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How Do You Pick A Mattress

Other Important Considerations When Choosing A Mattress

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

A mattress is often a significant investment. Once you find the mattress of your dreams, you might hesitate before committing to the purchase. What if it doesnt quite measure up to the description, feels uncomfortable, or doesnt stay cool?

The good news is, most mattress brands understand your dilemma and offer some options to help give you peace of mind.

Whenever possible, consider the following before you click the Complete Order button:

Do You Know Your Preferred Sleeping Position

First, lets describe the three most common sleeping positions. Youll also see how each of these relate to the firmness you need to pick.

The Three Sleeping Positions

Side sleeping

When you sleep on your side you need a unique mixture of two things:

  • Support: Your joints need high levels of support from the mattress otherwise they will move out of their natural positions as you relax and fall asleep. This will lead to joint pain.
  • Softness:You need the mattress moulding around you and hugging your body to feel feel comfortable lying in this position. This group of sleepers can consider a firmness rating as low as 3 to ensure they get the hug they need. They usually pick a maximum rating of 6.

Stomach sleeping

When youre lying on your stomach you shouldnt sink into the mattress. This will leave you feeling claustrophobic. For this reason support is essential for stomach sleepers.

You should also ensure the mattress provides the same level of support throughout its entire length so your back doesnt end up in an unnatural position. This easily happens if a mattress is much softer in the middle than around the edges.

If this is your preferred position youll most likely enjoy a firmness rating between 5 and 7.

Back sleeping

For ideal spinal alignment you can consider a mattress with a firmness level between 4 and 7.In many cases memory foam mattresses are ideal as they provide both support and comfort.

How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Sleep Position

If your body isnt properly supported while you sleep, you can start experiencing weird aches and pains. As we mentioned above, neck and shoulder pain could indicate that your pillows arent doing their job. But back pain or other types of discomfort might mean that you need a more supportive mattress. Regardless of your preferred sleep position, the goal is to get to a place where spinal support and pressure-point relief intersect.

As is the case when youre standing, proper spinal alignment is important when youre lying down. Your spine should more or less be straight, except for that subtle curve inward toward the belly, in your lower back.

Pressure points are the bony or heavier parts of your bodysuch as the shoulders, hips, or kneesthat press against the surface of the bed. They vary depending on your sleep position. Pressure-point relief is helpful from a musculoskeletal standpoint if you have muscle or joint issues. For instance, if youre a side-sleeper with hip pain or rotator-cuff tendinitis , youll want a mattress that isnt too firm, so it doesnt put excessive pressure on these painful areas.

In general, here are the features you should look for based on your sleep position, as well as tips on how to check for good alignment:

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How To Choose A Mattress: A Guide To Sleeping Right

How to choose a mattress: Most people would agree its worth purchasing products that help improve our quality of life. Whether it be exercise equipment to achieve better health or air conditioners for comfort, there are a lot of things we purchase to improve the way we live. A mattress is one of those things simple yet necessary.

Choosing the right mattress can seem like an overwhelming task. Today, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, such as latex, memory foam, and innerspring, to name a few. Mattresses arent cheap, so to get the best out of your investment, you need to know how to choose the right bed that will give you the comfortable sleep you need and deserve.

Will I Stay Cool

Mattress Topper vs. Mattress Pad

If you get a properly combined hybrid bed, you should stay cool. An abundance of people want to sleep on nice and contouring memory foam mattress, but the traditional stuff has a serious heat retention issue it doesnt allow a lot of air to pass through it and, as such, it is common to wake up sweating through the middle of the night. A combination of foam and coils or foam and latex should help to make you sleep cooler than the majority of pure foam beds.

Get More Info: Highest Rated Cooling Mattresses

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Find The Style That Best Fits You And Your Needs

Its vital that you feel comfortable when you are using your bed. And comfort is determined by many factors. Some of them are the material, the type, and the size of the mattress. There are various models available on the market, and when you start researching, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Thats normal, but you need to do the research and dont quit on it.

The easiest way is to take someones advice and buy something theyve recommended. But that not the best way, and it doesnt mean that the mattress will be right for you. Once you do the research and familiarized yourself with the offer, its time to go out and test.

Of course, you need to test the goods before you buy it. To honestly know what mattress will be right for you and suit all your needs, you need to test it.

When it comes to the material and style, you can choose from traditional coil ones, memory foam mattresses, and even hybrid ones.

The traditional ones with coil are very durable, and they are perfect for hotter climate because they offer excellent cooling. Traditional ones are also great for people that are on the heavy side.

Memory foam ones will offer you pretty good contour, but if its often hot where you live, you might want to reconsider buying a memory foam mattress, because they dont offer excellent cooling.

