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Which Mattress Is Better Latex Or Memory Foam

What Is Latex Foam

Latex vs Memory Foam Mattress – Which Is Better?

Latex foam can be made from natural and synthetic materials. Natural latex is produced from rubber trees so there are no harsh chemicals in the mattress. The sap from the trees is frothed up and baked to create a foam. Its a very popular option for those looking for an eco-friendly mattress. Synthetic latex is made from several materials, but the most prominent is a type of plastic and natural rubber substitute called Styrene-Butadiene Rubber . This type of latex mattress is less durable and springy than the natural latex mattress. Latex foam can be made in two different ways. Both methods use the vulcanization process to create the foam. Vulcanization is the chemical process of hardening rubber by using heat. Below are the two ways latex foam is made.

  • Talalay process: The Talalay method harvests sap from rubber trees and pours it only partway into a mold. A vacuum is used to fill the rest of the mold with air. The feeling of this foam is considered softer than what is produced from the Dunlop method.
  • Dunlop process: The Dunlop method harvests tree sap as well, however, it fills the mattress mold completely. This creates a denser bottom and results in a firmer feeling foam than what is produced by the Talalay method.

Despite the type of latex foam you choose, most latex mattresses have a medium firmness and typically last 1012 years. They are durable, springy, and bounce back quickly after pressure is applied. In terms of pricing, theyre considered mid-tier to luxury.

Why Pick A Memory Foam Mattress

If you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, you would probably love it! The feel that this mattress provides is very distinct, making it one of the best foams in mattress construction. When you are sleeping on your back or side, it allows your neck and spine to reach a comfortable level of optimal alignment. Memory foam also supports your hip and shoulder bones that press into your bed when you sleep.

Weve discussed above that mattress made of this material contours perfectly to every part of the body. Due to this super ability of memory foam, it is well suited for those people suffering from painful bedsores. They are also a great option for allergy sufferers.

Memory Foam Or Latex Which Mattress Is Better

Do you prefer memory foam or latex mattresses? There are many factors to consider when making this choice, such as your desired comfort level and weight. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both types of mattresses so that you can make an informed decision on which mattress is best for you.

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How Many Inches Of Memory Foam Do I Need

The exact thickness of memory foam you need depends on your preferred sleep position. Side sleepers need at least 3 inches of foam to sink in and prevent pressure from building up in their sides. Back and stomach sleepers rest well on 2 inches or less as too much softness will cause their torso to bow into the mattress, drawing the spine out of alignment.

The Finest Latex Mattress For Every Type Of Sleep

Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattresses

The mattress of the Linenspa is divided into seven zones and has a layer of 100% natural latex, which is located on the mattress core. This layer provides optimal relief for your muscles and weight distribution. It also ensures particularly good ventilation. The cover is filled with cotton and polyester and can be removed by a zipper and washable at 60°C.

The height of the mattress is 20 cm, which makes it suitable for 50kg to 110kg. The high space weight of the Linenspa cold foam core ensures a very long service life of the mattress. The special feature: the mattress does not have a certain degree of hardness, but adapts to your needs and your sleeping position so it is suitable for everyone.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are very durable. They resist sagging over time, maintain their original shape, and they provide consistent comfort and support.

Like all mattresses, latex mattresses are not without their drawbacks. If youre going this route, you may pay a little more, and latex allergies are fairly common among the general population.

Lets examine a few more pros and cons of buying a latex mattress.

Here Are Some Popular Types Of Memory Foam Mattress Available On The Market

Gel infused memory foam. Traditional memory foam tends to have a problem with heat retention, which is corrected in gel memory foam mattresses. When you lie down on your gel memory foam bed, the heat will be absorbed quickly and be wicked away hence there is a cooling effect.

Plant-based memory foam. This type of memory foam mattress is often overlooked. The manufacturing process that takes place for this kind of mattress is replacing the petroleum needed to create regular memory foam mattress with oils that are plant-based. This helps with the breathability and frees your mattress from various chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalate, and CFCs, just to name a few. This is considered as an eco-friendly mattress.

Air cool memory foam. As the name suggests, this type of mattress is designed to deal with the heat retention issue in traditional memory foam beds. With regards to response time, this mattress tends to respond quickly to your body heat, which speeds up the softening process of your mattress, while getting rid of the excess heat for a more comfortable sleep at night.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you may also be interested in reading what is a hybrid mattress?

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Latex Vs Memory Foam Full Comparison Guide And Review : Which One Is A Better Mattress Choice

Latex Vs. Memory Foam

Have you been a fan of latex mattresses? Or do you prefer memory foam? Whatever the case is both types of mattresses have something to offer for every kind of sleeper. Find out which mattress type is best for you. Read our latex vs. memory foam mattress comparison guide here.

