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How To Make Your Own Memory Foam Mattress

Option #: Use Firm Support

Truck Bed Camper – Step-By-Step DIY Memory Foam Mattress build-a-long

Your mattress can feel tender if it doesnt have enough support. If your mattress is on a box spring structure or other sprung surfaces, it may not have enough support to promote firmness. If you put a sheet of 3/20 cm or plywood or chipboard between the box spring and the mattress, your mattress will have more support and feel firmer.

In this case, ensure that the plywood is the same width and length as the mattress. If too short, it will result in an overhang.

The Benefits Of A Firm Mattress

If youre searching for how to make your memory foam mattress firmer, youre probably no stranger to the specific comfort that a firm mattress offers.

A structured mattress holds your body in a neutral position, supporting the natural curve of your spine to promote spinal alignment and aligning your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels. The ideal mattress should also provide pressure relief because of how it equally distributes your weight across its surface area.

The perfect mattress for your body can:

  • Relax your muscles
  • Help you sleep better
  • Improve your posture.

On the other hand, if you sleep on the wrong type of mattress, it will interfere with your sleep, and you might even wake up with back pain.

On a firmer surface, your bones absorb most of the pressure of your body weight, putting less stress on your muscles, veins, and arteries. A reduction in this strain improves your circulation and allows you to sleep deeply. For many individuals, this is the perfect option!

Mattresses with a greater firmness level also prevent your lower back from collapsing, which can allow for more oxygen intake while sleeping and ensure the weight of your body is evenly distributed. Different sleepers usually prefer different types of mattresses. Because firm mattresses provide a more stable, even surface, they tend to be a better fit for:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Change The Box Spring

Due to wear and tear, the box spring of your mattress can loosen its spring. If this happens, you need to replace the box spring to keep the firmness of your mattress.

A new box spring helps you retain the firmness of your mattress. It also gives support to the mattress which adds height. The suitable high position of your firm mattress ensures sound and comfortable sleep.

Amerisleep has a very affordable and high quality box spring/bed base available. We dont own this ourselves but from looking at their reviews and generous return policy, we will definitely get one from them when its time to do so. Heres a link to their box spring if you want to learn more about it.

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Replacing A Foam Mattress

The over-cab bunk foam mattress on our brand new motorhome is even more uncomfortable than the main bed mattress. Our 100-pound child created a dent in it after two nights.

We used the main bed foam to replace the over the cab mattress. This was a little trickier because of the size of this bed.

I ended up replacing the part that our daughter sleeps on. She is more comfortable now.

This is done the same way. I removed the cover on the foam, laid the replacement on top, marked the cutting lines on both, cut, replaced, and put the cover back on. This was a much messier process than the regular mattress.

Unless someone crawls around up there above the cab, you do not even notice the replacement. We plan to keep this RV for a long time , so we are trying to keep it as intact as possible.

Can I Make A Mattress Topper From Old Pillows


If you stitch them together and into a cover, there is no reason why you cannot do it. But since they are likely to differ slightly by height and firmness, it is unlikely to be a comfortable mattress topper. It may even pull your spine out of alignment and cause back pain, unlike the best mattress topper for back pain here. Since you spend a third of your time in bed, a mattress topper should, at the very least, B-flat and even.

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Qualities Of Memory Foam

Now that we know what memory foam actually is, we can move on to how it feels, and what sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like. In general, there are three main characteristics describe memory foam mattresses as a whole, though different mattresses will offer varying levels of each of these qualities

  • Contouring: One of the hallmark characteristics of memory foam is right there in the name. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, you can feel the sleep surface contour specifically to the curves and angles of your body.
  • Sink: In addition to contouring, memory foam tends to have a sink to itthat is, the feeling of being embraced by the mattress, and even of sinking down into it.
  • Palpable Response: As mentioned above, memory foam is extremely adaptive to pressure, and you can feel the material becoming more pliable and less viscous in response to the pressure and heat of your body when you lie down.

How To Make Your Own Mattress Pad

Most people prefer stepping into the nearest bedding and home furnishings store to purchase their mattresses as it might seem much easier than actually putting together a mattress pad at home. However, with the right knowledge and materials, anyone can make their own mattress pad at home. Memory foam mattress pads are the easiest to make and with the correct instructions and good quality materials one can easily match up to factory-made standards.

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Buy A Mattress Topper

A way to make your bed softer is by using a mattress topper. It is one of the quickest, most effective, and cheapest ways to make a mattress softer.

