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Do You Need A Box Spring With Lull Mattress

Is There A New Mattress Smell

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

Most foam mattresses can be expected to have a slight chemical smell when first used, and the Lull is no different.

The smell derives from the manufacturing process and is completely harmless as certified by CertiPUR-US.

Depending on how sensitive you are to smells, you may notice a slight plastic scent after first unboxing and setting up your Lull Mattress, but it usually dissipates within a couple of days.

In case you do notice a smell after your mattress is set up, you can simply remove all of the sheets and blankets from the mattress and open the windows to provide some airflow this will remove the odor faster and it wont ever come back.

Box Springs Vs Other Foundations

Besides box springs and foundations, you have three other common bed base types to choose from:

  • Platform beds work like box springs but include 4 to 6 legs. Some people prefer platform beds because they include storage space beneath where the legs are. A platform bed can use wooden or metal slats like a foundation, or use a flat surface on top .
  • Adjustable bases allow people to adjust the angle of their mattress at the foot or head of the bed either manually or by using a remote control.
  • Bunkie boards can extend the lifespan of an old box spring or foundation where the surface has become uneven. These are either a single pane of plywood or a row of wooden slats linked together. Theyre placed directly beneath the mattress above the box spring.

Some people choose to lie their mattress directly on the floor. Some mattresses are designed to work this way, but you should always check the terms of your warranty to ensure that a floor is considered an acceptable foundation for the mattress.

They Elevate Your Bed

The first benefit is that it raises your bed. Something is pleasing to the eye about a bed that is elevated high off of the ground. Additionally, it can be cleaner. Having a high bed helps to prevent small pets from jumping up as well as preventing small insects from making their way up your bed and into the covers with you.

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Why Have A Box Spring

Until recently, box springs were seen as a necessary aid for mattresses. People had historically taken to buying them, and here is why.

Box springs give mattresses, especially old ones, additional support, and serve as a kind of bed shock absorber. But thats not all that they do.

Box springs help to raise beds to the users desirable height and provide a leveled surface for the mattress to stay on. For very firm mattresses, box springs make the bed feel softer than it actually is.

Of course, these arent always necessary. However, some people like to raise their bed to fit their personal taste. A box spring is an excellent idea for people who love to swing out of bed and start the day.

It reduces the stress of having to prop yourself up to get out of bed. Box springs can work for innerspring beds or beds of older models. If you own one of such mattresses or if youre someone who likes your bed to be upright and level while you sleep, then you should totally try box springs out.

Generally, box spring units are covered in cloth, and they usually sit on a bed frame that is raised and have an attached headboard.

What Is A Lull Mattress

Do You Need a Box Spring?

Lull mattresses use a three-layer technology for support and comfort. The gel-infused top layer is designed to keep you cool by pulling heat away from your body.

It uses memory foam to relieve pressure and conform to your bodys shape. The middle layer, made from proprietary foam, provides support, while the core layer, made from polyurethane foam, provides strength and durability.

The multiple layers help to absorb movement so you wont feel it when your partner moves around during the night. The Lull mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers: back, front, or side.

Committed to community participation, corporate responsibility, and fair labor practices, the Lull company provides free shipping, a 100-night risk free trial period, excellent customer service, and a 10-year warranty.

Returns are cost-free and easy. CeriPUR-US Certified, Lull mattresses meet strict standards for reducing off-gassing and use no harmful chemicals.

The Lull mattress company is dedicated to sustainability and is a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council.

Setting up your Lull mattress is easy. You just take it out of the box and put it on a flat surface. Then slowly unwrap the outer plastic and carefully cut the inner plastic.

Once opened, the mattress will expand and can be slept on right away. After you setup your Lull mattress, youll want to buy a as well to support you and your bed at night. Full expansion of your Lull mattress can take up to 48 hours.

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Do You Need A Box Spring If You Have Slats

In a situation where your bed already has built-in slats, you dont need a box spring. Using a box spring with these slats will not add any support to your mattress, itll only make it higher and weightier.

Platform bed slats are enough to support your mattress on their own. If, however, the slats are too far apart, it will not give adequate support, and your bed will begin to sag.

Bed slats have more advantages than other foundations. They are less expensive and easy to replace or repair. When a part of a box spring is ruined, the whole thing becomes useless. Bed slats are also easy to move and provide excellent airflow. Box springs, on the other hand, are unyielding.

