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Is Purple Mattress Good For Heavy Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid Vs Other Purple Mattresses

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

Purple manufactures 4 different mattresses: the Original Purple mattress, the Purple Hybrid, and two Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses. Each of these mattresses has the Purple Comfort Grid as the top layer, and therefore offers exceptional spine alignment and pressure relief.

The Original Purple mattress is the only Purple bed without innerspring coils. It has the same 2 Comfort Grid as the Hybrid, but uses polyfoam rather than innersprings for support. This difference in construction makes the Purple Hybrid a bit more responsive, supportive, and slightly firmer than the Original.

The Hybrid Premier mattresses are nearly identical to the Purple Hybrid. The only difference is that the Premier beds have a thicker Purple Gridcomfort layer. The thicker the Purple Grid, the softer the mattress and the superior the pressure relief. This means the Premier mattresses are softer than the Hybrid and provide the pressure relief that side sleepers need. The Hybrid is better for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer a firmer feel.

Train Yourself To Sleep In A Different Position

Because the downsides of stomach sleeping can outweigh the upsides, you may want to train yourself to sleep on your side or back. Here are a few ways to get there:

  • Use an orthopedic contoured pillow. Theyre horrible for sleeping on your stomach, so theyll guide you into another position.
  • Nap on the sofa for practice. The extra back support and reduced surface area force you to stay on your side.
  • Use a body pillow to help you transition from full stomach sleeping to partial stomach sleeping. Youll get much of the same sensation of lying flat, with fewer nasty side effects.
  • Earn the nickname of the Princess and the Tennis Ball. Wear sleep pants to bed and place a tennis ball in your pocket. Every time you roll, the ball will poke you to stay in the desired position.

What Makes The Big Fig Stand Out

  • Its an especially supportive mattress designed to handle up to 1,000 lbs, which makes it an excellent option for heavier couples.
  • Heavier back sleepers should also enjoy the Big Fig. Theres a bit of plusness in the beds quilted top, creating some contouring and allowing their hips to sink in just the right amount.
  • The mattress contains a gel infusion and airflow-promoting coils, so the mattress shouldnt sleep too hot.

With its high-grade coils and multiple layers of high-density foam, the Bear Hybrid has a dynamic design that caters to heavier back and side sleepers. When back-sleeping, you should feel your hips sinking in the right amount as the coils hold up your body. When side-sleeping, the top comfort layers should relieve most of the pressure on the shoulders and hips.

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New Purple Mattress Reviews

On top of the addition of bedding basics, Purple has also added to their lineup of mattresses. Introduced in 2018 was the NEW Purple Mattresses offered in three hybrid options. The Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4. These new beds offer a coil system as the core support opposed to dense layers of base foam. Giving the mattress a more sturdy, durable and long lasting build.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Your first option of the newest Purple hybrid will be the most similar to the original with the exception of a coil system instead. The New Purple 2 offers a more medium-firm feel with 2 of polymer similar to the original Purple bed. This feel should be great for many sleepers and especially anyone who likes a slightly firmer feel.

Learn more about the New Purple 2 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

The most popular option of the new hybrid Purple beds is the Purple 3. This mattress not only uses the same durable and supportive coil system but has a more universal medium feel. Giving you that perfect middle of the road comfort that works for the majority of sleepers.

Learn more about the New Purple 3 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

Learn more about the New Purple 4 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Sheets Good For Purple Mattress

Is the New Purple Mattress Softer?

Its easy to select any mattress you like and call it a day. Yes, you save some dollars and perhaps youll save some time researching, but spend enough nights on a bed thats not yours and then youll begin to wonder why you wake up more tired and exhausted than the previous night.

Purple Mattress aims to solve this problem by analyzing the elements that make a comfortable sleep better, and combining it with proprietary technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which provides the mattress with a distinct experience that is distinct from other mattresses on the market. This article will look over the possibility of whether Purple Mattress is a choice for your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick overview. After, you will want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review.

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Helix Plus: Best Mattress For Aches And Pains

The Helix line includes a number of highly regarded hybrid mattresses, including options available at different mattress firmness levels and price points. The Helix Plus is their model for heavyweight sleepers. Built with durability in mind , its resistant to sagging and sinkage. And to top it off, it achieved an 8 out of 10 in testing for pressure relief and an 8.5 out of 10 for spinal alignment. These factors all contribute to a restful nights sleep without any aches and pains thanks to its hybrid design. This firm mattress supports heavier sleepers with five layers of dense latex and memory foam for support, and an XL coil system that was built with taller coils. No more sinking into the mattress and waking up sore!

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid

Buy it, Helix Plus, $1,649 for a Queen,

About The Purple Beds Design

The Purple mattress has only three layers and measures in at between 9 and 10 inches thick. Lets discuss the exact layers in the bed:

  • Support layer: dense polyurethane foam
  • Transition layer: more poly foam, but slightly softer this time
  • Comfort layer: 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer
  • Cover: stretchy material made of viscose, polyester, and Lycra

The first two layers of the bed are really common to see with any online mattress, whether it is Casper, Leesa, Tuft and Needle, or Nectar.

