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What Is The Best Serta Mattress

Best Mattress Of 2021

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If youre shopping for a mattress online, you may be struggling to decide which is the best one for you. There are a ton of options to choose from, and its not always easy to know which mattresses are truly the cream of the crop.

Weve done the research and testing on thousands of mattresses, whittling them down to our favorites to simplify the process for you. Our team of mattress experts has years of experience directly testing these beds, and draws upon thorough background in different mattress construction, materials, and innovations. We also incorporate the experiences of a diverse group of sleepers on our testing team as well as a battery of tests and technologies to evaluate how different mattresses feel and perform for all different types of people.

What Type Of Sleeper Are You

The type of sleeper you are will be a huge factor in what kind of mattress you get. Believe it or not, the way you sleep says a lot about your health, such as the pain you may wake up in each morning.

Side SleeperSide sleepers are going to want a bed that has pressure relief abilities. Your spine should have its natural curve while youre sleeping. A soft mattress or fluffy topper will give you the most pressure relief, a firm mattress will offer you the least, and an innerspring may trump memory foam and latex mattresses when it comes to side sleepers.

Stomach SleeperAs a stomach sleeper myself, I cant tell you how tough it is to find a mattress that works well with my body. Memory foam that sucks you in is the last thing that youre going to want to sleep on. Its going to bend your body in ways it should never be bent. A firm surface is best for you, so maybe an innerspring, latex or air-filled mattress will do.

Back SleeperIf you tend to sleep on your back, youre going to want something with medium firmness with both support and a little bit of give to your spine. Something too soft may leave you bent out of shape, and something too firm will make it seem like youre sleeping on a board.

Serta Icomfort 100 Lux Firm

This is one of those Serta mattress models that is designed for hot sleepers.

Serta iComfort 100 Lux is designed with three layers, to ensure high-quality and longevity.

The top layer is constructed with TempActiv gel memory foam, which will dissipate heat thanks to the millions of tiny beads that its made of.

The middle layer is an Ever Cool Fuze gel memory foam that uses a gel that gives you pressure point relief.

The final layer is made to strengthen the entire mattress, including its edge.

This further provides support. Just from this, it is clear that this is a great Serta mattress for heavy person,

as it can hold a lot of weight and keep you from sweating at night.

As for firmness, this mattress falls around the middle range.

It stays cool on the touch for its entirety, and it gives you a very gentle feel.

It offers great support while adjusting to the natural curves of your body.

All of the materials its made from are of high-quality, so it will last you for a long time.

Also, this mattress has a long limited warranty of 10-years.


  • Can sag after a few years

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Why Choose Serta Over Other Brands

  • If you love the feel of an innerspring traditional mattress, then the Serta mattresses are for you. Most Serta mattresses feature individually wrapped coils in their structure which makes them be bouncy and very responsive.
  • For people who want a mattress with free white glove delivery and free old mattress removal, Serta offers that. So, you will have your mattress changed and the new one setup without a lot of hassle.
  • If you want a bouncy mattress that is a great mattress for sex, then this is one of the strongest points of Serta mattresses as they are all bouncy and great for sex.
  • For people who are suffering from back pain and looking for a mattress that sleeps cool, you will like Serta mattresses. Since most of them have coils inside, heat is not trapped. Thus, they are able to sleep cool with free air circulation in the structure.

Mattress Comfort And Support

Serta iCollection Jordyn Firm Euro Top

The 2 greatest aspects when looking to purchase a new mattress, is comfort and also support.

If you lie down on a mattress, it should properly support your body, sinking and also adhering around your form in the ideal locations to make sure your spine stays aligned as you sleep with the night.

Proper alignment from head to toe is necessary for balanced and healthy rest and to decrease neck and back pain.

A mattress should provide you with stress relief, while at the same time being supportive all around of your body. The stress points in your body are precisely whats in charge of you thrashing during the evening.

Since memory foam does such a great job of being supportive and comfortable, they have became really popular lately.

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New Sealy Vs Serta Mattress Comparison 2021

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast range of options in mattress showrooms, we understand. Even if you only focus on top brands like Sealy and Serta, there are so many decisions to make to choose the best mattress for you. Your sleep style might mean a certain mattress will work best for you, even if many of your friends have another brand.

Weve been in many mattress showrooms and tested dozens of mattresses to help customers with their shopping. In this post, weve gathered information and analyzed all features of one mattress from both Sealy and Serta to test their performance. Our review is based on the experiences of verified customers and mattress owners, as well as information from the official websites of Serta and Sealy.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review

When many people think about mattresses, Serta pops into their minds. The company has been around for over 130 years, after all!

