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Can Mattresses Be Professionally Cleaned

How To Get Rid Of A Mattress Smell

This is how a mattress is professionally cleaned. Magic Duster team has 10 years of experience.

If theres the lingering stench from an old spill, accident or pet, an enzymatic cleaner is best, as mentioned above. Vinegar and water should do the trick, but should you find yourself at a loss for what to try next, consider this concoction from Mattress Insider:

  • 1 teaspoon water
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 drop disinfectant

Afterwards, spot treat the area again with a large heap of baking soda and let it sit overnight if possible, before vacuuming up. If the smell is the result of sweat or body odor, mix cornstarch in with the baking soda. Mattress Insider says cornstarch is effective in drying up oils.

Pro tip: Tossing a few drops of your favorite essential oil into these mixtures or during the baking soda step is totally an option.

How To Get Pee Out Of A Mattress

If the urine is fresh, first take off all of the bedding and throw it in the wash. Grab a dry towel and blot as much of the urine out of the mattress as you can. Dont rub or scrub the spot, as this will just force the urine into the mattress. Next, use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water and blot out the excess liquid. Cover the spot in baking soda and let it sit. The baking soda should draw the urine out of the mattress and into the baking soda, changing the color. Let the baking soda sit for 8-10 hours, then vacuum the baking soda out of the mattress. Repeat the process if discoloration is still visible.

Avoid Excessive Sweating In Bed

Sweat is one of the chief culprits of mattress odor and staining. If you have trouble finding and maintaining your ideal sleeping temperature, you can find yourself waking up to a hot and sweaty mattress. One of the best things you can do to protect your mattress from sweat is to find a way to sleep comfortably during the night. Try adjusting your room temperature, investing in bamboo sheets, or getting a breathable mattress like Purple to help you stay cool. Doing so can help prevent yucky and potentially smelly sweat stains on your mattress for the future.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress

Assuming you regularly wash your sheets and can avoid spills, you can likely get away with a deep cleaning of your mattress every three to four months. But of course, feel free to clean it more frequently if it helps you sleep better. Be sure to give your mattress a deep cleaning every six months if you have pets and children.

Guidelines And General Information

Professionally Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Mattress Is A ...

1. Tariff Item No. 9897.00.00 prohibits the importation of used or second-hand mattresses or materials therefrom, other than mattresses imported under tariff item No. 9805.00.00 , 9806.00.00 , 9807.00.00 , 9808.00.00 , 9809.00.00 , or 9810.00.00 , or materials from used or second-hand mattresses cleaned and fumigated in accordance with the regulations.

2. For the purposes of this tariff item mattresses are items classified under tariff item No. 9404.21.00 and 9404.29.00 .

3. For greater certainty, items not classified as mattresses under tariff item No. 9404.21.00 or 9404.29.00, for the purposes of Tariff Item 9897.00.00, include camping equipment , hospital beds, foam mattresses, mattress pads, and beds that are part of vehicles, including the beds of sleeping cabins of trucks and recreation vehicles.

Materials from Used or Second-hand Mattresses

4. While tariff item No. 9897.00.00 prohibits the importation of used or second-hand mattresses into Canada, part of this tariff item provides for the authorization to import cleaned and fumigated materials from used or second-hand mattresses when accompanied by a certificate showing they have been cleaned and fumigated. A letter or any other document which clearly demonstrates that the above requirements have been met, is acceptable if it is signed by a person having knowledge of the cleaning and fumigating.

Commercial Shipments of Used or Second-hand Mattresses

Prohibited Importations

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How To Remove Odors From Your Mattress

If you notice any stale smells, a quick and easy way to freshen a mattress and box spring is with a sanitizing spray, like GH Seal stars Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray or Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray. Both are safe to use on fabrics and kill odor-causing bacteria. Or, to zap odors between deep cleanings, sprinkle some Arm & Hammer Baking Soda onto the mattress fabric, brush it in lightly, wait 15 to 30 minutes, and vacuum.

