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How To Get A Good Cheap Mattress

Trial Periods And Warranties

Best Cheap Mattresses That You CAN Afford! (UPDATED!)

Most mattress companies offer warranties, and most online mattresses come with a sleep trial. While these can be helpful and save money, make sure to have a firm understanding of the fine print. Some warranties are voided without the proper foundation or care and some trial periods dont include free shipping. If people dont enjoy the product, they may have to pay to return it.

Best Mattress For Back Pain

TL DR: The firm construction, including a lumbar-focused support pad, offers balanced support that can ease nightly back pain but doesnt sacrifice comfort.

Construction:WinkBeds mattresses are handmade to order in Wisconsin, and many of the people working at its factory have been building beds by hand for most of their careers. Wink CEO Dan Adler says certain techniques like hand-sewing the mattress quilt and tape edge, and laying the inner springs by hand ensure the quality of construction on every mattress the company makes. From top to bottom, these mattresses have a thin layer of foam , air springs , a support pad , and tempered steel coils .

Firmness and Support: The WinkBed is available in three firmnesses: softer, luxury firm, and firm. There is also the Plus, specifically designed for heavier people.

Who Tested It: Katy Schneider, New York Magazine features editor.

How I Sleep: Combination sleeper, who prefers a soft mattress.

What Else to Know: 120-day trial | Lifetime limited warranty | Free standard delivery to 48 states | No white-glove delivery

Best Mattress For Kids

TL DR: Casper is a trusted company, and the Element comes at a great price, but its best for smaller and lighter bodies like children that wont sink quite so much into the soft foam.

Construction: The Element is an offshoot of Caspers flagship model, the Casper Original. Its the brands most basic and affordable option. It contains three layers of premium foam, as opposed to the Originals four, with a firm bottom support layer, a middle layer made of responsive memory foam, and a soft breathable top layer. Its also thinner, at ten inches, as opposed to the Originals 11 inches.

Firmness and Support: With one less layer of foam than the already-soft Original, the Element runs soft.

Who Tested It: Lauren Ro, Strategist writer.

How I Sleep: Back-to-side sleeper, who prefers a firm mattress.

What Else to Know: 100-day trial | 10-year limited warranty | Free shipping to 48 states | White-glove delivery for $149

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Watch Out For Deals And Sales

Mattress retailers are known for having sales at fairly predictable times of the year. A good portion of the sales also fall around holiday times such as Presidents Day, the Fourth of July, and Black Friday. If someone is looking to purchase a mattress in a store or online, they should take a look at when the standard mattress sales are happening and consider purchasing then.

Keep an eye out for bundles because many retailers offer pillows, sheet sets, and even foundations with the purchase of your mattress. If youre in need of a full bedroom set, then factor this kind of deal into your decision-making process.

How Much Should A Mattress Cost

Tips On Buying Cheap And Good Mattresses

There is no one cost fits all. The cost of a mattress comes down to a lot of factors including size, materials, the type of mattress, and so on. The average price for queen-size mattresses from well-known online brands comes in around $1,500, but its possible to find good options at lower price points.

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Best Latex Mattress: Ghostbed Classic

GhostBed Classic

  • Price Range: $662 to $1533
  • Mattress Type: Latex and Memory Foam
  • Mattress Thickness: 11 Inches
  • Firmness: 6 to 7 out of 10
  • Best for: Back sleepers
  • Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Those who need pressure point support
  • Sleepers who toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night
  • Those who share a bed

Mattress Highlights

  • Medium firm design is good for most sleepers
  • Good support for side and back sleepers
  • 11 latex and gel hybrid offers support and comfort at a low price point

Launched two decades ago, the GhostBed Classic by Natures Sleep is a latex and memory foam mattress that offers medium-firm support with a comfortable top layer. The GhostBed Classic could help those suffering from pressure point pain find relief, as the firmness of this bed works to better align the spine, preventing back, neck, and hip pain.

Additional Mattress Costs: Mattress Frames & Bases

Over the last five years, mattresses have changed a lot. Whereas older mattresses may have been flippable, not all newer mattresses were made to be this way.

This means that you may need to purchase a new bed frame or box spring to support your new mattress. In fact, some mattresses now require particular types of bed frames or box springs, so be sure to read the mattress warranty before purchasing.

Knowing that you may need to factor these components into your budget can help you prepare for this new investment in your sleep.

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Are Cheap Mattresses Worth The Money

There’s no getting around the fact that even the best affordable mattresses won’t last as long as mid-range or luxury mattress. That’s down to cheaper mattresses using cheaper materials – on average, though there are some rare exceptions to that, such as the Siena Memory Foam Mattress.