The Serta Perfect Sleeper continually ranks as their most popular model, and for good reason. This bed has many customization options, and it has a long lifespan.

Eager to see what this bed has to offer? In our Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress review, well examine its firmness, feel, cooling features, and more. Keep reading to learn whether this bed will give you a perfect nights sleep.

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Serta 10 Gel Foam Mattress

The Serta 10 Gel Foam mattress keeps things simple no coils, just comfortable, supportive gel foam. This combines comfort foam on the outside with interior support foam, so you feel cradled by the surface without sacrificing your back.

This model also provides even weight distribution to reduce pressure points. That means that you will enjoy continuous support for every part of your body. What is more, the firm surface means that you wont feel like youre sinking or struggle to get up a problem you might have experienced with other memory foam mattresses.

Serta Brand And Reputation

Serta iComfort 2021 Mattress Overview by

Serta, who have been around since 1931, tout themselves as the #1 mattress manufacturer in the U.S. Their mattresses are available at mattress retailers internationally.

All Serta foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US-certified, indicating that they are free of flame retardants and some other harmful chemicals, such as lead and mercury.

Sertas latex mattresses are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for people with allergies.

In addition to producing many different mattresses, the company offer a range of bed frames, including a handful of adjustable models.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these mattresses. All product information is purely research-based.

The following Serta mattresses have received positive reviews on different review websites:

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What Makes Beautyrest Different To Serta And Sealy

In one word? Luxury. Compared to Serta and Sealy, Beautyrest by Simmons is all about luxury.

Rather than offering many customizable features and a hundred different models, Beautyrest is saying we have developed two mattresses that are so luxurious that every type of sleeper will love them.

Key features unique to Beautyrest include pocketed coil technology, cool-to-the-touch fiber fabric surfaces, and Technoluxe memory foam a higher quality memory foam than standard.

Rather than have multiple options for each mattress type like Serta and Sealy, Beautyrest offers little choice in the way of customization.

But you can upgrade the Black Original mattress to add extra memory foam and cooling carbon fiber layers .


  • Only medium-firm feel available unless you upgrade
  • Notably higher prices than Serta and Sealy

Sealy Hybrid Premium Mattress Review Highlights

  • Luxury Hybrid Design: Made from high-quality memory foam and innerspring coils, this mattress measures between 14 to 15 inches. Thats a lot of pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive steel coils. This means durability and a mattress for every body shape.
  • Ultra Plush, Plush, or Firm: Do you like your mattress soft or firm? Either way, the Sealy Hybrid Premium should fit your needs.
  • Posturepedic Technology: Firmer support at the middle of the mattress and softer cushion at the head and foot of the bed support optimal alignment. This means greater pressure relief and support.
  • Good for Couples: Thanks to individually encased coils and thick foam layers, this mattress lets you move around without waking your partner. The edges are also extra-sturdy so you can each have your own space.

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Where To Buy Serta Icomfort

Serta mattresses are fairly common, so youll find them in many mattress retailers. You can visit a local brick-and-mortar store or use the store locator on Sertas website to find an authorized retailer near you.

Prefer to buy online? Shop directly on Sertas website using the links weve included above, or find the iComfort line at other online retailers, including US Mattress, Wayfair, and .

Just pay extra attention to the different return policies and in-home trials provided by each retailer.

Interested in the mattress but not the price tag? The iComfort line does occasionally go on sale. You may snag a great deal in your local store, but its generally worth comparing the store cost with online prices as well.

Choosing the right mattress can feel pretty overwhelming. Considering these important factors can help you begin narrowing down the possibilities and find the mattress thats best for your sleep needs.

Why Not Choose A Serta Mattress

SERTA Icomfort 14.5 in Plush Mattress King Size Pillow Top ...
  • If you want an affordable mattress, look elsewhere as the Serta mattresss prices are above average. This applies to both the Serta innerspring and hybrid series.
  • For people who want a mattress that will last for more than 10 years, this is not the mattress for you. Many users say that Serta mattresses are not very durable and shouldnt be relied on by a person who wants a mattress that will last for more than 10 years. So for a better mattress lifespan, you should get the most durable Puffy mattress.
  • If your partner moves in bed a lot and you want a mattress that minimizes motion, this is not the mattress for you as it is poor in isolating motion.

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Browse Simmons Beautyrest Customer Reviews

Five Stars

This mattress felt great at first but after only 1 year started to …

This mattress felt great at first but after only 1 year started to sag on both sides, leaving a “hill” in the middle.Now we are having back problems and so are replacing it after only a little more than a year. This is a horrible investment,don’t make this mistake.

Way too soft!!

