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How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Too Firm

What Makes A Mattress Firm Or Soft

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review – Do You Need Firm Support?

First off, most mattress companies use a 1-10 scale to rate how firm their mattresses are. At Mattress Clarity, we also use a 1-10 scale, and we consider 6.5 to be medium-firm. Anything below 6.5 is going to be on the softer end of the spectrum, and anything above 6.5 is going to be firmer.

A mattresss firmness is going to be mainly determined by its construction and materials. For instance, an innerspring mattress with no real comfort layer is probably going to be firmer. Of course, the grade of the coils will also affect the firmness and support of the mattress but, generally, innerspring mattresses are going to be firmer-than-average. Mattresses that feature latex are also usually firmer and more supportive latex is a very durable and dense material that doesnt have quite the give that some foam mattresses have.

Speaking of foam, memory foam mattresses are often softer-than-average this material is known for its comfortable feel and great pressure relief. In fact, some of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses feature memory foam alternatives such as Adaptive Foam or AirFoam that are also quite soft.

Mattress Too Firm 6 Tips To Soften Your Mattress

Does your mattress feel like its a block of cement? Whether its a new mattress that needs to be broken in or an older mattress thats hardened with age, a too-firm mattress can cost you precious hours of sleep. An overly firm mattress can also cause pressure to build up in your joints and muscles, leaving you sore and stiff when you wake up in the morning.

Replacing your mattress isnt always an option, so we present six ways you can handle an overly firm mattress.

What Mattress Firmness Should I Choose

Firstly, in the mattress industry, there has to be a precise definition of soft, medium or firm which there isnt. Youll see all sorts of sliding scales and rating but without knowing whats exactly inside that mattress its just a guess.

This is because most of the time the retailers are using the spring tension to explain the relative firmness of the mattress which is incorrect. Most mattress firmness ratings are based on the upholstery layers on top of the spring unit. So when youre looking for a medium-firm mattress you need to be looking at that upholstery as well as the spring tension to work out the right mattress tension.

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Do Firm Mattress Toppers Work

Firm toppers often dont have the same level of pressure relief as softer models, but many still provide contouring and cushioning. Individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds will likely experience more pressure relief on a firm topper than their lightweight counterparts because they sink into the topper more.7 days ago.

Your Skin Doesnt Look So Hot

Do Firm Mattresses Get Softer? What You Have To Know (Today!)

Poor-quality sleep is associated with a surge in stress-related hormones like cortisol, shows a study in the journal Sleep Medicine Clinics. More research shows this uptick in cortisol and the systemic inflammation it causes can promote wrinkles, a loss of skin firmness and elasticity, dull skin, and itchy skin conditions like eczema.

Old mattresses may be one cause of poor sleep and stress. A recent study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found the average persons mattress was 9.5 years old, and that a switch to a newer mattress both improved sleep and lowered stress.

While the study authors say theres not enough research to show that one type of mattress is ideal for every sleeper, their experiment linked improved sleep quality with new medium-firm mattresses that featured foam-encased springs.

New mattress pick: Along with their strictly foam bed, Leesa makes a hybrid spring-and-foam mattress very similar to the one used in the above stress study.

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Amerisleep Lift Mattress Toppers

Our Lift® mattress toppers are available in two firmness optionsComfort or Support. Our Comfort Lift® makes your bed feel plusher, while our Support Lift® enhances firmness for better support. These toppers are designed with our MicroGrip® technology, which uses gentle friction to keep the topper in place, without damaging the mattress.

Prices of our Amerisleep Mattress Toppers


What Does Mattress Firmness Mean

In your search for the correct mattress you are usually faced with the choice of mattress firmness. But what exactly does mattress firmness mean? When lying down, your spine should be aligned orthopedically correct. For this, it is important that the mattress is not too soft and not too hard. This is where the mattress firmness comes in and you must decide on what is suitable for your individual needs. If you choose the wrong degree of firmness it can lead to long-lasting damage to the spine, unnecessary tension and back discomfort.

If the mattress is too soft, it may give little support to the spine and the entire body will then sag. This then leads to constant back problems. In this case, a different mattress with a higher degree of firmness should be selected.

If the mattress is too hard, it may mean that your skin is being pressed too hard and not enough blood circulation is allowed to flow. This causes sleepy arms or legs. At night, your body must recover and regenerate, so it is very important to make sure your body has proper circulation. If you notice that your mattress is too hard you should look into sleeping on a softer mattress

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What To Do When Your Mattress Is Too Soft Or Too Firm

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? She tried three different beds, trying to find one that wasn’t too hard or too soft, but “just right.” Turns out, she was really on to something.