Can A Mattress Be Professionally Cleaned

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  • Can A Mattress Be Professionally Cleaned?
  • Mattresses are the best kind of investment, arent they? However, they are very expensive, and cleaning them is like a pain in the neck. Moreover, if you do not efficiently clean them then they can ruin the most precious thing that you can enjoy for free i.e. your sleep. This is because a dirty mattress is not only a health hazard but it can also invite a lot of bed bugs that can ruin your night. Therefore, it is very important to clean your mattress on a routine basis. But how? It is impossible to deep clean them on your own. But are there professionals to clean your mattresses?

    Yes, your mattresses can be professionally cleaned. There are many services that you can book if you want a healthy environment in your household.

    What Are The Benefits Of Professional Mattress Cleaning Services?

    You will be amazed to know that there are many benefits of professional mattress cleaning. Lets look into a few of them.

    • Removes Dust:Dust can trigger your allergies and can be very bad for your skin. Professional mattress cleanerswill remove all the dirt and debris from your mattress.
    • Prolongs Life:Professional mattress cleaning can be very beneficial for your mattresss life. It will prolong the life of your mattress.
    • Saves Money:As mentioned above, it extends the life of your mattress. This means that you do not have to replace it for a longer period of time. So, you will end up saving a ton of your money.

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    Best For Nationwide Availability: Stanley Steemer

    Stanley Steemer

    Why We Chose It: A trusted name in textile cleaning since 1947, Stanley Steemer provides carpet, hardwood floor, tile, and upholstery cleaning in addition to mattress cleaning services. Hundreds of locations make it easy to find a franchise nearby.

    • About 300 locations in 49 states

    • Gentle cleaning agents

    • Wide variety of services make it easy to book multiple cleaning jobs at once

    • Mattress are wet after cleaning

    • Cannot be used on memory foam mattresses

    Stanley Steemer has been serving customers since the 1940s, starting with carpet cleaning in Columbus, Ohio, and growing to nearly 300 locations in 49 stateseach of which offers upholstery, tile, hardwood floor, and mattress cleaning in addition to the original rug and carpet services.

    For mattresses, Stanley Steemer uses a steam-cleaning processalso known as hot water extractionso its best for spring mattresses and is not suitable for memory foam. Every appointment begins with an inspection of the mattress for any preexisting stains, odors, or damage before vacuuming the surface for insoluble fibers like hair or dirt. After vacuuming, Stanley Steemer spot treats problem areas and uses an upholstery cleaning agent to deep clean the mattress with hot water and a gentle cleaning agent.

    Cleaning And Deodorizing The Mattress

    How I Cleaned My Mattress | I can’t believe this worked!
  • 1Vacuum. The first step to cleaning your mattress is vacuuming. This will remove mites, dust, dead skin, hair, and other debris from the mattress. Use a wide brush attachment to vacuum the top of the mattress. Use the long upholstery nozzle to get into cracks, to vacuum edges and piping, and to clean the sides and corners.
  • Before vacuuming, make sure the nozzle and brush attachments are completely clean.XResearch source
  • 2Address fresh spills. Any recent spills that are still wet should be cleaned immediately. Get a clean cloth damp with cold water. Blot the spill with the damp cloth. Do not rub or scrub the spill, as this can push it farther into the mattress. Keep blotting until youve absorbed all the excess liquid.XExpert Source
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    How To Stop Your Mattress From Smelling

    Regardless of how comfortable your mattress is, you’re unlikely to get a good night’s sleep if you’re unable to escape an unpleasant smell when you put your head down.

    There are two reasons your mattress might smell. The first is because it’s new. It’s not uncommon for mattresses made with synthetic materials such as memory foam to have a strong chemical smell when you first unpack them. But even if your mattress isn’t synthetic, you might find it smells a bit when new as a result of the flame-retardant chemicals that manufacturers are required to apply by law.

