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How To Protect A Mattress In Storage

How Do I Store My Box Spring

Protect-A-Bed Mattress Storage or Disposal Bag

The best way to store a box spring is similar to a mattress. You should clean and cover it before placing it in storage, being mindful to not place any heavy items on top of it.

Like a mattress, a climate-controlled storage unit is the best place to keep a box spring. Box springs, however, can be stored on their side without suffering any structural damage. When youre ready to use it again, clean and air it out for a few hours.

Should I Store My Mattress Or Just Toss It

If your mattress has visible sagging or you feel like youre sinking when you lay down, it could mean that the coils, springs, or foam have broken or bent. This can happen over time and ultimately cause back and joint pain due to inadequate support. If this is the case, theres no point in keeping it any longer and you shouldnt bother storing it.

Clean Your Mattress By Vacuuming Using Cleaner And Air Drying

Putting a dirty mattress into storage can result in mold, fungus, or at the very least a dirty mattress coming out of storage. To avoid this problem altogether, follow a few steps for a clean, ready-to-use mattress upon retrieval from storage:

  • Vacuum the mattress thoroughly.
  • Apply upholstery cleaner or baking soda.
  • Place the mattress outside to air out and dry.
  • Use a covered moving truck to transport to storage.

First, vacuum thoroughly, then apply an upholstery cleaner. Use a light hand with the upholstery cleaner it can be tricky, so read the directions carefully and dont soak the mattress to the point where it wont dry. Work the cleaner with a brush, then allow the mattress to dry completely. Even after you think its dry, give it another day. You can use floor fans and open windows to expedite the drying process, or put it out in the sun if possible.

Transporting Your Mattress to Storage

What about keeping your mattress protected during the move? Its safest to shield the bed from filth and damage with blankets, sheets, or other fabric inside your moving vehiclepreferably a covered moving truck. Dont have one yet? Weve got our tenants covered with free truck use. Tying a mattress to your car with bungee cords can be a risk to you and other drivers as well as the structural integrity of the mattress. Plus, you never know when unfavorable weather conditions might strike on moving day!

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Store Your Mattress Flat And Clear Of Items To Protect The Springs

If you have the space to store the mattress flat, manufacturers recommend this for keeping it in good shape. It may be more convenient to store your mattress standing, but when its stored upright, the coils and springs can shift and cause the mattress fabric to sag. Lay a tarp down on the floor before placing the mattress on top.

However, never store items on top of the mattress! Its not a steady surface, and objects can damage the springs and cause cuts or permanent dents in the cushioning. If you have large boxes or flat furniture where the mattress will be stored, you may lay the mattress on top . Check out our guide to organizing a storage unit for further advice on maximizing space.

Dont Let Just Anybody Store Your Mattress

Bed Mattress Protect Plastic Cover Moving &  Storage Bag

Your belongings matter to you, thats why youre moving them into storage, not getting rid of them. Now that you know how to store a mattress, all you need to worry about is finding the right storage unit.

At Hollywood Self Storage, your items are just as important to us as it is to you. Thats why we offer unparalleled service, safe and secure units, and climate-controlled storage.

We have convenient locations in Evans, Martinez, and Augusta to serve you and we even offer a free truck to help you move in! Contact us today and let us give you a quote.

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Do you no longer have room for one of the mattresses in your home? Are you in-between living spaces and in need of a place to stash your furniture temporarily? At some point, you may have to put your mattress in storage.

If you’re not planning to use your mattress for a few weeks or months at a time, then storing your mattress is a smart move. After all, a good quality mattress can cost upwards of $1,000, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to get rid of it.

Keep reading this article to learn how to store a mattress so that it stays in the best condition possible until you’re ready to sleep on it again.

Storing A Mattress In A Garage: Is It A Good Idea

So, what if you dont want to pay for a climate-controlled storage unit? How to store a mattress in a garage? A garage isnt the best place to store it, but if this is the only spot where you can keep it, just follow all the recommendations that we provided previously and check it to make sure that theres no mold. Open the garage door to ventilate it, the more often, the better.

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How Do You Store A Wooden Bed Frame

Dust and clean your wooden bed frame before storing it. A vacuum cleaner, dry cloth, or duster can remove any surface dirt or dust while water with vinegar or an antibacterial cleaner, like dish soap, will sanitize it. Once you have cleaned the frame, allow it to dry, then treat it using a wood polish to lock in moisture. Locking in moisture will prevent your frame from drying out and cracking.

After sanitizing and polishing the wooden frame, disassemble it to simplify transportation and save storage space. Ease future reconstruction by placing any screws, bolts, nuts, or washers in a Ziploc bag then taping it to the headboard. Next, protect the wood by securely covering it with moving pads or old blankets. Avoid plastic wrap as it may create condensation from the locked-in moisture and lead to mold or mildew growth during storage. Lastly, opt for a climate control storage unit to prevent extreme heat from disintegrating the wood.

