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Can You Put Any Mattress On An Adjustable Frame

Using A Previousmattress On An Adjustable Bed Base

Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

If you have just bought an adjustable bed base and want to use your current mattress with it, you can do this. However, you should consider whether it is compatible or not before going ahead and using it. Depending on the type of mattress you possess you could potentially cause damage to your adjustable bed frame. Although, if your mattress fits the bed base it will likely pair well with your bed, leaving no damage other than general wear and tear. From this, it is best for you to think about your mattress first, before purchasing an adjustable bed base so you can ensure they will pair together effectively. Most mattresses would not work on an adjustable bed, so it is essential to ensure your mattress is compatible before using it with your bed base. As adjustable beds need an extra 3 inches in length to allow for bending it is more than likely that your current mattress will not work with an adjustable bed.

Can You Use An Adjustable Base With Any Bed Frame

Adjustable bed bases dont have to look like the standard hospital bed with the right bed frame, an adjustable base is virtually invisible, allowing you to keep your bedroom style without giving up the luxury comfort of adjustability. To know whether or not your adjustable base can fit into your bed frame, youll first need to know whether or not the slats of your bed frame are sufficient for support.

Best Mattress Types For Adjustable Beds

Since an adjustable bed is designed to lift the top and bottom of a mattress, the most important thing that consumers should focus on when purchasing a mattress is flexibility and durability. Mattresses that are flexible and durable will last as it can adhere to the nature of the bed. Here are 3 types of mattresses to consider.

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Why Is A Regular Mattress A Bad Idea

Regular, conventional mattresses are actually called innerspring mattresses. An innerspring mattress is constructed with steel coils and various fibers or padding to provide support. These coils are available as either pocket coils or continuous coils. Innerspring mattresses must be specifically designed for use with adjustable bed frames in order to be compatible. An innerspring mattress with pocket coils would be recommended because the coils are wrapped individually and provide more targeted support to the bodys pressure points. While it is difficult to find an innerspring mattress compatible with adjustable beds, they do exist but can be extremely expensive and much less durable than other options, such as memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

Zinus Michelle Durable Steel Bed Frame


If you are not sure about what measurement of the durable bed frame is best for you, then deciding on Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame is the high-quality choice for you! You can effortlessly regulate this metal bed frame in exclusive sizes such as queen, king, or full size.


  • This bed frame model is extraordinarily stable due to its metal construction and convenient locking system. You dont have to think about adjusting the body all the time.
  • It is additionally with the side rails to hold the mattress and container spring from slipping throughout the frame.
  • You will love the extremely good recessed leg design which will forestall you from stubbing the toe as much as it is required.
  • It is durable, stronger, and more dependable for long-lasting use. It is made from a sturdy steel frame.
  • It is accessible in special sizes i.e. California King, as well as Twin XL, Full, or Twin, and King Sizes.

On the 4th spot, we have AmazonBasics Foldable, 14 steel platform bed frame! This bed frame body is a top-notch desire for the tremendous mattress. It is made from wood material and has some holes in between the slats which are around three inches. The center hole is around 6 inches. If you are shopping for an AmazonBasics foldable bed frame, you dont have to use any field spring. It can maintain a weight of 500 pounds.


  • Offers Lifetime warranty

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Easiest To Assemble In Multiple Sizes

According to Tempur bed manufacturers, the best frames and foundations for your mattress are sturdy, wood, flat, non-spring frames. If your current foundation is not sturdy, wood, flat, and non-spring, then its not fit for your Tempur bed.

Not only Tempur-pedic bed manufacturers but also memory foam makers highly recommend using the correct bed foundation to maximize the lifespan of your mattress. You wont be getting the most of your Tempurpedic bed if you compromise using an old box spring that is not in good condition.

Therefore, the best option for you is to purchase your memory bed with the foundation set. It is to enjoy its features and performance in the long run. The second option is to buy a bed frame that meets the guidelines of the Tempur bed foundation. Or else, you might have issues with your new mattress if its placed on an old bed base.

Its essential to keep in mind that any box springs that are eight years old and below that are still reasonably flat may be used with your new memory foam mattress. However, if its already sagging, you need to get a new bed frame to maximize the performance of your memory foam.

On the other hand, if making a new purchase for a Tempur foundation is not in your budget, you can still take advantage of your old box spring as long as its in good condition. The only negative side here is that you may void the warranty for not using the recommended foundation for Tempurpedic bed.

Is It Okay To Sleep With Your Legs Elevated

Yes, sleeping with your legs elevated can even improve your blood circulation. Elevating your knees can also reduce pressure on your lower back, decreasing your chances ofback pain.Verified SourceNational Library of Medicine Worlds largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible.View source

You can raise your legs with an adjustable base or a wedge pillow.