  • Metal vs. Wood

In as much as metal slats are more expensive, they dont tend to bend, break or sag as wooden slats do under the pressure of mattresses. Some metal slats are made to adjust themselves to fit different bed widths.

  • Bunkie Boards

Bunkie boards are another alternative for box springs and bed slats. Actually, a Bunkie board is any solid material that is set on a slat and then enclosed in fabric. There are available high-tech Bunkie boards made with wood strips or chips. In fact, they can be more effective than box springs in giving support.

  • Mattress Foundations

Just as box springs are designed for spring mattresses, mattress foundations are made to support latex, memory foams, and polymer mattresses. Mattress foundations are built with wood or metal and covered with a breathable cloth.

The Lull Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for a wooden frame with a modern and simple design, you wont have to look any further than the Lull website.

With its slatted base, this frame is durable, flexible, and supportive. The slats keep the mattress cool and dry by providing ventilation.

The slats adjust to any type of sleeper, absorb body movement, and make your mattress last longer. Together with the Lull mattress, this frame helps to keep your back aligned for a comfortable nights sleep.

Made from pine wood with steel rail fittings, the Lull platform bed frame is easy to assemble, all-inclusive, and reasonably priced.

The frame can be put together in less than five minutes using one tool, an Allen wrench that is provided.

With 6.5 inches of under-bed storage space, a one-year warranty, and free shipping, this bed frame is a great choice for your Lull mattress.

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People Who Need Extra Mattress Support

As we stated above, if you have an innerspring mattress, it is very likely that a box spring will be a necessary investment. However, this is not always the case and, to find out if it is worth investing in a box spring, you should first consult with the mattress producer. Looking on a mattress companys website, you will most likely find information about what type of bed the mattress should be paired with, and if a box spring is required.

If the company does recommend a box spring, you should definitely buy a box spring! First off, this will ensure that the mattress is getting the support it needs and that it will last for as long as possible. Whats more, many companies will void the mattress warranty if your mattress is not paired with the proper bed and bed frame.

Box springs are also going to extend the life of your mattress. If youre wondering how to make your mattress last longer, a box spring could be a great idea.

Drawbacks Of Box Springs

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Unfortunately, box springs are not without their disadvantages, including:

  • Maintenance: Just like mattresses, box springs dont last indefinitely. They need to be rotated regularly to stay in tiptop shape, which takes time and can be physically exhausting depending on the size of the mattress.
  • No extra features: Some base types, like platform beds, include space for storage underneath. Meanwhile, a box spring just takes up space with no additional features.
  • Extra costs: Although some box springs are designed to fit on the floor, many box springs also require you to purchase a frame or foundation for optimal functioning.

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Is Having No Bed Frame Bad

At Casper, our goal is to help you get the best nights sleep possible, no matter your sleep preferences. Thats why we recommend using a bed frame and benefiting from everything it has to offer. While having no bed frame isnt necessarily bad, foregoing this piece of your suit will mean compromising on your sleep quality and mattress health.

Still, you may prefer to not have a bed frame due to:

  • Pets You may love your fur babies so much that you regularly have them in bed with you. For some pets, the added height of a bed frame may make it difficult for them to join you up there. Lower height bed frames are an option in this case, but some people still decide to choose no frame at all.
  • Noise If you have a squeaky innerspring mattress and older bed frame, every toss and turn during the night might be accompanied by a symphony of squeaks and creaks. While this may make you want to ditch frames altogether, there are high-quality options that are sturdy enough to combat this problem.

Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Foundation

We recommend replacing your foundation when you get a new mattress. Most mattress foundations wear down faster than mattresses, so if your mattress is showing signs of wear and needing to be replaced, then its safe to say your foundation also needs to be swapped with a new one. If youre working on a tighter budget and dont want to buy both a foundation and a mattress, look for bundle deals or brands offering freebies with a mattress purchase. Sometimes, you can score a free foundation with your new mattress. Alternatively, you can give an old foundation new life by pairing it with a bunkie board.

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What Do You Put Under A Memory Foam Mattress

For proper support, many people place a mattress foundation between their memory foam mattress and their bed frame. That said, memory foam mattresses dont need any extra foundations or box springs when paired with platform beds or adjustable bed frames.

Please note, box springs by themselves should not be paired with memory foam mattresses because they offer uneven support which can damage foam layers.

If you have a box spring youd like to put under your memory foam mattress to give the bed extra support or height, make sure to place a bunkie board or 3/4-inch piece of moisture-resistant plywood between the box spring and the mattress. Doing so creates a solid, flat surface for the memory foam mattress.

