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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Wear Out

Use A Good Quality Mattress Protector

LUCID 10 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing and Review

However hard you try, you cannot wholly ward off dust, stains, dead skin cells, bacteria, or the occasional yet unintentional spills on your mattress. Wonder what the single best solution to this problem is? Just bring home a high-quality, water-resistant cover to accompany your mattress, and all is sorted.

Using a machine washable mattress protector can help keep your memory foam bed spotless for years, which makes it a must-have!

How To Tell If A Mattress Is Sagging

  • Note that theres a difference between the natural body impressions of a bed and a mattress thats truly sagging. Body impressions are usually a series of small dips. Sagging results in one long dip across the bed, almost resembling a smile that runs the length of the mattress.
  • If you think your mattress is sagging, measure the dip. If its less than two inches deep, then youre fine. But if its more than two inches deep, that means your bed is sagging.

Keep The Foundation Strong

An improper foundation or weak support may bring about premature indentations, deformations, and sagging in memory foam mattresses. Don’t forget to carefully read the manufacturer’s guidelines to decide which foundation is best for your mattress adjustable, slatted, or solid.

Without a supportive base, the core layer can deteriorate under tremendous pressure, which may end up developing bumps and lumps in your mattress prematurely. So, it’s imperative to use a strong bed frame as a foundation for your mattress.

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Is It Time For A Replacement

So, how long do memory foam mattresses last? Usually, they remain in useful condition for 8 to 10 years. However, if the bed develops any kind of pungent smell or deep indentations, you may want to replace it a bit sooner than 10 years.

Is memory foam the best mattress? When it comes to mattress foam, it is one of the most fantastic and highly durable. Still, choosing the best is ultimately up to your personal preferences. For most, particularly those with back problems, a memory foam mattress brings a better nights sleep. If its time for you to get a new bed, we recommend one that incorporates this type of foam into its structure. Waking up feeling refreshed every day is definitely worth the investment.

Why Is Memory Foam So Durable

Milliard Classic 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most durable types of mattress available due to their unique properties of”viscoelastic” polyurethane foam. Memory foam is heat sensitive and moulds to the contours of your body, and quickly retorts back to its original shape after youve woken up year after year after year. If its good quality, that is.

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Factors That Impact How Long Your Mattress Will Last

We spend a significant amount of time in bed. Rest is a vital part of our health it can determine how much energy we have for the day and contribute to our mental state. This is why choosing the mattress best suited for your lifestyle and needs is important. When deciding upon a mattress that contours your health and needs, there are several factors involved with the degradation of your mattress. Below is a list of variables to help determine the longevity of your TempurPedic Mattress.

Weight Support

Queen and king mattresses require a particular frame with an added bar for support. Larger bed frames without a sufficient frame may insufficiently distribute weight and offer increased strain to springs, as well as other internal materials. When a couple sleeps on a bed, or even if an individual that is heavier occupies a mattress, the added weight will degrade the mattress at a faster rate.


When purchasing a bed, there are a variety of materials that can compose your mattress. Certain materials, like memory foam and latex, can offer long-term longevity due to their exceptional density. Less dense beds, like those that use continuous springs or independent springs, can offer firmer support but may degrade significantly over time. The components that make a mattress are selected for different reasons, so be sure to choose the mattress most suitable for your health and wallet.

Mattress Health And Care

Wear And Tear

Dont Even Think About Buying A Memory Foam Topper Until You Read This

Here are the most frequent questions I have received on how to buy a memory foam topper.

Also, at the bottom of this page are fourteen more questionsand comments from my visitors.

I will be adding more answers to questions in the future. Fornow though, I hope these here will help you make a good decision about buying amemory foam topper.

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Flip The Mattress If Possible

Flipping your mattress means turning it upside down, so the surface where you used to lie is now on the bed frame and vice versa.

Normally, youll see flippable models of hybrid mattresses and spring mattresses, but there are special memory foam mattresses that you can flip. They usually feature one firmer side and one softer side.

You should rotate the mattress a couple of times before flipping it. This is a great way to use all sides of the mattress evenly. With a topper, you wont need to do either of those as often, but its still a good idea to do so every few years.

Should You Flip Your Mattress

Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses – Which Is Better For You?

Most mattresses should not be flipped. Unless the manufacturer specifically recommends otherwise, you should not flip your mattress.

