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Which Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Accessories That Help Side Sleepers

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers – Our top picks!!!

If you sleep on your side, certain accessories may help keep you comfortable. For example, some pillows are made specifically for sleepers who need relief from neck and back pain.

Also, if your current mattress isnt suitable for sleeping on your side and a new mattress is out of your budget, you can try a mattress topper to give your current mattress a refresh. Mattress toppers can provide similar benefits to a brand-new mattress, including making sure that your spine is aligned properly while you sleep.

What Makes The Puffy Royal Mattress Great For Side Sleepers

  • Each layer of foam has a different function. The plush cooling foam contains beads that help dissipate heat.
  • After that comes a layer of more responsive reflexive memory foam, followed by Climate Comfort foam to wick away moisture.
  • Finally, a layer of Cloud Air Technology Foam has zoned support, meaning its softer in certain areas and firmer in others.

Its bouncy, responsive, and pressure-relieving. Thats right the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid has everything side sleepers need.

This mattress has a classic medium firm feel. When you rest on top of it, youll experience plenty of lower back support and luxurious pressure relief. This high-end mattress has four comfort layers with impressive cooling features built in. And thanks to its balanced hybrid feel, you wont have any issue moving around on top of this mattress.

Best of all Brooklyn Bedding creates all of their mattresses at their factory in Phoenix, Arizona. That way, they can cut costs and pass the savings onto the customers!

Why You Can Trust Mattress Advisor

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in our product reviews and other content by incorporating real customer feedback, empirical testing and objective evaluations. Our results and recommendations are never influenced by the commission we may receive from brands, and products we receive are never guaranteed a positive review.

All of our top picks have been evaluated in our Mattress Lab and tested on 14 different factors, one of the most comprehensive scoring systems in the industry. Weve tested over 150 mattresses, spending at least 5 hours with each mattress from start to finish.

After well over 750 hours dedicated to mattress reviews alone, we know what a good mattress looks like. And with some seasoned side sleepers in on the process, were confident we can direct you to the best mattresses for side sleepers.

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Best Mattress For Restless Side Sleepers

If you share a bed and one of you is a restless sleeper, you may be used to tossing and turning. Nectar memory foam is designed to minimize motion transfer.

People with lower back pain say this mattress also provides support and comfort.

Its made with quilted memory foam designed to be breathable and provide cooling airflow. The outer layer is moisture wicking, another plus for hot sleepers.

This mattress is an excellent value when compared with similar brands and even comes with two free pillows.


  • Price: $$
  • It strongly molds to fit your body to provide maximum support. Some side sleepers find it a little too soft, but others like the soft-medium firmness, especially around the shoulder.
  • Nectar offers a 365-night home trial and a forever warranty.

Shop for the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress atNectar or .

Side Sleepers Dealing With Back Problems Saatva Classic Mattress

The best mattress for side sleepers 2019: best side ...

For side sleepers with back pain, you should first look at the support level of your mattress and identify the specific area of pain. You will probably end up with a dense foam bed or a hybrid mattress for your back pain.

When it comes to your mattress, you want to make sure the bed is supportive so that youre not melting into the bed. That can put your back at an odd angle. You want to make sure that theyre a straight line from your hips to your head, ensuring that your neck is in ideal alignment.

This has a lot to do with your specific weight and body type, but in general, if youre a side sleeper with back pain, you should probably be looking first at a hybrid mattress. You probably do not want an ultra-plush hybrid bed, nor do you want a firm one. In many cases, youll be happiest with something thats sort of in the middle in terms of mattress firmness.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid has zoned support, which means it’s softer at the shoulders and firmer at the midsection. This construction helps promote a neutral spine alignment, which helps prevent back pain.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Hip Pain
Back Pain
Back Sleeping

lightweightaverage weight

Side Sleeping

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Stomach Sleeping

lightweightaverage weight

Financing Options

How To Shop Online For The Best Mattress

There are certainly benefits to testing out a mattress in a store because qualities like firmness and comfort are highly subjective. Still, in-store models can be deceiving: Since many customers have sampled them, they are often softer than the new bed that arrives at your door. Online mattress companies typically offer generous sleep trialssome up to 365 nightsso that you can try out the bed in your own home. Examples of brands with lengthy trial periods include Nectar and DreamCloud.