Final Thoughts: Do You Really Need A Box Spring

Do You Need a Box Spring?
  • If used with the right mattress, box springs can really enhance the overall comfort levels and performance of a mattress. They are a time tested bed base that has a unique but simple design.
  • One of the more appealing aspects of the box spring is that it allows for very efficient airflow and ventilation. This plays a large part in increasing the total lifespan of a mattress, as well as helping overly warm sleepers rest comfortably.
  • We found that box springs work best with innerspring mattresses, but using traditional coil box springs can also lead to premature depreciation of your mattress.

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List Of Bed Frames And Their Features

Once you have determined what type of frame you want for your Lull mattress, you can consider the type of material that you want and other features you are looking for. Other factors to take into account are durability, style, ease of assembly, design, and warranty. To get started, you might want to consider one of the Lull mattress frames designed specifically to go with the Lull mattress.

Warranty Implications With Box Springs

A good mattress comes with a solid warranty one can rely upon. However, a condition of many warranties is that the mattress must be positioned on a box spring for a claim to be validated.

Its true that newer adjustable beds are an exception now, but these typically require different types of mattresses and the product selection is more limited. Platform beds are okay, but a box spring is still considered the standard. Using something other than a box spring with a mattress could invalidate the warranty designed to protect the purchase.

Two-sided mattresses which are flip-able require a box spring to provide sufficient support as a foundational piece, while newer mattresses may be okay without one, but please check the product warranty first to be sure youll be fully covered.

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How Far Apart Should Bed Slats Be

Bed slats too far apart will not support the mattress correctlythis is especially true with memory foam or latex mattresses since these beds can sag between wide gaps.

Typically, it is best to keep slats no more than 3 inches apart. This distance will provide adequate support and keep air circulating through the bed.

What Mattress Support Is Best

Do I need a Box Spring? – Bunkie Board vs Box Spring

The mattress support that will work best for you depends on a number of factors. The type of bed youre buying can play a huge part in the support that you choose. Innerspring beds may work with box springs, while latex and memory foam beds will do best with another option.

You should also listen to your body. If youve spent on an innerspring bed with a box spring in the past and youve had a lot of pain, it may be better for you to choose another option when it comes to mattress support.

Your budget matters, too. If you have the money for an adjustable bed or a platform bed, you can invest in something that will last you for years, through many, many mattresses. If you move a lot or you dont want to invest, you may want to choose a box spring or to simply place your mattress on the floor.

Finally, pay attention to any warranty that comes with your new mattress. A few manufacturers still require you to use their box springs with their innerspring mattresses in order to keep your warranty valid. If youre worried about problems with your bed, take this into consideration when youre buying mattress support.

In the end, you need to choose the mattress support that works best for you. Consider all the factors, take the time you need, and youll end up with a bed that will work for you for a long time.

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What’s In The Lull Mattress

Overall, we classify the Lull mattress as a “Gel Memory Foam over Foam” construction type. It isa 10 thick bed comprised of 3 layers :

  • 1.5″ gel memory foam comfort layer
  • 2″ polyurethane foam transition layer
  • 6″ polyurethane foam support layer

The Lull mattress is made of three foam layers stacked and glued together. The bottom two layers are standard polyurethane foam while a 1.5 layer of gel memory foam is on top. Although it does contain that small amount of memory foam, we found that the Lull bed performs like more of a foam bed, with few of the properties we typically associate with memory foam. This isn’t a bad thing or a good thing it simply effects the performance characteristics of the bed in our estimation.

The top two layers comprise the softer comfort layers, while the support layer below is substantially firmer. Lull does not disclose the density data on the foams used in the mattress, unfortunately.

The Difference Between A Box Spring And Foundation

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the primary difference between a boxspring and a foundation is the use of springs. A boxspring actually contains springs, whereas a foundation does not.

The springs in a boxspring can give a mattress a bit more bounce than it has on its own. Moreover, some people feel that they do a better job of accommodating the mattress because they are slightly responsive to pressure because of the springs. A foundation is a solid surface and lacks springs, so it does not contribute to the bounce of a mattress, nor does it do a very good job of responding to pressure from above. If youre purchasing a high-quality mattress like the ones we review on this site, then you wont need to worry about the lack of response from a foundation, as a good mattress will provide enough support to prevent you interacting with the foundation level.

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