Even so, most of the beds featured in our cheap mattress guide have a 10-year warranty, so they should still last you six years or more if you care for them. That means covering them from day one with the best mattress protector you can afford, rotating them every three months to spread out wear and tear, and learning how to clean a mattress to ward off dust mites, bed bugs and moisture that can age your bed faster .

Cheap mattresses are more prone to mattress off-gassing but this isn’t dangerous to your health and should dissipate within a few hours to a few days.

Trial Period Warranty And Return Policy

THE Best Cheap Mattress (Our Top 7 Affordable Beds!)

Even if a thousand people love a mattress, it doesnt mean you will too. Everyones body is different, so youre going to respond to your mattress differently. Before you buy your mattress, make sure you pay attention to the trial period you have, whats covered under your mattress warranty, and the return policy. Most of our favorite mattresses come with a very generous trial period, warranty policy and hassle-free returns.

You should also try to give your mattress at least 30 days to break it in and see if its right for you before you kick it to the curb. For reference, most online mattress companies offer a trial period of 100 nights or more.

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How Important Is A Good Nights Sleep

Getting quality sleep is one of the keys to leading a healthy life.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting between seven and nine hours of sleep for adults .

Even though not all adults adhere to this amount of recommended sleep time, many do manage to get some decent sleep thanks to the comfortability of their bed.

For most adults with stressful jobs, the thought of getting rest as soon as they come home keeps them going during the day. So, you can understand the vitality of having all the tools available for a good nights sleep, like a good mattress.

Now, when your mattress prevents you from getting enough of quality sleep, you risk having issues with:

  • Alertness. A good sleep enables your mind to regain focus, drive creativity, and even tackle complex mental challenges.
  • Fighting infection. Sleep is your bodys mechanism for fighting off infections. When you dont get enough of it, your immune system weakens and makes you vulnerable to sickness.
  • Energy. After a healthy night rest, your energy level increases and your mental alertness sharpens. Plus, you get improved athletic performance, e.g. increased speed, agility, and reflexes.
  • Memory. Sleeping is a critical time for shaping memories and bridging the gap between past events, feelings, and occurrences. In fact, sleep is fundamental to developing memory pathways in the brain.
  • Regeneration. During sleep, your body repairs damages caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, muscle injuries, and sometimes traumas.

Why Do Mattress Prices Vary

The perfect answer to this question would require information that mattress companies simply wont disclose. But based on what we can gather from our experience comparing mattress listings and sleeping on them ourselves, it mostly hinges on material. Broadly, more expensive mattresses are made with higher quality materialsdenser foam, heartier woven fabric exteriors, sturdier innersprings. At higher price points, the mattresses also tend to have more complicated designs, with contouring and conforming that provide more pressure relief.

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What To Expect From An Affordable Mattress

One of the most affordable types of mattress tends to be innerspring. While this type of mattress is easy on the wallet, you might not get as many years out of it compared with a higher quality mattress. Innerspring mattresses have the tendency to sag or become lumpy.

However, memory foam mattresses can be quite affordable as well and can give you more comfort than the traditional steel coils and foam of innerspring mattresses. If you need to be more budget-conscious, a cheap mattress doesnt have to be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Overall, though, cheaper mattresses dont hold up as well as more expensive mattresses. You may get 5 to 8 years out of a cheaper mattress, versus 10 or more years with a premium mattress.

But they can be a great option if your sleeping situation is temporary, such as using it for college, or if you just dont have the budget for a high end mattress.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: Helix Midnight

Cheap Price Good Quality 100% Rebound High

Helix Midnight

  • Price Range: $699 to $1399
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10
  • Best for: Side sleepers
  • Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Couples who wake up at different times
  • Combination sleepers
  • Medium-firm design makes it ideal for most sleepers
  • The responsive support makes it easy to change positions throughout the night
  • Low motion transfer means you can move without disturbing your partner

Finding a soft yet supportive mattress for side sleepers can be a challenge. But the Helix Midnight offers a balanced feel not too soft or firm that most sleepers will enjoy.

Side sleepers especially will enjoy the deep pressure point support this mattress offers, reducing hip and back pain. The mattress itself isnt particularly cooling but offers different cooling cover options depending on your preferences.

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Where To Buy An Affordable Mattress

When debating mattress price, quality is key, but the price tag is important too. If you dont want to compromise on quality but are worried about spending too much, shop online. The best online mattresses are generally cheaper than mattresses sold in a store.

Thats because online mattress retailers cut out all the middle man costs, floor markups and mattress salesman tricks. Online mattresses are sold direct-to-consumer, so you dont have to worry about a salesman trying to make a commission off you.

Plus, online retailers often have incredible sales on the best mattresses and many mattresses are available for purchase at third-party retailers like Amazon. Check out our recommendations on the for mattresses available for purchase.