The majority of modern mattresses are designed to be one-sided, meaning that their design is not conducive to flipping. The basic construction of most modern mattresses is as follows:

  • At the bottom of the mattress, a thick, relatively firm support layer typically made of dense foam and/or metal springs makes up the support core
  • On the upper level of the mattress, one or more layers of foam or other materials, covering various densities and firmness levels, make up the comfort system
  • Topping the mattress is its cover, along with any sewn-in foams or other materials

This design works well to support the sleeper. The relatively cushy comfort system on top provides good contouring and comfort, while the denser underlying support core helps keep the body supported and the spine properly aligned throughout the night.

However, if you flip this design around, it simply doesnt work as well. The support core generally feels too firm to rest on directly, and the comfort core does not provide enough support to keep the mattress in its proper shape.

If you flip a mattress thats not designed to be flipped, youll end up with a less comfortable and less supportive bed. It will also cause the mattress to wear out quicker, and will likely lead to aches and pains for the sleepers.

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What Makes The Saatva Hd Stand Out

  • Because of its unique construction, this mattress has a firm, hybrid feel thats best suited for heavier back, side, and stomach sleepers. However, some average-weight stomach sleepers may also find that its a good match.
  • The zoned latex layer and durable steel coils create a great balance of comfort and support.
  • When you shop with Saatva , the company offers free white glove delivery and a 180-night sleep trial period.

Another mattress specially designed with larger people in mind, the Helix Plus is slightly firmer than average, coming in at 7.5/10 on our firmness scale. This rating just so happens to be a whole point higher than the industry standard for medium-firm beds. Heavier side sleepers over 230 poundswill especially appreciate the body contouring along their shoulders and hips.

What Makes The Helix Plus Stand Out

  • With three comfort layers and tall, individually wrapped coils, this mattress provides ample comfort, pressure point relief, and lumbar support for larger back sleepers. We believe its one of the best mattresses for heavy people.
  • Because the coils are so sturdy, we expect this bed to last the entirety of its 15-year warranty.
  • The Helix Plus has many cooling features. The gel-infused memory foam helps regulate body temperature, and the coils promote airflow.

When youre shopping for a mattress that wont sag, you might find yourself paying more for the materials. But if you want a durable mattress that wont cost you an arm and a leg, check out the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress. Unlike many mattress brands, Brooklyn Bedding owns their own factory, allowing them to pass the savings onto the consumer.

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Should You Flip A Memory Foam Mattress

Unless its dual-sided, you should never flip a memory foam mattress. Memory foam beds are designed as a single structure. Comfort layers are meant to rest on top of the mattress, while the support layer is the foundation. Flipping a memory foam mattress when youre not supposed to will damage the comfort layers and may cause the bed to sag.

How Can You Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress

Its important to remember that there are steps you can take to make your mattresses last longer. Using a mattress protector, for instance, will stop the memory foam from soaking up moisture, as this can harm its structure.

You can also contribute to the lifespan of your mattresses by ensuring they are properly supported with the right box foundation, rotating the mattresses every few months will help to promote even wear too. Some other tips you might find improving the longevity of your mattress include:

  • When you clean your mattress, only use the substances recommended by the mattress website or manufacturer.
  • Avoid allowing pets on the bed to reduce the risk of damage from claws.
  • Dont allow children to jump on the bed and damage the internal mattress components
  • Remove sheets and mattress covers to let the mattress air out occasionally
  • Open your windows to release moisture
  • Use regular vacuuming to keep your mattresses free of dust and debris

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What Happens If A Tempur

Tempur-Pedic mattresses should never get wet. Moisture can cause the mattress to develop mold and mildew and can even alter the mattresss performance. However, accidents happen, and if you do have a wet mattress, you can take steps to avoid damaging the Tempur-Pedic material.

First, open the mattress cover and blot the area where the spill happened. Then let the mattress air dry for several hours until it is dry to the touch. You may want to use a fan or hairdryer to speed up this process.

Check The Mattress Foundation And Bed Frame

If you have a saggy memory foam mattress, the problem could be your mattress foundation or bed frame. Both mattress foundations and bed frames are built to raise the bed off the floor and support you and your mattress. Memory foam needs more support because its a heavier mattress material. Without sufficient support, youll start to see saggy areas.

To resist wear and tear, a mattress foundation or bed frame for a memory foam mattress should have a solid or slatted surface. Slats should be no more than 3 inches apart. Wider gaps cause the mattress to dip in between, creating an uneven surface and damaging the bed.

The mattress warranty gives guidelines on how the bed needs to be supported. Otherwise, damages from the wrong support voids the warranty. If you already have a mattress foundation and dont want to invest in another mattress support, you can save money by placing a ¾-inch piece of moisture-resistant plywood below the mattress can boost support.

