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Is The Purple 4 Mattress Worth It

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Construction

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review – Is It Worth The Hype And The Price? (UPDATED!)

Like the Purple Hybrid, the Purple Hybrid Premier uses 7.5-inch pocketed coils as its main support system. Essentially, Purple took out the polyurethane support foam from the Original Purple Mattress and replaced it with individually encased coils.

The idea here is that the coils will provide greater support, improved air flow, and increase the useful life of the mattress. The latter two points are in theory, but theres no doubt that the coils grant the bed a lot more support than did the polyurethane foam.

On top of the coils is a 1/2-inch layer of polyurethane foam, which acts as a transition layer. While the coils are new, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is really the star of the show. After all, thats where Purple gets its name.

The top purple layer is the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Its like gel, but its not actually gel. It offers notably great pressure relief, but it still provides plenty of support. It really has an interesting feel, but were big fans of it.

Below is a GIF that shows at a small scale what the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is like.

As you might have guessed, the Purple Hybrid Premier uses 4 inches of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. That means it has twice the thickness of the layer on the Original Purple and Purple Hybrid.

The reason Purple is offering a model with such a thick slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that theyre trying to accommodate individuals with a higher weight .

Buy The Purple 4 Mattress If:

  • You sleep on your side most of the time. The Purple 4 mattress conforms best to your body, relieving pressure from your hips and shoulders.
  • You want a luxurious plush mattress. Because of the thicker Smart Comfort Grid, the Purple 4 mattress sleeps softer than the other mattresses but without feeling swampy.
  • You have a heavier body. The Purple 4 mattress can take on more weight and provide great contouring without compromising support.

Purple Mattress Review: Verdict For The Purple Bed

If youre open to an innovative, unique mattress, theres a good chance that youll like the original Purple bed. Its a fantastic option for hot sleepers and should work for most people with a lower or moderate body weight.

And, if you dont end up liking the Purple bed, it does come with totally free returns, so at least you have downside protection. All things considered, we really like this mattress.

As we mentioned at the outset of this review, Purple Hybrid is similar to the original, but it has 7.5 inches of coils instead of foam as its primary support layer. Previously, Purple Hybrid was known as New Purple 2.

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How Do The Purple Hybrids Ship

All the Purple Hybrids ship for free. Theyll arrive compressed in a bag and will require a few hours for off-gassing and decompression. The Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses come with free white glove delivery. The original Purple Hybrid ships free to your door, but youll need to pay an additional fee for in-home delivery.

Summary: Is The Purple Hybrid Premier A Good Mattress

Purple Mattress Review 2020

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 excelled in our evaluation particularly for side sleepers, with excellent pressure relief and spinal alignment in that position for almost all individuals, with the possible exception of those who are very light. Finding a mattress that works well for side sleepers is possibly the trickiest you need a model that allows your hips and shoulders to sink deeply into the comfort layer of the mattress without hitting the firmer support layers below, and without compressing the mattress so much that your waist/sides are unsupported. We found the Purple Hybrid Premier to be a real standout in this respect.

In our evaluations, we found the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress to have a Medium softness level are correspondingly firmer). The honeycomb design means that the top gel layer buckles rather than simply compressing, so the heavier parts of the body are nicely cradled while lighter/concave parts, like the lumbar area, remain supported by the un-collapsed honeycomb gel. For side sleepers in particular, 4 of the gel provided the most excellent advantage for side sleepers. The Purple website has lots of pictures of the hyper-elastic polymer.

It’s worth noting that the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is a heavy mattress — about 168 pounds for a queen size. That means queen and king sizes can’t be shipped in a box they’ll be delivered by movers to your door.

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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review Verdict

We love the feel of this bed. That floating experience you get with 4 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is unlike anything else youll get in the mattress industry. However, we realize not everyone will feel the same way so maybe just give it a try first. Purple does offer a 100-night trial period.

It also doesnt hurt that the bed performs well in pretty much all other categories, especially temperature regulation. The one area that does hurt, though, is price. Its an expensive bed no getting around that.

Purples Shipping Trial Warranty

Every online mattress seller will try to sweeten the deal by offering a few extra perks, such as free shipping or a trial period. Is The New Purple Mattress Worth It

The bed you choose will determine the type of shipping. Standard shipping is free for Purple Hybrids. Purple Hybrid Premier beds will come with free white-glove delivery. Theyll also deliver your mattress to you.

Youll have a solid 100 nights to test out your bed. If you dont like your mattress by night 99, you can receive a full refund. Purple provides a 10-year limited warranty for mattresses that are defective from the manufacturer.