A mattress topper can also be called a mattress underpad and is designed to lie atop a mattress. It is made from a variety of materials and its primary function is to provide comfort. It makes mattresses more comfortable and has a proven record of improving the quality of sleep.

Adding layers of mattress toppers between your body and your memory foam mattress is a great way to make your bed more comfortable. As much as possible, buy a mattress topper with a lower density than your mattress. Asides from the density, another thing to look out for is thickness.

The thicker the mattress topper is the more it will significantly make your bed softer. Therefore, be sure to buy a memory foam mattress topper that is lower in density and very thick. This will provide you with the support and the softness you need to enjoy quality sleep.

Different types of mattress toppers are available to add extra pressure relief or body contouring. You can also use a wool or cotton mattress pad, it will also help make your bed softer and more comfortable.

How To Build A Diy Hybrid Mattress

How to Build Your Own DIY Hybrid Mattress – What the Mattress Companies Don’t Want You to Know
  • Unzip the mattress cover and spread it out on the floor.
  • Lie down the base layer of polyfoam inside the cover.
  • Place the support layer of pocketed coils on top of the base layer. The edges of the coil layer should lie flush with the base polyfoam below.
  • Place the first comfort layer on top. If youre using multiple comfort layers, place the firmer one first. Again, the foams should lie flush with each other.
  • Place any additional comfort layers. Ensure the foams lie flush with each other.
  • Zip up the cover.
  • Put on your sheets and bedding, and enjoy!
  • Note: With any of these options, using glue is optional. In many cases, you dont need to add adhesive between any of the layers. As long as you buy an appropriately-sized mattress cover, your foams will stay put. Using adhesive can make your mattress less breathable, and also less flexible.

    For example, if you dont glue the individual comfort layers together, you can easily swap them with each other to change the feel of your bed. In fact, Nest Bedding intentionally makes both their Hybrid Latex and Signature Hybrid mattresses with unzippable covers so their customers can change up their firmness levels in this way.

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    How To Make A Foam Mattress

    • Written by Cameron Sherber on Feb 23, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    If you’ve recently found yourself in need of a new foam mattress, you may be interested to learn that you can make your own foam mattress in just a few easy steps. With this helpful guide and a few easily obtainable tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to make a brand new foam mattress in a simple and stress-free fashion. Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know.

    Step 1 – Make Your Preliminary Measurements

    Before you rush out to purchase the materials you’ll use to make your new foam mattress, you’ll need to make some preparatory measurements. Start by using your tape measure to determine the height and width of the bed frame upon which you intend to place your new mattress. Even though this is perhaps the most cumbersome task associated with the mattress making process, it is important that you take care to make your measurements as accurate as possible, as they will ultimately determine how much material you will need to purchase.

    Step 2 – Purchase Your Foam

    Step 3 – Prep Your Bed Frame

    What Is A Bath Pillow

    When you want to make your bathing experience more comfortable, you can use a bath pillow. You no longer have to worry about your slippery bathtub, especially if you want to rest your head on the tubs edge.

    Insert the bath pillow beneath your neck while resting your head and neck against the tubs edge. It will undoubtedly suffice to make you feel at ease. Bathing may take longer than usual and will be more soothing.

    When you feel uncomfortable during bathing, you have to bath quickly. As a result, you will not get the relaxation which you want.Steps to make a bath pillow.

    You can make two types of bath pillows at home. I am going to share a step-by-step guide on how to make your own bath pillow

    • Using towel
    • Using noodle floaties

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    Construct The Wooden Frame

    • Build the mattress foundation for memory foam by starting with the outer border or frame
    • Attach the rectangular frame with wood glue and let it dry before working in the nails or screws
    • Add the panels outside the frame if your foundation has a cradle
    • Insert the crossbars lengthwise and attach them with wood glue and screws
    • Add the slats widthwise with glue and screws so that the crossbars are in the middle and the slats are on each side

    How To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress At Home

    Foam Mattresses, Mattress Pad, Round Mattress, Memory Foam Topper ...

    By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

    Youre moving to a new place, and you love your memory foam mattress so much you want to bring it with you, but a mattress is hardly something you can just pack up in a box or is it?

    Youve probably heard of bed in a box mattresses, where a mattress company compresses a mattress for easy delivery. What you might not know is you can do something similar with your memory foam mattress, right at home. Compressing your mattress will make it easier to transport and protect it from grime as its moved to your new home.

    Before we begin, we want to warn you that it is possible to damage your memory foam mattress by compressing it yourself. Mattress companies have special machines they use to apply tons of pressure to the mattress to avoid causing harm. Using a DIY compression method may compromise the beds support, leaving you with a lumpy mattress or a mattress that wont expand back into its full shape while being transported.

