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How Long Does It Take To Get A Helix Mattress

Exchange For A New Mattress

Helix Mattress Review 2021 – Reviewing The Helix Midnight Mattress!

If youve spent most of your Helix sleep trial tossing and turning, you may have the wrong mattress firmness. After trying all the steps above, you may decide to exchange your bed for another mattress that better suits your needs.

With the Helix return policy, you can send your mattress back any time during the 100-night trial period. You can then select a different mattress with the proper supportperhaps a lower firmnessand give that a try. Have questions about which mattress is right for you? Take the Helix sleep quiz to find out what is best.

Are Helix Mattresses Sold In Stores

Helix mattresses are available in the brands showroom and mattress store in NYC. Helix also has several partner showrooms all over the US. But as of this writing, Helix announced that their showroom is currently closed due to the pandemic to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Suppose you have inquiries about a possible location close to you or other questions regarding buying directly from Helix Sleeps website. In that case, it should be easy to reach the companys customer service.

But because of the pandemic and the fact that Helix mattresses are made to order, expect that your mattress order will only ship after a week or two from your order date.

What Does Helix Mattress Feel Like

Although the core, Luxe, and Plus models contain memory foam, none of them actually feel like memory foam mattresses. Nor do they remind us of your traditional innerspring mattresses with pillow tops. Instead, we think youll like Helix if youre looking for a neutral-foam bed with the support, responsiveness, and durability of coils. Of course, the exact support and firmness of the bed will vary from model to model, but the overall feel is soft, neutral, and accommodating.

Birch, on the other hand, is a completely different ballgame. The Birch Mattress has a bouncy latex foam feel thanks to the natural tendencies of latex foam and the springy coils in the support layer of the mattress.

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Helix Mattress Review Breakdown

Helix mattresses use a hybrid design that pairs foam comfort and transition layers with a coil core.

Springs in the support layer are individually wrapped to allow them to move independently with minimal motion transfer. The perimeter of this layer is reinforced for greater edge support. Their coil cores give Helix mattresses more bounce while allowing air circulation. The Luxe options also use zoning in the coil layer to promote better spinal alignment by supporting the hips more. A base layer of firm polyfoam gives the coils an even plane to rest on.

Standard versions of the Dawn, Dusk, Midnight, Moonlight, Sunset, and Twilight have a soft-to-the-touch polyester cover thats stretchy enough to move with the comfort layer. This breathable material also allows cooling air circulation into the mattress. The Plus Mattress and the Luxe versions of the other mattress models use Tencel in their mattress covers for added breathability and cooling. The Luxe versions also have quilted pillow tops for extra cushioning.

Helix Dynamic Foam serves as the transition layer for the Sunset and the Moonlight. A layer of polyfoam acts as a transition layer for the Midnight, the Twilight, and the Dawn. The Dusk and the Plus use memory foam in their transition layers.

Helix Sunset, Midnight, and Twilight



Helix Midnight Luxe Full Mattress Review

How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs with ...

Helix Midnight Luxe Full Mattress

What distinguishes the Helix Midnight Luxe Full Mattress from its non-luxe counterpart? Were glad you asked, cause our Helix Mattress review writers love the answer.

This mattress oozes superb comfort. It gives enhanced lumbar support that can keep your back healthy for years to come. Plus, its great for restless sleepers thanks to its memory foam material.

And while height isnt everything, its worth mentioning that the Helix Midnight Luxe Full Mattress is 2 taller than the non-luxe.

Grab this mattress in full size for $1,499. If you wait too long itll return to its regular $1,649 cost.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A New Mattress

No mattress is made to last for an eternity no matter how much we may wish that and you will need to replace it eventually.

Purchasing a new mattresscan be exciting and many people fall in love with their mattresses instantly. However, sometimes some of them may also have difficulties getting used to a new mattress.

Are you one of them? If so, you may want to know how long it will take for your body to fully adjust to your new mattress. Read our article and find out.

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Flatten Your Memory Foam Mattress

Put your mattress in a sealed bag and reinforce it with duct tape to help with compression. Remove your vacuum bags valve and place it on the covered mattress. Use it as your guide for making a hole to insert the valve itself and then tape around it to prevent air leakage.

Connect your vacuum cleaner to the valve to compress your memory foam mattress and proceed with the second step in the guide above. Some users recommend rolling as your vacuum is still on to ensure that your mattress flattens. Once done, tie your rolled bed with rope or ratchet straps.

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So What Happens If You Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours

Memory foam is a product that has given rise to the bed in a box phenomenon. Most manufacturers boast about their bed in a box offers. It is completely possible to compress, roll, and even fold a memory foam mattress and place it in a box. No matter what size your mattress is, full size, twin XL, or king, it will fit in a box.

It is recommended to wait 24-48 hours before sleeping on a new, memory foam mattress. It is up to the consumer whether to wait or not. Defects will not be as obvious before the expansion process has been completed, but expansion should not slow down because you slept on your new memory foam mattress.