    The smell should disperse gradually, but you can speed up the process by leaving it near an open window to air. Find out more about how to improve your indoor air quality at home.

    Or, if the smell is especially strong, you can try airing the mattress outside if you have a patio and the weather is good.

    The second reason a mattress might smell is if something has soaked into the material. Bodily fluids are obvious examples, but drinks such as tea and coffee can easily be spilt if you’re enjoying breakfast in bed. Even spilt water can give the mattress a musty smell if the fabric hasn’t been properly dried out.

    If the smell still hasn’t gone and you’ve had your mattress for a while, it might be time to replace it. See our round-up of the best mattress deals.

    What Is A Mattress Cleaning Service

    Mattress cleaning services extract the dirt, mold, allergens, dust mites, and other buildup from your old mattresses, freshening the surface and often making them last longer. Many mattress cleaning services are performed by carpet cleaning companies, which use the same water extraction technology that they apply to upholstery and carpet cleaning appointments.

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    Flip The Mattress Regularly

    Some mattresses can be flipped, which helps them wear more evenly over time. If you flip your mattress, its a great time to give it a good cleaning. Toss your bed linens in the washing machine and go through the process of vacuuming your mattress, sprinkling with baking soda, and vacuuming again both before and after you flip, so that youre cleaning both sides of the mattress.

    How often should you flip? It depends. On average, you may want to flip your mattress every three months. Check with your mattress manufacturer on the best way to maintain your particular bed. Keep in mind that many mattress types with special comfort layers cannot be flippedthis includes Purple mattresses.

    Though it may have taken a rocket scientist to invent the one-of-a-kind technology that is Purple, you dont have to have an engineering degree to clean the mattress when messes happen.

    Keeping Your Mattress Clean

    Mattress Cleaners in Cape Town

    Regularly cleaning your bedsheets is a great way to prevent your mattress from getting dirty. A mattress cover is also a great way to create a barrier between your mattress and the bedsheets. If you have children who have accidents, always use a waterproof mattress cover to make cleanup easier the next time they have an accident.

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    Remove Skin Cells Sweat And Disinfect

    If you understand the importance of deep cleaning your floors to remove dirt stuck deep within the fibers, you should also understand that mattress cleaning can remove dirt just like that. Cleaning your bedding regularly helps keep your bed clean but unfortunately, skin cells, sweat and bacteria can crawl much further past the surface.

    How To Clean Urine From A Mattress

  • Use dry paper towels to soak up as much moisture as possible.
  • Fill a bucket with a gallon of hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap.
  • Remove any solids, and then blot the area with a cloth and the bucket mixture.
  • Continue to blot until youve removed as much urine as possible.
  • Use a small cup to saturate the area with the hot, soapy water.
  • Immediately use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the liquid.
  • Vacuuming the liquid should take any contaminants away before it soaks further into the mattress. Make sure you use a wet/dry vacuum and not your regular vacuum. Repeat the cleaning steps above to remove any urine stains or odor that remain. Use a clean towel to dry the area, and allow the mattress to fully air dry before applying sheets.

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    How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    You must clean a memory foam topper by hand to avoid damage. But its actually pretty easy to clean a memory foam mattress topper, which well cover below.

    • Vacuum clean. A hand-held dust vacuum works well for this step, but you can use a soft brush attachment on a regular vacuum cleaner as well. Carefully vacuum all parts of the topper.
    • Mix the spot clean solution. You can take care of stains with clear liquid laundry detergent mixed with equal parts water.
    • Get the stain out. Gently blot the stain and let sit for about a half hour.
    • Rinse. Then wipe the spot with a damp cloth.
    • Dry. Blot dry with a clean towel and then let sit to dry the rest of the way.

    Communicate Calmly And Keep Good Records

    Professional Mattress Cleaning in Manchester

    If you have damaged the property, it’s important you tell that to the agent or landlord as soon as you can.

