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How To Fix Hot Memory Foam Mattress

Purchase A Cooling Pad Or Topper For Your Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hot Sleepers 2022 (Top 5 Beds!)

A mattress topper is like a thick sheet that provides extra padding while allowing proper airflow and circulation. Mattress toppers made specifically for memory foam are available that are constructed out of natural materials like wool and cotton. They are designed to be breathable and facilitate extra circulation throughout your entire mattress.

A wool cover may seem a bit counterintuitive but it actually works very well as a memory foam cover. Just like a pair of wool socks in the winter, they wick sweat away from your skin if, or when it starts to overheat.

Gel foam toppers are also available. They incorporate foam with gel infused throughout the material to help them create a cooling sensation against the skin. This new type of foam does not overheat or retain heat like standard memory foam.

Another benefit of using a cover is that many of them can easily be removed and machine washed. This helps to keep your mattress clean, even if you sweat. It also keeps your mattress in a near mint condition

On the high end of the topper spectrum are electronic cooling pads. They have precise temperature control that is accessed through physical dials and in some cases, an app on your phone or other smart devices. Electronic pads also allow you to warm a mattress if you desire.

Koalas Advice: Choose The Right Memory Foam Mattress Firmness

If you look through the reviews of the most popular mattresses like Casper or Saatva, youll find some negative feedback that in 90% of cases is somehow related to the wrong firmness of the bed. What to consider to avoid such a scenario and buy a comfortable memory mattress without spending extra time and money on efforts to make it feel softer or firmer? Here are the most important criteria:

  • Your sleeping positionfind what level of firmness will work the best for you in this guide
  • Your weightthe more you weigh, the firmer should be the mattress, and vice versa
  • Densitydenser mattresses feel firmer

Try Using A Hot Water Bottle

It might seem weird for us to suggest a hot water bottle, but you could try this.

  • Fill up your water bottle and then put it in the freezer
  • When you’re ready to go to bed, simply take it out of the freezer and put it under the covers
  • Half an hour before you go to bed, place it under your duvet so it’s already cool when you go to bed
  • This is a fantastic way to cool your mattress because hot water bottles are designed to distribute heat quickly to keep you cosy, but it also works for keeping you and your mattress colder for longer.

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    Best Mattress That Wont Sag

    In our experience , hybrid and coil mattresses are the sturdiest beds and tend to hold up better over time, meaning less sagging or permanent indentations. Hybrid and coil options are especially great for heavyweight individuals who need more support to prevent sagging. One mattress that is particularly noteworthy is the Saatva mattress. This mattress actually uses dual layers of coils believe it or not. It has an innerspring support system on the bottom and individually wrapped coils in the middle for maximum support.

    If youre looking for an extra durable mattress, Saatva is definitely a good option. Alternatively, you might also want to check out our list of Best Hybrid Mattresses for some other options that wont sag on you.

    Try using My Slumber Yards mattress finder quiz for even more help finding your ideal mattress. Our buying guide can also help you navigate different brands and types of mattresses to find out what it all means for your sleep.

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    Choosing The Best Mattress

    Fraser Country: Lavender Infused 7

    Whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold one, you are sure to find a perfect mattress for you. The goal is to choose one that matches your preferences.

    For example, if youre a side sleeper who is keen on finding a mattress that relieves pressure points but doesnt sleep hot, you may opt for gel-infused memory foam or plant-based memory foam rather than the usual memory foam mattress. These types of mattresses have lower heat retention abilities. Knowing your options can save you from having to deal with hot, sweaty nights.

    As mentioned above, the material your mattress is made from determines how much heat it retains. Here is how different types of mattresses retain heat.

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    What To Do If Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

    No one likes waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, clammy and sweaty. However, this is often the case for many hot sleepers. Does this sound all too familiar? If it does, did you know that sleeping on a memory foam or gel mattress could be making things worse?

    The material in a memory foam mattress can actually make you heat up, leaving you feeling sweaty and increasingly uncomfortable. If you own a memory foam mattress and are concerned about what to do, then weve got some tips to help you keep cool at night.

    What About Moisture Wicking Sheets

    Another great option for removing moisture comes from your sheets. If you decide to get, moisture-wicking sheets make sure you go for high quality 100% cotton because these will ensure you dont get too hot at night. These sheets get made mainly to prevent excess moisture buildup that causes you to get hot when you sleep.

    Many people use a heavy comforter that acts as an insulator. You want to keep everything cool by using a cooling mattress cover with a gel foam mattress topper. Combining all these breathable materials will help turn a hot mattress into a cool oasis.

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    Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot To Sleep On

    Traditional memory foam mattresses first appeared in the 1990s and quickly gained popularity for their ability to cradle the body and provide excellent pressure relief.

