shopping for a mattress in a store is great because you can lay on the mattress and get a real feel for it before bringing it home. However, mattress shopping online has never been easier. Mattress brands largely offer a generous trial period and return policy, giving you the peace of mind to go ahead and order a mattress online without being completely committed to buying it. Youll also pretty much always get free shipping and free returns, and most brands make the process of ordering as easy as possible.

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Serta Hotel Series Mattresses

Serta Bedding has offered a hotel series of mattresses for a great many years. These beds are the most widely used by many different hotels. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Collection is also offered for sale to anyone in most retail stores. The exact same mattresses you sleep on in many hotels can be bought for your home.

What Kind Of Mattress Does Holiday Inn Express Use

What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

If you want to know what kind of mattress does Holiday Inn Express use, its from Tempur Sealy, Serta Simmons Bedding, and Hypnos Contract Beds. We will talk more about these mattresses used at Holiday Inn Express, so you can decide what the right one for you is. And do not be confused by these different mattress manufacturers because they provide the mattress used by Holiday Inn Express hotels in the US, UK, and even Singapore.

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The Fabulous Mattress Used At Canopy Hotels By Hilton Is On Sale Today With A 55% Discount

Canopy Hotels by Hilton is a wonderful brand of properties to stay at. With chic, modern amenities, an upscale vibe and a friendly, fun staff, this Hilton brand has spared no expense including in the bedding department. And today, the same type of mattress used in their hyper comfy beds is on sale for a staggering 55% off. Yes, you read that right. 55% off.

Weve written about hotel beds, pillows and sheets before and whenever we can, we try to identify for our readers what bedding is used in a particular hotel brand and where to buy it. The Canopy brand is a newer family of properties in the Hilton portfolio of hotels, and theyve partnered with Serta for much of their bedding including their mattress.

Compare Prices at: Macys, Sams Club

The actual mattress used in the Canopy Brands is a Serta Perfect Sleeper Plush Pillow Top Mattress made exclusively for Canopy , however, the same type of mattress can be purchased from a variety of retailers including Wayfair and its in the middle of a great Black Friday sale where its discounted 55%.

Love new the hotel in with a rooftop pool and sunset views over the lagoon #Cancun

Dana Freeman

The mattress is stunningly comfortable and offers a delightful night of sleep. Canopy has truly made a brilliant move in partnering with Serta to bring this specific mattress to their properties and guests love it.

Be sure to check out our other hotel related bedding buying guides including:

Where To Buy A Hotel Mattress: The 19 Best Hotel Beds To Buy

Do you wish you could fit that comfortable hotel mattress in your suitcase and bring it home sometimes? You are not alone. Weve built a list of 11 of the best hotel beds to buy, below.

From Marriotts Bed to Hilton Mattress, Ritz-Carlton, Westin Mattress, even that great Simmons Four Seasons mattress, and more, you are sure to be able to find the hotel mattress that will make your literal dreams come true!

If you have been racking your brain, desperate to figure out what beds do hotels use and how to get your hands on one, keep reading.

Here is a summary of the best hotel mattresses for sale with additional details in subsequent sections:

  • Disney Hotel Mattress
  • Quick question: why are hotel beds so comfortable? Its simple, really. Hotels want, dare we say, need, their guests to have a great experience. That includes the sleep experience. While some may suffer from hotel insomnia, generally speaking, sleeping in hotels is totally doable and a great mattress is the foundation to achieving that goal.

    So, lets dig in, starting first with the eponymous Marriot Bed!

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    Get The Hotel Feeling In Your Home

    Now that you know what kind of mattresses hotels use and what they do to add on extra comfort, you can go about creating this for yourself in your own bedroom. To begin, City Mattress carries many of the same mattresses or mattresses very similar to what youll find in top hotels. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have Sealy Posturepedic in the rooms, while the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has mattresses from the Simmons Bedding Company. ViSpring is featured in some of the top hotels and resorts in the world, like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Park Hotel Vitznau in Switzerland, and Hotel Principe Di Savoia in Milan, Italy.