The dense poly foam acts as your primary support layer, while the middle layer is just a transitional piece of foam, so you dont feel the support core.

Obviously, the star of the show is Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Like Purple Hybrid, the Purple bed has 2 inches of the material.

In terms of certifications, the bed has the CertiPUR-US certification thats a must-have for any bed that uses poly foam. That ensures that the bed is free of certain harmful metals and chemicals.

But how do you care for the cover?

According to Purples website, you should spot clean the cover without removing it. Its advisable to use mild detergent and lukewarm water, but you should only hand clean. Dont machine wash or dry the cover on the Purple mattress.

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How Is The Firm Purple Mattress

On a scale of 1 to 10 where ten is the firmest, heres how the three mattresses rank.

  • Purple 3: 6/10
  • Purple 4: 4.5/10
  • Note that these are general ratings. Depending on your physique, body weight, and sleeping position, your mattress might feel softer or firmer than indicated.

    But generally, Purple 3 is medium-firm, and Purple 4 is soft.

    Best Mattress For Heavy Stomach Sleepers Here Are The Best Mattress Brands

    Best Mattresses For Heavy People 2020 – Our Top 5 Beds!

    Choosing the best mattress for your needs and budget is more simple than ever, and this is because there are so many good mattresses to pick from now. We are aware of this because we have spent countless hours examining the most recent models, as well as well-tested classics that stand the test of time. We have slept on the mattresses and analyzed feedback from thousands of user reviews, leading us to determine the top mattresses available to help to find the perfect mattress.

    Our top mattress guide will provide everything you need to make the right decision, with mattresses that will fit every budget, from basic and cheerful to sheer luxurious hotel style in your bedroom. If you require regular pressure relief or dealing with neck and back pain, look at those memory foam beds listed below. Hybrids are an excellent choice here too, as these are a combination of the body-cradling power of foam and coils to provide support. Weve also found high-quality cooling mattresses for sleepers who are hot, and organic ones that are not toxic and allergy friendly. The proper spinal support and total body comfort are our primary standards, so expect it from every mattress listed below.

    Our best tip is to select a mattress maker that offers the risk-free trial for at least 30 nights . Why? It can take your body up to three weeks to get used to the new mattress. Also, we recommend searching for a discount before buying.

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    Construction Of Purple Hybrid Premier

    This model has the exact same construction as Purple Hybrid with the exception of the top layer.

    Rather than getting 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer with the Purple and Hybrid models, you can choose between 3 and 4 inches of the material with the Hybrid Premier mattress.

    On the inside, Purple Hybrid Premier is basically the same as the others: pocketed coils, foam, and Hyper-Elastic Polymer. As such, youll have an almost identical overall feel.

    Both will give you a weightless feeling thats pretty difficult to describe you just have to try for yourself. The 4-inch model will give you more of this feeling, but the 3-inch model is no slouch either.

    The biggest downside with Purple Hybrid Premier, besides the price tag, is just how much the bed weighs.

    For a King-sized mattress, youre looking at about 200 pounds. If you plan to move anytime soon, you may want to hang off purchasing until youve already set up shop in the new house.

    Is Dreamcloud Good For Back Pain

    According to the National Institutes of Health, back pain is one of the most frequent health issues of our Society. It is projected that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from occasional or chronic back pain problems.

    If you are one of those folks who suffer from back problems, youll be wondering if your mattress might be the reason. The answer of sleep experts to this question is complete: the mattress you choose is decisive when it comes to alleviating your back-pain problem.

    Though most experts dont recommend a specific brand, they urge that the back-pain sufferers follow some general advice.

    If youve got a pain in the back, you will need to buy the firmest mattress you can find, right? Not so fast winner! Although that has been the frequent sense, there is in reality no solid research that confirms it.

    Experts in Spine-Health indicate its very important to balance back pain relief with comfort. You may pick a mattress thats hard, you can feel a little relief in the back pain for some time, but you might suffer from joint pain or pressure. The experts also suggest that a mattress that is medium-firm term could be the best choice to find that balance.

    Dreamcloud is a mattress that is worth trying. Actually, there are lots of those who have already tried it and state that the DreamCloud has helped them a lot to relieve their back pain.

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    How Firm Is The Purple Mattress

    Now that you have a pretty good idea of whether or not youd like this mattress, lets get into the good stuff: firmness. Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress. Keep in mind that firmness is subjective, and depends on factors like your body type and how you sleep. To give you the most objective idea of firmness possible, I averaged my firmness score with a few of my colleagues.

    After spending some time rolling around on the Purple, we decided to give it a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Since 6.5 is actually the industry standard for medium-firmness, this is a true medium-firm bed.

