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What Mattress Is Comparable To Saatva

Differences Between Winkbed And Saatva

Saatva vs Nectar Mattress Comparison – Innerspring or Memory Foam?

In comparing Saatva vs WinkBeds, there are a few differences that stand out. The first subtle difference is that WinkBeds features a Tencel cover derived from eucalyptus fibers, while the Saatva beds feature an organic cotton cover. Other subtle differences include the type of foam lumbar support used to promote spinal alignment.

For some people, the tie-breaking difference might be as simple as the delivery method. WinkBeds are delivered as a bed-in-a-box, which presents a few challenges. For one, once the bed is delivered, it can be awkward and heavy to maneuver around, especially on your own. The second disadvantage is simply that some people dont like the thought of their bed vacuumed into a box and delivered as such.

Saatva goes to the completely opposite end of the spectrum and offers white glove delivery. Free mattress removal is also available if you set it up when ordering a new Saatva mattress, which obviously isnt available if your bed is delivered by FedEx in a box. The mattress removal service alone might be a deal-breaker for some, but when combined with the white glove delivery that includes free in-room set-up, and this is a very convenient service.

Saatva also has more options than WinkBeds, including crib mattresses and flippable youth beds, in addition to more adult-sized options such as the customizable Solaire series.

Ghostbed Vs Saatva Mattress Review

Memory foam mattresses have now taken over as the mattress of choice for those seeking a new bed. Unlike the traditional coil spring mattress, the NASA invented memory foam mattresses conform to the body to help alleviate aches and pains with promises of the best sleep possible. As these mattresses gain popular status, more companies are seeking to make their own perfect mattress that will win the top spot as the bed of choice for shoppers.

Tuft And Needle Has Two Foam Layers

  • A 3 layer of low density polyurethane foam
  • A 7 layer of high density foam

The Tuft and Needle mattress has a 2-layer construction. 3-inches of low density polyurethane foam as the comfort layer, with a 7-inch layer of high density support foam beneath. The support level is excellent, and this would be a good alternative to the Casper mattress for side sleepers.

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How Is The Saatva Vs Serta Comparison Done

1. We search

For the Saatva vs Serta comparison, we crawl through hundreds of user reviews, opinions, forums & groups. We thoroughly analyze all mattress specifics disclosed on multiple different sources – huge portions of data are collected daily.

2. We analyze

To create the most trustworthy Saatva mattress vs Serta mattress comparison, our experts aggregate & analyze the gathered data. Each mattress is evaluated by multiple different factors. The metrics are simplified and unified, making them easy to understand.

3. We compare

The data that was gathered & analyzed in the Saatva mattress vs Serta mattress comparison is visualized in a comprehensive chart. The mattresses are put head-to-head so that the reader could easily compare all the different factors& decide quickly.

4. You choose

According to our analysis, we decide which mattress wins the Saatva vs Serta comparison. Since we only present you with real facts and not just marketing claims, the winner is decided fair & square. But its still up to you to choose the right mattress!

Mattress Comfort And Support

Saatva vs Nectar Mattress Comparison

Unlike many mattress manufacturers, Saatva allows a great degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing a mattress. They have three different options that you can choose from they want to make sure that everyone can enjoy their high-quality mattresses. The three different choices are described below:

  • Plush Soft This is the softest of the choices. This provides a hug and contour around your body. This is best for people who dont need as much support when they sleep. This will not be suitable for heavier sleepers. It scores at a 3.5/10 in terms of support.
  • Luxury Firm This is a nice mix of support and comfort. Its perfect for anyone who is of a normal weight distribution but wants to feel as though they sink slightly into their mattress. This is one of the most popular models they offer. It scores at a 6/10 in terms of support.
  • Firm This is the most supportive out of the mattresses on offer. It is much firmer than the rest of the mattresses. This is perfect for those whom are much heavier sleepers. It scores an 8/10 in terms of support.

As you can see, the comfort and support you get from a Saatva mattress will largely depend on your personal preference. The different layers in the mattress are adjusted depending on the type of mattress that you choose.

Remember, Saatva mattresses are much more breathable than traditional foam mattresses. One of the reasons for this is because the coils provide space for air to dissipate.

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How Construction Impacts The Feel Of The Mattress

Materials can set one mattress apart from another. Memory foam and polyfoam hug the body and deliver exceptional pressure relief. Latex brings contouring with buoyant support and a floating feeling. Innerspring coils are springy, supportive and sleep incredibly cool.

The Loom & Leaf, Solaire, Classic and HD are the adult mattress models with memory foam or polyfoam layers. These are the beds that tend to work best for side sleepers and people with joint pain. However, they arent going to be as easy to move around upon as the Latex Hybrid and Zenhaven, the two beds made almost entirely from springy, responsive materials.

Because the HD has the most durable innerspring coils, its going to be the best bet for plus-size people who want a mattress thats going to last. And the Solaire is the only adjustable firmness bed, so its great for couples with different firmness preferences and people who arent sure what their ideal firmness is.

