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Does A King Mattress Need A Boxspring

Are Box Springs Always Necessary

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxsprings

There are certain times when a box spring foundation is not needed. Platform beds, for example, are designed with ample mattress support and so a box spring is not needed. Memory foam mattresses also do not need box springs to provide mattress support. Memory foam mattresses provide enough support themselves that you can eliminate the box spring and place the mattress on the floor, bed frame or bunkie board, which are typically a wooden slat design that serves as the mattress foundation for a bunk bed. What Are the Best Box Spring Brands? Sam’s Club carries a variety of box springs from leading brands such as Beautyrest, Serta Zinus and more. Metal box springs are heavy-duty and designed to last. There are also wood box springs available. These are sold as a kit and are easy to assemble in the bedroom, avoiding hard-to-maneuver corners and doorways.

If I Use a Box Spring, Do I Need A Bed Frames?

Complete your bed foundation with a bed frame and box spring from Sam’s Club. Shop online today and save. For the complete setup, we also offer headboards, comforters, blankets and more.

Do You Require A Box Spring When You Buy A New Mattress

Its not mandatory to get a new box spring when you buy a new mattress. In fact, most new mattresses are designed for a firmer base, like those offered by platform beds, compared to the traditional bouncy coil boxsprings.

However, you can consider getting a box spring if:

  • Your new mattress can only work a box spring foundation.
  • You are looking for extra support or the bouncy mattress feel of a box spring.
  • You have a bed frame that requires a box spring for the mattress to rest on.
  • You want to increase the height of your bed without replacing it, and dont want to purchase a platform bed foundation.
  • You are using a traditional innerspring mattress .
  • Your new mattress is double-sided.

Is There A Mattress That Doesn’t Need A Box Spring

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You do not need a box spring or a special mattress for a platform bed. Due to its supportive design, any mattress can be placed directly on a platform bedframe without the need for a box spring or foundation. Memory foam mattresses are also able to be used on a platform bedframe.

Additionally, do all mattresses require box springs? Although most new mattresses don’t need a box spring to be comfortable, many mattress warranties still require a box spring. Check what your warranty says and think about your needs to determine if you should use a box spring!

Moreover, what can I use instead of a box spring?

7 Alternatives to Box Springs

  • Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Nothing.

Why do you need a box spring?

The boxspring fulfills three needs: To raise the mattress higher off the ground so you‘re not stuck in your bed like a turtle on its back. To absorb impact and reduce the wear on the mattress. To give the mattress a strong, flat surface to sit on.

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Reasons To Use A Box Spring

During the era where most mattresses were made with coils, box springs were almost essential. They needed extra support and something to absorb the shock from sitting, lying, and bouncing on them.

Even though the coil mattress trend is dwindling, it can still be beneficial to know when a box spring is a valuable investment. Originally built to add height to your bed and support your mattress, box springs still provide this today, as well as a few other minor benefits.

Benefits Of Keeping A Mattress On A Bed Base Or Mattress Foundation

Do I Really Need a Box Spring?

Keeping your mattress on the floor may reduce comfort and durability. While the floor provides support, it doesnt promote airflow or provide shock absorptionyou may overheat.

The floor may be too firm for your mattress, causing decompression and early degeneration. Moreover, placing it on the floor may bring you closer to insects, dust, bacteria, and allergens.

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Do You Need A Spring Box

Yes, you need a box spring if youre still using the traditional metal rail bed frame. You do not need box springs if you own newer memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses or prefer to sleep with your mattress on the floor.

So, its a straightforward question with a little bit of a maybe/maybe not answer.

Alternatives To Box Springs And Foundations

Alternatives to standard box springs and foundations include the following:

Bed Frames and Platform Beds

A bed frame provides sturdy support mattresses and sleepers. Depending on the type of bed frame, it might also include a foundation or support a box spring off the ground. Bed frames are often made of a combination of wood and metal, with foam or fabric upholstery. The most common type of bed frames include:

  • Canopy beds: Frame with four posts connected to an overhead frame from which you can hang curtains, drapes, etc.
  • Four-poster beds: Frame containing four posts which are not connected using an overhead canopy.
  • Panel beds: Also called box spring beds, these include flat wooden panels for the headboard and footboard as well as side rails to support both a mattress and base.
  • Sleigh beds: A bed with a curved headboard and footboard that resembles a wooden sleigh.

Aside from using bed frames, a platform bed is another possible choice. These are designed to support a mattress without the use of a base. Platform beds use evenly spaced wooden or metal slats or lattices in place of a foundation.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bed bases feature foundations that can be raised at the head or foot to create different angles for sleeping. Some adjustable beds are split lengthwise to allow both halves of a mattress to operate separately.