    In addition to its firmness level, Id say this bed has a . Youre not going to feel yourself sinking deep into this mattress . Instead youre going to feel lifted up and out of the structure. This is a nice feature for anyone who worries about feeling stuck in their mattress.

    What Is The Best Mattress For A Heavy Sleeper With A Bad Back

    Best Box Spring for Purple Mattress Reviews 2018

    The right mattress for a heavy person with a bad back depends on your sleeping position. When suffering with chronic back conditions, we recommend side or back sleeping. Stomach sleeping only aggravates the lower back, worsening pain and causing stiffness.

    If you sleep on your side, we recommend medium mattresses to properly align the spine without causing pressure points. Some medium mattresses for side sleepers include the Zoma Mattress, Vaya Mattress, and Alexander Signature Hybrid.

    Heavy people who sleep on their back should use medium-firm or firm mattresses so they have good posture and dont strain their spine. Consider trying the Amerisleep AS2, Alexander Signature Hybrid, or Purple Hybrid Premier.

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    Does The Purple Hybrid Sleep Cool


    Temperature neutrality refers to how well a beds components regulate temperature in order to provide a comfortable balance of cooling and warmth. Thanks to its unique design, the Purple hybrids sleep very cool.

    Hybrids often sleep cooler than other mattress types thanks to strong and steady airflow through their coil layers. The Purple hybrids are a cut above the rest due to two additional components. One is the Purple Grid comfort layer, which has an open-grid shape. This results in less body heat absorption and more surface airflow compared to hybrids with solid memory foam, polyfoam, or latex comfort layers.

    These hybrids also have covers infused with viscose, a highly breathable synthetic fabric derived in part from plant-based materials.

    We recommend any Purple hybrid model if you normally sleep hot. The original Purple Mattress also offers excellent temperature neutrality, and this model may be more feasible with your budget.

    Construction: Whats Inside Purple Hybrid & Premier

    Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier are considered two mattresses, but the only difference is the thickness of the signature stretchy grid that gives the no-pressure feel. The thicker the grid, the softer the feel.

    The Hybrid comes with 2 inches of hyperelastic polymer, while the Premier gives shoppers the option of selecting a 3-inch Weightless grid for or a 4-inch Zero-Gravity grid.

    The covers top is a soft polyester blended with lycra and viscose, which can be removed for spot cleaning. The breathable side panels feature a mesh-like material that is made to let hot air escape the bed and keep temperature better regulated. Its pulled tight around four layers, which stand at slightly different heights, depending on which number you choose.

    The Hybrid is the firmest with a 2-inch grid and stands 11 inches high, the Premier with a 3-inch grid is 12 inches high, and the softest model with a 4-inch grid stands 13 inches high.

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    How Does The Purple Hybrid Mattress Feel

    The 11-inch Purple Hybrid and 12-inch Hybrid Premier have a medium firm feel, so youll experience some body-contouring and strong overall support. The 13-inch Hybrid Premier has a medium feel. This results in closer conforming and less support than the other two models, but the 13-inch Hybrid Premier has a more balanced feel.

    The Purple Grid comfort layer gives these hybrids a fairly unique feel compared to mattresses from other brands. The polymer material conforms to the body and alleviates pressure like adaptive memory foam, but also has a rather responsive surface that could be likened to dense polyfoam. Youll sink a bit beneath the surface, but feel more like youre sleeping on as opposed to in the mattress. Furthermore, the Purple Grid sleeps very cool due to its minimal body heat absorption and breathable shape.

    The pocketed coil systems also contribute to the overall feel of these beds. Like other hybrids, the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier offer strong reinforcement to keep your body on an even plane.

    Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

    Best Mattresses For Heavy People 2021 – Our Top 8 Beds!!

    The Purple should be a great match for many heavyweight back sleepers, although folks who weigh 300 pounds or more might need to look for a more supportive mattress with coils. Heavyweight side sleepers should enjoy plenty of pressure relief on the Purple because theyll activate the gel grid enough to collapse it and experience cradling relief. As with back sleepers, many heavyweight stomach sleepers could feel well-supported. But folks who weigh 300 pounds or more will probably want to look for a more supportive mattress overall.

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    What Makes The Winkbeds Plus Stand Out

    • The bed has a pillow top with high-density, sag-proof foam that, while comfortable, shouldnt sink or sag under heavier weight.
    • The WinkBeds Plus sleeps cool the coils promote airflow, and the latex is naturally cooling.
    • The WinkBeds Plus is a wonderful option for heavier back sleepers. They should feel their hips sink in the perfect amount while the coils and zoning provide support.

    Many folks love a pillow top mattress for its balance of comfort and support. And if youre a heavier sleeper, the hybrid DreamCloud Premier might be appealing because of the high-grade coils in its support layer. There are also multiple layers of pressure-relieving foam right underneath the fluffy pillow top.


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