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How Long Is A Good Mattress Supposed To Last

Mattresses That Are Made To Last

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

If youre constantly tired when you wake up, it may be time to replace that old mattress especially if its over 10 years old. Fortunately, Casper has made it easy to find the right bed and quality mattress for you. Thanks to our amazing mattress innovations, you can rest blissfully knowing you have the best sleep technology on the market with Casper.

Use A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector adds a barrier between your mattress and any potential pollutants that could contaminate it.

Sweat, urine, drool, and any bodily fluid that could stain your mattress will have a harder time breaking through when you use a mattress protector. Additionally, dead skin, crumbs, pet hair, and any other debris will not make their way into your mattress. Plus, mattress protectors are easy to remove and wash.

Why Choose A Latex For Less Latex Mattress

We know that manufacturing and materials play the largest roles in the overall quality, durability, and cost of your mattress. Another detail to consider is your sleeping habits and needs.

All mattress buyers can agree that they are looking for comfortable sleep, but could that mean something different for each person? If you are searching for a mattress based on criteria like materials, quality, and durability, a 100 percent natural latex mattress might be a great option to consider.

Natural latex mattresses, such as Latex For Less, use a linear supply chain to ensure you can afford a high-quality, 100 percent natural latex mattress. Because of this, you do not have to sacrifice quality and durability for cost.

Additionally, 100 percent natural latex is dust mite resistant and antimicrobial. This helps your mattress stand the test of time, while also offsetting those unpleasant thoughts of dust mites, dander, and excess sweat absorption.

Structurally, 100 percent natural latex proves to be more resilient than traditional mattress materials, while still offering the comfort options you deserve. It can offer you up to 25 years of the best quality, and healthiest, comfortable sleep.

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Use The Proper Support For Your Mattress

Placing your mattress on a solid foundation helps to retain its shape, prevent any premature sagging, and support you as you sleep. Different mattress types may require different foundations, and its important you have the right one for your mattress. For instance, innerspring mattresses usually are best with box springs, while foam mattresses work well on solid platforms. As always, its recommended to check your mattress warranty agreement to know which base is best.

You Must Remember That The Warranties From Mattress Manufacturers Do Not Cover The Following Points

How Long Does a Mattress Last: Is It Really 20 Years?
  • A visible damage that is the result of the owners negligence or misuse does not warrant a replacement. This can include not using a box spring, not using a mattress protector and not cleaning the mattress properly.
  • Manufacturing defects on mattresses that bear stains of any kind or on mattresses without a legal tag.
  • Any softening or sagging of the foam or latex layer that does not affect the mattress pressure distribution abilities.
  • Any indentations or sags that do not match the pre-defined measurements of replacement from the manufacturer.
  • In multiple consumer reviews, we have noticed that people often do not realize the concept of non-prorated warranties and paid warranties.

    For example, if your warranty promises 20 years of service for your mattress, the first ten years are most likely to cover you completely for all expenses. For the next ten years, you will have to pay for the repair services or the replacement, and how much youll have to pay differs from company to company.

    When a company charges for a repair service ten years after purchase, they are not dishonest. These terms are always there in the warranty brochure, but the buyers often ignore them.

    All potential mattress shoppers should know that reading the manufacturer warranties on mattresses can save you a lot of money, but not reading the fine print can cost you a lot more.

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    Signs You May Be Ready For A Mattress Upgrade

    If you forgot how long youve had your mattress and are looking for signs you need a new mattress, we have you covered. While there is no set expiration date stamped on your mattress, there are ways to tell if your bed might be ready for an upgrade.4

    Take a moment and make a note if youve been experiencing any of the following:

    • Not sleeping well
    • Sleeping better at hotels or in guest beds
    • Your bed sags or fails to feel supportive
    • Waking with aches and pains
    • Tossing and turning
    • Noticing your partners movements throughout the night
    • Allergies or asthma symptoms after time spent in bed

    If youve felt two or more of these, then your mattress might be the culprit.

    The Following Defects Allow The Owners To Replace Their Mattresses Free Of Any Cost

  • Mattress manufacturers can replace your mattress if it sags or shows distinct indentations. The level of sagging that warrants a replacement often depends on the manufacturer. Some offer an alternative for mattresses that sag half an inch, while others do not replace the mattresses unless the sag is at least 1.5 inches. You can easily measure the dip of a mattress at home with the help of a piece of thread and a scale.
  • Manufacturing defects that cause the foam or the latex in the mattress to crack warrants a replacement from the manufacturer.
  • Broken wires, coils and internal materials that poke through the sidesor the top can get you a replacement.
  • Any other defects of the mattress cover that come straight from the package like broken zippers or loose threads warrant replacement from the manufacturing brand.
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    Choosing A Mattress That Will Last

    When you buy a mattress that you will sleep on for many years, you are making a commitment. Even though many people want to find and fall in love with the right mattress, the idea of keeping it for years and years can also cause some unneeded stress if it is the wrong fit!