With Items On Top Of It

How to Protect Mattress When Moving – Pak-N-Move® Kits

Heavy items stored on top of your mattress can cause major damage to its material and structure, making it unusable in the future. The weight can ruin springs and coils and cause permanent impressions. Sharp objects and pointed corners can puncture or tear the mattress as well. Instead, store your mattress on top of an even surface. For example, moving boxes, flat-topped furniture, or a palette would work well.

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Mattress Storage From Access Self Storage

Theres no reason to toss a perfectly good mattress out to the curb. When you follow these best practices on how to store a mattress, you should be able to keep yours in usable condition for the future. The well-being of your mattress in storage, in part, depends on how well you store the surrounding itemswhich is why weve compiled some general packing and storage tips, too.

Need reliable storage space for your mattress any other household items? At Access Self Storage, we have a full range of unit options to fit your lifestyle. Reserve storage online today!

Can You Roll Up A Mattress Before Storing It

If your bed arrived compressed and rolled up in a small box, you may be asking yourself, Why not ease transportation and maximize storage space by simply rerolling it? Well, its not that simple.

Mattress companies have special machines to safely compress and roll bed in a box mattresses. If you compress and roll a mattress on your own, you can easily damage its layers and deplete it of support. Maintaining the natural positioning of your mattress during storage is frustrating, but will prevent wear and tear.

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Lay Your Mattress Flat

The positioning of your mattress in storage is key to retaining its shape. Laying it flat, as opposed to leaning it against a wall or standing vertical, will decrease any chances of gravity warping the layers especially if youre figuring out how to store a memory foam mattress. Though it might not be the most space-preserving decision, maintaining its natural position will help keep the mattress in good condition as long as possible.

Can you fold a mattress? Depending on how your mattress is constructed, folding your mattress is possiblehowever, it is not advised. As mentioned in our Snooze News Episode, Pros & Cons of a Bed in a Box, the main issue with folding a mattress is that it wears down the support system in the mattress. For example, if your mattress contains springs, folding the mattress will eventually damage and bend the springs, and the mattresss support will worsen over time. At the end of the day, keeping your mattress in good condition should be your top priority, even if it means sacrificing space in your garage.

Is It Better To Fold Or To Roll The Topper Up

King Size Bed Mattress Protect Plastic Cover Moving &  Storage Bag ...

You don’t want to fold your mattress topper. These mattress pads are designed to be laid flat, so crunching it up in a way it’s not intended to could result in damage. If you fold your topper, you may unwrap it to find cracks in the material or permanent creases, creating an uncomfortable mattress pad, ruining your mattress accessory.

When you store it, store the topper lengthwise or upright, and roll it up tightly in a vacuum-sealed bag, securing it with ratchet straps or a secure tape to preserve the material and protect it from the elements.

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Move In A Covered Vehicle

If you are moving your mattress to a storage area, then be sure to transport it within a covered vehicle to avoid compromising the awesome wrapping job you applied. This also helps to keep it from getting inadvertently exposed to moisture or other dirt, liquids, or sharp objects.

What to Remember: If you must transport it in the open, consider protecting it even further with the added mattress protector.

Position The Mattress Correctly In Storage

Mattresses should be stored flat with nothing placed on top. Heavy furniture or boxes will compress the mattress, and it will not bounce back.

Never store a mattress on its side for an extended period of time. A mattress is designed to lie flat, and storing it on its side can damage the integrity of the internal structure. This rule applies to foam, hybrid, gel, or spring coil mattress types. If you have no choice but to store the mattress on its side, rotate it to the other side every 30 days.

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What Not To Do With A Mattress In Storage

Avoid the following while keeping a mattress in storage:

  • Don’t put items on top of the mattressHeavy items or oddly-shaped items can damage your mattress. Heavy items can damage a mattress’ shape or springs and oddly shaped items can cause wear and tear to the mattress’ exterior.
  • Don’t store in humid areasIf you pay for storage, consider a temperature-controlled unit. This helps keep the moisture and humidity out of the air. If you store the mattress at home, keep it within the house, not the garage or attic. If those are your only options, use a dehumidifier in the area to decrease the risk of moisture.
  • Don’t store it outsideExtreme temperatures, rain, and snow can damage a mattress in many ways. The moisture can cause mold growth, while the extreme temperatures can cause the mattress to become misshapen or be unusable.
  • Don’t use thick plasticUsing a cover ensures that your mattress can breathe. If you don’t buy a cover, use thin plastic that will do the same.
  • How long can you keep a mattress in storage?