Saatva Coil Spring Construction

The Saatva mattress is a spring mattress. It is constructed with two layers of coils. If we are discussing layers, the Saatva is unique:

  • A 0.5 top layer comprising a thin Euro-style pillow top over 0.5 of memory foam to top the spring coils.
  • A 4 top coil layer of 884 straight profile spring coils individually wrapped.
  • A 7 layer of heavier hour-glass shaped high profile support coils.
  • Another bottom layer of coil encasement foam

The mattress is also fitted with a 0.5 edge support foam which helps keep the whole mattress together. Not only that, but it offers three different comfort levels:

  • The Saatva Plush Soft is by far the softest of any of the four mattresses being compared here.
  • The Saatva Luxury Firm is roughly equivalent in hardness to the Leesa and very slightly softer then the Casper and Tuft and Needle.
  • The Saatva Firm is a fair bit harder than any of the others.

If you prefer a hard mattress, as many heavier people do, then this is for you. If you are a back sleeper then this may also be best. Side sleepers may prefer the plush soft or luxury firm depending on their weight, and the lighter-weight stomach sleepers might just love the Plush Soft.

So how do you compare a spring mattress with a 100% foam mattress? Its easy really simply compare them on what they are mattresses. On comfort, support and suitability for different types of sleepers. So what is our conclusion on the Saatva mattress vs. the Tuft and Needle?

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Whats Inside The Saatva Mattresses

What truly makes a mattress unique is its construction. Take a look at the chart below to get an inside look at each of the Saatva mattresss construction.

Plush soft, Luxury firm or Firm 5 layers including coil on coil layer and memory foam with euro pillow-top 11.5 or 14.5
4 layers including organic wool, talalay latex, and a pocket coil system 13 inches
5 layers including talalay latex, memory foam, and 12.5 gauge steel coils 15 inches
6 layers including talalay latex, gel-infused memory foam, and vulcanized air chambers 13 inches
Relaxed-firm: 6/10 and Firm: 8/10 4 foam layers
3 layers including a coil system and memory foam 10 inches 100 lbs. for full

Saatva And Winkbed Performance Differences

Saatva vs WinkBed Mattress Review and Comparison – Which Hybrid is Better?

We didnt just stop with sleeping on the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses we also tested them out for motion transfer, edge support, and durability. For more information on how these mattresses stack up to other brands in terms of performance, make sure to check out our mattress comparisons page for other Saatva and WinkBed comparisons like Saatva vs Loom and Leaf and WinkBed vs DreamCloud.

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How To Choose The Very Best Mattress For Your Weight

Its simple to get overwhelmed by all the various options when youre picking out a mattress. Memory foam, innerspring, pillow top, coil count, and more its hard to know what to look for. However one things for sure: how heavy you are will have a big effect on which mattress is best for you.

Thats since heavier people place more weight on their bed mattress than lighter individuals. .

There are mattresses out there that are best matched to each particular weight classification, so lets take a look at a few of them so you can evaluate what might work best for you.

Light Sleepers.Despite light-weight sleepers all falling in the very same weight classification , there are distinctions in how they sleep. I am going to provide suggestions for bed mattress based on their preferred sleeping experiences.

Soft Feel: If youre a light sleeper, you shouldnt have any difficulty landing on a soft mattress. You will not need to stress over sinking through the materials as much as heavier sleepers. Mattresses Comparable To Saatva

Medium Feel: Lighter weight sleepers might not sink as deeply into their mattress, that makes beds with incredibly dense or thick top layers of foam uneasy for them. For this reason, I suggest acquiring a mattress that is.5-1 firmness points lower than the feel youre trying to find.

Average Sleepers.

Heavy Sleepers.

Other Considerations: Cooling Back Pain And Couples

Saatva mattresses are some of the best beds for couples, hot sleepers and people with back pain. However, certain models work better than others, depending upon what youre looking for.

The Saatva Solaire is the best Saatva mattress for couples. With dual-sided firmness, each partner is able to find their ideal feel, something that isnt possible in any of the other beds. This mattress also boasts the widest range of mattress sizes for couples, including split King and split California King sizes.

When it comes to finding a good mattress for hot sleepers, the only mattress that we dont recommend is the Loom & Leaf. Because it deeply hugs the body, it sleeps noticeably warmer than any of the other Saatva mattresses. Every other Saatva boasts naturally-cool materials like Talalay latex and innerspring coils that allow ample airflow.

The entire Saatva mattress line is built to support healthy spine alignment. Each bed, even the Youth mattress designed for kids, boasts reinforced lumbar support. This type of support helps keep the hips in line with the spine.

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Main Inquiries Concerning Mattress

When taking into consideration how to organize the web content for this resource, I made a decision to divide it right into 5 sections, every one focusing on responding to one of the primary inquiries you need to ask about mattresses. Below are the 5 inquiries you should answer: What Mattress Is Comparable To Saatva

Exactly how old is your mattress?What Sleep Position Do You Favor?What firmness do you need?Exactly how much do you weigh?What type of mattress do you need?

