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How To Protect Mattress From Bed Wetting

Cost Of The Mattress Cover

Bedwetting – How to make the bed. Protect the bedding, mattress & your sleep!

You should go for what is within your pocket range.

Premium mattress covers are more expensive as they maximize on the best technology to ensure comfort, luxury and long-term functionality of the cover.

However, there are affordable mattress covers of great quality and functionality in the market, though they typically do not offer high-end comfort and luxury as the premium ones, they are still reliable.

Additional features such as hypoallergenic property and ultra-soft surface cover can also be considered while selecting a waterproof mattress cover.

Best bed wetting sheets for adults

Waterproof bed sheets are a great addition to the mix!

Waterproof bed sheets do not serve to substitute water proof mattress covers but are to be used in conjunction with them to provide extra mattress protection and protection of the other non-waterproof sheets or blankets on the bed.

These sheets appear slightly thicker and heavier as compared to normal sheets.

This is because of the hidden waterproof membrane in the sheets fabric.

Qualities of a good waterproof bed sheet are:

  • Easily reusable and washable sheets
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Suitable fit for the bed

Most waterproof bedsheets are made of the same materials as their waterproof mattress cover counterparts. Often polyurethane and vinyl are used.

What is Rubber bed sheets used for?

As the name suggests, these are bed sheets primarily made of rubber.

Rubber is a relatively unabsorbent material and thus waterproof in nature.

Incontinence: Tips And Advice

Adult Incontinence

If you or a loved one is experiencing nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, it can be extremely embarrassing and difficult to deal with. While some people use protective undergarments, such as disposable underwear or plastic pants, others choose not to do so. Regardless, if you or someone you know is experiencing nighttime incontinence, it is important that your mattress is protected.

To protect your mattress from adult bedwetting, shop for a waterproof mattress protector, such as a mattress cover, mattress pad, or mattress encasement. When selecting a product, keep in mind:

  • Ease of Cleaning Vinyl covers are wiped clean with soap and water, while urethane bed covers and mattress pads are machine washed and dried. Most mattress pads take several cycles to dry thoroughly.
  • Frequency of Changing Fitted covers are put on the mattress like a fitted sheet while encasements zip around the entire mattress and may require assistance to get in place.
  • Comfort Urethane covers are breathable, and thus the most comfortable. Vinyl is more economical, but it does not breathe and or allow heat transfer.

For frequent urination at night, you may want to invest in some mattress overlay pads . These small pads lie on top of the sheets and are easy to clean and replace. They protect not only the bed but the bottom sheet. Choose from washable underpads or disposable underpads.

Childhood Bedwetting

Protecting the Mattress

Waterproof Underpads Are Also A Good Option In A Pinch

You know those packs of disposable puppy pads you use to housebreak your pets? Waterproof underpads are basically like those. Now, we’re not suggesting you use puppy pads on your kid’s bed, although we have done so a few times and they worked pretty well. Desperate times, right? But waterproof underpads can be placed anywhere on the mattress, and function the same as a full mattress cover. They’re also a lot cheaper!

One drawback is that they do move around, so if you have a child that shifts a lot in their sleep, this might not be the most effective option. But they are great to slide under a kid who’s fallen asleep on an unprotected mattress or the couch, just for some added peace of mind. And again, waterproof underpads are great on the go to prevent bed-wetting accidents when you’re traveling.

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Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

If youd rather just toss the bed pad after you use it, GoodNites are a good pick for you. Yes, these are marketed to the parents of young children, but there is no reason you cant put them on your bed for some waterproof protection during your time of the month. They literally stick to your bed like a giant maxi pad thanks to the adhesive strips on the underside. GoodNites bed mats are disposable, but theres no reason you cant reuse them a few times if you dont have any feminine hygiene fails. They have a super-absorbent core and a leak-proof barrier. GoodNites are designed to be rustle free and stay quiet when you move in your sleep. These have good reviews except you need to be careful to use them on 100 percent cotton sheets only. Some users with flannel sheets said it was nearly impossible to remove the adhesive from the sheets.

  • Price on Companys Website: $37.68
  • Colors: White
  • Size: 2.5 feet by 3 feet
  • Materials: Not given. Probably some kind of cotton on top and plastic for the waterproof layer.
  • Editors Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Linenspa 44 X 52 Skid Resistant Waterproof Mattress Protector:

27.56"  * 35.43"  Non
  • ABSORBENT AND WATERPROOF: Multiple waterproof layers absorb liquid as it hits the protector and distribute it to reliably protect your sheets and mattress from accidents. Protector can hold up to 8 cups of liquid without leaking to keep you and your little ones dry through the night
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: Cotton blend fabric is quilted to create a super soft surface that wont irritate or annoy while you sleep. It is also filled with a fluffy cotton blend layer to keep you dry and comfortable
  • SLIP-RESISTANT BACKING: Specialized non-slip backing is designed to help prevent shifting during the night. This pad will stay in place better than most to more fully protect your sheets and mattress
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Reusable pad is machine washable and dryer safe so you can easily toss it in the wash and use it night after night. Using a washable pad also helps reduce waste from one-time use protectors and pads OEKO-TEX Certified
  • USE FOR BED WETTING INCONTINENCE AND PETS: This protector pad is designed to be placed directly under the sleeper on any mattress size to guard your sheets and mattress from bed wetting, incontinence, and your furry pet friends

These materials give the protector exceptional durability, helping it to resist wear even after many washing cycles. The material is ventilated to allow strong air circulation, helping to keep the mattress cool without exposing the bed to moisture.