Putting a mattress on the floor

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Something Else To Consider: Product Warranty

Surprisingly, many modern day mattresses that arent sold by memory foam companies still require that you use a box spring if you would like for your warranty to remain valid.

If you choose to go without and set your bed on an uneven surface that does not provide adequate support, its likely that wear and tear on the mattress is going to occur faster than it would if your bed were on box spring that provided some assurances in terms of support and equal ground.

This is understandable. Mattresses advertise that they offer certain benefits that are expected to last for many years. The longevity of a beds softness, supportiveness, and any other advertised benefits are all dependent on the bed being used in the best of environments.

While its possible that the floors in your home might provide the actual adequate amount of support, mattress companies would rather not take that risk and end up losing money on seemingly faulty products.

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When To Skip The Box Spring

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Many of today’s modern, bed-in-a-box mattresses are made either all or partially of memory foam or latex foam. It’s typically recommended to skip the box spring when setting these up, foam mattress brand Casper explains, because “the slats on older box springs are too apart to support the weight of a foam mattress, and that lack of support can cause it to sag.” Instead, the company suggests a platform with slats closer together. Eco-friendly mattress brand Avocado Green also advises strongly against using box springs with its hybrid and latex mattresses, recommending firmer, sturdier foundations instead.

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Raises The Mattress From The Ground

Sometimes, placing your mattress directly on the ground can make sleeping uncomfortable, and cause back pains. For example, if your mattress is thin, you may feel the stiffness of the base through it, so it wont offer the back support you might need.

The stiffness increases pressure on your joints and back, causing discomfort while sleeping. A box spring not only elevates the mattress off the ground, but also provides a bouncier and medium-firm surface for your comfort.

When You Might Need A Split Boxspring

Split boxes are foundations made up of two separate boxsprings placed side-by-side, and are especially for delivery to places where a normal whole boxspring will not fit, such as through tight doorways, staircase or around narrow corners. All King size mattresses use Split boxsprings. Queen size boxsprings are available in two types: Whole and Split boxsprings. Split Queen boxsprings are two 30 inch X 80 inch boxes that equal the size of one whole Queen. If you think you will require a Split boxspring, you should make sure to order your Queen mattress with a Split boxspring. This can be found in the size selection under or . Only order split boxes if necessary, since they cost more than a 1 piece box.

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Who Is This Best For

Mattress experts often suggest certain types of cushioning for different types of sleepers. If you dont know what kind of sleeper you may be, just observe the positions you typically find yourself in during the evening. It is common to classify you as one of three types: Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers. How is Purple mattress for each of these categories?

How Do Adjustable Beds Improve Aches And Pains

Do I Need A Boxspring if I Have Slats?

Its no secret that raising your head up as you sleep has big benefits for both snoring and sleep apnea. So if you have these problems, keep an eye on adjustable beds because they may just solve your nightly annoyances.

People with lower back pain are typically advised by doctors to invest in an adjustable bed because of the superior support these foundations provide the spinal column. More support for your spine can lead to fewer body aches.

According to Spinal Health, adjustable beds can help relieve a number of back back conditions, including but not limited to degenerative spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. If you have any of these issues, then please consult a doctor before ordering your new bed.

Newer adjustable models now have unique lumbar support features where the adjustable base helps raise the mattress to support the lumbar area of your lower back. This helps tremendously if you have lower back pain. Truly amazing technology!

Because adjustable beds raise your feet with the push of a button, youll love this mattress foundation if you suffer from foot pain, ankle pain, or even restless leg syndrome.

Raising the bottom section of the base provides a slight incline, which takes pressure off your lower body. Then whenever you desire, you can lower it back down to a flat position.

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A Modern Addition To Your Bedroom

Sleek. Modern. Clean-cut. These are all proper ways to describe platform mattress foundations and its likely a reason home design company Houzz has an entire section of their website dedicated to integrating platform beds into modern bedroom design.

At Sleeping Organic, we choose to carry the line manufactured by Urban Woods because of their quality craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Urban Woods also has lots of styles to choose from, which means you can easily match one of their wood finishes with the design of your room. Heres a sample of the finishes you can select from when you buy an Urban Woods platform bed:

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

Getting a good nights sleep is important to the physical and mental health of an individual. When researching online for the best mattress for your needs, youll discover there is a lot to consider, such as how will your mattress be supported? Traditionally, a mattress sale would include purchasing a box spring. But, what about memory foam mattresses? Do they need a box spring to get optimal comfort and sleep? If not, then what does a person use to support a memory foam mattress?

Before answering those questions, lets take a moment to discuss the characteristics of memory foam. What makes memory foam popular? What is the difference in a box spring versus a foundation?