    Keep in mind it’s a good idea to keep copies of communication preferably in writing in case a dispute arises.

    And finally, when dealing with the agent or landlord, try to keep your cool.

    “I’ve seen things escalate that never needed to escalate. So I think it’s a good idea to keep a calm head and that goes for everyone,” Ms Sanderson says.

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    Benefits Of Mattress Cleaning

    Kill and remove dust mites

    Every mattress you own could have millions of dust mites living in it. Our mattress cleaning kills these critters with extreme temperatures and removes them.

    Kill & remove bacteria

    Bacteria builds up on your mattresses over time, but our process both kills and removes it from your bed.

    Remove skin, oil and sweat residue

    Dead skin, body oil and sweat don’t belong in your bed. Our process breaks them down and removes them.

    Remove allergens

    Pollen, dust and other allergens commonly find their way to your bed. Our process removes them so you can rest easy.

    Video: How To Remove Mattress Stains

    Our handy video shows you at a glance how to tackle stains, or read on for more detailed information.

    Scrubbing stains out of a mattress is no one’s idea of fun, but it’s essential if you want to keep your mattresses clean and odour-free for years to come. Before you get going, there are three golden rules to follow:

  • Try to attack stains as soon as possible after they occur.
  • Always check the mattress label before you apply any cleaning products.
  • Test any cleaning solution on a small part of the stain first to ensure it won’t damage the mattress.
  • Read on for advice on how to target specific stains, or scroll down to find out how to get rid of unpleasant mattress smells.

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    Mattress Cleaning Services In Your Area

    Mattresses pick up a lot of dirt, mites, and smells over their lifespan. They can hold onto a lot of allergens and viruses, but they are too thick to clean with traditional household tools. Find a local cleaning service that can restore your mattress and give you a clean night’s sleep.

    Professional mattress cleaners can deep clean your mattress to remove dirt and stains using a variety of techniques including high-powered vacuums, dry steam, infared heat, ozone deoderization, and ultraviolet light. Not only will that give you more peace of mind about what you’re sleeping on, it can actually makes your sleep healthier. Local cleaning services can schedule an appointment quickly and get the job done in minutes. They can also inspect your mattress for problems like bed bugs.

    If you can’t get your mattress off your mind, a local cleaning company is the answer. Type in your zip code and HomeAdvisor will find mattress cleaners near you.

    A Few More Tips On How To Clean A Mattress

    Professional Mattress Cleaning Perth

    Since vacuuming is such a big part of a mattress deep clean, it may be necessary to invest in one that really gets the job done. Consumer Reports states the is almost three times as effective in sucking up dust than a standard vacuum.

    The next time you change your sheets, leave them off for a few hours to let your mattress air out. Again, if you can prop it up near a sunny, open window, this is ideal.

    Mites, bacteria, fungi and mold love warm, moist spaces. Dropping your bedroom temperature a few degrees can kill off some of these tiny terrors.

    Ever sit in bed with your laptop on your lap? Ever place your phone next to your pillow? Those electronics can also carry nasty germs and bacteria. Wipe these down with disinfectant wipes or sprays that contain at least 70 percent alcohol before hopping under the covers with them.

    Specialty mattresses from companies like Sleep Number and Casper may have their own guide on how to deep clean a mattress. Be sure to check with your manufacturer so you dont miss out on specific steps or warnings.

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    Air Out Your Mattress

    Sunshine is natures great disinfectant. If you can leave your mattress outside for a few hours, the UV rays will help kill any bacteria or mold present in your mattress. Plus, it will smell amazing after being outside in the fresh air for a few hours. Some mattress sizes are easier to move than others if you cant get your mattress outside, try opening your windows to let some natural light into the room. Airing out your mattress also helps evaporate any residual moisture your mattress might be harboring, which can prevent mold and mildew.


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