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How To Store A Memory Foam Mattress

Setup The Mattress And Turn On The Vacuum

Mattress Toppers: How to Store A Memory Foam Topper

It might go without saying, but well say it anyway. We recommend removing all the bedding from your mattress before trying to compress and transport it. This step will help later on. We would suggest keeping a mattress protector on if you have one. The protector will add an extra level of defense from dirt or water damage.

Now you want to put the mattress in the bag and seal it up with the provided zipper or duct tape.

Next, take the valve from the vacuum bag and remove it. Place the valve on the mattress bag and draw an outline around it. Cut a hole the same size as the outline so you can insert the valve into the hole. Make sure you dont do it too big or else air will escape, and youll have to start over.

Once you have your hole and valve in place, add some duct tape around the valve to prevent any air from escaping.

When everything is set up, its time to fire up the vacuum, connect it to the valve, and watch your mattress get smaller and smaller. We recommend laying the mattress flat on the floor and attaching the valve to the width portion of the mattress.

How To Store A Mattress In A Garage Or Storage Unit

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A good mattress takes time to find, but if appropriately chosen, can ensure your peaceful sleep for 10-15 years. This means that its would be great to store your mattress somewhere instead of ditching it off when not in use.

However, if you dont take all the precautions before putting your mattress for storage, even a couple of months in the wrong conditions can completely ruin it.

Dont worry, though! We can help you, and thats why we prepared for you a thorough guide with recommendations on how to store a mattress so that it will stay in proper shape.

Clean The Mattress Topper

Knowing how to store a mattress topper in a bag is key for lasting comfort. The best way to keep the topper clean is to minimize any potential damage due to dirt or mold and mildew. You don’t want to be using saran wrap in place of a vacuum seal job. When you’re storing a memory foam mattress topper or latex topper in a bag, you must know how to store memory foam and latex toppers properly in a vacuum bag.

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Make Your Cleaning Solution And Clean

Now that you finish vacuuming the mattress be ready to make some cleaning solutions.

For the general stains, a mixture of fabric cleaner or white vinegar will do the trick.

Lightly spray the solution you made all over the mattress, but do not overspray since too much moisture will result in molds.

Take a clean cloth and wipe the mattress using small, gentle circular motions.

Once done cleaning, allow it to dry.

But for the stubborn ones that are severely discolored, you can use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

It will help in deodorizing and cleaning the stains.

Memory foam is known for absorbing liquid, so this step is critical.

If you have a blow dryer, you can use it.

Start by holding the dryer 6 inches above the mattress until the wet area is dry to touch.

If you do not have a blow dryer at your disposal, you can use a fan by positioning it over the damp areas on the highest setting until it is scorched.

You can also dry it out in the sun to kill any bacteria on it.

Once your memory foam mattress is completely dry, you can replace the freshly washed bed sheet and enjoy your newly cleaned mattress.

Reasons You Might Roll Up A Mattress Topper

Broyhill Roll and Store 3 Inch Memory Foam Guest Bed ...

This mattress topper is rolled up before packing it in a vacuum sealed storage bag to store it away easily. Image from MemoryFoamTalk.

It is advisable to roll up a mattress topper whenever storing it. Avoid folding the topper as this may damage the delicate materials. Once the mattress topper is rolled completely, place it in a plastic storage bag for protection.

Rolling up a mattress topper leaves no creases on the mattress topper and makes the mattress topper easier to carry into another room. This prevents the mattress topper from being damaged during storage and moves.

Rolling up a mattress topper protects the fabric and prevents the filling from getting damaged whereas folding a mattress topper might create creases which could ruin the coils, bend the edges, and damage the foam encasement. This tri-fold mattress topper from Amazon is the exception to the rule, because it is constructed in a way that allows for folding it up. But other than these specific types of toppers, it is always recommended that you roll up a mattress topper.

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When Is It Time To Simply Buy A New Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers should last about three to five years. They won’t last as long as a regular mattress because they’re so thin and only meant to provide comfort, not so much support or pressure relief.

Over time it’ll naturally wear down slightly. If your mattress topper is no longer adding any benefit, it’s probably past its wear. Additionally, odors will naturally gather on your topper as well, and after some time, it may become more difficult to remove the smells. If this is the case, it’s time to invest in a new product.

Interested in exploring further? Check out our best mattress toppers guide here.

Cover The Mattress With A Waterproof Plastic Mattress Bag

We need to protect the mattress from dirt, moisture, dust, insects and molds. So we should cover the neat and clean memory foam mattress.