Mattress is ok for few years but when it does …

Mattress is ok for few years but when it does go back, forget about the 10yrs warranty. Simmons will no honor it.. they will try to charge you as much or more for “upgrading the mattress” with no warranty on the replacement! I have filed complaints with BBB but they don’t care.Please file complaints if you have had any warranty issues so they are force to take of the customers!

Three Stars

Wished it was thicker

Steer clear of this mattress!

On my 3rd replacement!

The cheapest made mattress we have ever purchased. I have now had 2 of these mattresses, the first was ripped and sagged in the middle right out of the package. They replaced it with another and it is as bad, if not worse. It squeaks so bad and is so cheap. I paid over $1,300 for a king set and it is completely useless to us. It makes so much noise and racket every time you move. I will never buy anything with the Beautyrest name.

Four Stars

This is the Worst worst worst bed ever

Big item no problems !

Five Stars

Hills and valleys

A little too firm for me

Good mattress.

Not what I expected

The Best Serta Mattress For Heavy Person

Anyone looking to buy a bed or a mattress has probably heard of Serta Mattresses.

This company is considered to be a champion of comfort for almost an entire century, and it has some of the best products worldwide.

But if you are overweight, how to be certain which product to buy?

We have reviewed some of the best Serta mattress models, trying to find the best Serta mattress for heavy person.

Heres what you need to know.

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Serta Mattresses: Quality Reviews & Buying Guide

If youre in the market for a new mattress, you may soon realize there are a lot of options. With all of these choices come many questions. Do I want a firm mattress? Is an inexpensive mattress going to need to be replaced soon? Is Serta a good mattress? What does hybrid mean? City Mattress is here to answer all of your questions and help you find your ideal sleep comfort, with a mattress made from a well-renowned brand like Serta.

Provide Support & Strength With Second Layer

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Review | Best Hybrid Mattress? (Serta Simmons review 2020)

The second layerof the mattress is accompanied with the Serta support foam. This incredible foam layer is providing extrasupport and strength to the mattress for the sleeper. If you are suffering from back pain problems,this Serta support foam layer will provide your back with an excellent comfortzone.

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Quick Summary Which Mattress To Pick

In a rush? No worries. All three mattress brands are reputable and great options, but to help you narrow down the selection, this is the bottom line.

Choose Sealyif you are on a budget but still need extra orthopedic support for your back, muscles, bones or joints, and a good selection of mattress types to choose from.

Choose Sertaif you want a wide selection of good quality mattresses to select from with upgrades available but not essential for a good nights sleep.

Choose Beautyrestif you yearn for something comfortable and very luxurious, have a sizable budget, and no serious orthopedic conditions.

If you need to know a little more about each brand before you buy, weve made short summaries to help you out. Keep reading!

Advantages Of Serta Mattress

  • Many users applaud Serta for its exceptional temperature cooling and strong zoned support.
  • The beds are also bouncy and very responsive, making them good for sex
  • This Serta brand is considered to be the largest mattress producer in the US, and they have a lot f mattress models on offer that can accommodate different types of sleepers with the best comfort and support.
  • The Serta mattresses work perfectly with adjustable base bed frames.
  • Serta mattresses are available for purchase at different brick-and-mortar stores around the country and on their online website.
  • The mattress Serta is comfortable to sleep on as the mattresses relieve back pain.
  • The mattress manufacturer offers free white glove delivery for all online customers and old mattress removal.
  • It has an industry standard of a 10-year non-prorated warranty

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Which Sealy Mattress Is Best

The Hybrid line is the best mattress from Sealy, which is why its also the most expensive. Hybrid mattresses combine the firm support of an innerspring with that comfortable hugging sensation from memory foam.

This mattress is, therefore, best for most sleepers. Luckily, Sealy also has excellent foam-only and innerspring-only mattresses in case you feel otherwise.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night

Serta 11"  Dynamism EuroTop Plush Full Mattress Set

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is an extremely comfortable mattress. The company gives you comfort and support options to find the perfect fit for you.

Free shipping minus HI and AK


We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Back Sleepers

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Stomach Sleepers

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Financing Options

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Type Of Mattress And Mattress Composition

The most popular types of mattresses are innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses, which combine the former two types and are essentially the best of both worlds. Its no coincidence that all of the mattresses we chose are hybrids, which deliver the comfort and cooling gel of a memory foam mattress with the support of innersprings.

Serta has a few different types of memory foam, including TemperActiv Gel, EverCool Fuze Gel Foam, Serta Ever Cool Plus Memory Foam, XD Foam, Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, Balanced Support Foam, and PillowSoft Foam. Depending on the mattress, they mix layers of different types of foam together to get the right kind of support.

Serta also uses individually wrapped innerspring coils in their hybrids, using different gauges to make firm mattresses as opposed to plush.


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