For those wanting a mix of both, choose the hybrid one.

On, you can find many reviews of mattresses that will help you choose the right one.

Solutions For Sleeping Hot

If you sleep hot at night, be sure to choose a mattress thats designed with cooling technology.

Temperature plays a big role in your nights sleep and if you naturally sleep hot, your choice of mattress can help with that. If you tend to wake up drenched in a sweaty stream, a cooling mattress can make all the difference.

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As You Can See There Is A Lot Of Things To Consider When You Are Looking For The Best Mattress For Your Kids

You now have the tools and knowledge to decide which is the best mattress for them. From the different aspects to consider to the sizes and materials, it should have, there is a lot to take into consideration.

You now have a much better idea about mattresses and you can be sure that youll make the right choice.

How Do I Know The Right Mattress Firmness

How to choose the right mattress

Medium firm is consistently the most popular mattress choice – that’s why most flagship mattresses fall within a range of 5-7 on the firmness scale .

However, mattresses are subjective. Firmness and comfort depend on a wide range of factors, including your weight, height, body shape, sleeping style, temperature, and whether you experience any pain, such as in your back or hips. This means that one person’s experience of a mattress is likely to be completely different to that of another person and whether you prefer a softer or firmer mattress will be down to your individual taste.

Nevertheless, there is some broad advice for deciding which level of mattress firmness you might be best-suited to…1. Consider your preferred sleeping positionBack sleepers often benefit from a medium-firm mattress. This gives the best of both worlds, providing neutral spine alignment while supporting the hips and shoulders, but without putting too much pressure on them. If a mattress is too soft, back sleepers may find their spine forming an uncomfortable ‘U’ shape, which creates strain.If it’s too firm, the natural ‘S’ curve of your spine won’t be supported properly.

Combination sleepers should choose according to their dominant sleep position . If you don’t have one, a medium firm mattress will dish out the best support and comfort across most sleeping positions.

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Know Your Needs And Preferences

Assessing to see if you truly need a mattress and why you need one in the first place will help you make an informed decision about your purchase. For starters, youll want to know if you actually need a new mattress in the first place. The best thing to do is to think about the following:

  • Analyze your sleep. If you sleep better in other places other than your own home, maybe it really is time to replace your mattress.
  • How old your mattress is. If its more than 5 years old and youre getting disrupted sleep, time to get a new one.
  • Your partners sleep. If you sleep with a partner and they are complaining of bad sleep quality, as well. This is a good sign that youre on the right track.
  • The current quality of your mattress. After removing layers and really examining your mattress, if its deteriorating or sagging in the middle and sides, then its time to replace it.

Other factors include your lifestyle and your beliefs. Knowing and understanding how you live is also understanding how you sleep. Your beliefs also shape your purchases and general buying behavior. Think about these things and it will help choose a brand or mattress type that suits you.

Here We Walk You Through How To Choose A Mattress Based On The Way You Like To Sleep

When it comes to learning how to choose a mattress, the position you feel comfy enough to fall asleep in is a key factor. Get this right and youll quickly narrow down the very best mattress for you.

While there are three common sleep positions stomach, back and side many of us are combination sleepers, which means we switch positions during sleep.

Each position needs support in a slightly different way, and its crucial that your mattress keeps your spine aligned however you sleep.

Here look at how to choose a mattress that supports the position you snooze in. And with an avalanche of Black Friday mattress deals soon heading our way, getting wise to what you need now will help you land a bargain on your dream bed when the sales arrive.

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What Else Should I Think About When Purchasing A Mattress Uk

There are several other things that youll need to think about before making a purchase such as brands, durability, materials, and previous experiences with similar products.

For example, some retailers will only sell specific styles made by certain companies so you might want to choose one suited to your needs instead of just going for the cheapest option.

In addition, you should check that your measurements are correct before making purchases in order to avoid any issues with the size of your new bed when it arrives at home.

Its also worth checking reviews online if you can find them for extra peace of mind and remember that customer service is always available in the event of any problems.

Red And Yellow Labels & What They Mean

How to Pick a New Mattress Feel? Do You Like Hard or Soft ...
  • Yellow Tag: the mattress has been sanitized
  • Red Tag: the mattress contains used material, typically the filling
  • Business or Retailers Only not required for individual to individual sales
  • Check Your State Law: to sell used mattresses the rules differ from state to state so check yours before buying

Federal flammability standards have been in effect since July 2007 and ensure the mattress is made of materials that are not as easily flammable

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More Springs Are Always Better

Over recent years spring count has turned into a game of mattress Top Trumps. Some manufacturers even resort to hiding smaller springs in their mattresses to boost the advertised numbers and sell more mattresses.

