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What Mattress Is Good For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress Materials For Side Sleepers

Leesa Mattress Review – A Good Mattress For Side Sleepers? (2020 Update!)

Theres no single mattress type that will suit side sleepers across the board. From innerspring to hybrid, memory foam, and latex, each type has benefits, so long as quality materials are used in the beds construction. Whether or not a mattress is ideal for an individual is dependent upon the mattress construction and the sleepers preferences, size, and build.

Memory Foam

Memory foam beds provide a hugging feel that can lead to greater pressure point relief in sensitive areas for side sleepers. Despite this softness, memory foam mattresses usually have a dense layer of base foam that provides the durability that is necessary to keep larger people from sinking too far into the surface, which is why many of the bestmattresses for heavy people often contain dense support foam. But if youre one of the many people who get uncomfortably warm during the night, it should be noted that memory foam tends to trap more heat than innerspring or hybrid mattresses. Our favorite memory foam mattress for side sleepers is the Nectar original. For more information, take a look at our article on the best memory foam mattresses.




The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

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This might not come as a surprise: Different sleep positions put a strain on different parts of the body.

Its no wonder why we shift around so much throughout the night. But this isnt necessarily a bad thing. Depending on which position you like most on your stomach, back, or side theres a type of mattress thats best for your body. Choosing the wrong mattress can be a recipe for soreness and discomfort.

Turns out there is a position people like most. Across Canada and the United States, the vast majority of people prefer sleeping on their sides. This has its advantages for mattress shopping, as plenty of companies prefer to cater to the biggest market segment. Yet side sleepers must also be mindful of where pressure points are likely to form, and which surfaces and pillows will offer the right support for their neck, head, and shoulders.

So what makes the best mattress for side sleepers? What will ensure a better quality of sleep? This useful guide will answer your questions and list three excellent mattresses for side sleepers.

Best Hybrid: Logan And Cove Mattress

Logan and Coves Luxury Pillow-top Mattress offers everything a side sleeper needs in a luxury package. This mattress features a soft pillow-top supported with layers of memory foam and springs. In addition, you can choose your firmness level. If you prefer a softer mattress, choose the Medium Plush. Its a 6.3 on the firmness scale. The second option, Luxury Firm, comes in at a 7.7, definitely on the firmer side.

Both firmness options come in all six standard mattress sizes. No matter which you choose, youre getting a cloud-like, comfortable experience that cushions all of your pressure points and works to keep your spine aligned.

Logan and Coves mattress is a hybrid, meaning that it uses a support layer of zoned and pocketed coils. This layer helps to keep your spine aligned, provides adequate lift even for a pillow top and memory foam hybrid, and helps with motion transfer. Each spring is individually spaced and wrapped, so they dont transfer motion between them.

Above the thick spring layer are two layers of high-density bio-foam. One layer provides transitional support . The other creates a support system specifically for the topper. Inside the topper are two layers of cooling gel foam. A layer of high-density cushioning foam keeps you cool, and the second layer of memory foam cradles your body without holding in heat. The very top layer is a silk blend fill that has you sleeping on a cloud.

Available online

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What Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Compared to back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers have to deal with their shoulders digging into the mattress which can cause discomfort and pain. To prevent this, youll want something that contours. Most side sleepers benefit from a bit of memory foam, whether it is a full foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress . Memory foam is key for side sleepers to sleep comfortably!

Im A Side Sleeper With Shoulder Pain What Is The Best Mattress For Me

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers
  • Tips for side sleeping
  • Waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately? Side sleepers usually complain of shoulder pain after a restful sleep. Although this can be due to a variety of causes, theres no denying that a very stiff and uncomfortable mattress can be the culprit. Its imperative to get the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain to alleviate this problem.

    Personally, Im also a side sleeper who joins 74% of the population on taking sides. There seems to be no problem about it until I wake up with a numb left arm and a shoulder that feels like its been pressed for long. And since I have stocky arms, the force of my body makes the pain worse.

    I first thought that its just my build and I badly need to work on losing the flab off my arms. But no matter how thin I am, the problem persists. Thats when I realized that the problem boils down to two branches of sleep thought: the fact that Im a side sleeper and that I have an awful mattress.

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    Benefits Of Side Sleeping

    To be fair, side sleeping isnt all evil. Various studies prove that there are more benefits to it than the downsides. The key point here is to properly sleep on your side with the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain.

    Here are some good things about side slumber:

    Good for heartburn

    Experts found that sleeping on your side will help calm heartburn symptoms. Although solid proof is yet to be established, its said that side sleeping on the left eases the lower esophagus.

    Stops Snoring

    This is a known benefit of side sleeping. When you sleep on your back, the soft palate and the base of the tongue collapses back to the throat. This makes a louder vibrating sound when youre asleep. In comparison, when you sleep on the side, the vibrations are reduced.