This can be done by wrapping it in plastic and then securing it with firm tape to guard it against dust or dirt during transportation and storage.

But its a time-consuming process. If possible and according to your affordability, buy a breathable plastic mattress storage bag/covers.

Plastic Mattress storage bags are plastic cases designed to house beddings during storage. Available in all sizes, one should procure the right size for an easy application and proper fit.

As these plastic vacuum covers are mostly recyclable and waterproof, they nullify the presence of any moisture trapped inside. One must take due care while taping it.

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What Is The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

When side sleeping, the hips and shoulders bear most of the body weightthis can cause pressure and tension to build-up in these areas. Therefore, side sleepers need a plush sleep surface that molds to the body for instant pressure relief. In most cases, the best mattress for a side sleeper is soft to medium. However, if your bed is too firm for side sleeping, you can add a soft to medium mattress topper to increase comfort and contouring.

How To Move A Traditional Mattress And A Box Spring

Vacuum Pack a Memory Foam Mattress with a VacuFlat Mattress Bag

Storing and moving a mattress on its side is simple enough. However, consider the size of your mattress and whether or not it comes with a box spring. These are two separate pieces that your mover will have to account for. Your mover or packing service will have these ready. Another option is to use a mattress carton, which might provide more protection during a long distance move.

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No5 Finding A Good Storage Place

Finding a proper storage place for your topper is essential. It is important you store it in a dry and cool environment to prevent the development of mold or mildew. So, avoid warm and humid places, where such undesirable particles thrive.

So, where exactly should you store the mattress topper? We recommend you go for a dry and cool area like a closet, bedroom , on top of a closet, even in a larger spare drawer. Overall, choose dry and cool environments, and climate-controlled rooms.

Avoid storing your topper in the garage, cellar or basement, the attic, and similar places which are often too warm, too cool, or almost always humid. Overall, try to keep the topper indoors, away from moisture, humidity, dirt, and bugs.

Clean Your Mattress Well



Mattresses are notorious for collecting dust mites and other allergens in the many small seams, cracks, and crevices along the tops and sides of the product. Even with the best cleaning schedule, these can accumulate quite quickly, especially if you have any pets in the house. Prior to storing, be sure to give your mattress a good, thorough cleaning and airing out to ensure it is dry, and fresh prior to putting it away for any length of time. This will ensure you have anything you wouldnt want to be trapped in it during the time it is in storage.

What to Remember: If you use any liquids through this process, be sure it is well dried before continuing to step 2.

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Best Recommendations And Buying Guide For Your Memory Foam Mattresses

Before you venture out to purchase your preferred memory foam mattresses, take into consideration some factors. These factors will ultimately help you decide which memory foam mattresses is the right fit for your requirements.

Use the internet to do your research about all the available memory foam mattressess in the market. This is helpful for both online and retail/ in-person purchases. If you are buying from an online marketplace, try to ascertain the most trustworthy online store. Usually, the online shops that have the highest following of masses are the best ones.

These shops not only provide reliable products but also give the buyers a lot of diversified products to choose from. Search for the different types of memory foam mattresses available in the online store and find ones to choose from.

Read the reviews of people on the online pages to understand the detailed and nuanced pros and cons that entail this particular memory foam mattresses. You can also understand through other peoples reviews whether a particular memory foam mattresses fits your needs.

Assessing products online before buying the desired products from retail shops is also a very common phenomenon.

While doing the crucial research on the memory foam mattressess available in the market, you might ask yourself a few questions that will help you reach your decision:

Roll Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Zinus QUEEN DOUBLE 4cm COOL Copper Memory Foam Mattress ...

The first thing you should do after you clean your mattress topper and let it dry is to roll it up.Avoid folding it because folding puts too much pressure on the creases, which will eventually damage a delicate memory foam structure of your mattress topper.

Once you roll it completely, place it in a plastic bag and vacuum seal it to make it easier to store.

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Vacuum Storage Bags For Mattress Toppers

Vacuum storage bags or compression bags have become quite popular in the last few years as more and more people have started compressing mattress toppers and mattresses to save space.

The benefits of using vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers include their ability to protect the topper from dust and dirt, and their ability to suck the air out of the bag to save more storage space. Vacuum storage bags help lessen the bulk of mattress toppers which makes it easier to move them from one place to another.

However, storing mattress toppers in vacuum bags for a long timesay six months to a yearis not advised as some materials need air to keep their shape and some other materials may develop severe creases due to excessive compression. Read our article on how to use a mattress topper, where we discuss the different types of mattress toppers and their materials, this knowledge will help choose the correct storage solution based on the toppers composition. You may also enjoy our article on the comprehensive list of mattress topper types.