Of course, “just right” bed firmness is a subjective thing about which opinions will vary wildly, andas we saw with Goldilocksmost people would have to lie down on the bed before they could even say what “just right” means for them. So how do you find your “just right” when it comes to mattresses? And what can you do if you realize that the mattress you have doesn’t fit the bill?

When Its Not So New

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress for Back Pain Relief

Just because youre stuck with a bed doesnt mean youre stuck with the way it feels. Like we said off the top, you can always add softness to a firm mattress. Ideally, youll receive the benefit of all that support while eliminating painful days and sleepless nights.

  • Add a comfort layer. These days, mattress toppers are available in an incredible variety to suit your comfort needs. From organic latex tension relief to a cooler sleep experience, theres a specialized mattress topper to deliver any feature your mattress fails to offer.
  • Change the foundation. If youre using a sturdy platform or the floor, there isnt much cushioning being added your mattress. By adding a box spring, you can add more give to your bed. If you go to the mattress store in search of a new foundation, be sure to specify that your mattress has been feeling too firm.
  • Loosen everything up. Start by putting on a looser fitted sheet. Then be sure to really break your mattress in. Walk on the bed, but dont jump you could damage the structure of the mattress. Rotate often, and if your mattress is double-sided, flip it, too.
  • Agree to disagree. If you and your spouse fail to see eye to eye on mattress modifications, you may want to opt for an adjustable bed next time youre in the market for a new mattress.

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Turn Up The Thermostat

Many foam mattresses are sensitive to room temperature, softening when warm and firming up when its cool. This is a side effect of a foams sensitivity to body heat, enabling the material to mold to a sleepers curves. Memory foam is especially temperature sensitive.

If you have a memory foam mattress, raising the room temperature by a few degrees can give the bed a plusher feel. You canboost the effect by keeping warm flannel sheets or a wool blanket on the bed, preventing ambient heat from escaping the mattress.

Why Does My Back Hurt Every Morning When I Wake Up

Sleeping positions

If you notice back pain every morning, your sleeping posture could be the culprit. Poor sleeping positions can put pressure on your spine, causing its natural curve to flatten. This can also cause back strain and uncomfortable pressure on your joints. This helps to take pressure off of your back.

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Why Does Firmness Matter

Some people may just take it as a given that firmness is a key consideration when shopping for a mattress. But we know that our readers often want to go deeper and understand why, so lets delve into the big reason for why firmness matters: comfort.

Its hard to overstate the importance of comfort. An inviting, cozy mattress plays a huge role in getting a good nights sleep. If the first thing youre thinking about when you get into bed is how uncomfortable you are, its unlikely that youre going to sleep well. Additionally, having a welcoming mattress plays a role in your broader sleep hygiene. Experts recommend developing a routine around sleep that includes a sleep environment that induces relaxation and peace of mind. Having a comfortable mattress is a big part of forming that sleep environment.

Comfort also matters because it can play a role in whether or not you wake up with aches and pains. If you spend hours every night in an uncomfortable position or trying to contort your body to get comfortable, its typically only a matter of time before you start feeling the effects. An uncomfortable mattress is also probably not providing you with the support you need, increasing the risk for back issues and consistent soreness in the mornings.

Neck And Shoulder Pain

My Pillow Mattress Topper Review (2020)

Pain in the shoulders and neck are also common in those who sleep on a bed thats too soft. This is most common in stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach on a bed thats too soft allows the hips and midsection to sink into the bed more than it should which puts extra strain on the upper back and neck.

Stomach sleepers are prone to neck and shoulder issues more so than side or back sleepers as it is, so sleeping on a mattress that is too soft accelerates any potential issues.

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Firm Vs Soft Mattress: Which Is Best For You

Lets face it, mattress shopping can be an overwhelming affair. There are hundreds of mattresses to choose from online, and they come in all different types and sizes. Plus, buying a mattress is a big investment, so its a decision you want to make carefully.

There is one question that every mattress shopper should ask themselves: Do I want a firm or soft mattress? This is a great place to start because the mattress firmness will really affect how comfortable or supported you feel on a mattress. Yes, a big part if it comes down to personal preference, but there are some more objective benefits and drawbacks to both firm and soft mattresses.

We have put together this firm vs soft mattress guide to help all those confused mattress shoppers decide which is best for you. Watch our video below or read on to compare them!

Advantages Of A Soft Mattress

A softer mattress is usually recommended for those who are experiencing back pain on a standard mattress, or those who have pre-existing back problems. Theyre also recommended for lighter individuals as a harder mattress can end up not compressing for them at all.