    Lymph draining

    When you sleep on the left side, many believed that youre helping your body detoxify. Its thought that since the thoracic duct is located on the left side of the body, the lymph can easily drain and be flushed out of the body.

    There are more benefits to side sleeping as long as the best mattress for shoulder pain is used. But as much as this sleeping position is great, the preference varies from person to person. Take note that some people have to sleep on their sides for medical reasons. Pregnant women who are past their first trimester are discouraged from sleeping on their back.

    Pros And Cons Of The Dreamcloud Premier

    Foam and coil hybrid built to be highly supportive and durable Does not completely use memory foam
    Amazing pressure relief for side sleepers Does not supply as much give as other soft mattresses
    Highly responsive mattress

    The Nectar is our top pick for side sleepers on a budget looking for a classic memory foam bed that doesnt compromise quality for cost. Featuring a soft quilted cover and gel memory foam layers built for comfort, the Nectar boasts high-pressure relief and motion isolationall for under $1,000. The Nectars memory foam construction allows it to be very responsive, bouncing back with support as you move around.

    The Nectar mattress has a 365 sleep trial period that allows you to test out this bed in the comfort of your own home for an entire year before you commit to your purchase. To add to its value, the Nectar mattress comes with a forever limited-lifetime warranty that guarantees that youll be getting your moneys worth for your purchase with many years of great sleep.

    • Material: Gel memory foam
    • Delivery: Delivered in 2-5 business days
    • Lifetime warranty

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    Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

    Last, but not least, take a look at the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress. This mattress features a 6-layer design with a medium-plush firmness that can help side sleepers drift off to dreamland and rest comfortably throughout the night.

    The top layer of this mattress is a patented hypoallergenic and stain-resistant cover with a soft and plush feel. 1.5 inches of Puffys exclusive Cooling Cloud foam sits right beneath the cover to ensure individuals dont get too hot as they sleep.

    Below the Cooling Cloud foam is a 1.5-inch layer of Plush Dual Cloud foam. This layer of foam is what makes this choice a top contender for the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers the Plush Dual Cloud foam allows the mattress to alleviate pressure points as people sleep.

    The next layer is the Climate Comfort foam. This 2-inch-thick foam resists humidity and wicks moisture away from sleepers for ultimate temperature regulation and comfort. A 7-inch layer of high-density foam with a coil base offers superior edge support and stability to the mattress while also providing support to the spine to keep it in alignment. Finally, Puffy added a grip base cover to prevent the mattress from slipping and sliding when you move.

    Faqs About Side Sleeping

    Nolah Mattress Review (Good for Side Sleepers?)

    What is the best mattress type for side sleepers?Theres no one-size-fits-all solution here, but generally memory foam mattresses are best. Most side-sleepers could find pocket sprung mattresses to be too firm. Your own individual preferences can help guide you to the right mattress, if you just take note of what you want from your next mattress For instance, side sleepers who like a bouncy bed might want to look at a good hybrid mattress or possibly a .

    People who like to sink deep into their mattress might consider an option with memory foam or thick foam layers.

    What is the best place to put your arms?A lot of people call it side sleeping but the correct scientific term is actual lateral recumbent. According to this Physiomed PDF file, your arms should be up by your ears. But this isnt always preferable, particularly if you like heavier pillows.

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    The Best Mattress For Sleeping On Your Back

    The best mattress for back-sleepers is a pocket sprung, open coil, or even orthopaedic mattress. These mattresses provide the best care and support for natural spinal alignment. You’ll also need extra support for the heaviest areas of your body – typically your midsection.

    Sleeping on your back is thought to be one of the healthiest sleeping positions, because your spine is naturally aligned. Sleeping in a flat, straight position helps prevent pressure on your body overall.

    • Pocket sprung
    • A pocket sprung mattress provides superior support. Many pocket sprung mattresses – like Silentnight Mirapocket mattresses – are zoned. This means you’ll get enhanced support for the heaviest areas and softer support elsewhere.
    • Open coil
    • Also known as a standard sprung mattress, open coil mattresses evenly distribute your weight for great all-round support and pressure relief. Look out for zoned open coil mattresses, such as our range of Silentnight Miracoil mattresses.
    • Orthopaedic
    • An orthopaedic mattress is a great choice if you’re looking for expert back care. This type of mattress can reduce strain on your spine, improve your posture and prevent you from feeling stiff and sore when you wake up.

