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Are Inofia Mattresses Any Good

Delivery & White Glove Service Reviewed

Mattress review- Inofia, full size 4″. Is it any good?

Otty use a company called Keen & Able to deliver their mattresses. For a small fee, theyll offer a white glove service where Keen & Able will unbox your new OTTY Mattress for you in your own home, place it on your bedframe, and even take any old mattress away . You can add these options in the checkout on the OTTY website when buying your mattress.

I am not really sure why anyone would want a white glove service unless they have mobility issues. Remember that, unlike days of old, these mattress-in-a-box companies ship their products in vacuum-packed, easy to carry cardboard boxes. A lot of them use regular couriers like DHL or UPS, so if a courier can lift it, then so can most people. But its nice to have the option there, and Keen and Able have really good reviews too.

Note that mattress boxed can weigh a fair amount about 25kg to 35kg but other than that, its really easy to transport the box around. Of course once you take the mattress out of the plastic wrapper, thats another story its definitely not going back in there!

Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Set With 3d Knitted Dual

You must be searching for an inofia hybrid mattress review for quite a long time. We know there is not much information available out there for this mattress.

This mattress has features of an Orthopedic Mattresses. Orthopedic beds are quite popular among back pain sufferers. This 8-inch Inofia Mattress is like a soft cushion to your back.

The Medium-firm feel gives comfort to your back. According to us, this mattress is what you need if you are mainly looking for the best orthopedic mattresses. This mattress will give you a slightly bouncy feel.

At the same time, the coils and high-density foam base provide full support to your back and proper spinal alignment. The priority of this mattress is your comfort. So, no more neck pain, back pain, hips pain, and shoulder pain.

Not only this, if you are worried about overheating, then dont worry. Inofia, temperature regulation capacity, is on the next level. There is proper air circulation so that humid air or moisture gets out from the mattress and fresh air comes in.

The mattress takes care of all safety measures.


  • Dont Wash And Bleach

Buying The Right Size Mattress For Your Bed Frame

Always check the internal dimensions of your bedframe before you buy a mattress to fit inside it. Youll need a small amount of space around the mattress to be able to tuck in sheets and blankets, but you dont want the gaps to be excessive which may cause the mattress to move during the night, says Williams.

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How Is The Inofia 7 Zone Mattress Constructed

The 7 Zone Memory Foam & Spring Hybrid mattress has a multi-layer construction that provides you with excellent support and comfort. This option is one of the most layered mattresses available on the market today, especially for its value.

Due to the multiple layers, your body weight is evenly distributed so that you can enjoy a good nights sleep. The 7 Zone option is CertiPur® and OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning the memory foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, bacteria while meeting all standards for performance, emissions, and durability.

Product Design And Quality:

Are Inofia Mattresses Any Good?

The Inofia mattress comes with a standard design blending grey and white. The mattress looks good on its own, but its recommended to use mattress covers or bedsheets to keep it safe. The cover provided with the mattress can be removed by unzipping it and can be machine washed. This makes the cleaning process extremely easy, and its a big plus for those who suffer from allergies.

The Inofia mattress can be acquired in two sizes, 135 x 190cm and 180 x 200cm. The quality and build of the mattress are top-notch, and were sure that itll last for a long time. Another thing that amazed us is the packaging that the mattress comes in. The mattress is vacuum packaged from the company, and youll receive it in a fresh state.

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Who Should Use Inofia Mattresses

Anyone one who is tired of replacing his/her mattress can rely on an Inofia bedding. It is perfect for adult beds.

More so, such mattresses are suitable to be used on the spare room bed or guest bed. Your guests will have comfortable nights a home far from home.

It can be the best choice for a childs bed or teenager, migrating from a single to a double bed size. They are ideal because they wont cost you an arm and a leg.

The mattress is also suitable for anyone, overheating at night the memory foam and pocket springs in Inofia mattress increase the air circulation and breathability.

Lastly, Inofia mattress is suitable for anyone requiring a mattress that falls below 300 pounds. More so, if you fear buying bedding online without testing it out, then Inofia is suitable for you now that you understand where are Inofia mattresses made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inofia Mattress Trial Period And Guarantee

Fortunately, Inofia offer a 100-night risk free trial with any purchase. This means that you have 100 days to try the mattress so that you can be sure that it suits your needs, Inofia themselves recommend that you try the mattress for at least 3 or 4 weeks so you can get a good idea of how comfortable it is and how much support it will offer you. If for any reason you find that the mattress is not suitable, then you can request to return it, subject to their returns terms and conditions. You will find these on their website and will also be given a copy when you purchase.