    Once youve chosen your mattress used in hotels, its time to add on the right linens and pillows. We offer numerous high-quality sheets from top brands like Malouf and SFERRA. Be sure to get the best of the best so it feels exactly like climbing into a hotel bed. Some options, like the SFERRA Grand Hotel Cotton Pillowcases were designed for this specific reason! For your down comforter, we recommend the Down Decor down blanket, Down Decor White Down Comforter, Down Decor LanaDown Organic Wool Duvet, or Down Decor Goose Down Comforter. Go ahead and pick out your favorite high-quality, supportive pillows and your hotel bed at home is complete!

    Hilton Has A New Take On The Old Box Spring

    Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattress (TOP 3 BUDGET BEDS)

    The Hilton has a luxury mattress so well known that it has its own name and website. The Serenity Bed was designed for Hilton to provide a restful slumber for any of their VIP guests and sleepers. The added coil support and internal design prevents mattress breakdown, an important feature when its being used every night by different guests, and the patented quilted design improves circulation and reduces restlessness according to the Hilton website.

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    What Kind Of Mattresses Do Hotels Use

    Have you ever noticed that you are always sleeping better and more comfortable when you are sleeping at hotel than when you are sleeping at home?

    This is because the types of mattressesthat hotels use are some of the most comfortable beds. In this article we will explain what kind of mattresses most hotels use and what makes them so special.

    Best Hotel Like Mattress

    Buying a $4000.00 Ritz Carlton mattress may not be in the cardsbut that doesnt mean you can up-level your sleeping experience. By going with a hotel-like mattress you can still get a great nights sleep even if you cant take out a loan for your bed.

    One of the best hotel-style mattress options is this queen-size bed from CHD.

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    Westin Hotel Mattress The Heavenly Hotel Mattress & Box Spring

    The Westin Hotel Mattress is world-famous for its incredible comfort and luxurious sleep experience. Travelers worldwide have enjoyed their comfort night after night. It is also one of those few hotel beds consumers can buy.

    The Westin hotel mattress is made by mattress leader Simmons specifically for the Westin Hotel chain. As Westin notes, this hotel mattress is uniquely designed with plush, pillow-top construction for premium comfort and support. Slip into the Westin Heavenly Bed and experience a night of restorative sleep to get you ready for the day ahead.

    The Westin Bed is one of the finest hotel beds in the world and is renowned for its comfort and stability.

    Almost all Westin mattress reviews suggest that this bed lives up to its reputation and is worth the cost. If you can find a Westin Mattress sale, jump on it because its typically worth your time and money.

    What Mattresses Does Marriott Use

    What Mattress Toppers Do Hotels Use?

    The Marriott Bed is designed specifically for use in Marriott Hotels. These beds have 9 inches of foam and rest on top of a 10.5-inch box spring. The top layer is made with a soft, hypoallergenic foam, while the base is made with a durable support foam. The cover features a cotton-poly blend and a patented quilted design.

    In years past, Marriot used an innerspring version of this mattress however, they have completely transitioned to the all-foam model. Marriots mattresses can be purchased on Amazon or their website.

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    Why Do Hotel Beds Feel So Good

    Ever sunk into a hotel bed and wondered why it feels so dreamy? This can be down to a number of factors:

    • The mattress itself – when its their main priority to make you comfortable, top hotels dont scrimp on mattress quality. Its in their interest to invest in durable mattress technology that wows guests and generates rave reviews
    • The topper – It may be that the mattress is topped with an additional layer of memory foam for enhanced softness and feel-good factor
    • The pillows – A great sleep experience doesnt end with a mattress. Its all the finishing touches that made a difference. Memory foam pillows provide extra cushioning and support to ease aches and pains, as well as being irresistible to sink into
    • The bedding – Premium quality bedding and a high thread count adds a sense of luxury that can make the bed feel even more heavenly.
    • The service – Chocolates on pillows, perfectly made beds and daily changing all contribute to that luxury hotel bed feeling

    Next, find out how you can bring a taste of hotel luxury into your own bedroom…


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