Thats why we don’t think it’s helpful to advertise spring count. But by all means, get in touch and well tell you exactly how many springs we use in each mattress.

A good UK king size mattress will generally have 1,000 to 2,000 springs. Smaller mattresses naturally contain fewer springs. A budget mattress might only contain 300 springs and should be avoided.

How To Choose A Mattress For Combi Sleepers

If you switch sleeping positions during the night, your mattress needs to support you whether youre on your side, front or back. A medium-firm option with a softer top , is a good choice to keep your spine in position and pressure points cushioned.

For solo combination sleepers, latex models have a higher response, meaning they bounce straight back as you switch position. Memory foam is also a good choice for combination sleepers, especially if you share a bed as it offers good motion isolation, so you shouldn’t wake your partner so easily when moving around.

Innerspring mattresses tend to have poorer motion isolation and pressure relief. They can also be the noisiest depending on the type of spring.

Nectar Memory Foam: from $499 / £341 at NectarWe recommend the Nectar Memory Foam for combination sleepers because it offers good levels of comfort and support in every sleeping position. And because it’s isolates motion quickly, you won’t disturb your partner so much when you’re moving from one sleeping position to the other during the night. Nectar Sleep runs regular sales too, so in the UK you can save up to 40% on any Nectar mattress , while in the US you can save $100 and get $399 of free gifts with your purchase.

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Top 12 Tips For Buying A New Mattress

With so many mattress options to choose from, buying a new one can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you have back or neck painthe right or wrong mattress can make the difference between spending the day feeling good or in pain.

While choosing a mattress is ultimately a matter of personal preference, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers Of 2021

Mattress Buying Guide (How To Choose A Mattress)

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Tips For Picking The Best Mattress

  • May is the best time to buy a mattress: According to Consumer Reports, the mattress industry rolls out new products in June. In other words, by Memorial Day, most stores clear their inventory of older models. Keep in mind, though, that some mattresses feel different during different months. For example, in Montana , if the temperature outside dips below freezing, my memory foam mattress feels as stiff as a board until I add body heat and give it a few minutes to soften.
  • Cutting corners will cost you: During my first mattress shopping experience eight years ago at Ikea, I only spent $100. I was on a college student budget, so I went with the cheapest option. I still shudder when I think about the nights I spent tossing and turning on something that felt about as comfortable as the bunk beds in my parents RV. I blame this mattress, which I slept on for about a year, for ruining my relationship with Ikea.
  • Take your sweet time: One-third of your life will be spent sleeping. Keep that statistic top of mind when you’re mattress shopping for your specific needs. With so many models to test, it can be time-consuming. But, when you consider how much time you will spend on it, you wont feel so bad for dedicating three consecutive weekends to the hunt.
  • Who Can Remove My Mattress

    Mattresses are bulky pieces of furniture, so there are only a select few people who can deal with them. Rather than having to find a way to dispose of it yourself, clearance experts are here to remove your old mattress as soon as possible, with same-day pickups available.

    There are also other options for who can dispose of your mattress.

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    Do I Need To Replace My Mattress If It Has Bed Bugs

    If you suspect your mattress has a bed bug infestation, then you only have two choices: call in pest control services or get rid of it completely. If your mattress is more than six years old, then it is a good idea to replace it rather than go to the trouble of calling out the exterminators.

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    Whats The Lifespan Of A Mattress

    Should You Choose a Divan or a Bed Frame?

    Every eight years is the optimal timeframe for replacing a mattress.

    Its likely you remember your parentsor even your grandparentstelling you a mattress needs to be replaced about every decade. But even though the warranty may last that long, the reality is it needs to be swapped out soonerabout every eight years, says Megan Anderson, product marketing manager at Mattress Firm.

    Your mattress is like a giant sponge, she says. It absorbs body oil, sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, and more over time. These often cause the comfort layers at the top of the mattress to deteriorate much faster over time, so you want to replace yours to maintain the maximum level of comfort and mattress health.

    If you notice a substantial amount of sagging, lopsided-ness, or tearing, those are other indicators that your mattress is no longer providing enough support, Anderson says. Another sign: waking up with aches and pains or having challenges falling asleep because you cant get comfortable.

    In general, the way people develop pain and discomfort, or more chronic injuries, a lot of times has to do with our posture, says Dr. Jessalynn Adam, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with Orthopedics and Joint Replacement of Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Just like you would develop pain from poor posture after hunching over a computer all day, if you spend a lot of time sleeping in an unsupported position, you might develop pain or another health issue.

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