Below are three examples of vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers:

Vacuum Storage Bags available on Amazon Price of the product

Use A Protective Storage Bag

Its important to use a protective storage bag when storing a mattress topper to prevent dirt, dust mites, and liquids from causing damage. If you have the original bag the topper came in, you can use that. The best storage bags for mattress toppers are those that vacuum seal shut because they save space and keep dirt out.

If you dont have the original packaging, you can also use a plastic mattress bag and vacuum seal it. Otherwise, wrapping the topper in protective plastic and securing with heavy-duty duct tape will work to protect it.

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How To Store Memory Foam Mattress When Not In Use Step By Step

Storing a memory foam mattress is simple only if one knows the correct process. Its not just folding your mattress and keeping it in your backseat to transport or in an upright position in your basement.

For a short time, this option may be feasible but not advisable as storing them in folded form, may affect the original shape of the foam.

In fact, if stored folded for too long, the memory foam mattress may be damaged entirely. Having said that, there is a proper way to store and save your mattress.

Before we proceed further to illustrate you the steps to be undertaken to store your memory foam mattress, there are certain things you would need to possess to carry out the process smoothly.

How To Store Big Mattresses

The Easiest Way To Move A Memory Foam Mattress With Ratchet Straps To Fit It In Your Car Or Storage

For big sizes, such as King or California King, as well as all high-profile mattresses, the main concern is their weight. If you place these mattresses on a lumpy surface or decide to store them on the side, they might crook and bend under their weight and lose all supportive properties.

So, the best you can do to properly store your King-sized mattress is to place it flat and ensure no things are lying on it, so the top layers wont get deformed.

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Put The Mattress In Mattress Vacuum Bag:

There are two types of plastic mattress vacuum bags available. The most common ones are cheaper without any vacuum valve. These are mattress storage bags and with some modifications can be used for deflating the mattress.

Amazon has proper heavy-duty mattress vacuum bags that have valves to squeeze out air using a home vacuum cleaner. These relatively pricier but saves a lot of time and hassles. Mattress vacuum bags are available in all standard mattress sizes so choose the right size mattress bag.

Here are the standard mattress sizes:

Mattress Type
California King 72 x 84

Place the mattress in a plastic bag with silica gel and seal it if it has an inbuilt seal. Taking the help of another person is advisable. To strengthen the sealing, tape the seal with duct tape. Silica gel is optional and helps in controlling the moisture inside the bag.

What Not To Do With A Mattress In Storage

Avoid the following while keeping a mattress in storage:

  • Don’t put items on top of the mattressHeavy items or oddly-shaped items can damage your mattress. Heavy items can damage a mattress’ shape or springs and oddly shaped items can cause wear and tear to the mattress’ exterior.
  • Don’t store in humid areasIf you pay for storage, consider a temperature-controlled unit. This helps keep the moisture and humidity out of the air. If you store the mattress at home, keep it within the house, not the garage or attic. If those are your only options, use a dehumidifier in the area to decrease the risk of moisture.
  • Don’t store it outsideExtreme temperatures, rain, and snow can damage a mattress in many ways. The moisture can cause mold growth, while the extreme temperatures can cause the mattress to become misshapen or be unusable.
  • Don’t use thick plasticUsing a cover ensures that your mattress can breathe. If you don’t buy a cover, use thin plastic that will do the same.
  • How long can you keep a mattress in storage?

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    Dos And Donts Of Storing Memory Foam Mattress:

    • Keep the mattress clean. Make sure to vacuum the bed, but do not soak your bed.
    • To store memory foam mattress, cover the mattress bag from one end to the other.
    • Do not store the mattress in an upright position.
    • Please do not place any heavy object on the mattress while storing it. As it will take the shape of anything that you will put on the bed, and your mattress will stay in this shape permanently.
    • Do not store the folded mattress this can ruin the shape permanently.
    • Before covering it, make sure to clean and air the mattress thoroughly before sleeping on it.
    • Always wrap the mattress when it is scorched.
    • If you want to shift the mattress from one place to another, then do it in a closed vehicle. It will hold moisture and dirt from getting in.
    • Look for the best place to store the mattress.
    • Your mattress should be properly supported in place and has an adjustable foundation or bed frame.
    • Mattress protector should be used from the very beginning.
    • Do not forget to turn the mattress at least 4 times or more in a year in order to distribute the wear evenly.


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