    Are These Mattresses A Fit For You

    Buying a mattress is a personal experience, and every mattress isnt going to be perfect for you. Here are some of the things you can look for to ensure these mattresses are to your liking

    • Body Type: Your weight and body type can affect the type of mattress that you need. Your weight determines how far you sink into the mattress. Heavier sleepers get more support from firmer mattresses, whereas lighter sleepers may find firm mattresses uncomfortable. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may appreciate a softer mattress. Someone weighing more than 230 pounds might need a firmer option.
    • Edge Support: Side sleepers who share the bed with a partner may benefit from extra edge support. Some mattresses become less supportive as you reach the edge of the bed. Since side sleepers need a little more support, they should aim to find a mattress that offers edge-to-edge support.
    • Sleeping Temperature: Some people get warm when they sleep, which can make sleeping uncomfortable. Temperature control is especially important for memory foam mattresses, as they tend to hold on to heat. If you often wake up feeling overheated or sweaty, choose a mattress with cooling gel or other temperature control measures.
    • Motion Isolation: If you sleep next to a restless partner, you might need a mattress that offers motion isolation. Foam mattresses are naturally better at preventing motion transfer, but some mattresses have additional features.

    The ideal mattress for a side sleeper

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    Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory foam mattresses are popular among many side sleepers due to their ability to contour and cradle a body. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice to consider if youd like to take advantage of the contouring properties of memory foam to relieve pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

    The 6.5 out of 10 firmness rating for this mattress ensures that it is both soft, yet supportive enough to keep a side sleepers spine in alignment.

    This memory foam mattress offers five layers that work together to provide a restful and cool nights sleep. The cover is made from a poly-blend material that, in addition to being soft and comfortable, is also designed with cooling technology to pull heat away from individuals as they sleep. An additional 3-inch cooling layer can be found directly below the cover. This gel-infused memory foam layer features phase-change materials that help individuals better regulate their body temperature. These special phase change materials work to pull heat away from individuals that are too hot, and release heat back to warm up individuals that are too cool.

    All Nectar Mattresses ship for free and include free returns. The companys 365-night sleep trial gives you the opportunity to try out the mattress to see whether it delivers the right mix of contouring and support to keep you in alignment and alleviate pressure points. Nectar also backs their products with a Forever Warranty against defects in materials, construction, or quality.

    How Firm Should A Mattress Be For A Side

    The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers, According To Online ...

    Mattress manufacturers have varying standards for soft, medium, and firm, so what feels medium to one person may be too soft or too firm for another. That said, weve found that side-sleepers often do well with a mattress that feels medium-soft to medium, however they individually define that. If you tend to change positions throughout the night , or if you already know that you prefer a more-supportive surface, a medium-firm mattress, such as the or the Leesa Hybrid, might be a better choice. Both mattresses still offer a loose hug for your shoulders and hips, and you can always add a mattress topper later if you decide you need more cushioning.

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    Downsides To Side Sleeping

    Sleeping in the lateral position comes with lots of perks, but there can be disadvantages if youre using an inadequate pillow or mattress.

    Contrary to popular belief, a softer mattress and pillow are not always best. Side sleepers need to keep their spine and hips lifted, while not arching them unnaturally. A plush mattress can cause you to sink down too far, throwing the spine, hips, and back out of alignment.

    Look for a mattress that supports and relieves pressure points. This will help preventparesthesia,Verified SourceNational Library of Medicine Worlds largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible.View sourceor that familiar pins and needles feeling you get when a limb falls asleep. Side sleepers are more prone to this problem, especially if they sleep with their arms under the pillow or at their sides. If your weight cuts off circulation to the limbs, paresthesia will cause you to wake up, disrupting the sleep cycle.

    Aim For ‘just Right’ When Choosing Your Mattress

    Soft, too soft, just right. Just like Goldilocks you need to find your exact middle medium between support and firmness.You need a mattress that will allow your hips and shoulders to gently sink into the mattress, but just enough to keep your spine aligned. Too firm and your body will experience unevenly distributed support. Too soft and you will sink into the mattress at an angle that will curve your spine. Result? Aches and pains.Wondering how you are going to find that perfect blend between support and firmness? Book an appointment at your closest Comfort Solutions Lab® to get your pressure points mapped and receive a mattress recommendation backed by science.

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    Pillows For Side Sleepers

    Once you choose the right mattress, you will need to pay special attention to your pillow. A good mattress is definitely a huge part of the comfort equation, but the right pillow for side sleeping can make or break your night.

    Problems specific to side-sleepers can be remedied with a good pillow. Side-sleeping can cause shoulder pain, jaw pain, and even facial wrinkles. A supportive pillow with generous comfort layers will take the pressure off your arms and upper body, alleviating shoulder and jaw pain. Additionally, a silk or satin pillowcase can prevent wrinkles from forming too prematurely.

    A pillows loft, or thickness, will tell you how comfortable it is depending on your preferred sleeping position. Side sleepers need to keep their necks straight and neutral. A too-thick pillow will cause strain and neck pain, and one thats too thin or flat will make the head droop or sink the perfect storm for an uncomfortable, restless night! Side sleepers will most likely achieve their most comfortable sleep on a medium-loft pillow.

    Memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows are best for side sleepers since they offer support for spinal and neck alignment as well as targeted pressure relief. Down pillows can work, but side sleepers may need to fold and fluff the pillow a lot to make it supportive enough. Buckwheat pillows are another less common option, but they do offer plenty of support and contouring.


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