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How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

A high-quality mattress with memory foam can last for up to 15 years with proper care and light use. Light use here means that the sleeper doesnt weigh over 190lbs and that the mattress isnt used every single night for a long time.

Some folks like to spend their days in bed watching movies, using their laptop, even working for hours. This is considered heavy use of a mattress. The memory foam doesnt get enough time to cool down and get back into its original form.

Avocado Vegan memory foam mattress

But lets say were not talking about a high-end mattress, just a normal one. You may expect a lifespan of up to 10 years, again with proper use and maintenance. Memory foam mattresses fall into the category of mattresses with a relatively long lifespan.

What Are The Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Inofia King Size Memory Foam Mattress Review

There are numerous benefits to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Multiple mattress review and medical websites have linked memory foam mattresses with good sleeping posture and reduced back pain. If youre unsure about making the switch, take a look at the perks it provides:

Regardless of all the benefits, some shoppers prefer the sturdy feel of an innerspring mattress. A hybrid mattress blends together memory foam and pocket-wrapped coils for the best of both worlds.

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Which Type Of Mattress Will Sag More: Memory Foam Or A Pocket Sprung Mattress

It is thought that a memory foam mattress will sag more easily due to its moulding nature, compared to traditional sprung or box spring mattresses. This isnt necessarily true whilst traditional mattresses don’t look as if they sag on the surface, their uneven feel and lack of support in certain areas can speak volumes.

Why not combine high-density foam and pocket springs for extra support and maximum comfort? A hybrid mattress is the ultimate sleeping experience and theyre one of the most popular ways to good nights sleep!

How Long Does A Tempur

How Long Does a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Last?

A great mattress is crucial to getting a solid night of sleep. And once your mattress is starting to wear out, you may find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, trying to get comfortable.

So if youre mattress shopping or already own a Tempur-Pedic mattress, you may be wondering: How long does a Tempur-Pedic mattress last?

Were here to answer all of your mattress-related questions. Check out our guide for everything you need to know about the lifespan of a Tempur-Pedic mattress, along with tips for increasing the longevity of your mattress.

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Fix : Mattress Toppers

A common solution to a sagging bed is a memory foam mattress topper. A thick topper can even out a sleeping surface. Still, a topper follows the shape of the mattress, so while it can help with the mattresss feel, a topper wont add support.

A mattress topper is good for a side sleeper, but a back sleeper or stomach sleeper may sink uncomfortably deep, causing misalignment and back pain.

You can find a memory foam mattress topper between $50 and $300, although the price range is dependent on the size and thickness you want.

Memory Foam Mattress Dipping & Sagging

Does the Memory Foam in Mattresses Wear Out?

A dip is where part of the mattress has compressed beyond its tolerated level, assumed as 2cm in memory foam. It is usually the reflex layer that has failed as there is too much pressure on it for its intended use, or in cheaper mattresses, the quality is so low of the foam that it will fail when put under stress.

This causes a crater or hole effect thats permanently embedded in the mattress. Once your mattress has dipped like this there is zero you can do to rectify it. The best method is to prevent this from happening in the first place with your mattress. This is where choosing a mattress with significant upholstery can almost eliminate the potential for sagging and choosing a two-sided model.

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What Makes The Dreamcloud Stand Out

  • This durable hybrid mattress offers an excellent balance of comfort and support. Back sleepers should feel their hips sinking into the plush pillow-top while the coils support them.
  • Stomach sleepers should also be comfortable.
  • The mattress offers a luxury look and feel that should remind people of sleeping in a hotel.

Read our full DreamCloud mattress review.

Getting Rid Of Your Box Spring

If our article has revealed that possibly your box spring is on its way out, or well-passed its used-by date, then we have a couple of tips and tricks to making the most of it if youre not looking to take it to the tip.

You dont have to throw your box spring away, you could use the timber interior to create your own unique wall art, or even work with the springs to make your own DIY hanging pot plant wall.

A few great ideas online also include using the springs to create lamps, by dangling a bulb and cable through them and setting the lamp on a desk or table for a unique rustic lamp look.

However, if the DIY route isnt the one for you, we would suggest either taking your box spring to the garbage dump yourself if you own a ute, or reaching out to a rubbish collection service to do it for you. We know these bases are quite large, so, if its time is up, give your garbage team a call.

The Takeaway

With all that said, we hope you have a little more information on box springs and spring mattresses and when to know whether its time to throw them away or not. Always be sure to put your spinal health and sleep first, and dont rely on an old tired mattress to keep your sound asleep at night.

Be sure to check back on Sleepify for more information on spring mattress and our top choice bed frames!

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