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How Often Should You Replace A Mattress

“Treat your mattress like you treat your running shoes. You dont really wait until your running shoes have holes in them to buy a new pair. In other words, use your best judgment. But dont force yourself to endure a less-than-stellar mattress for too long. Good sleep is very important and you deserve the best you can get.” Dr. Rajkumar Dasgupta, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Tips For Extending The Life Of A Mattress For Side Sleeping Uk

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers (2021) – Counting Down The Top 10!

As we near the end, we wanted to talk to you about making sure your new mattress lasts a long time. After all, we wouldnt want to see the best mattress for side sleeping has to offer end up causing you more pain in only a few years. So, here are some tips for extending the life of a mattress for side sleeping.

  • Make sure you place your mattress on a proper base, and dont keep it on the floor
  • Dont jump on the bed, and dont let your kids do it either
  • Use a mattress protector from the start
  • Use the best mattress topper for side sleepers UK to improve your mattresses lifespan
  • Dont share your bed with pets. Get them their own bed
  • Dont eat or drink in bed
  • Ventilate the bedroom every day, and let the sunlight hit your bed every day
  • Flip, turn or rotate your mattress regularly
  • Clean your mattress as often as possible
  • Pay close attention to the manufacturers maintenance and care instructions.

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Best Types Of Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Here are some of the best mattress types for those who sleep on their side:

  • Hybrid mattresses.Hybrid mattresses are a combination of innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. This means that you get some of the best benefits from both materials. These materials contour to your body to allow your spine to align naturally.
  • Latex mattresses. Latex mattresses allow for proper spinal alignment since this material contours to the body and prevents you from sinking too deeply into the mattress. This provides relief from pressure points and can help prevent pain in certain body parts.
  • Spring mattresses. The steel coils in innerspring mattresses allow for support throughout the mattress, especially near the edges. Innerspring mattresses dont sink in the way that foam mattresses do, which makes for more consistent comfort while you sleep.

Rest Comfortably Tonight With These Top Beds For Your Needs

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Raise your hand if youre a side sleeper still slumbering on your childhood mattress . Is your hand up? If so, you need a new mattress.

Mattresses are designed to last for a long time, but not a lifetimeso if you havent upgraded to a new one in the last 10 years or so, nows the time to start shopping. It wont be easy, though side sleepers, in particular, need to find just the right balance of softness and support to be comfortable at night, and like most other big purchases, there are a dizzying number of mattresses to choose from.

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What Is The Best Mattress Firmness For Side Sleepers

In terms of firmness, side sleepers will want to look for something soft to moderate on the firmness scale. While many folks assume firmer mattresses are the most supportive , a special exception needs to be made for those who spend most of their slumber time on their sides. Per Poorbaugh:

A firm mattress gives better support for pushing yourself up to a seated position. However, if you need pressure relief , a plush mattress will have more cushion for those sensitive areas.

So what exactly constitutes a plush mattress? In my opinion, a plush mattress:

  • Comes in at a 4.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale .
  • Provides ample pressure relief and support to the neck, hips, and shoulders.
  • Allows for deep sinkage to buffer against the formation of pressure points along the spine.

Firmness is perhaps the most important attribute for side sleepers due to the very nature of the position. In order to provide proper support, the mattress must be able to contour to the curves of the body so the sleepers not digging into the structure.

A Bed With Springs And Sink: Leesa Hybrid

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

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Who its for: The Leesa Hybrid should appeal to side-sleepers who like that memory-foam sink with some firmness and springiness to it, as well as those who tend to shift positions as theyre falling asleep. Its suitable for people of most weights, including those who weigh more than 200 pounds.

How it feels: This hybrid mattress is on the firmer side of medium.

Why its great: The Leesa Hybrids memory-foamspring combination relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips without that assertive, sinking-in sensation youd typically experience in an all-foam mattress. The 1,000-plus pocketed coils offer conforming support, and the 4-pounds-per-cubic-foot memory-foam layer suggests good durability, even for those who weigh more than 200 pounds. During testing, I found that this mattress provided a foamy hug around my shoulders and hips, while the coils offered a lifted feeling. Compared with the hybrid in our list of Notable contendersthe Tempur-Adapt the Leesa Hybrid feels much more resilient. You can try it before you buy it in select retail stores, and returns are free.

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Best For Side Sleepers With Back Pain: Otty Hybrid

Absolutely the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain UK!

The best way to get rid of back pain is to sleep properly support, and what better way to sleep properly supported than to sleep on a 6-layer hybrid mattress OTTY Original Hybrid.