    Once you have researched the durability, materials, and manufacturing of the mattress, it is highly recommended you check the return policy and the warranty. Researching all of these details will help you to make the right choice for your needs.

    When Should You Replace Your Mattress Key Signs

    Best Sleepwell Mattress in India: Complete List with Features, Price Range & Details

    If you dont know how old your mattress is, there are other ways to tell if it needs replacing. Some classic signs to look for include how:

    • You sleep better on any other mattress
    • You wake up frequently throughout the night
    • You wake up with aches and pains
    • Your mattress is turning yellow due to age
    • Your mattress has worn patches, tears, or sinks at the edges
    • Your mattress feels saggy and unsupportive
    • The slightest movement from your partner wakes you up
    • Youve noticed an increase in allergies or asthma symptoms

    What you sleep on makes a big difference to how comfortably you sleep, so it pays to get this one right. A good bed neednt cost the earth though, so dont fall into the trap of thinking that the most expensive mattress is better than all others.

    For some affordable options, check out our guides to the best Saatva Black Friday mattress sales for hotel luxury for less, or the latest Nectar Black Friday mattress sales for a top-rated budget memory foam bed-in-a-box.

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    It Takes You Forever To Fall Asleep

    It should only take 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep. If you find yourself lying awake at night, it may be time for a new mattress. Of course, you should first rule out conditions such as insomnia and anxiety, and you should also make certain that you aren’t just battling your own internal clock.

    If you determine that you’re healthy and on a regular sleep cycle, yet you still can’t doze off for hours, it’s time to consider getting a new mattress.

    What Should A Mattress Cost

    The range for a quality queen-size runs from $700 to $1,600. Yes, you can pay more, especially if you crave long-lasting hand-tufted cotton, wool, and, say, hog hair, but experts aren’t convinced this will help you sleep. But, if youre on a tight budgetdont fret. Check out our list of the best mattresses under $1,000 that promise quality sleep and a budget-friendly pricepoint. Remember, if you need a new foundation it could double the cost.

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    What Are The Signs That Your Mattress Needs To Be Replaced

    Once you’ve had your mattress for five years, you should start to pay more attention to its condition. We would recommend giving it a quick inspection whenever you change your sheets, so you can spot any problems before they begin to cause you too much trouble. Here, we’ll outline some of the most common issues that signal your mattress could be past its best.

    Is Your Mattress Showing Signs Of Wear And Tear

    How Long Do Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

    You should check your mattress for visible signs of wear and tear whenever you change your bed sheets. If it looks worn, is lumpy, or has a visible dip where you tend to lie, it’s time to replace it. You should also pay attention to whether your mattress has become noisy. If it creaks, groans, or pings when you’re trying to get to sleep at night, this is also a sign that you should be looking to invest in a new mattress.

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    Simple Things To Increase The Lifespan Of A Mattress

    There are a few things you can do to your mattress to extend its useful life. This includes

    #Regular cleaningWhen it comes to cleaning a mattress there are a number of factors that will determine how long your mattress can stay. These include how clean it? How often you clean it? And who cleans it? Cleaning your mattress regularly can extend the lifespan of your mattress.

    Failure to clean it will result in a shorter life because the invisible bacteria, mold, and mildew will slowly eat away the materials used. Besides, cleaning it professionally from time to time can extend its lifespan this is because it cleans even those bacteria and germs that cannot be cleaned properly with household cleaning products.

    #Using a mattress topperA good mattress topper will lengthen the lifespan of a mattress by combating the 3 main enemies of a mattress as follows

    Body perspiration: on average the body releases 2 pints of sweat each night. This fluid finds its way down the covers and into the mattress and this can weaken the core of your mattress. Putting a mattress topper on your mattress stops sweat and perspiration from getting into the mattress for optimal longevity.

    Dead skin and bacteria: these mattress enemies settle on the closet layers to the body. By using a mattress topper it means you are keeping them away from the mattress and this gives your mattress more years of service.

    How Often Should A Mattress Be Replaced

    Again, there are many factors that must be considered. Aside from the quality of materials that comprise your mattress, you also must consider things such as your weight, specific stress your mattress undergoes , and how it was cared for. While theres no way to provide you with a direct answer as there is no set formula to do so, I can give you an idea if the time has come for you to think about replacing yours. Just a few signs that its time include:

    • You have noticed feeling noticeably achy and irritated when you wake up
    • Its more comfortable when you sleep somewhere else such as a hotel room or a friends house
    • You notice your mattress is developing sags and indentations
    • Youre over age 40 and have had the same product for six to eight years since, as we age, we are less able to tolerate the pressure increase that typically occurs around this time.