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What’s In A Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress

Overall, we classify this mattress as a “Honeycomb Gel over Pocketed Coil” construction type. It isa 13 thick mattress comprised of 3 layers :

  • 4″ hyper-elastic gel, Purple Smart Comfort Grid
  • 1″ transition foam
  • 7.5″ pocketed steel coils

The top comfort layer of the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress is comprised of a unique 4-inch honeycomb or column gel layer that, instead of simply compressing, buckles under pressure. This layer is actually comprised of 2.5 and 1.5 honeycomb layers that have been bonded together, totaling 4. The company calls it the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. Note that the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 has a 4 gel layer while the similar Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and Purple Hybrid have 3 and 2 layers, respectively. The honeycomb gel is powder coated to ensure that that when collapsed, the columns do not stick to each other.

Under the honeycomb gel, separated by a thin 1-inch foam pad, is a 7.5 layer of pocketed coils made of 13.75-gauge steel.

Around the perimeter of the bed is a 3 wide foam edge support comprised of two layers of foam: softer foam at the top to mimic the feel of the honeycomb gel, and a firmer foam on the bottom to complement the coil layer.

The coils themselves are a pocketed coil unit made with 95% recycled steel and 13.75 gauge wire, which is on the firmer side as this type of coil goes. In terms of the coil count, the number of coils in the Purple Hybrid varies by size:

Below: A closer look at the Honeycomb Gel

Purple Mattress Warranty And Sleep Trial

Purple Mattress Review – Is It Worth The Hype??? (UPDATED!)

You still get 100 days sleep trial to see what you think of your new mattress and get a full refund should you decide to return it. It still has the 10 year warranty, which as with most mattresses, is mostly for defects in the mattress. The sleep trial is VERY IMPORTANT. Theres nothing like sleeping on Purple for several nights to decide what you think. Expect it to feel different and if youve been sleeping on the same bed for 10-20+ years, youre likely to notice that. The older and more accustomed you are to a certain feel the longer your adjustment may be. Remember it took 12 days for me. However, the Purple 4 felt great from day 1. I sleep like a rock! I just wish I had more time to sleep!

Not sure if the Purple 4 is for you?

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The Purple Hybrid Premier Vs Other Hybrid Mattresses

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is quite different from other hybrid mattresses. Most hybrid beds contain layers of foam and innerspring coils. The Premier mattress has both of these materials, but instead of having generous foam layers, it has the proprietary Purple Grid.

The Purple Grid provides pressure relief like foam, but everything else about it is unique. Instead of a plush feel, the Purple Grid creates a floating, almost weightless sensation. Compared to most foam hybrids, the Purple Premier is better at supporting a healthy spine and is much cooler. As such, its an excellent option for sleepers who need pressure relief but also require ample support, as well as hot sleepers.

What Makes Purple Different Than Other Mattress

  • Memory foam doesn’t consistently give you the support you need throughout the night and generally sleeps hot.
  • Traditional spring mattresses dont relieve pressure and cause a great deal of motion transfer, not to mention the squeaking.
  • The ultra-durable Purple Grid technology cradles your hips and shoulders while giving you the support your body needs and the comfort you crave. Pair it with dynamic, specially-designed fabric-encased coils, and you get complete, immersive comfort all night, every night.

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Price Of Purple Hybrid

Last we checked, Purple Hybrid had a moderate price tag. It was more expensive than the Purple mattress, but cheaper than Purple Hybrid Premier. Heres a look at the price by size:

Split King $2,798

As you can see, you wont exactly be impulse purchasing Purple Hybrid, but its not a bed that requires your lifetime savings to afford.

The company will also, from time to time, run specials on this bed as well. For the current deals, check

Buy The Purple 3 Mattress If:

New Purple Hybrid Mattress Review
  • You sleep in all positions. The Purple 3 feels comfortable for the stomach, back, and side sleepers.
  • You have different comfort preferences from your partner. Purple 3 is the perfect compromise. Its neither too soft nor too firm.
  • You have back problems. The Purple 3 provides pressure relief, good support, and proper spinal alignment.

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Puffy Mattresses Vs Nectar Mattresses

We now have Nectar, a proudly New York-raised mattress manufacturer. Once viewed as one of the fastest-growing e-businesses in the US as well as a top place to work, Nectar promises a suite of different mattresses shipped directly to your door.

Nectar has similar foam technology to Puffy, and offers a wider range of mattresses. This expanded catalog will be the difference between Nectar and Puffy.

How Firm Is The Mattress

If you were building a mattress for the masses, would you make it soft/plush or ultra firm? No way!

You would make a bed just like Purple, which sits between a 4 and 6 on our firmness scale. We consider it to be a medium. Wed put it in a similar firmness range as GhostBed and Casper.

It also feels completely unique, and youd have no idea that it uses foam. All you feel is the squishy, responsive nature of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. Its comfortable, but unique, leading us to estimate that about 50 percent of people will love it, and the other 50 percent wont.

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How Is The Firm Purple Mattress

On a scale of 1 to 10 where ten is the firmest, heres how the three mattresses rank.

  • Purple 3: 6/10
  • Purple 4: 4.5/10
  • Note that these are general ratings. Depending on your physique, body weight, and sleeping position, your mattress might feel softer or firmer than indicated.