You do not have to worry much about the quality of the mattress either, as Inofia offer a full 10-year guarantee. This means that you can buy with complete peace of mind. The guarantee alone shows that Inofia are confident in both the design and construction of their products, and that they will stand the test of time.

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Great Customer Service And Support

Soon after start using the mattress side that was used started to sag Contacted the manufacturer through email . They have sent replacement mattress which I started to use 72 hours after it came to give coils time to adopt . As per manufacturer request . After just a few nights coils became soft on the side ‘ m using . Don’t know if it faulty coils or the manufacturing design . Inofia promises to issue Money back as per conversation . At least they have great customer support

Inofia Super Comfort Hybrid Mattress Review

Inofia Memory Foam Mattress King Size: An Honest REVIEW
Inofia Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Rated

HTS Verdict

The Inofia Super Comfort Hybrid is best suited to people on a budget who dont want to compromise on comfort and support.

This super cheap mattress does have some negatives to consider though including a lack of edge support, noisy coils and motion transfer.


  • Coils are a little noisy
  • Motion transfer
  • Not enough edge support
  • Cant remove the cover for washing

The Inofia Super Comfort Hybrid Mattress is being lauded for being one of the best value mattresses in the USA right now.

Comfortable, supportive, cool and with an incredibly low price tag. What more could you want?

I decided to test out the Inofia to see if it is really as good as the hype suggests and whether its worth your hard earned cash.

While I was undoubtedly impressed be aware that its not a perfect mattress. Edge support is a little lacking and the innersprings certainly arent silent. Lets get into the nitty gritty so you can decide if these are a dealbreaker for you.


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Inofia 6/8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress In A Box

Almost every mattress names of Inofia are similar. Sometimes it gets harder to differentiate between several mattresses, so People end up searching Inofia mattress Review online. Don’t worry we are here for Inofia review in detail.

Trust us, people, this mattress has excellent ratings. Thats why we have kept it at third position. This mattress comes in 6 and 8 inches style with various sizes. This mattress is a memory foam mattress.

If you have already looked at various mattresses like Linenspa mattress, Simba Mattress, and Dormeo Mattress, you should be aware of why these brands use memory foams?

If you dont know, it’s okay, and the reason is Memory foam molds according to your body shape and positions. It hugs you when you sleep. It was initially developed for Astronauts. But due to its benefits, later, various mattress brands started using it.

The top cover is knitted with skin-friendly fabrics, so it is even recommended to people with any allergies. The top cover keeps the mattress at the correct temperature.

It releases moisture and tries to keep your body temperature right while sleeping. Another exciting feature is that Memory Foam mattresses avoid motion transfers. So, enjoy noise-free sleep.

No doubt it provides excellent support to your spine provides more relaxed sleep. At the same time, this mattress also ensures that it is made with good materials that are environment friendly.


  • If You Dont Like Memory Foam Bed, Please Ignore This Mattress

Inofia 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress In A Box

If your priority is luxurious comfort, then look no further. With the ergonomic lining, characteristic of Inofia mattresses, you can rest assured youll be sleeping like a baby.

The multi-layered high-density foams promote pain relief and foster comfort and support as you sleep. Your spine is better aligned, and as a result, you sleep better, and with time, your posture is sure to improve.

Moreover, the hypoallergenic property makes it highly recommendable as it curbs any sensitivity towards harmful substances . Eco-friendly materials make it good for you and your family.

With longer nights from lack of disturbances, your relationship with your partner is sure enough to improve. This is made sure of by the motion isolation feature that disguises any midnight trips to the fridge you may make.

The soft material used as a cover promotes breathability. Other materials used also ensure comfort conformability to accommodate the user.

  • Prioritizes pain relief and comfort
  • Made from hypoallergenic fabric free from toxic substances
  • Motion isolation sure to improve your relationship
  • Breathable materials that conform to the body on it
  • Made from Eco-friendly materials
  • You may get smacked if you dont give the mattress enough room to expand after opening

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Trust In The Inofia Brand

My opinion and trust in the Inofia brand has increased significantly since they introduced their 100 day trial period and 10 year guarantee.

Your body can take weeks to fully adjust to the feel of a new mattress, what may feel comfortable at first may turn into a nightmare after a fortnight.

Equally, a mattress that feels too soft or too firm when you initially lie on it may adapt to the environment over a few weeks and to your body heat increasing in comfort as time goes on.

Having 100 days to try and out and potentially return the mattress gives you chance to buy and trust in something online that you havent been able to test out in a shop beforehand.

This is where Inofia excels, as other budget mattresses do not offer this trial period, and without trying a mattress out first, how do you know if youre going to like it?