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Buyers Guide To Vinyl Mattress Covers

Mattresses are expensive, and the soft materials that make them so comfortable also make them vulnerable to stains and lasting odor. There are products available to eliminate urine and its smell from mattresses, but protecting your child’s mattress from nighttime accidents can help prevent you from having to go through that trouble later on. Because they’re reasonably priced and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, vinyl covers are a popular option. Here’s a guide to the different varieties:

  • Fitted Covers: These covers completely surround the top and the sides of the mattress, much like a regular mattress pad. They fit standard-sized mattresses and cost under $20.
  • Zippered Covers: For the restless sleeper, a zippered vinyl cover is a good choice, as it covers the entire mattress and won’t slip around or come off. Zippered covers can be purchased for under $20.
  • Covers for Deep Mattresses: If you have a deep or pillow-top mattress, you’ll need a cover that’s made to accommodate mattresses thicker than the standard 9 inches. Deep waterproof vinyl covers zip closed over your entire mattress and cost $30 or less.

Chummie Waterproof Mattress Protector

The Chummie Waterproof Mattress Protector has a waterproof vinyl layer to stop leaks from getting onto your fitted sheet or mattress. It has tuck-in sides to keep it snug and in place on your bed. The four layers of this product can absorb up to six cups of fluid while keeping skin dry. This will certainly keep the sheets and mattress safe from period blood. Chummie offers a six-year warranty for this bed protector. You can machine wash it as many as 300 times, and it should still stay in great shape. Customer say this item is very absorbent and holds up to washings as described. The only thing to consider is that the vinyl layer might hold on to heat. If you tend to run hot naturally, this may not allow for enough nighttime airflow.

  • Price on Companys Website: $20.88
  • Colors: White
  • Materials: Polyester/cotton upper, polyester filler, vinyl bottom layer
  • Editors Rating: 3.1 out of 5

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Epica Ultra Plus Sheet Protector

This sheet protector has three layers: a quilted top layer that you sleep on, a middle polyester/rayon layer for absorbency, and a bottom vinyl layer to make sure the pad stays waterproof. This product will do a good job at stopping leaks from excessive menstrual bleeding from getting onto your sheets or mattress. However, the bottom isnt non-slip, and there are no tuck-in flaps to help secure this item. Also, some users complained that the stitching in the quilting started to come apart after only one washing. This product from Epica seems a bit overpriced for its unimpressive quality-level.

  • Price on Companys Website: $24.95
  • Colors: White
  • Materials: Cotton/polyester top, polyester/rayon absorbent fill, polyester-backed vinyl underlayer
  • Editors Rating: 2.3 out of 5

Dry Defender Waterproof Mattress Sheet Bed Protector:

Washable Potty Training / Bedwetting Bed Protection Kit by Protect-A-Bed
  • WASHABLE PAD STAYS IN PLACE with so that it does not move with restless sleepers- children, adults or pets.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY FOR ALL AGES – Machine wash and dry night after night without balling or flaking.
  • AMAZING ABSORPTION & 100% WATERPROOF – Holds up to 6 cups of fluid, more than the average adult bladder can hold.
  • NO CRINKLY SOUND – Waterproof vinyl layer is sandwiched between the soft absorbent padded layers.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Dry Defender stands behind its bed pads 100%. If you are not satisfied, simply contact us and well take care of you.

The Washable Waterproof Dry Defender Sheets are amazing for keeping your sheets and mattresses dry without compromising your comfort. The waterproof cushion is suitable for children and adults and can comfortably hold 6 cups of liquid, which is more than just an adult bladder.

Meanwhile, the top layer of the sheet is made of fibrous material for a feeling of softness. This is more than enough for an adult and will give the person wearing the sheet a comfortable and dry sleep. The size of the sheet is 23 x 36, which is sufficient for a queen size bed or less.

These bedwetting protective pads have a soft, silent and dry upper for comfortable sleep and the bottom is covered with 100% waterproof plastic vinyl. It is an extra-large pillow that can cover a queen bed and is perfect for people who move around a lot in bed.


  • Sometimes it seems that it is hard to get a perfect size

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How To Waterproof The Bed

Multiple layers are the key! One waterproof mattress protector and a leak-proof pad cant always do the job by themselves.

Plus, once urine gets into the mattress or pillows, its difficult to get out and will smell. Thats why its best to prevent them from getting wet in the first place.

If your mattress is already a little bit soiled, clean and deodorize it with a diluted vinegar spray or a urine neutralizing product like Odobanbeforewrapping it up.

Youll need to wrap the mattress in multiple layers to keep it from getting soiled. Of course, some of the outer layers will get wet, but at least those will be easily washable.