Foam mattresses are increasingly becoming popular in the market today. But do you know what kind of foam is best for you?

With both latex foam and memory foam available in the market, its hard to pinpoint where to start the comparison to help you figure out what would best suit your comfort.

Good thing, weve made this guide to help you take a look at latex foam vs. memory foams. In this comprehensive review, well break down each types pros, cons, and characteristics.

Although both are the powerhouse foams in the mattress world, both still present two different feels that you need to know about.

Lets begin and take a look at them in-depth, shall we?

Guide: Questions To Deal With Before You Buy A Latex Mattress

Latex Vs Memory Foam: Which One Is Better?

What are the advantages of a latex mattress over a cold foam mattress?

Mattresses may look similar from the outside, but if you look at their inner workings, it can be fundamentally different from each other.

  • Elasticity

Due to the good elasticity, the latex mattress can be used by babies and toddlers, small and light persons and people with a high body weight.

  • Zone construction

Due to the zone structure of a latex mattress, the upper body and the hip sink a little more and so the intervertebral discs are optimally relieved. It is therefore also suitable for people with back problems.

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

If you have a dust mite allergy, then a latex mattress is for you. It is dust-free, hygienic and antibacterial and the cover can be washed.

  • Low noise

A latex mattress is particularly low-noise. So if you sleep on a mattress with your partner, you wont wake him up by turning on different sides.

  • Heat storage

If you freeze slightly at night, then a mattress made of latex is very suitable for you. Due to its specific structure, it stores heat and you wont feel cold at night.

  • Weight and care

The weight is one of the few disadvantages. A latex mattress weighs significantly more than a cold foam mattress. It is also less suitable for people who sweat a lot as it is less breathable.

Due to the different structure and the materials used, each type of mattress offers its own unique properties, which can be more or less noticed while doing different testing.

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What Is A Memory Foam

Lets start this guide by getting to know what memory foams are.

A memory foam is known to be a human-made construction, which is built with polyurethane and other viscoelastic materials.

Whats great about this type of foam is that when pressure is applied to it, the foam immediately provides a hugging sensation and contour, which is good news for sleepers who choose this type of foam.

However, it may have a slow response time compared to other types of foam.

Generally, memory foams provide different levels of firmness and feel, which is great considering that each kind of sleeper has a varied preference for such. Thus, giving them the option to choose a memory foam with a firmness level to suit their comfort.

If theres something you should remember about polyurethane foams: all memory foams are polyurethane foams, but not all the polyurethane foams are considered memory foams.

Here are some of the aspects that make memory foams stand out:

Although here are some mishaps you need to consider when choosing memory foams:

How Much Does A Latex Mattress Cost

Latex mattresses are available in all different price ranges. The proportion of natural rubber plays an important role the higher this proportion, the higher the price. Mattresses are everyday objects and you will find a suitable mattress for every need and in every price range.

Mattress prices:

  • Synthetic latex mattress from approx. $130
  • Natural latex mattress from approx. $400
  • Mixed latex mattress from approx. $229
  • Layer latex mattress from approx. 300$

Synthetic latex mattresses are the cheapest option. A mattress with a size of 90×200 cm is available for as long as around $130, as the production is easier and cheaper than with natural latex. If you reach for a model of identical size, which is made of mixed latex, you have to reckon with a price starting from 229 dollars. The higher the proportion of natural rubber, the higher the price. A layer edhery mattress is available from around $300. If you choose a product made from 100% natural rubber, you pay a price starting from about $400.

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Latex Foam Feel And Comfort

If you want a lighter feel, faster response, more bounce, and less hug from your mattress, then latex is probably the best bet for you. Weve already covered the bounce and responsiveness aspects of the material, but the hug qualities are just as important.

When compared to memory foam, latex foam produces a more rounded contour around your body. This means that the hug you get from the mattress is less intense. Many sleepers feel like they are sinking when they are sleeping on a foam mattress, or that the mattress is trying to envelope or swallow them. This feeling comes from the sharp contour that memory foam can produce. The more rounded contour of latex creates a general impression around your body, rather than molding closely to it.

Additionally, latex is generally better at staying cool than memory foam. While there are some innovations with memory foam that well cover shortly, many of them have been applied to latex as well. One example of this is aeration, or creating a foam with more holes and air pockets in it. Aeration is a popular way of enhancing the cooling of memory foam, as it increases the airflow and thus the heat transfer away from the mattress. The same principals apply to latex. Increasing the surface area of the latex through aeration means more airflow, and thus a cooler mattress.