Find A Double Mattress That Relieves Your Aches And Pains

Are Inofia Mattresses Any Good?

Back and neck pain can keep you up at night, tossing and turning. If you are ready for a good nights sleep, a double mattress from Inofia can improve your quality of sleep. A moderate firmness level is ideal for supporting your spine because it is not too firm or too soft. This makes a hybrid mattress an excellent choice to relieve pressure along your neck, back, and hips. The softness of the memory foam pairs perfectly with the shock-absorption and support of a spring mattress.

For sleepers who prefer to sleep on their back, side, or stomach, Inofia mattresses are designed for you. You will get the best nights sleep of your life on a mattress that keeps your spine properly aligned. Allergy sufferers can also benefit because the hypoallergenic material keeps dust-mites, bacteria, and fungus from your mattress.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Applicable to South African Customers Only

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Inofia Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress

The last Inofia mattress on our list is the Inofia Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress. This is another quality hybrid mattress from Inofia that contains a layer of body moulding memory foam which moulds to your body for pressure-free comfort and features unique conical pocket springs that are individually wrapped and offer just the right amount of support so you to keep your back and spine properly aligned.

  • Inofia mattress engineered base has 9 different zones to ensure a perfect nights sleep for all. Inofia has done an extensive amount of research to make their mattresses supportive. If you like firm mattresses that keep your back straight, this is the right Inofia mattress for you!
  • The mattress is breathable, allowing airflow to circulate within ensuring you stay cool during sleep. You will get a great night of sleep and feel ready to take on the day.

Inofia 114 Inch Cool Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This and the above mentioned mattress has hardly any difference. You can check there is a slight change in the style of the bed. Otherwise, everything is the same.

One thing more, the construction of both mattresses is the same as well. But we have seen the difference in Inofia Mattress Review and ratings in these mattresses. This mattress has little more ratings than the previous one. Maybe people like the 11.4-inch style more than the 10-inch style.

What are The benefits?

This medium-firm mattress will give you an adequate amount of support, especially to your back. have a medium-firm and bouncy feel at the same time. its Air circulation and mattress breathability are good. Now enjoy Night trials and a long period of guarantee at an affordable rate.

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Other Customers Reviews About Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Everything is perfect Ive never purchased a mattress at a box online earlier, and I was quite concerned that my money could be wasted until I obtained it. Fortunately, that is a really worthwhile purchase. The mattress wont be too difficult or too soft and it satisfies my needs, and the design is also quite fantastic. Everything can not be greater! I shall recommend this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress for my buddies!

Perfect mattress

I purchased this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress for my childs bed. He enjoys it. This Inofia Memory Foam Mattress came at a really compact box wrapped in a little form. When I start and provide it one day, then it flashed into its entire form. Its an ideal size that fits at the auto mattress perfectly. Its extremely comfy, soft to the outside however feels firm if you dive or jump onto it. Perfect softness. I had been hesitant choosing this particular memory foam mattress on a normal mattress made out of springs however Im quite delighted with the standard of the mattress. I strongly recommend this product.

Very comfortable

Were providing the 5-star score for the client services. The mattress was soft because of our necessity and were unable to sleep. Theres not any problem with the item itself its only the private expectation that wasnt fulfilled. After calling customer support refund has been initiated. Enjoy favorable customer services.

Good customer serviceCheap and comfy!Sleeping so wellSo far so goodGreat product

Buy The Inofia Mattress

Review Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress 2020

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Inofia Hybrid Performance Analysis

To summarise, I think that the Inofia hybrid is a very well priced mattress that provides good overall support, pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and cooling capabilities for both single sleepers and couples in the 12 inch queen sized option.

More details below.

1) Firmness

This mattress has a medium level of firmness.

This means that if youre a front, back, or side sleeper in the 130 lbs 230 lbs weight range you should feel a nice balance of comfort and support when you lie down on the mattress.

This is due to the moderate level of surface tension that allows you to sink far enough into the materials to experience pressure relief on key areas like your hips and shoulders but not so far that you experience discomfort.

2) Support

I think that this mattress provides a good level of support for your spine and joints thanks to the spring support core and sturdy base.

I also like how the coils are individually wrapped to provide a level of customised adjustment that youre not going to get from a regular innerspring mattress that uses a fused spring unit.

3) Pressure Relief

Although this mattress doesnt leverage the contouring properties of traditional memory foam as far as I can tell, the comfort foam layer is still able to provide a decent level of pressure relief.

So if youre in the 100 lbs 130 lbs weight range with a slighter body type then I recommend having a look at the Vibe 12 inch gel memory foam mattress instead.

4) Moving Around

5) Noise


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