    But these mattresses were definitely hot, and there are a few reasons why memory foam retains body heat. One is the materials structure the dense foam has less airflow than other materials but is needed to give structure.

    A second reason is the way that memory foam contours and hugs the body. This can trap heat and detract from your bodys ability to thermoregulate its temperature.

    Fortunately, technology has moved on and recent innovations mean that you no longer have to suffer hot sleeping to get the body contouring benefits of memory foam.

    Mattress Pads And Mattress Toppers

    Will my memory foam mattress sag and make me hot at night?

    Many mattress pads and memory foam toppers contain cooling gels or are made with cooling fibers to better absorb body heat.

    If you want to get techy, you can try an electric mattress pad with cooling options. Many of them let you control the temperature with a dial or a phone app. The downside to electric pads is the expense many cost a few hundred dollars.

    You can also go low-tech and get a cotton non-quilted pad to keep cool.

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    Adjust Your Bed Frame

    You would be surprised if you knew how much impact your bed frame could have on how much heat is trapped in the bed. A lot of people dont know that, but if your mattress, mattress pad, or topper trap the heat, it has to escape somewhere, and oftentimes, the encased platform bed frame will make it difficult to escape, which only results in clashing with the heat youre currently generating.

    Most cheap bed frames, especially platform and bed in a box kinds of beds with storage trap a lot of heat. Theyre made out of chipboard, instead of full wood which is a much more breathable material whereas chipboard feels synthetic which results in heat being trapped.

    If you dont use the storage drawers, you should consider removing them to be able to make more room with your bed. You should also consider airing your mattress and mattress pad during the day to leave it more space.

    Also, you could invest in a newer floor system with full wood that would help the heat get out and adjust temperature regulation on your bed.

    Editors notes: Consider using an open design frame that gives a lot of space for regulated airflow. Additionally, you should invest in a slated floor system that not only gives you extra airflow but also helps with support and wont make your mattress feel uncomfortable.

    Fix A Sagging Pillow Top Mattress

    Most of the time with pillow top mattresses like Avocado for example, they cant be flipped, so the only answer is to rotate the bed. The same idea applies your weight will be redistributed and can hopefully even out the pillow top.

    If that doesnt work, try sliding a 1 thick wooden board between your mattress and box spring or bed frame where its sagging. The board will act as an additional layer of support for your mattress foundation, which will hopefully even out the bed and help to reduce the sagging. Keep in mind that it can possibly make your mattress feel firmer, though.

    You could also try checking your beds box spring to see if it has any broken or weak spots. A bad box spring cant support a mattress properly, which can lead to sagging. You can test your box spring by simply pushing your hands on it, or you could even grab your small children and have them walking around on it a bit.

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    You Sleep In Hot Climate

    Seemingly enough, you cant do much about this problem. You live in an area that is either too humid or too dry, but also extremely hot in the process. Sleeping in a hot climate can lead to so many problems with having a proper nights rest. If the climate is humid, your mattress pad might be absorbing too much heat and making you hot in the summer.

    Editors notes: This can be fixed with additionally cooler sheets like those made out of percale, as well as pillowcases made of cool cotton material. Investing in the cooling pad, air conditioner, or electric cooling pad also seems like a good idea.

    How To Fix A Mattress Pad That Makes You Sweat Or Sleep Hot

    Single Memory Foam Mattress

    If you ever owned a mattress, mattress pad, or mattress topper in your house, then you know that they can occasionally get hot. This is great for the cold winter months when were all aiming to keep our bedrooms cozy and hugging. Unfortunately, in the summer, in the scorching days and quite hot nights, sleeping on a plain memory foam mattress or mattress pad can be unbearable.

    Mattress pads and mattress toppers tend to get hot because theyre made out of synthetic materials that respond to the pressure of our body, as well as temperature. You know that snuggly sensation as you sink into the cloud-like memory foam? Thats the mattress pad adjusting to your curves, and the more it adjusts the hotter it gets.

    Some mattress pads and toppers boost additional materials that contribute to sleeping cooler on them. For example, memory foam toppers use gel beads that cool down the mattress topper and regulate the temperature exchange between the topper and the environment. While some pads also boost this feature, not all of them have it.

    Like you can see mattress toppers can easily warm up and cause you to get hot in the middle of the night. While there are different types of mattress toppers that you can use, those made of memory foam are quite convenient because theyre affordable and they have a conforming effect which is ideal for people with joint pain.

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    Cooling Pads & Toppers

    This is probably one of the easiest ways to make your bed feel cooler. There are specially designed toppers and cooling pads meant to keep your body cool. The Slumber Cloud nacreous mattress pad is an ideal solution. Its affordable and lightweight. It slides right over your mattress like a sheet. It uses special Outlast viscose fabric. It manages the microclimate under your covers, keeping you cool all night long.