The short and simple answer is nothing. Your new mattress may not feel exceptional the first night. As the expansion process continues, it will only get better. Once 24 hours have passed, you should have a new bed with what you will call the best mattress youve ever owned.

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Remove Plastic Cover Immediately

Helix Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Reviewing Every Helix Model!

All mattresses will come covered with a thin plastic layer that prevents staining and damage during transportation. However, not only does this plastic have a noticeably unpleasant smell, but it also keeps in the VOCs from the foam and adhesives, preventing them from escaping and causing them to seep back into the bed.

Typically to conform to local safety laws, they are doused with chemical flame retardants that help to reduce the spread of fire. However, some believe that these chemicals can cause a variety of severe health problems including developmental brain disorders and cancer. To reduce this risk, you must remove the plastic and let the gas escape, typically for about 24 hours at least.

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Making Sense Of Helixs Mattress Lines

Helixs catalog of 14 mattresses might look overwhelming. But the list can be broken down fairly easily into groupings based on how you sleep:

Three softer, side-sleeper Standard mattresses, with the option to upgrade to Luxe versions:

Helixs large menu is built on the idea that sleep position alone doesnt dictate your firmness choicespersonal preference counts, too. So if youre a side-sleeper, Helix offers three options: the typical soft mattress , as well as a medium and firm one . All three beds have a comfort layer thats made with Memory Foam Plus, a polyurethane foam thats not actually memory foam but promises a similar feel. Helix representatives told us that the Memory Foam Plus is designed with microscopic air capsules to provide curve-conforming pressure relief with more resilience and breathability than real memory foam. Given that its a proprietary material and we havent long-term tested it, its hard to comment on how it compares from a durability standpoint to actual memory foam or other polyfoams. We sampled it in the Midnight and indeed found the bed to feel less sticky and huggy than the true memory-foam mattresses in our 2018 blind test. The Midnight did not sleep hot for me, but inherently hot sleepers may have a different experience.

Whats The Bottom Line

The Helix Plus is a comfortable, supportive mattress for tall and large bodies. The thoughtfulness of its design ensures that it remains durable and comfortable for heavier weight and plus size sleepers in the long term.

While it doesnt earn high marks in responsiveness or edge support, the mattress isolates motion well and helps with temperature control. All in all, this is a wise and relatively affordable choice for heavyweight folks who want to enjoy their mattress while ensuring it adequately supports their weight.

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Helix Sleep Mattress Quiz

One of the more unique things about Helix is that they run consumers through a Sleep Quiz on their websitethat matches them with a suitable mattress. The quiz takes about a minute to complete, but it allows Helix to provide a more accurate recommendation to you.

Heres a look at the different models that Helixs sleep quiz could set you up with:

Quick Note On Shipping

How Long Does It Take To Get A Saatva Mattress

The custom experience requires a little bit of patience. It takes about 10 days, on average, to get the mattress. Also, if youre unwilling to give up your platform bed with wide-spaced slats, you may want to consider another mattress. Although the Helix Mattress works on many surfaces it needs a raised platform to have either a solid foundation or slats that are spaced no farther than 4 inches apart. I think this is a small price to pay for a made-to-order mattress.

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Support And Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

Side Sleepers

We dont consider the Helix Plus to be the best mattress for side sleepers under 230 lbs. The comfort layers are a bit too dense for lightweight and average-weight folks to compress, which limits the pressure relief theyll experience. On the other hand, heavyweightside sleepers should get decent cushioning around their pressure points.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a firm mattress to keep their spine aligned while they sleep. If a mattress is too soft, the hips and shoulders will sink down and change the natural shape of the spine, potentially causing back pain.

For average-weight and heavyweightback sleepers, the hips and shoulders should remain elevated on the Helix Plus thanks to the firm layers of foam and the taller-than-average pocketed coils. The lower back and legs will also receive some contouring from the comfort foams.

Lightweightback sleepers might find this mattress too firm for comfort, but if youre looking for a sturdy and supportive-feeling bed, the Helix Plus is a good option.

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Stomach Sleepers

Similar to back sleepers, stomach sleepers require a firm mattress that prevents the hips from bowing. The Helix Plus does this well, as the pocketed coils keep the hips in line with the shoulders and distribute body weight evenly.

Combination Sleepers

Body Type:
Average weight : 5

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

What Do The Helix Mattresses Feel Like

All of the Helix mattresses feature a hybrid construction that layers foam over coils. Despite these similarities, each model boasts its own unique feel.

The Helix Sunset has a balanced foam feel with a very plush top. The plushness of the comfort layer allows sleepers to sink in a bit and gives this mattress a slow-moving feel.

Even though its fairly soft, the Helix Moonlight has a very bouncy feel, especially compared to the less-responsive Sunset.