Softer mattresses are generally better for those who sleep on their side, as they better cushion the shoulders and hips. On the side, a softer mattress better aligns the spine, too.

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What Happens If Your Mattress Is Too Hard

If your mattress is too hard then it might not be very comfortable for you and could be causing back and joint pains. It could also be affecting your posture if you don’t think your spine is being properly supported. Overall, you might not be getting a good night’s sleep which could be impacting your day to day life.

New Mattress Too Firm 10 Best Tips On How To Soften A New Mattress

Soft vs Firm Mattress (Which Bed Is Right For You?)

Does your new mattress feel too firm? If the answer is yes, youre likely struggling to sleep and looking for ways to make it softer. Before you start sounding off any panic alarms, know that every mattress feels firmest when it is brand new.

Thus, even the soft mattresses can feel less comfortable when they first arrive at your home. It may require some time to break them in before you can have a feel of their softness. Sleeping through the discomfort for a few weeks could reduce the firmness to the right levels for you.

Alternatively, you can quicken the break-in time by walking across your bed for a couple of minutes each day. If you have naughty young kids at home, theyll jump at the chance to wreak some havoc on your new mattress. Just invite them to jump and play on the bed.

The good news is that almost every mattress brand offers a lengthy trial period for new purchases. This should give you enough time to break into the mattress and determine how firm it is.

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You Wake Up With A Stuffy Nose

Dust mites are microscopic insects that feed on mildew-degraded house dust. If you have dust, you have dust mites.

Many people are allergic to these tiny bugs. In fact, they may be the most common cause of year-round allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America . Dust-mite allergy symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and an itchy mouth or throat, the AAFA reports.

If you wake up with those symptoms, your mattress may be to blame. A 2010 study from German researchers found people who started sleeping on mattress toppers that reduced the presence of dust mites and mildew enjoyed a 43% drop in allergy symptoms.

Along with washing your pillowcases and sheets at least once a week to rid them of mites and other allergens, buying an allergen-blocking mattress could also help, the research suggests.

New mattress pick: Snuz makes a mattress wrapped in a dust-mite-proof membrane . A less expensive option is to try a dust mite-blocking mattress cover like Allersoft’s 100% Cotton Mattress Protector .

Can A Bed That Is Too Soft Hurt Your Back

A mattress thats too soft will cause your back or hips to sag and your spine to fall out of alignment, which can lead to significant pain. Thats why if you want to reduce your back pain in bed, you need a mattress that offers support but that also contours to your body to provide pressure relief and relieve pain.

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Make Your Soft Mattress Firm

What if a soft mattress isnt your gig, and somehow you ended up with one? There are ways to fix it without buckling down to purchase a brand new mattress right now. Try one or all of these tips to get you by until you have decided on the mattress you want, and have found the funds to procure it. Were gonna go back to the aforementioned Foundation Check. See above, it could solve a lot of problems! If a mattress is feeling like it is too soft, reevaluate it to see if it is actually sagging, if it is a relatively new mattress, odds are it isnt sagging and actually just poorly supported.

Does Firmness Affect Cost

Love My Leesa Mattress

Firmness usually does not affect cost however, there are exceptions. In order to make a mattress more firm, some mattress makers include additional layers of foam or latex, and this can increase the overall cost of the mattress. Check with any specific mattress company or retailer to find out about pricing for individual models.

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Waking Up With Body Stiffness

Are you waking up with stiff joints and muscles all of a sudden? This could be a sign that your brand new mattress is too firm.

Excessive pressure from your sleeping surface can stiffen muscles and joints upon contact. This can lead to discomfort by the time you wake up in the morning. For instance, it is common for side sleepers to notice stiffer knees and shoulders when they lie down on overly firm mattresses.

Why Does A New Mattress Feel Firm

Some types of mattresses feel firm when theyre brand new, and they can take some time to settle. This is especially true for memory foam. Some online companies compress their beds in a box for shipping. When a company does this, youll find that it will already be soft.

However, if your bed arrives fully intact, expect a bit of an adjustment period. It might be 30 days or more. Just like when you buy shoes and have to break them in to get rid of that new feeling, the same holds true for this type of product.

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Signs That Your Mattress Is Too Firm

Even after considering the factors above, you may still question the firmness of your mattress. You may be waking with back, neck, or shoulder pain, or are tired when you wake up.

This is a sign of one of two things: either the firmness level of the mattress isnt right for you or you have not given the mattress time to be broken in.

If the first is the case, you will need to put your return policy into use and select a different firmness of mattress. However, if its the latter, there are some steps you can take to help make your mattress softer. Please keep in mind some mattresses can take up to 30 days to be broken in.


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