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Best Rated Mattress For Adjustable Beds

Avocado Green Mattress

  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Height: 1113 inches

With more than 13,000 online reviews on its website, the Avocado Green Mattress is highly praised for its comfort and companys customer service.

Its network of individually wrapped coils, latex rubber foam layers, and five distinctively arranged ergonomic zones provide cool comfort and extra support for the neck, back, and spine.

It delivers a luxury sleeping experience, while also giving customers the peace of mind knowing that its built to last using durable and certified organic materials.

Customers who prefer a softer feel can add a 2-inch latex pillow top for extra cushioning. Either version of the mattress can be paired with Avocados new adjustable base, which is also made from sustainable materials and has massaging features and wireless remotes.

Minor modifications to the elevation of your sleep positions can have major health benefits. By raising the head and foot of the bed, you can customize the mattress to improve your health and quality of sleep.

According to a , keeping the head of your bed elevated at approximately 7.5 degrees significantly improves obstructive sleep apnea severity, opening up the airway to improve breathing.

In addition, sleeping with the head of your bed at a slight angle has been clinically shown to improve the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and alleviate heartburn and sleep disturbance, compared to lying on a flat bed.

Open Coil Spring Mattresses

How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

Before the development of memory foam and latex mattresses, open coil spring mattresses were the best option available. These mattresses are still used a lot with adjustable beds, however as they are more rigid and are made up of coiled springs, they provide a stiff sleeping surface. Open coil spring mattresses are still highly popular due to them being priced considerably lower than foam mattresses. Although these mattresses are cheaper than the memory foam and latex options, performance is compromised. Open spring mattresses will have much more limited flexibility so your sleep will be less comfortable, and your mattress may require more frequent replacing.

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What Kind Of Mattress Do I Need For An Adjustable Base

Not every mattress type is great for an adjustable bed frame. Your mattress needs to be flexible, durable and the right size for your adjustable base.

In general, the best type of mattress for an adjustable base is a foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress that combines the best parts of foam and spring. Its important that your mattress can bend and move with the adjustable base, and a foam mattress does just that. Its also important that a mattress youre going to use with an adjustable base is durable since youll likely be moving your bed up and down frequently to different positions.

Both the Leesa and Leesa Hybrid mattresses are great compliments the Leesa adjustable base. The Leesa mattress is made with three layers of premium foam to provide cooling, body contouring and pressure-relief, while the Leesa Hybrid mattress combines Leesas premium foam layers for comfort with individually wrapped pocket-spring coils for extra support. Both mattresses have the flexibility and durability that make them great choices for your Leesa adjustable base.

The Difference Between Mattress For Adjustable Beds And Hospital Beds

A residential adjustable mattress base and an adjustable bed base for hospitals are similar, but they aren’t the same thing. Hospital beds are normally 6 inches of foam topped with a thick rubbery outer layer that can stand up to being aggressively cleaned and sanitized, but offer less support. Most hospital beds, including the twin xl, also rise up and down to help nurses be able to access patients, and customize the bed height for general safety. Most mattresses on these types of beds are designed for utility and meeting the standards of patient comfort. These mattresses aren’t designed to be an ideal of luxury and comfort and likely aren’t made of a premium material like latex to support your back.

With an adjustable bed for your home, you get the benefits of being able to lift and lower you head and foot areas, without the surgical feel of the bedframes you see in a hospital. Good quality mattresses for adjustable beds are anywhere from 12 inches thick and above and use premium materials such as latex or organic cotton. These mattresses often come with at least a 10-year warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

An adjustable bed for residential use will move the head and foot areas as much as you want, but are often thicker, and nicer to look at. Adjustable beds used in hospitals often aren’t nearly as comfortable, won’t last as long, and looks dreadful. If they’re they same size, they are about the same weight too.

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Can I Use A Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

Yes, you can use a standard mattress with an adjustable bed. The critical thing to keep in mind is that you need the right mattress. As we said previously, we dont recommend using an innerspring mattress or even a hybrid mattress because of the coils. These coils do not flex well and will cause an uncomfortable night of sleep, and theyll wear the mattress down.

If you choose to use a regular mattress that you purchase separately from the adjustable base, consult the manufacturer to make sure they think it will be compatible with the base. In some cases, you may even void the warranty by using the mattress on an adjustable base unless they state otherwise.

Warranty & Sleep Trial

Adjustable Bed &  Memory Foam Mattress Package

Most mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty or longer, but many warranties have stipulations regarding the type of foundational support used. If a mattress is not compatible with an adjustable base, using it with one may void the warranty and cause premature wear and tear or other damages.