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    The Difference Between Flipping And Rotating A Mattress

    Both flipping and rotating evens out mattress wear. You enjoy a good nights sleep for a longer period of time. But mattresses are built differently and have different maintenance needs. Not all models need to be flipped or rotated. In fact, flipping can damage some of them. Some mattress manufacturers void warranties if you flip one-sided mattresses.

    • Flipping: Flipping your mattress means turning it over so you can use the other side. Flipping allows you to sleep on both sides of the mattress.
    • Rotating: Rotating your mattress means turning it 180 degrees. The part where your head rests will now support your feet and vice versa.

    How To Avoid Excessive Wear: Keep It Clean

    Top 5 Best Mattress 2020 | Best Memory Foam Mattress | Detailed Review

    There are things you can do to diminish the excessive wear and tear on your mattress so that you can sleep on it for longer, and the main thing is to clean your mattress! While this may seem like a no brainer, this simple step can make a huge difference in a mattresses life.

    Make sure you vacuum your mattress once a month using the vacuum attachment. As you sleep and shed skin cells, it creates dust. Dust particles have sharp edges that create tiny cuts in the material of your mattress. By vacuuming these up frequently, you diminish these particles and keep the cuts to a minimum.

    Wash your bedding, sheets, and mattress protector often. These harbour bacteria, mold, and body oils. These can eat away at your mattress materials and make them less effective as time goes on. Most recommend washing once a week, but bi-weekly should also work well.

    Try not to eat or drink in bed. Of course, we cant tell you what to do, but the crumbs and potential for spills puts your mattress at risk. Most mattress warranties will be rendered invalid if the mattress has any stains. If you decide to eat in bed anyway, always use a mattress protector, wash it often, and vacuum any crumbs.

    Do your best to keep bed bugs out of your sleep space. These little insects mean the end of your mattress. The best way to keep bed bugs away is prevention. Use a mattress encasement, check hotel beds or anywhere else to sleep so you dont bring them home, and beware of used mattresses.

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    Mattress Durability Guide: How Long Does A Mattress Last

    There are many aspects to consider as you shop for the right mattress, and one of the most looming questions is: How long does a mattress last? The trouble with finding the right answer to this question is that you wont typically find any solid answers to this inquiry as you do your research.

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    What Type Of Mattress You Have

    The ASA says the type of mattress matters when it comes to how long a bed will last.

    • Mattresses made with latex, as well as those made with polyfoam or memory foam, are more likely to last for 10 years.
    • Innerspring beds tend to break down before the 10-year mark because the springs may lose their elasticity sooner. Innerspring mattresses typically last 4-6 years.
    • Waterbeds and air mattresses are prone to popping, especially if you’re applying 200 pounds or more to them each night. These mattress types generally last the least amount of time, just a few years.

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    A Buoyant Mattress That Contours Your Body And Sleeps Cool

    Nolah Sleep

    Black Friday mattress sale: Get up to $700 off mattresses, plus two free pillows with your purchase.

    • Materials: Organic cotton, wool and Talalay latex
    • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
    • Trial period: 120 nights

    The Nolah Natural 11-Inch Mattress is a layered hybrid mattress that utilizes Talalay latexone of the most premium mattress materials you can findto provide targeted pressure relief. Theres one 2-inch latex comfort layer that conforms to your joints and pressure points, and another inch of higher density latex that supports your body weight so you dont sink into the mattress, which is a common reason for back pain.

    The latex is reinforced by a zoned coil base that allows some give where you need it, but extra support where you dont. These layers are sandwiched between organic wool and cotton that offer breathability and natural temperature regulation, a bonus for hot sleepers .

    Iii: How Is The Hygiene Of The Mattress

    How long a mattress lasts &  Signs that you need a new ...

    The hygiene of a mattress is an important determining factor as to if the mattress should be replaced. If normal maintenance is no longer keeping the mattress in its best shape, then it means your mattress can actually be making you sick. This is certainly cause telling you to buy a new mattress.

    • Is the bed surface and its seams hiding dirt and dust?

    Evil can lurk in hidden crevices. When cleaning mattresses it is imperative to take special care to clean each seam. Dirt and dust can sit in the seams of a mattress. Oil and residue from the body and skin can build up on the beds surface over the years. If it gets excessive and cannot be properly cleaned out anymore then you need a new mattress.

    • Does sneezing and coughing disturb your sleep?

    If you are finding that you are only sneezing and coughing while trying to sleep, and not during the waking hours, then it could be because your bed has become a breeding ground for allergens. Dust mites and mold can creep below the surface as well as cause nightmares for those attempting to get a good night of sleep. At some point, cleaning may not be able to rid the mattress of the allergens anymore. When the time comes, the sneezing and coughing will be the tail tell sign that it is time for a new mattress.

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