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Eco Terra Latex Mattresses

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is a luxurious natural latex mattress that offers you the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience! The overall design of the mattress is one that is specifically made with your well-being in mind. While this flawless combination of comfort and firmness is one that makes for a perfect nights sleep, it must be paired with the right strong and supportive foundation.

Three Eco Terra Mattress benefits that customers love include – no motion disturbance, a cool sleeping surface, and edge-to-edge cushioned comfort.

The warranty for an Eco Terra Latex Mattress requires sleepers to use a supportive mattress foundation. It will enhance this luxurious sleeping experience, and allow sleepers to enjoy all of its benefits.

Are There Alternatives To A Box Spring

Confused, do I need a bed frame or box spring, both? Help!

All mattresses – memory foam, spring, latex or otherwise – require a foundation of some kind that will serve as an even support layer. Thus, you have a couple of options:

The principle is the same – all of these solutions offer a continuous support layer that will hold up you and your mattress. Today, there are plenty of options to bypass the box spring, if you’re not particularly attached to yours.

Like many of our platform beds, the Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed features closely spaced wooden slats that can support your mattress without a box spring.

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Provides Support To A Mattress

The structure of the box spring is purposefully designed to provide all-around support to the mattress. Its base is made of strong metal coils covered in fabric to allow the mattress to rest on a bouncier surface, without losing shape. Its sides comprise a metallic or wooden frame that provides edge support, and prevents the mattress from falling apart.

The Difference Between A Box Spring And Foundation

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the primary difference between a boxspring and a foundation is the use of springs. A boxspring actually contains springs, whereas a foundation does not.

The springs in a boxspring can give a mattress a bit more bounce than it has on its own. Moreover, some people feel that they do a better job of accommodating the mattress because they are slightly responsive to pressure because of the springs. A foundation is a solid surface and lacks springs, so it does not contribute to the bounce of a mattress, nor does it do a very good job of responding to pressure from above. If youre purchasing a high-quality mattress like the ones we review on this site, then you wont need to worry about the lack of response from a foundation, as a good mattress will provide enough support to prevent you interacting with the foundation level.

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Do Hybrid Mattresses Need Box Springs

  • 0
  • So you walk into a Mattress Store to purchase a new hybrid mattress, and the salesperson informs you that you need the same brand designed Box Spring to prevent you from voiding the warranty on the mattress. Do you want to go ahead and do it? Is it truly necessary to purchase a new box spring? Is it truly designed to fit that hybrid mattress?

    Do I Need A Box Spring

    GhostBed Boxspring Foundation Review

    The main benefits of a box spring include better airflow and shock absorbency. Box springs also allow the user to elevate their mattress even higher above the floor, creating more storage space under the bed.

    Despite the extra support from box springs, innerspring beds still have the least amount of pressure relief compared to other mattress types. Innerspring users report sagging within 5 years of buying their mattress, indicating that a box spring may not be the most useful foundation for a mattress.

    Whether or not you need a box spring really depends on your mattress. Like we mentioned before, innerspring mattresses typically require a box spring. However, modern innerspring models can potentially be used with other foundationscheck the mattress warranty on the companys website for further specifications.

    Mattress Type
    Platform bed, slatted bed frame, adjustable base
    Latex Platform bed, slatted bed frame, adjustable base

    As you can see, most other mattress types do not require a box spring. In fact, most of them shouldnt be used with a box spring, as it can damage the mattress materials or cause premature sagging.

    Beds with coil bases, such as innersprings and hybrid mattresses, are naturally cooler than latex or memory foam thanks to their structure. However, beds with springs typically have issues with pressure relief and sagging. Thankfully, modern foam mattresses are made with cooling materials, such as gel memory foam, graphite infused foam, or open-cell foam.

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    Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor

    You certainly can. In many situations, there will be no significant negative effects. However, placing a mattress directly on the floor can result in the following:

    • Reduced airflow Since the mattress sits directly on the floor, it will not be able to expel air and breathe as easily as it could on a boxspring or platform bed.
    • Less hygienic Everything that gets on the floor can now more easily get on your mattress. This includes dirt, dust, allergens, or even bed bugs or mites.
    • More difficult to get back up If youre older or otherwise have trouble getting in and out of bed, having a bed on the floor can make getting in and out of bed more difficult.
    • Void your warranty Some mattress warranties dictate that the mattress must be on a boxspring or platform bed. If you want to stay protected, be sure to double check the warranty terms.

    The biggest risk to placing the mattress on the floor is mold. If you live in a moist or humid environment, mold can be a serious issue and one that can ruin a mattress. To reduce the risk of mold, consider adding a mattress encasement to protect your investment.

    US Box Spring offers natural wood foundations that will ship directly to your door. Click the link to head over to their site and learn more!


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