    But generally, Purple 3 is medium-firm, and Purple 4 is soft.

    What Type Of Bed Frame/support Does Purple Require

    Original Purple Mattress Review – Is It Worth The Money? (UPDATED)

    The mattress is heavy, so you must use sturdy support, whether its a box spring, foundation, or slatted frame.

    You can void the warranty if the support is not adequate.

    The warranty specifically states that if you buy a Queen size mattress, the frame must have at least five legs, including a center support.

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    My Purple 4 Mattress Findings

    This is a mattress that you really sink into. In fact, it is the plushest among the entire Purple mattress line. Below is a photo showing how much my 14 lb. bowling ball sinks into the mattress.

    This is a very bouncy mattress as well but not in a bad way. You get lots of quick recovery with the smart grid system and true bounce with the springs underneath but despite the bounciness, motion transfer is contained very well.

    Heres a video to illustrate this point.

    Purple is one of the coolest sleeping mattresses on the market. If sleeping hot is your primary concern, you owe it to yourself to try the Purple. You dont lose any of this benefit with more of the smart grid. Below is a video illustrating heat retention on the Purple 4. It was taken with my infrared camera. I dont think this video quite does the mattress justice as heat is constantly dissipating through the grid keeping you cool.

    Take a peek inside. Heres an up-close shot of the inside of the Purple. Notice how the comfort grid system bounces back instantly. Its almost like a jello type of responsiveness.

    Heres a peek inside the purple. I pulled back the foam border so you can see the spring system inside.

    Warranties And Sleep Trial

    Both the Purple and Puffy mattresses sell online, which is one of the reasons why they stand out in the mattress market. The implication of this is that buyers will not be able to test the mattresses before they purchase them which is why both brands have found a way to compensate their customers by offering them generous trial periods. Customers are allowed to try out the new mattresses and return them if they’re not satisfied for any reason at no additional cost to them. And the two brands also offer great warranties

    However, Puffy’s trial period is a day longer than that of Purple. Puffy mattress offers buyers a 101-Night Sleep Trial period to decide if they want to keep it or not.

    Puffy also offers an amazing warranty package that comes with a lifetime warranty! This is an incredible offer which goes to show their level of confidence in their product! The mattress has obviously been designed to last.

    The trial period for the Purple mattress is 100 days, which is similar to the 101 days offered by Puffy.

    However, Purple’s warranty is not as great as that of Puffy.

    Purple offers a 10-year warranty which seems inadequate when compared to the lifetime warranty offered by Puffy. The implication of this is that you’ll be faced with solving any problem that occurs after the expiration of the 10-year warranty.

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    Purple Hybrid Premier Customer Policies

    Like most online mattress brands, Purple offers free shipping. With the Purple Hybrid Premier, however, because its an especially heavy mattress, they couldnt ship the bed via FedEx like they do with the Original Purple.

    Instead, the Purple Hybrid Premier comes with free white glove delivery, which essentially means a local delivery firm will bring it to your house and set it up for you.

    This also ensures that you dont throw your back out trying to set up your brand-new mattress. Its probably a good move, but its going to be a little less convenient than FedEx.

    Purple also offers free returns and a 100-night risk-free trial where you can test the bed for yourself. If you decide to keep it, thats great. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

    If you opt out of keeping the Purple Hybrid Premier and youre still within the 100-night trial period you can return the bed for a full refund. Theyll even send someone to your house to pick up and remove the bed at no extra charge to you.

    This is all standard for the industry, but it definitely makes it hard to not try out a new bed.

    The Nerds Take: Whats The Bottom Line

    Aireloom Mattress Review: Is It Worth Investing In?

    The Purple mattress utilizes an innovative design for pressure-relieving sleep without the typical heat retention of an all-foam mattress. The top layer is a gel grid that responds to weight, creating a floating sensation and evenly distributing body weight. The level of support is best for back and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. The bed is responsive and does a good job minimizing motion transfer, so its also a good choice for people who share the bed.

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    There Are Many Types Of Mattresses Available

    Emma Original uses a proprietary foam technology similar to Puffy. It is designed to provide a plush and soft feel while still maintaining the structure of a mattress. This hybrid and balanced softness can be attributed to their memory foam and latex foam technologies. Airgocell, their leading foam used in all of their mattresses, is their most recent innovation. It is made to adapt to pressure and respond to the bodys movements while you sleep.

    Emmas visco elastic memory foam acts as a second layer between the Airgocell layer and the supporting base layer. Similar to Puffys Cooling Cloud foam construction, this layer is layered on top of the firm supportive core foam. Though whats interesting with Emmas mattresses is that their supportive foundational foam has ridges all around its top, which is meant to provide an additional spinal alignment benefit and counter any pressure you put on the mattress.

    Emma sells only the original Puffy mattress, unlike other sellers. There is no Emma Lux or Emma Premier type, just the standard 10-inch mattress on which Emma pulls its entire catalog.


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