    Use A Mattress Storage Bag

    How To Move And Store A Mattress

    Garage spaces are usually humid environments that can attract bacteria. Using a mattress storage bag will shield your mattress from any environmental wear. A mattress bag will also protect your mattress against dust, dirt, insects, and liquids from penetrating into the mattress. Most companies that sell moving equipment will have mattress storage bags for sale.

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    Storing A Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory foam mattresses are extremely flexible and should never be stored on their side, as this can cause the mattress to remain permanently bent. Another important consideration when storing memory foam mattresses is to avoid upholstery cleaner, which wont come out of the foam the way it would from a standard fabric.

    Check Up On Your Mattress

    If you’ve stored your mattress for more than one week, you should check on it now and again.

    Here’s a list of things to watch out for and how to fix them:

    What to check for
    Wipe down the bag and and keep it open to let the mattress breathe
    Damp patches on the mattress Remove the mattress bag and allow it to fully air dry before resealing
    Any significant changes in temperature Use a fan or heater to get the temperature back to normal

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    How To Protect A Mattress In Storage

    At around $1,000 on average, mattresses are expensive items. Because of their high price, many people find themselves storing mattresses at some point. Maybe its an old one thats still in good shape, or maybe youre moving, being deployed, upgrading to a different type or size, or something else. If you are planning on storing a mattress in a storage unit, there are some things youll want to make sure you do to keep your mattress in the best possible condition.

    Preparing The Mattress For Storage


    Stashing your mattress away isn’t as simple as finding an empty corner of your basement.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    • Clean the MattressStoring a dirty mattress encourages the growth of mold, dust mites, and invites bed bugs. All you need to clean your mattress is a good vacuum and some baking soda.

    Start by vacuuming the top, bottom, and sides to remove any debris and dust. Next, sprinkle the top of the mattress with baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum it off. If you have a double-sided or flippable mattress, flip it over and do the same thing on the other side. This deodorizes the mattress before you store it.

  • Cover ItOnce you thoroughly clean the mattress, it’s time to protect it. You can buy a mattress cover for cheap at stores or online retailers. Or you can take the do-it-yourself approach and wrap it in plasticjust make sure it’s breathable.
  • Thick plastic traps moisture, which allows mildew growth. You want to keep your mattress free from dust and moisture, both of which could leave you with unpleasant surprises when you remove it from storage.

  • Disassemble the BedframeIf you also need to store the bedframe, you’ll need to take it apart first. Keep any screws or small parts in a bag taped to the bedframe itself. Next, make sure that you cover the bedframe with old blankets. You’ll want to store it this way to keep the dust off of it while it’s stored.
  • Can you store a mattress in the attic?

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    Place The Topper In A Storage Bag

    Your mattress topper likely came with an original bag for storage, and if you’ve since misplaced the storage bags away, you’ll know for next time. If your topper came with a bag, roll it up carefully for proper storage so there are no creases.

    Some products may not come with a bag, or you may have thrown the bag away due to poor bag size. You can use a large plastic mattress bag to protect the mattress pad from dust and dirt and wrap it in ratchet straps.

    How To Freshen A Mattress That’s Been In Storage

    Once you remove the mattress from storage, make sure to transport it using the same safety measures.

    Remove the plastic once it has arrived at its destination to let it air out.

    In fact, you should leave the mattress for at least 24 hours before you do anything else to it. This allows it to settle back to its normal shape and release any unpleasant smells.

    Before you use the mattress, deodorize and clean it just as above. This will remove any dust or debris that the mattress accumulated while in storage.

    How to store a box spring?

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    Can I Store My Mattress For A Long Time

    Yes, if you follow the recommended steps above and continually check up on it. This ensures your mattress stays in perfect condition throughout storage.

    If you know you’re going to store your mattress for a long time you should lie it flat on the floor to avoid damage to the fillings. Also if you know you’re going to require a hired storage space for an extended period of time, you should consider having a climate controlled unit with air conditioning to keep it in good shape.

    Use A Vacuum And Upholstery Cleaner To Clean Your Mattress

    Protect-A-Bed’s Storage or Disposal Bag – HD Supply Facilities Maintenance

    If youre interested in how to store a mattress long term, then the most important place to begin is always with a detailed clean. Kent recommends using the combination of an upholstery cleaner and a vacuum. This will decrease the likelihood of your mattress deteriorating whilst in storage.

    It goes without saying that the lifespan of a mattress can be significantly extended with intermittent cleaning. By ensuring your mattress is in the proper condition to be stored, you will allow your mattress to maintain its quality throughout a haul in long term storage. A comprehensive clean is a crucial step if you dont fancy your mattress to provide a lovely habitat for all kinds of mould during storage.

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