A sleep trial lets you try out the mattress in your home, and most mattress sleep trials range from 90 nights to a full year. Some sleep trials include mandatory break-in periods before the mattress can be returned.

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Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses

Not if youre using the right mattress. Adjustable base beds should not damage compatible mattresses any more than a regular bed foundation. That said, you will still need to take proper care of your mattress to best maximize its lifespan by using a mattress protector and regularly rotating or flipping the mattress.

Can A Sleep Number Bed Go On A Box Spring

Traditional box spring bases arent ideal for Sleep Number beds. While they are designed to support traditional mattresses, the springs could create an uneven surface for the non-yielding bottom of Sleep Number beds. Given the smart beds SleepIQ technology, such irregularity could affect the apps ability to properly read your sleep pattern, especially if the box spring has seen better days. You shouldnt throw away your box spring base, though. Instead, put a sturdy and flat material between the box spring and your Sleep Number bed like plywood.

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Can You Use Plywood Under Sleep Number Beds

Yes, you can. Before purchasing a sleep number bed platform, try plywood first. A ¾-inch piece of plywood could be a solid foundation for Sleep Number beds, supporting the manufacturers requirement to keep your warranty valid. However, consider using a skirt or blanket over the plywood, so the material doesnt wear out the bottom of your Sleep Number bed. Apart from sandwiching plywood between your existing bed frame and your bed, you could also choose among other bed frame types that would go well with a Sleep Number bed.

Platform Beds Are Perfect For Sleep Number Mattresses

Leesa Adjustable Base Review | Zero Gravity Mattress Frame (UPDATED)

Sleep Number recommends against using a box spring with their mattresses, but they absolutely endorse the idea of using their mattresses with platform beds with zero gaps and a solid foundation that does not sag or flex.

So, why is a platform bed perfect for the Sleep Number mattresses?

Its because of the large, sturdy base that this bed style provides. This base is actually designed to hold a mattress rather than a box spring.

The base of the platform bed is likely constructed 10 to 12 inches off of the floor when compared to a traditional bed frame so that the top of the mattress is at a height convenient for sitting and getting in and out of bed.

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Which Bed Frames Can Be Attached To Headboards

For the sake of convenience, the vast majority of headboards and bed frames are compatible. Frame-mounted headboards create a cohesive aesthetic and are an affordable and simple option for renters and homeowners alike. 2The installation process is straightforward and requires very few tools.

To see if your bed frame is compatible, examine near the head of the bed for headboard brackets. Most bed frames have four horizontally oblong bolt holes or slots arranged one above the other. These pre drilled holes accommodate multiple types of headboard designs and allow you to adjust the height of the headboard.

If your bed frame cant accommodate a headboard for whatever reason, you can still enjoy the aesthetic and functionality of a headboard with two other popular installation options:

  • Free-standing These floor standing headboards are a convenient option that require no installation. Floor standing headboards are designed to stand on their own, usually in between your bed and the wall. This installation method is a perfect option for renters or anyone that shies away from a power tool.

Compared to a free standing headboard and wall mounted headboard, frame-mounted headboards are often preferable because they leave you with unlimited configuration options. You can place the bed at an angle, against a window, or in the middle of the roomthe choice is yours!

Last Things To Consider

There are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for an adjustable bed. These considerations are especially important when shopping for a mattress online, and some are specific to shopping for a mattress for an adjustable bed. Compare warranty coverage, return policies, and pricing to get the best value.

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Do You Need A Box Spring With An Adjustable Base

No. In fact, because of their design, box springs are inherently incompatible with adjustable base beds. Instead, the foundation of the adjustable base bed serves as the foundation for your mattress, which means you dont need to buy a box spring or an alternative foundation. If you prefer the height of a mattress with a box spring, youll want to choose an adjustable bed that features height adjustment capabilities.

Best Organic Mattress For Adjustable Beds

Lineal Adjustable Bed Review

EcoCloud Hybrid by WinkBeds

  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Height: 12.5 inches

The EcoCloud Hybrid mattress is engineered to deliver comfort and support at every level. It has three different layers an organic cotton and wool cover, 4-inch Talalay latex comfort layer, and an innerspring support system to ensure proper spinal alignment and relieve pressure.

Its innerspring system is designed with five zones of support to target areas that need it most, such as the hips and shoulders, and is reinforced with firmer coils around the edges to prevent sagging.

In addition, its made of certified organic materials and recycled steel for an all-around eco-friendly, non-toxic mattress that doesnt compromise on comfort and quality.

You can pair this mattress with the WinkBeds adjustable base, which comes with wireless remotes and is supposed to be super easy to set up.

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