    Your warranty may also void if you DIY compress your mattress, so read through your warranty before you decide home compression is your answer.

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    Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On The Floor

    Its okay to put a memory foam mattress directly on the floor because its a solid and flat surface. However, the resulting low profile can be awkward for most people. You still want a frame and foundation because of the elevation, unless youre on a budget and dont mind losing height for sleeping.

    Is A Homemade Mattress Topper Worth The Time And Effort

    That is a question only you can really answer. It almost certainly isn’t, unless you enjoy DIY projects more than you enjoy genuine recreational activities in your spare time, as some people do. It is unlikely to save you money, unless you compare the cost with the premium commercially available brands.

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    Why Does A Memory Foam Mattress Lose Its Firmness

    You know its time for a new mattress when it begins to feel too soft, or you feel like youre about to sink in it.

    A mattresss firmness is a significant factor in how well you sleep. Not to mention, the proper level of firmness provides the necessary support you need for your head, neck and back.

    There are a few reasons why a mattress loses its firmness that includes

    • heavy usage,
    • temperature changes that cause the firmness to fluctuate, and
    • insufficient care and improper positioning.

    How To Build A Diy All

    DIY Casper Mattress
  • Unzip the mattress cover and spread it out on the floor.
  • If purchased, lie down the base layer of polyfoam inside the cover.
  • Place the support layer of high-density polyfoam on top of the base layer. The foams should lie flush with each other.
  • Place the comfort layer on top of the support layer. If youre using multiple comfort layers, place the firmer one first. Again, the foams should lie flush with each other.
  • Place any additional comfort layers. Ensure the foams lie flush with each other.
  • Zip up the cover.
  • Put on your sheets and bedding, and enjoy!
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    Diy Mattress Ideas To Make Your Own Mattress On Budget

    While renovating or decorating a bedroom, most of your budget is spent on the bed only. If you have a great bed design, then get a great mattress for your bedroom with these DIY mattress projects that are cheap and comfortable enough. Learn how to build your own mattress with these 15 easy DIY mattress ideas include detailed instructions, supplies and will save you a lot of money. Yes, they provide step-by-step instructions, free plans, visual guides, and even full video tutorials to easily make a quality bed mattress at home. Moreover, get here direction to make all-natural bed mattresses that will help keep the entire bedroom hygienic. Explore this collection of 15 DIY bed mattress ideas guaranteed to make you live the bedroom luxury.

    These diy mattress ideas will cover to make the perfect RV and camping van mattress, too, will improve your camper life. Trim down the market bought mattresses to fit in the vans, and the list will cover the hacks to make lovely new mattresses out of old recycled mattresses too. From daybed to doll bed to floor mattress, you will get here instructions to make all sorts of mattresses like a pro. Put together the pillows in a mattress cover to make a quick floor mattress too. Get here tricks to make the tufted bed mattresses too. Explore the entire collection of these diy mattress ideas to see a lot of amazing DIY mattress projects to choose from.

    What Type Of Foundation Is Best For Memory Foam Mattress

    There are different types of mattress foundations, and if you want to know more, here is a complete guide for mattress foundations. You want a supportive and solid base for a memory foam bed to prevent sinking and loss of structure. You can also use a slatted foundation with slats around half an inch thick, but you dont want them to be more than three inches apart.

    Otherwise, you need a bunkie board to provide a flat base for the memory foam. Avoid foundations with wide beams or even a box spring for a memory foam mattress because they wont provide the ideal support to keep memory foam from sagging. A solid surface will maintain the integrity of memory foam, but you also want to promote airflow to prevent heat or moisture retention.

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    Making Your Own Futon Mattress

    When making your own futon mattress, expect to spend some money on materials that will be both firm and supportive and thick enough to provide you with the support and cushioning that you need.

    But, expect to save too, compared to the cost of a store-bought mattress and futon, when you make a traditional futon mattress yourself.

    Use Covers On Top Of Your Memory Foam Mattress


    Covering your foam mattress with protectors made out of natural and breathable materials can lower its temperature to more comfortable levels.

    Simple mattress protector will keep odors away too, and they will make your life easier as you can wash them more often. Covers will also protect it from being stained and will keep it in pristine condition.

    There are covers specifically made for memory foam mattresses with an increased airflow. Some of them even draw moisture from the skin and distribute it evenly across the covers surface area.

    This will reduce sweat and help to keep you cool during the night. Being easily removable they can be washed as many times as you like. Cleaning them is easy as they are machine washable.

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