Layers for mattress, in this order

  • Start with a zippered waterproof cover on the mattress like this one.
  • Then, put a fitted sheet style waterproof mattress cover like this one on top of the zippered cover.
  • Optional: Put another fitted sheet style waterproof mattress on top of the first .
  • Next, put on a regular fitted sheet.
  • Then, put one or two layers of a waterproof absorbent pad like this one on top of the fitted sheet. Your older adult will sleep on top of this pad.
  • Blankets Option 1: Try a waterproof flat sheet like this one to protect blankets from getting wet. This sheet goes on top of your older adult and the blankets go on top of the sheet.
  • Layers for pillows

  • Put a waterproof cover on the pillow like this one.
  • Optional: Use two layers of waterproof pillow covers if your older adult is very likely to get their pillow wet.
  • Dry Easy Bedwetting Alarm

    “Life changing. My 6 year old stopped wetting the bed after 3 weeks with this. I cannot believe it.”….

    Furniture and fixtures are essential components of every house. Aside from making up the interior design of the house, these items also provide the utility and access needed in everyday life. The basics of every home are tables, chairs, cabinets, and beds. When it comes to furniture, comfort is an essential element. Chairs have cushion sheets, and foundations have mattresses to ensure a soft and peaceful sleep.

    Mattresses are prone to various problems with daily use. They absorb sweat and odor during sleep, accumulate hair and dead skin cells, and soak up urine from bedwetting. Made of various materials, the most common stuffing of a mattress is foam. It is compact and absorbent like a sponge. It also helps in regulating temperature during sleep.

    Another material is wool which has a little bit of water-resistant capability and used for extra padding. Cotton is also a common material, but it is a bit on the expensive side. Cotton absorbs water well and is a breathable material. These materials ensure that mattresses are flexible and comfortable to support a night of peaceful sleep.

    Understanding the components of mattresses will help in determining measures to address bedwetting. Bedwetting is common during childhood and also in case of some illnesses. It is a part of the transition, most notably to toddlers, from using diapers to using the toilet.

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    Learn How To Clean A Serious Stain

    If you must clean a urine stain on a mattress one that has been there for a while try a different cleaning solution. Mix up 8 oz. hydrogen peroxide, 3 T baking soda, and 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid . Use a spray bottle to apply a generous amount to the stain, and then wait until the mixture dries. Youll see the baking soda dried on top when its ready. Then simply vacuum it off.

    Protective Bedding On A Budget

    DFH Size 140X200cm Cheapest Smooth Waterproof Mattress ...

    For most parents, the expense of bedwetting solutions isn’t planned, and costs can add up quickly. Here are some tips for saving money on bedwetting products:

    • Opt for reusable products over disposable whenever possible. Your water bill might be a little higher, but at least you won’t have to pay for replacement products frequently. If you prefer disposable protective undergarments or just want to have some on hand, ordering in bulk is less expensive than paying by the pack in-store.
    • Vinyl products are completely waterproof and are less expensive than other reusable bedding options. For example, a twin-size vinyl mattress cover costs under $10, while other fabric varieties cost around $50.
    • Ordering online tends to be less expensive than purchasing in-store. The Bedwetting Store has all of the products you need at reasonable prices, and because you can order everything you need from one place, you’ll avoid paying for multiple shipments.

    It is possible to prepare your child for nighttime accidents without breaking the bank. For example, if your child has a twin-size bed, you could purchase a vinyl mattress cover, a washable overlay, and three or four pairs of washable bedtime pants for under $100.

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    Best Vinyl Mattress Protector: Priva Waterproof Vinyl Mattress Protector

    • Will start to fade after 300 washes
    • Fitted sheet may be a little loose on some mattresses

    Your mattress will stay super dry with this mattress protector, as it is made with vinyl and can easily be wiped clean. While vinyl is often associated with crunchy plastic, this material is still soft to the touch and wont make noise when you roll around at night. The material is latex and BPA free, and is also hypoallergenic. You can machine wash and dry this mattress protector up to 300 times, and it will also stand up to bleach. Sizes available: twin, double, queen, and king.

    Best Valuesaferest Mattress Protector

    • Cotton surface with waterproof backing
    • 6 sizing options
    • Seamless layering won’t affect sleep surface
    • 10-year warranty

    Mattress protectors typically cost at least $50, and for high-end models, larger sizes frequently exceed the $100 mark. The Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector from SafeRest is a notable exception. This protector is available in the six standard mattress sizes, all of which cost less than $35. However, the SafeRest Mattress Protector safeguards against spills and stains as well as and in some cases, better than its more expensive competitors.

    The protector has a surface made from soft, breathable cotton terry, which sleeps fairly cool. The backing is a waterproof, PCV-free membrane that prevents urine, sweat, and other bodily fluids from permeating the surface. In addition to being completely waterproof, the SafeRest Mattress Protector is also very quiet. Its pocket depth of 18 inches ensures the elasticated corners will fit over most mattresses sold today, as well.

    SafeRest backs this protector with a non-prorated 10-year warranty, which is much longer than average. Amazon Prime members can also save on shipping when they order this item from

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