Why Is Memory Foam So Expensive

Tempurpedic Memory Foam vs. EverEden All Natural Latex ...

Foam mattresses are expensive due to the costs involved in the production and the quality of the product. The price of memory foam also depends on the density of the polyurethane foam used. Usually, a memory foam material with a density rating of 1.5 to 1.8 tends to be of higher quality and cost more. Check out Nectars memory foam mattress that comes with all the benefits of a memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

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What Is A Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

A memory foam hybrid has a memory foam comfort layer and a supportive coil base. This design essentially combines an innerspring mattress with a memory foam bed. To qualify as a true hybrid, the bed must have at least 2 to 3 inches of memory foam.

Why would the manufacturer blend elements from memory foam and innerspring mattresses together? Its because a hybrids design minimizes the downfalls of each.

A hybrid is more comfortable than a traditional innerspring because of the addition of pressure-relieving foam. It is also more breathable than a conventional memory foam mattress. However, while hybrids minimize the shortcomings of both memory foam and innerspring beds, they still have their own downsides youll need to consider.

Latex Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Most of us look to our mattresses as our safe haven, but sometimes whats comfortable isnt actually good for you.

Traditional mattresses, like spring beds, are made of metal and gaseous chemicals like volatile organic compounds , which usually come from materials like the beds flame retardant properties. Unfortunately, chemicals like VOCs can be dangerous to your familys health.

It is important to understand that air quality in our sleeping micro-environment is important with regard to our exposure to various pollutants such as VOCs, says researcher Yael Dubowski. Hence, we should make an effort to improve it.

Because of the dangers, more and more people are starting to move away from the traditional spring mattress and are opting for mattress alternatives, like latex mattresses and memory foam beds. These beds are generally of higher quality and have safer materialsbut what exactly is the difference, and how do you know which one is right for you?

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Trivia: Facts Worth Knowing About Latex Mattress

Finally, we would like to answer some important questions about the topic of latex mattresses and their use. Youll learn how to make latex mattresses, how to clean them, and what slatted base you should choose.

How is a latex mattress made?

Natural or synthetic rubber is used for the production of a latex mattress. This raw material is processed in a special process, whereby the latex mattress is created.

Petroleum is used in the production of a synthetic latex mattress, and the juice of the rubber tree is taken from a natural latex mattress.

Different substances such as antioxidants and sulfur are added to the latex milk. The mixture is then foamed and poured into a mold.

The material is liquefied and mixed by rod-shaped heating elements at just under 100°C and dried. This creates many air bubbles in the mattress, which serve to ventilate the core and thus regulate the moisture.

This manufacturing process is particularly gentle and does not produce any toxic substances.

Next, a cover of mostly cotton is attached to the mattress core to protect the skin from an allergy.

There are three different methods for making latex mattresses, which are of different ages. In all of them, rubber is the starting material to which various additives such as gelling agents, vulcanizers, antioxidants, accelerators, water softeners, soaps and stabilizers are then added.

Dunlop Process : Steam

Various additives are added to the latex and the mixture is opened with air.

The Finest Latex Mattress With Memory Foam

Natural Latex vs Memory Foam

The mattress from the Casper is made of memory foam, which makes it adapt perfectly to your body and is pressure-relieving. The top layer is a latex foam layer that has a breathable effect. The two lower layers provide targeted support and high comfort. Due to the high quality of the individual materials, the mattress is durable.

This special composition of the different materials was developed in the USA. The mattress is manufactured in Germany. You can purchase the mattress in eleven different sizes. The high quality and the price performance ratio is something that makes this mattress extremely popular . We would always recommend the Casper mattress if you are searching for one with memory foam.

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Should You Buy A Latex Or Memory Foam Mattress

So which is the right choice for you? Are latex mattress better for you or are memory foam mattresses the better choice?

Latex mattresses can be a great choice if you

  • Want more bounce without the stuck and hugging feeling. The material offers more buoyancy and springiness, which can also mean latex can be great for sex.
  • Want a faster responsive surface for sleepers who toss and turn frequently, and in need of a mattress that can keep up without leaving body impressions.
  • Want a more natural mattress as latex can be all-natural or a blend of synthetic and natural latex. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause allergens.

Memory foam mattresses can be a great choice if you

  • Want more deep compression support as memory foam offer more contouring and hugging as it allows the body to sink into the mattress well.
  • Want a slower response for the sleepers who toss and turn less frequently at night, you can get more sink and pressure relief using this material.
  • Enjoy the infusion of other materials. With memory foam we find the infusion of other materials provide more exciting and new properties. Some examples aside from cooling gel include: copper, graphite, aloe vera, and green tea extract.

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