    If you would rather have something that adds more padding to your bed, opt for something like the extra plush bamboo topper. Bamboo is also a natural moisture wicking material meant to regulate body temperature. You can also find other bedding options such as sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and more for cooling you down while you sleep.

    Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot 11 Solutions & Alternatives

    Memory foam mattresses have been a staple in the industry for many years and come in many variations. Although many people enjoy their memory foam mattress, a typical complaint is that they sleep hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals they contain.

    If your memory foam mattress sleeps hot and youre struggling as a hot sleeper,there is hope in finding cooling relief with these simple tips and tricks.

    The viscoelastic chemicals are also the reason why memory foam sleeps hot because your body heat is unable to escape the mattress

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    Adjust The Temperature In Your Bedroom

    Memory foam is temperature sensitive. Its temperature sensitivity is why it reacts to your body heat. When temperatures in the room are higher, it will react by becoming more viscous and thus more flexible. At cooler temperatures, it will be firmer and less flexible. As a result, a memory foam mattress in a cooler environment will feel harder until it can warm up. Raising the temperature in your bedroom can soften the foam to make it mold to your body more readily.If your new mattress is causing you discomfort, use the tips above before giving up on it. Many new owners of memory foam mattresses experience initial problems only to find that their issues go away after the mattress has been broken in and you will get the perfect restful night’s sleep.

    Best Cooling Sheetsparachute Linen Sheets

    Memory Foam Too Hot – What Can I Do?


    Linen has long been the chosen fabric of warm climates because its lightweight and cool to the touch. Parachute Linen Sheets are made from 100 percent European flax and are the perfect fit for anyone looking to sleep cooler.

    Hollow fibers mean linen acts as a natural insulator, keeping sleepers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen is also known for its impressive durability.

    The Parachute Linen Sheets come in six different sizes and eight different colors. The sheets are made in a family-owned factory in Portugal, and theyre Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified.

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    Solutions For Hot Mattresses

    Invest in a mattress that does not get too hot

    As mentioned earlier, some mattresses naturally sleep hot. You want to avoid this kind and opt for the cooler ones. For example, rather than going for a dense memory foam mattress, go for a gel-infused one instead. The cooling gel makes the mattress sleep cooler.

    Create space for airflow

    The structure of a mattress is solid. Therefore, you cant change the airflow of the mattress. Your best bet would be to ensure there is enough space under the mattress for free movement of air. Not having enough space under your mattress will trap air under your mattress and cause it to heat up.

    So, go for a bed that has equally spaced wooden boards. This ensures that there is enough space for air to move around, so the mattress does not heat up during sleeping. Beds made of solid plywood are not ideal as you will be sleeping hot every night.

    Invest in cooling mattress toppers

    If you love your memory foam mattress, but hate the heat, then cooling mattress toppers can be a great way to keep heat at bay. In this case, you want to find a mattress topper that doesnt retain heat.

    Cover the mattress with a mattress protector

    Mattress protectors made from breathable materials play a significant role in ensuring that the temperature of your mattress is at a comfortable level. Other than that, they protect the mattress from stains and keep the odors away, as you can wash the protector often. Go for mattress protectors made of natural fibers.

    How To Make Memory Foam Mattresses Cooler

    If you dont have a memory foam mattress from Caspers cooling collection, a traditional memory foam mattress may have been a low point for any hot sleeper. However, mattresses are just one part of the entire bedroom setup. There are several other factors at play, including your:

    • Mattress type
    • Bedding
    • Mattress topper

    Lets see what we can do to solve these potential pain points that could potentially be impacting optimal temperature regulation and air flow.

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    Use A Mattress Topper

    Mattress toppers or pads are added to mattresses for comfort and cooling reasons.

    Choose a mattress topper made from breathable materials, such as latex, cotton, and wool, to improve heat wicking. The additional layer creates a barrier between you and the memory foam through which air will circulate and wick away heat.

    Similarly, a mattress protector is another affordable way to help prevent heat retention.

    How To Choose A Cooling Pillow

    Thomasville 3"  Cool Tri

    Second, choosing the right pillow can help you keep cool.

    Look for a pillow that features cooling materials, such as a gel memory foam, and an ergonomic design that promotes airflow. If you prefer down or faux down pillows instead of memory foam, look for one that is made with breathable materials. You can also choose a cooling pillowcase made from cotton or silk to keep your head and neck cool.

    Looking for cooling pillows, you say? Weve got you covered. All 3 of our GhostPillows are designed with breathable comfort in mind. Plus, they come with our signature Ghost Ice fabric cover, so youll feel cool from the moment your head hits the pillow.

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