Much like the Helix Sunset, the Helix Midnight has a balanced feel with a slow-moving top layer. While sleepers sink into this top layer a bit, the Midnight is decidedly firmer than the Sunset.

The Helix Dusk has a firm, bouncy feel. Thats thanks to a dynamic foam in the top layer as well as the coils in the support layer.

Like the Helix Sunset and Midnight, the Helix Twilight has a slower-moving feel on top. Even though the comfort layer is a bit more enveloping, this is still a firm mattress.

Much like the Helix Dusk, the Helix Dawn has a bouncy, firm feel resulting from dynamic foam and coils .

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Helix Sleep Mattress Overview

Helix first made a name for itself as one of the only online mattress brands to offer fully customizable mattresses, including mattresses that featured two different constructions on each side to suit partners with different sleep preferences. While the brand has paired back on its customized offerings of late, its still committed to serving a variety of sleepers.

Today, Helixs lineup includes six hybrid mattresses in different firmness levels and with varying amounts of plushness. Heres an overview of whos likely to find a home on one of these mattresses .

Who Might Like The Helix Mattresses?

Who Might Not Like The Helix Mattresses?

  • People who want a mattress style other than a hybrid
  • Folks who dont need or want the support of coils

Helix Mattresses Review: A Bed For Every Body And Sleeping Position

Helix Mattress Review – Reviewing Every Helix Model! (Update)

There are comfortable hybrid mattresses in multiple firmness levels so you can find your perfect match.

Helix stands out from the rest of the bed in a box mattress pack because it has an extensive product catalog and offers a personalized sleep quiz that pairs you with the perfect Helix mattress. It essentially has a bed for every sleeping position and every body type. The brand is really versatile and inclusive in that sense. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there’s a serious chance you’ll find something to fit your body and sleeping preferences.

This Helix mattress review will give an overview of the different Helix mattresses offered and who each model is most accommodating for, including its core models, Luxe mattress models and Helix Plus.

  • All firmness levels from soft to firm to suit all sleeping positions
  • It has a sleep quiz to help you choose the right bed
  • Hybrid construction accommodates all body types
  • Helix Plus option for those with plus-size body types
  • Fair price for the base Helix models

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How Firm Are The Helix Mattresses

The Helix mattresses span a range of firmness starting with fairly soft and ending with pretty darn firm. The Helix Sunset kicks off the softest side of the spectrum we ranked this mattress around 5.5/10 on the firmness scale. . Next up is the Helix Midnight, which we ranked around 6/10so still softer than average. Transitioning into the middle of the spectrum, theres the Helix Midnight and Helix Dusk. We ranked both of these mattresses around a 7/10, or just a touch firmer than average. On the firmest side of the spectrum sit the Helix Twilight and Helix Dawn, both of which we ranked around a 7.5/10or notably firmer than average.

Its important to note here that firmness is a bit subjective. Depending on your body weight and personal preferences, you might rank these mattresses slightly differently when it comes to their firmness. For instance, heavier people might find that these mattresses feel firmer, because they could press deeper into the mattress and hit the support layers. Meanwhile, lighter-weight folks might find that these mattresses feel softer because they stay elevated in each beds comfort layer.

Learn About The Helix Sleepcompany

Helix offers 14 different mattress models. The idea behind having 14 different models is that there is a bed for everyone. The original 6 Helix mattresses are affordable comfort, the Luxe models are luxury comfort, and the specialty mattresses hit on everything in between.

These can be organized into three grouping: Helix Memory Plus Foam mattresses , Helix Dynamic Foam mattresses , and Helix speciality mattresses .

Memory Plus foam is great for side sleepers. It provides balanced support which is just enough to keep your spine aligned without feeling too stiff. Too much support for side sleepers can cause discomfort.

Helix Dynamic Foam provides extra support, making these mattresses a particularly good choice for back and stomach sleepers. Although, side sleepers are welcome!

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Addressing Helix Plus Mattress Complaints

  • Not Supportive Enough: The majority of complaints about the Helix Plus mattress emphasized a lack of support and a softer feel than anticipated. We consider the Plus to be a firm mattress, but barely soit teeters on the edge of medium-firm. If you decide the Plus isnt supportive enough after 30 nights, you can exchange it for a firmer Helix model or return it for a full refund during the trial period.
  • Sagging: A few customers said that their Helix Plus sagged over time, particularly in the middle. The 15-year Helix Plus mattress warranty covers indentations over 1, so you may be eligible for free repairs or a replacement mattress if thats the case with your bed. Also, make sure that youre using a supportive enough bed frame. Platform bases are best for heavier mattresses.
  • Sleeps Warm: We saw a couple of comments about the Helix Plus retaining body heat. We didnt overheat on the Plus but acknowledge that theres a potential for heat retention in the memory foamcomfort layers. If youre overheating on the Plus, you can return it during the trial period or try lowering the temperature in your bedroom. Many experts recommend a sleeping temperature between 6268 degrees.


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