Starting with the removable, washable cover and temperature-regulating memory foam, all the way down to the HD base foam and HD support foam encompassing up to 2000 full-sized pocket springs this mattress will offer much-needed support and spinal alignment to all side sleepers that suffer from bad, aching back.

Not only that, but thanks to the excellent pressure and pain-relieving properties of this hybrid youll say goodbye to hip, shoulder and joint pain, as well.

  • Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, Emperor, EU Single, EU Double, EU King.

Best Saatva Mattress For Side Sleepers Loom And Leaf

When it comes to the Saatva Mattresses you know youre going to get a solid bed. This is great. However, for side sleepers they may be a little too solid. However, if you like a contouring yet durable feel than we suggest opting for the Loom and Leaf mattress. This memory foam mattress uses dense and sturdy layers of foam to create an upscale all foam mattress.

The luxury firm comfort may be on the edge of the spectrum when it comes to optimal comfort for side sleepers, but, it is one option that will really appeal to combination sleepers who more or less occasionally sleep on their side. Or dominant side sleepers who happen to prefer a firmer than usual surface that is still plush and accommodating.

Learn more in our full Loom and Leaf Mattress Review. Also, check out all of the Saatva mattresses, including the loom & Leaf, at

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Best Mattress Topper: Sleep Innovations 4

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to adapt your current mattress into something more side sleeper-friendly: you bought a spring mattress but wish youd bought memory foam you have a new or recent injury that needs more support you want to squeeze a little more life out of the one you have before buying a new one or you simply dont have the funds to invest in a new mattress any time soon.

Whatever the reason, we have the solutionthis gel memory foam mattress topper by Sleep Innovations, which turns your current mattress into a cushier, cozier version of itself. Like a massively fluffy mattress pad, this topper is one part quilted fiber fill and one part cloud-like memory foam. The dual layers combine to give you a four-inch boost of comfortable support .

This topper is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so if youre unhappy with it for any reason or find that either part of the topperthe gel foam or the fiber fill coverdoesnt last as long as it should, you can contact Sleep Innovations for assistance.

What Makes The Cocoon Chill Hybrid Great For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers (#1 Review Guide)
  • Its both supportive and pressure relieving, so it can help ease back pain.
  • The mattress has phase change material, which helps sleepers stay cool at night.
  • The Cocoon Chill Hybrid is especially durable.

People are going to flip for this mattress literally. The Layla provides two firmnesses in one bed. The firm side is an exceptional match for back- and stomach-sleeping, but you can flip it over for a soft side that should appeal to side sleepers. Its a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale and features 5 of comfort material.

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A Plush Option That Wont Buckle Or Sag

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King
  • Trial period: 100 nights

The AS5 is Amerisleeps plushest mattress. Its made of several layers of ultra-soft, pressure-relieving memory foam that provide enough give for your shoulders and hipsareas that can go numb when youre sleeping on your side on a mattress thats too firm. Underneath the memory foam lies a support layer called Active Flex that reinforces the foam and prevents it from sagging, even under heavier weights. This ensures that your spine stays aligned, regardless of your size. The memory foam also has an open cell design, so its more breathable than traditional foam and keeps you cooler during the night.

Safe For Pregnant Women

During the second and third trimesters, its safest to sleep on the side. Pregnant women often experience muscle and joint pain, heartburn, and poor circulation, all of which side sleeping can help with.

Pregnant women should generally sleep on their left side as it takes more pressure off the liver and kidneys amd improves circulation to the heart and the fetus.

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Best Mattress For Side & Back Sleepers Helix Luxe

  • Firmness Level Custom

Why Choose the Helix Luxe Mattress?

The premium hybrid Helix Luxe proved to be not only comfortable and supportive, but great for anyone who sleeps on their side. Especially when they have three comfort options made just for side sleepers. We cant say enough about the Helix Luxe and how they offer something for everyone. Making it work whether you are solely a side sleeper, a combination sleeper and regardless of your size. Hence, why it is also our #1 pick for best mattress for side sleepers.

This creates a mattress that not only is great for side sleeping, but literally one that will fit every side sleepers preference. Whether you like a soft, medium of firmer feel the support and deep comfort of this mattress will still appeal to your pressure relief needs.

The ample build of this mattress uses a variety of comfort foams paired with a solid coil system. Creating flexible support that is solid and long lasting. As well as a more premium feel with all the layers above. Making a luxury hybrid mattress that is one of the best mattress for side sleepers out there.

Read our full and detailed review of the Helix Luxe HERE! Or visit to see this amazing mattress for yourself.


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