An Expensive Price Tag Doesnt Always Equal A Superior Product

For the most part, you get what you pay for in life. However, you dont have to focus on the most expensive price tag as you shop for the best budget king mattress. For starters, some mattress companies ship direct to the consumer from the factory, and this cuts out the costs involved with a middle man. Simply going straight to the mattress source will make a huge impact on cutting down the price tag to meet your budget. Theres no reason why everyone shouldnt be able to afford an excellent nights sleep, which is why many mattress manufacturers provide well-constructed and satisfying products for every budget. As long as you do the research and are willing to hunt, youll find your dream mattress regardless of your price range. High quality cheap mattresses are out there, you just have to find them.

Furthermore, even the most expensive mattresses may have features that arent suitable for everyones needs and preferences. Therefore, by doing a little bit of research, you can become better acquainted with your sleep needs and how you can translate that into finding a mattress that will fulfill your needs. A little effort goes a long way in the hunt for a mattress.

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What Makes The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Stand Out

  • With a medium firmness level, this mattress works well for most back and side sleepers.
  • Zoned support means this mattress feels firmer around the hips, helping sleepers maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • The coils help give this bed extra edge support.

With several different firmness options to choose from , WinkBed has a bed for every type of sleeper. Even better, it doesnt cost an arm and a leg! Sleepers should settle into a traditional innerspring feel. Its zoned support layer feels firmer in some places and softer in others, making it one of the best mattresses for lower back pain.

Why Its The Best Mattress For Back Pain

$150 Amazon Memory Foam Mattress | Is it any good??

If youre on the hunt for a bed that can ease your back pain, dont spend a fortune. The DreamCloud Original mattress is a luxurious, yet affordable mattress thats great for back pain relief. This hybrid mattress uses a mix of coils and gel-infused memory foam to create a supportive but pressure-relieving feel.

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How To Find The Best Mattress Deals

You can typically find the best mattress deals during sale events like Memorial Day mattress sales or Amazon Prime Day, when these high-ticket items can be purchased for even less money. Scanning for the best prices and comparing across websites and even brands can help you find the right type of mattress for the cheapest price.

Many mattress companies have transitioned to full online shopping and delivery, making buying a mattress more convenient and less expensive. Mattress stores you visit in person typically cannot compete with online mattress prices and options.

Of course, the quality of the mattress you buy can also impact the price. While these are all good quality mattress options, those with higher-end, VOC-compliant materials may cost more. Likewise, mattresses made in the US can also cost more due to higher manufacturing costs.

Sometimes you can save on package deals, so you can buy the best mattress along with one of the best adjustable beds . With the right mattress and adjustable bed combo, you can drastically upgrade your sleep experience.

What Makes The Bear Mattress Stand Out

  • Light and average-weight side sleepers should be comfortable on the Bear.
  • It has the optimal firmness and support level for back sleepers.
  • This mattress is ideal for athletes. Its cover is made from Celliant, a material that purportedly assists with blood circulation and muscle recovery.

Read our full Bear mattress review.

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Studio By Leesa Mattress

Leesa’s most affordable mattress yet, the Studio is a no-frills option made for the average sleeper. Its three layers of memory foam provide pressure relief, support and cradling, so it’s great for side, stomach and back sleepers alike.

The Leesa Studio is a fantastic value product for its cheap price: a queen size of this mattress comes in at only $699 without any discounts or sales. The mattresss combination of high-density foam for support and slow-moving memory foam for comfort makes this bed ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The responsive polyfoam on top and the foundation layer on the bottom should help keep that spine properly aligned, while the cushy memory foam should help relieve those pressure points.

Additionally, the Leesa Studio is a suitable match for couples. It received high marks in our lab for motion isolation, which means that if you sleep with a partner, you shouldnt feel them tossing and turning in the night.

With the Leesa Studio, you can enjoy free delivery, a 100-night trial, and a 10-year warranty.

See our full Leesa Studio mattress review for more information. Not sure the Leesa Studio is your perfect fit? Check out our other best queen size mattresses recommended by our experts.

What Can I Expect From A Cheap Mattress

Good Cheap Mattress Full Size

A more affordable mattress can be great, but it may not check every box that you have. For example, if you are looking to go super cheap, you may be skimping on sustainable and natural materials. Or if you are a side sleeper who is willing to compromise on your optimal firmness for price, you may not get the best night’s sleep that you possibly can. You can still get a great mattress it just might not meet all of your needs!

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Buyers Guide To The Best Cheap Mattresses

Terms like memory foam, hybrid, and pocket coils might sound like the stuff of luxury, but plenty of budget-friendly mattresses offer these features, and more. Many of todays best cheap mattresses can help you find a happy medium between price and quality for about $1,000. In fact, the mattresses featured on this page have an average regular price of about $1,150 for a queen-size, which doesnt include sales prices, deals, or discounts.

Here are some important questions and answers that can help you find the right cheap mattress for your sleep needs.


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