Saatva Or Serta: Which One Will Be The Best For Your Bed

Saatva Mattress Reviews

Being one of the most venerable mattress brands in the industry, Serta enjoys a lot of popularity among consumers for its diverse line of mattress products. However, they have had their throne challenged more recently by a number of fresh, small mattress companies that have taken the market by storm with their economically priced yet luxuriously built offerings.

Saatva happens to be one of these newcomers, with their memory foam / innerspring hybrid mattress quickly becoming extremely popular thanks to the balance it strikes between economy and quality. Consequently, Serta have had to rethink their lineup, and as a result, they have offered a similarly priced and featured mattress called the iComfort Applause II.

This Saatva vs Serta comparison will focus on these two products and will help you decide which one to choose between them the fresh challenger or the established veteran.

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Best Saatva Mattresses By Sleeping Position

Its important that your mattress supports your primary sleeping position so you can rest comfortably at night and have your body be properly supported in all the right ways. Take a look below to learn which sleeping positions each Saatva mattress supports.


Check out our in-depth Saatva reviews to learn more about these ratings.

What If I Need To Return My Mattress Expand/collapse

If you aren’t completely happy with your Saatva mattress during your 180-night home trial, just give us a call at 877-672-2882. Well schedule a pick up of your mattress and issue a refund for the purchase price to your original method of payment.

Youll only pay a $99 flat fee to cover the labor and transport for mattress pickup, and well take care of the rest!We never resell returned mattresses. Instead, we donate them to veterans’ shelters or offer them to employees and associates across our network of more than 150 delivery centers.

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Who Should Buy Beautyrest

  • Hot sleepers looking to cool down their sleeping experience will appreciate Beautyrests extra-cool cover.
  • I think that couples should also enjoy their time on the Beautyrest, as it has both good edge support andimpressive motion isolation. This means you can utilize the entire mattress and will not not be disturbed by a restless partner.
  • If you like an extra-firm mattress, the Beautyrest Black is a bit firmer than the Saatva, so it could be a better-suited option for you.

Both mattresses are firm, durable options that could please back, stomach, and heavier sleepers alike. If you sleep on your side neither of these mattresses will not be quite soft enough for you. You should opt for a mattress that offers more cushioning around your pressure points. One of ourbest memory foam mattresses might do the trick.

How Does The Saatva Mattress Feel

Allswell vs Saatva Mattress Comparison – Which Is the Bed for You?

The Saatva has relatively little foam, making it feel almost closer to an innerspring than a hybrid mattress. Dual coil layers in medium and firm versions of the Saatva mattress will mostly hold the body aloft. While the Euro-top cover provides some initial plushness, youll mostly sleep on top of these mattresses instead of sinking into them.

The soft version has softer polyfoam in the comfort layers, so it allows for a bit more of the close-conforming feel of memory foam. This version provides sufficient pressure relief for side sleepers and people under 130 pounds.

All three models have firmer foam in the lumbar area for targeted back support. The microcoil layer also conforms to cradle the spine and distribute body weight. The Saatva has quite a bit of bounce thanks to the microcoils plus the coil support core. This facilitates movement during sex and when changing sleep positions.

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Saatva Vs Avocado: Which Brand Should You Choose

If you are petite, tend to sleep mostly on your side, or prefer a softer bed, then the Saatva Zenhaven is the right choice for you. If you’re vegan, we’d recommend looking at Avocados Vegan Latex Mattress. Meanwhile, if you prefer a firmer mattress, you can flip the Saatva Zenhaven to suit your sleep needs with ease

If youre on a budget, then the Avocado Green is the most affordable mattress here, and with its excellent coil layer, plus organic cotton, latex and wool, its not only eco-friendly but economical too as it will last you for years to come. All the mattresses weve covered are a great option if you suffer from allergies, so choose according to your sleeping position, body weight and budget, and youll be snoozing happily all night long.

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Comparing Sinkage And Bounce

Both of these products are very relatable in terms of sinkage and bounce. How much sinkage sleepers experience is going to depend on what firmness customers order for either of these products. The firmer versions offer more of a minimal cradle, while the softer options foster more of a deep hug.

As you may expect, bounce is abundant with these innerspring mattresses. With this many coils, these beds could easily replace your trampoline, though as fun as that sounds, we would highly advise against it. The bounce associated with these products makes them ideal for repositioning sleeper or for folks wanting to add a little spring to their sex life.

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How Much Is The Saatva Mattress

A queen size Saatva mattress costs $1,499. This is very reasonable for a hybrid mattress, especially since every Saatva hybrid is delivered with free White Glove delivery and optional old mattress removal. These services can cost upwards of $100 with other online mattress brands.

Customers can choose between an 11.5-inch or 14.5-inch profile, a choice that doesnt affect the price. You may wish to choose the 11.5-inch profile so it fits in a smaller space or so you can use an adjustable bed frame.

For an extra fee, customers can add on an adjustable base, a foundation, or a bed frame.


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